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UC report to CalEPA outlines policy options to decarbonize California transportation by 2045

Green Car Congress

These are: Light-duty vehicles: cars and light trucks, mostly used for personal transportation. This TCO issue is critical because electric vehicles (EVs) are likely to be superior on a TCO basis in less than 10 years, but buyers base their decision more on the EV purchase price, which is not optimal for the economy nor the environment.

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We Need More Than Just Electric Vehicles

Cars That Think

The total cost of purchasing and driving one—the cost of ownership—has fallen nearly to parity with a typical gasoline-fueled car. Governments have offered subsidies or tax rebates to make EVs more appealing, a policy which the U.S. Those tax revenues are necessary for the maintenance of roads. passenger vehicles.

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Automotive Market Research Perspectives on Selling Green in a Try-to-Survive Market

Green Car Congress

Miller of Synovate believes that in the US “ 20% of the people are willing to pay up to 10% of the vehicle’s purchase price more (i.e. Edwards and Miller both emphasized the importance of a buyer’s emotion in purchasing a vehicle. United States. Western Europe. The role of emotion in buying cars.

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