Norwegian Investors Rally to Revived Think Electric Car

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The Aftenposten reports (in English) on the success Jan Olaf Willums is having at the helm of the revived Think Global. My first electric car was a Think City, produced when the company was owned by Ford.

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Tesla Powered Th!nks?

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nk City. I drove a 2001 Ford Th!nk nk City for three years in San Francisco. I was not a happy camper when Ford took away my car. nk City was stopped on the assembly line when Ford killed its electric program. nk City. nk City would be a welcome entry into the growing London market for congestion charge avoiding electric cars, and capture attention in California and New York, where hundreds once roamed (gas) free.

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EV Briefs, and Black Rock City & EVs

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A few items before I head out to Black Rock City for two weeks. Although Black Rock City probably has the worst air in the west during its brief annual existence, it is where I had my first electric transport epiphany. As Burning Man attempts to go green, here's to hoping they become the first American City to ban the internal combustion engine within its borders. nk City cars when Ford brought them to California to meet its ZEV Mandate obligation.

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Chrysler unveils new electric minivan for the US Postal Service

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Clearly they do not intend on replacing those vehicles which is a shame because they make up a majority of the postal service vehicles in my city.

Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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Think is also working closely with the Brussel based Eurelectric , the European union of electricity industry. Think has established a U.S. Kulongoski, Oregon as the electric-car manufacturer may be eyeing the “green” city of Portland. Think Bakken and Alberta sands.

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Greenlings: Benefits of charging stations vs. battery swaps vs. home charging

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Of course, everything has its drawbacks and one problem with charging at home is that it is not an option available for some city dwellers. Think of it this way: a house tends to pull about 10KW. Think of it this way: a house tends to pull about 10KW.

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Electric car competition about to heat up

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Among them is Norwegian electric car company Think, which was formerly owned by Ford. Its Think City car, which has a 112 mile range, has been rolling off the production line since December 2007 although production was halted late last year in the wake of the credit crunch. The Think City however may struggle to be competitive in the American market with larger alternatives including the LEAF emerging. nk City Th!nk nk Ox Think