IHS Markit forecasts 18% drop in global vehicle sales YoY to 73.3M units under extended lockdown scenario

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IHS Markit said that the 40% chance of an extended lockdown forecast reflects immediate impacts of new containment measures that have been announced globally and expanded within countries already confronting the virus. Forecasts Health Market Background Sales

2020 209

Pike forecasts 26.4% CAGR for electric-drive buses to 2018; hybrid, battery-electric and fuel cell

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Pike Research forecasts that the global market for all electric-drive buses—including hybrid, battery electric, and fuel cell buses—grow steadily over the next. This latter development is due as much to the fact that developed bus markets may experience a general slowdown, due to austerity measures and the end of stimulus funding, as to any changes in demand for electric drive. Europe is behind on hybrid bus deployments, although stimulus.

2012 233

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Pike Research forecasts surge in investment and growth in advanced biorefineries through 2022

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Pike Research forecasts that biorefineries globally will attract $170 billion in new capital investment between 2012 and 2022, reaching 81 billion gallons per year (BGY) of installed capacity. Growth in advanced biorefinery infrastructure will be moderate through 2015 as new commercial facilities seek to demonstrate viability at scale and government support retreats from post-stimulus highs across the United States, Europe, and China. Biorefinery Forecasts

2012 204

PwC’s Autofacts forecasts global light vehicle assembly to reach 81.8M units in 2013, up 3.3% from 2012

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The region is now forecasted to produce nearly 16.2 Capacity in the region is forecasted to grow from 15.4 Stimulus measures such as lowered interest rates are offset by tighter credit restrictions in lending, restraining the full-year 2013 sales forecast to approximately 1.3% million units, with EU assembly forecast to 15.8 growth forecasted as exports stabilize and demand growth within the region is more closely tied to vehicle output.

2013 192

Pike Research forecasts global biofuels market to double by 2012 to $185.3B

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Pike Research forecasts that the global market for biofuels will more than double over the coming decade, increasing from $82.7 Governments are expected to retreat from stimulus investment highs, shifting financing. Biodiesel Biomass Ethanol Forecasts Fuelsbillion in 2011 to $185.3 billion by 2021. At least 38 national governments have enacted blending mandates or targets to accelerate the expansion of biofuels production and consumption in the transportation sector.

2012 217

Pike Research forecasts 37% CAGR for EV charging equipment, with 2.4 million units sold in 2020; wireless charging to show strong growth

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In a new report , Pike Research forecasts that global sales of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment (EVSE) will grow at a steady pace from 2012 to 2020 as the global market for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) grows. The market will be limited initially by the high price tag, but Pike expects this to drop steadily throughout the forecast period. Europe will see the most EVSE installations during the forecast period, just slightly higher than in the Asia Pacific region.

2012 232

Pike Research forecasts worldwide grid energy storage spending to reach $22B by 2021, down from 2010 forecast of $35B

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In its new report Energy Storage on the Grid (ESG), Pike Research forecasts that global spending in the ESG market will reach a little over $22 billion over the next 10 years. This is a downward revision from the $35B the firm forecast for ESG spending through 2020 in a report published last August. The firm forecasts that load leveling/peak shifting will represent 31% of the total market, followed by arbitrage (12%) and T&D upgrade deferral (7%). 2010 vs 2011 forecasts.

2011 200

Polk Forecasts US LDV Sales to Grow 10.2% in 2010

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million units in 2010, according to its most recent US light vehicle forecast. —Dave Goebel, North American forecast consultant for Polk. Polk’s forecast for Real GDP US growth in 2010 is 2.9%. As government stimulus programs end, consumers must have confidence to continue spending and businesses need to invest and hire, otherwise the economic recovery could slow in 2010. Polk & Co. predicts the light vehicle market will be 11.5

2010 161

China Forecast to Produce 12M Vehicles This year

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China is forecast to produce a record 12 million vehicles this year, according to an official with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The government’s stimulus plan for the auto industry formulated this year had achieved great success in terms of boosting domestic demand and ensuring the industry growth, he said at the on-going 2009 International Forum on Chinese Automotive Industry Development held in Tianjin. People’s Daily.

2009 191

Deutsche Bank Forecast sees slower transportation electrification and greater gasoline demand near-term; increased confidence in the pace and breadth of long-term shift to efficient transportation systems

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In DB’s Fall 2009 note, they had forecast 12% growth. Deutsche Bank’s China Auto analyst, Vincent Ha, continues to see robust light vehicle sales over the next few years, with a slow to about 11% YoY growth in 2011 (due to a high base from the 2010 surge, and reductions in government stimulus), followed by sustainable low double digit growth in 2012. Current prices have fallen from $650/kWh+ in 2009 to about $450/kWh now, and DB’s forecast is the price to fall at about a 7.5%

2011 215

IHS Markit: better-than-expected growth in global automotive semiconductor revenue in 2020; bolstered by uptake in EVs

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Global automotive semiconductor revenue for 2020 will exceed initial expectations, primarily due to an increase in the average semiconductor value per car sold this year, according to a new forecast by IHS Markit. By 2026, IHS Markit forecasts the global market for automotive semiconductors to reach $67.6 Controls and controllers Driver Assistance Systems Electric (Battery) Forecasts HMI Hybrids Market Background Microprocessors and controls

2020 161

IHS Markit: global auto sales to drop 22% this year

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IHS Markit cut its forecasts for global light vehicle sales and production as the impact COVID-19 impact has depressed demand. According the new analysis, global light vehicle sales are now forecast to be 69.6 IHS Markit forecasts a similar decline for global light vehicle production, falling to 69.3 Risks to the forecast skew to the downside. —Colin Couchman, executive director, global autos demand forecasting at IHS Markit. market sales forecast is 12.5

2020 150

Pike Research forecasts global biofuels market value to double to $185B by 2021

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Pike forecasts that the global market for biofuels will increase from $82.7 Governments are expected to retreat from stimulus investment highs, shifting financing. Market forecasts extend through 2021 and include projections for mandated demand, production, feedstock utilization, and market value segmented across geography and fuel.

2011 196

Major study concludes achieving EU 2050 transport decarbonization goals will require portfolio of advanced powertrains; fuel cells, battery-electric and plug-in hybrids

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The group then used a combined forecasting and backcasting approach to calculate the results: from 2010 to 2020, global cost and performance data were forecasted, based on proprietary industry data; after 2020, on projected learning rates. The emerging FCEV market (2010-20) requires close value chain synchronization and external stimulus in order to overcome the first-mover risk of building hydrogen retail infrastructure.

2010 210

IHS Markit: global commercial vehicle production to drop 22% in 2020 in wake of COVID-19

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IHS Markit is forecasting that global commercial vehicle production (GVW 4-8) volumes in 2020 compared to 2019 will be down 22% (more than 650,000 units) to 2.6 Individual regional forecasts are set to a downtrend, and supply chain impacts are being felt, as the consequences of the virus have shuttered manufacturing and supplier facilities around the world. These forecasts are informed by the latest IHS Markit global economic forecast updates, which reflect a 3.0%

2020 175

J.D. Power, LMC: new vehicle sales in US slide again, 6th time this year

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For the second time in three months and the sixth time this year, new-vehicle retail sales in November are expected to slip from year-ago levels, according to a monthly sales forecast developed jointly by J.D. Although we are forecasting another decline in retail sales, it is important to note that in absolute terms vehicle sales remain close to record levels while transaction prices are at record highs. —Jeff Schuster, senior vice president of forecasting at LMC Automotive.

2016 185

Oil sands growth to push Canadian crude production to about 4.7M bpd in 2025, up 67% from 2010; in situ production takes lead in 2016

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million bpd in 2010—a 67% increase— according to the latest forecast from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP). This is about 401,000 b/d higher than previously forecast, due primarily to the higher conventional production and. The forecast sees oil sands production rising from 1.5 The forecast also breaks out oil sands production by extraction method (mining and drilling) and tracks the amount of domestic upgrading.

KBR Awarded Contract by Chemetall Foote Corp. for Lithium Hydroxide Operation Expansion

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KBR will work in support of Chemetall Foote to help the company meet its goal of increasing lithium hydroxide production in response to an increase in demand and forecasted growth of electric vehicles. KBR’s Downstream business unit has been awarded a contract to provide engineering and procurement services to Chemetall Foote Corp. (a a subsidiary of Rockwood Holdings, Inc.) for the addition of lithium hydroxide production at its current operation in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

2010 179

This is How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect The Global EV Market

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Many municipal and federal governments, for example, have expanded consumer benefits for EV sales, mostly as part of stimulus efforts aimed at mitigating the pandemic’s economic effect. The Pandemic COVID-19 is still pretty strong and fatal in certain regions of the world.

PwC industry survey provides check-up on determining factors for EV success

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Global hybrid + EV assembly forecast. This is already a reality as governments around the world have offered billions of dollars in the form of loans, grants, and rebates through various stimulus programs. In terms of the assembly outlook for hybrids and EVs, Autofacts (PwC’s automotive forecasting service) projects that annual production will reach approximately nine million units by 2020, representing roughly 9% of global market share.

2011 179

Can Electric Vehicles Speed Up As The Economy Slows Down?


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, several conflicting reports about the future of EVs have emerged: some predict EVs to grow by 38% year-over-year, while others forecast a 43% drop.

3 Years Of Painful Cuts Sets Oil Markets Up For Serious Supply Crunch

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If spot oil prices suddenly rise, forecasts are revised sharply upwards. Here’s another example: the WSJ reports that oil prices are entering a “sweet spot,” a range between $50 and $60 per barrel that could finally be good for the global economy—low enough to provide consumers with a bit of a stimulus, but high enough to keep the industry and capital spending afloat. by Nick Cunningham of Oilprice.com.

2016 163

Opinion: Saudi Arabia Continues To Turn Screws On US Shale

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A few other contributors to higher oil prices came in the form of a stronger-than-expected economic performance in Europe, as well as monetary stimulus in China. OPEC forecasts demand for 2015 to rise by 1.18 by James Stafford of Oilprice.com. Saudi Arabia continues to ratchet up production, taking market share away from US shale producers. According to OPEC's latest monthly oil report , Saudi Arabia boosted its oil output to 10.31

EIA Estimates 2.1% Growth in Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions in US in 2010; Still Below 1999-2008 Levels

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million bbl/d in 2011, similar to the forecast of last month. Non-OPEC supply is projected to increase by 600,000 bbl/d in 2010, about 50,000 bbl/d more than last month's Outlook, because of a revised forecast for production in North America. Offsetting the projected decline in GOM production are forecast increases in production from lower-48 non-GOM fields of 50,000 bbl/d and 200,000 bbl/d in 2010 and 2011, respectively. Projected US CO 2 growth from fossil fuels.

2010 170

PRTM Analysis Finds Li-ion Battery Overcapacity Estimates Largely Unfounded, with Potential Shortfalls Looming; Total Market Demand in 2020 Will Require 4x Capacity Announced To Date

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Companies funded through US DOE stimulus may be incented to build ahead of the market, however stimulus-funded investment represents only 1/3 rd of planned global capacity expansion—the remaining 2/3 rds will remain driven purely by market demand. Moreover, large format cells can also be used in utility applications, which are not included in most market growth forecasts. PRTM concludes that the large format Li-ion battery market could be under-supplied by nearly 10% by 2016.

2010 161

When Will EVs Hit Primetime?

Revenge of the Electric Car

The firm eTec got $100 million in funding from the US Department of Energy through the stimulus bill. Forecasts suggest that demand for electric cars will rise gradually, but not expand into the mainstream anytime soon. This Christian Science Monitor article takes an in-depth look at an age. old question for electric cars – When will electric cars make a real. presence in the world’s two largest passenger car markets (China and the. U.S.).

2010 122

Nissan reports significant net loss

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“The global economic recession and financial crisis continue, but we are beginning to see some signs of improved access to credit, the impact of government stimulus packages and a gradual return in consumer confidence,&# he said. “We remain cautious about the economic environment and fully focused on our company’s recovery efforts.&#. The global sales forecast for fiscal 2009 is 3.08

2009 34

Can green cars solve automotive crisis? The Green Piece

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Late last week it raised its full-year profit forecast on the hope that green stimulus efforts around the world will push consumers to offload older vehicles in favour of newer, more eco-friendly alternatives. Since the onset of the global economic crisis most of us have been cutting back to save cash wherever we can. Out have gone the coffee before work each morning, the weekend nights out, and the rush to buy the hot new DVD releases; in has been a new, thrifty way of living.

2009 47

Grant Thornton LLP Warns of Potential Collapse of Automotive Supply Chain

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Stimulate Demand: The programs included in the stimulus bill signed last month may help rebound consumer demand, but more aggressive action to move sales into the 12-14 million-unit range as quickly as possible will help inject much needed liquidity into the entire system. Don’t Overreach: With the entire supply chain so vulnerable, automakers should err on the conservative side when forecasting volumes for new or resourced programs.

2009 150

Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

The Three Prongs of the “Green&# Energy Stimulus Pa. cleantech (1) smart growth (1) social media (1) social responsibility (1) solar charger (1) solar forecast (1) solar heating (1) solar thermal (1) solutions (1) sound system (1) splitting water. (1) Cleantech Blog Cleantechblog.com, the premier cleantech site for commentary on news and technology relating to clean tech, greentech, energy, climate change and carbon, and the environment.

2009 28