Toyota develops packaged fuel cell system module for sale

Green Car Congress

The new module will be easily utilized by companies that are developing and manufacturing FC products for wide variety of applications, including mobility such as trucks, buses, trains and ships, as well as stationary generators.

Volkswagen Group returns to profitability with new record for sales revenue and operating result in 2016

Green Car Congress

Sales revenue in fiscal year 2016 rose by €4.0 billion) was substantially higher than the prior-year figure (up 14%); the operating return on sales rose to 6.7% (6.0%). In spite of further challenges resulting from the diesel issue and the persistently difficult conditions in vehicle markets such as Brazil and Russia, the Group delivered 10.3 It expects trends in the passenger car markets in the individual regions to be mixed in 2017.

2017 150

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JATO: Euro car market drops 7.9% in June; SUV demand slows; Tesla posts highest market share gain

Green Car Congress

The European car market dropped in June 2019 as 1.49 It was the biggest monthly drop so far in 2019, as only four out of the 27 markets included in JATO’s analysis posted growth but counted for a marginal 2.6% The diesel crisis is particularly challenging in Scandinavia, where electric cars continue to increase their market share. But the most worrying result from June was not the continuous diesel decline, but the slowdown in demand for SUVs. Europe Sales

2019 227

Tesla Model 3 comes up for sale. for $150,000

Green Car Reports

But it wasn't the fact that the Model 3 was the only one on the open market at the time. One of the mere handful of Tesla Model 3 electric cars on the road made its way to Craigslist—very briefly—on Wednesday. It was its eye-popping price price tag: $150,000. That's enough to buy a very well-equipped Tesla Model S and it'll eventually

2017 96

Anjie Wireless licenses WiTricity technology for China EV market

Green Car Congress

Under the terms of the agreement, Anjie Wireless will license WiTricity’s patented magnetic resonance technology and industry-leading designs to develop and commercialize highly efficient wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging systems for sale to leading carmaker brands in the China market. to capture the opportunities that the booming global EV market will present.

2018 214

Corvus Energy and Dow Kokam Sign Exclusive Contract for Sales of Lithium Polymer Cells to Marine Markets

Green Car Congress

Corvus Energy, a provider of lithium-ion battery systems developed specifically for the marine propulsion market, has entered into an exclusive distributor contract with Dow Kokam for sales of its advanced lithium polymer cells to the marine industry.

2010 181

Porsche and Boeing to partner on premium urban air mobility market; electric VTOL concept

Green Car Congress

Porsche and Boeing signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the premium urban air mobility market and the extension of urban traffic into airspace. With this partnership, both companies will leverage their respective market strengths and insights to study the future of premium urban air mobility vehicles. Porsche is looking to enhance its scope as a sports car manufacturer by becoming a leading brand for premium mobility.

2019 225

EPA approves Rolls-Royce marine natural gas engine for sale in US

Green Car Congress

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved for sale in the US market marine natural gas engines designed to improve fuel efficiency, cut methane slip emissions and meet strict international environmental standards set to take effect in 2016. EPA issued a Certificate of Conformity for the C-engine range from Rolls-Royce.

2012 193

Toyota and Suzuki to start discussing joint projects for technological development, vehicle production, and market development; India and Africa

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation and Suzuki Motor Corporation (Suzuki) agreed to start discussing new joint projects in the fields of technological development, vehicle production, and market development. After having concluded a memorandum of understanding toward business partnership on 6 February 2017 ( earlier post ), Toyota and Suzuki have been pursuing concrete forms of cooperation and have announced the mutual supply of vehicles for the Indian market ( earlier post ) and other joint efforts.

Africa 183

Triac Three-Wheeled Electric Motorcycle For Sale On eBay

Green Car Reports

Some curious vehicles have emerged on the electric vehicle market over the years, and few have been more curious than the Triac. We first wrote about the Triac three-wheel electric vehicle back in 2010. Made by Green Vehicles of Salinas, California, it touted a 100-mile range, an 80 mph top speed, and a price tag of $25,000. Sadly, like many

Triac 123

Discontinued 2011 Think City Electric Cars For Sale: $22,500

Green Car Reports

In retrospect, it may be that a 10-year-old design for a plastic-bodied two-seat electric minicar was not what the U.S. market wanted. Especially at a list price of $35,495, higher than that of a brand-new 2011 Nissan Leaf, which had twice as many seats, twice as many doors, a longer range, and a known brand name. But now's your chance to own a

Toyota aims for sales of more than 5.5M electrified vehicles including 1M ZEVS per year by 2030; no models developed without electrified version

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation announced its plans regarding the mass adoption of electrified vehicles for the decade 2020-2030. By around 2030, Toyota aims to have annual sales of more than 5.5 Toyota will accelerate the popularization of BEVs with more than 10 BEV models to be available worldwide by the early 2020s, starting in China, before entering other markets with a gradual introduction to Japan, India, United States and Europe.

2017 150

1979 GE-Chrysler Electric Test Vehicle-1 Up For Sale On eBay

Green Car Reports

If you''re creating a mass-market electric car, it makes a degree of sense to use a mass-market platform. That''s why you''ll find some Versa sitting under the Leaf and rather a lot of Focus in Ford''s Focus Electric. Dig hard enough, and even the Chevy Volt has similarities with other GM products--it''s built around GM''s Delta II platform, also used

2014 107

Japan government, companies pushing ITS in emerging markets

Green Car Congress

The Nikkei reports that the Japanese government, major automakers and highway infrastructure companies are now working together to package technologies and services for sale in emerging markets such as India and Indonesia to address the growing problem of traffic congestion. Traffic congestion has become a serious issue in big cities in emerging markets,” said Yasuhiro Okumura, a Transport Ministry official. “We

2012 216

General Motors And Tengzhong Sign Definitive Agreement For Sale Of HUMMER

Green Car Congress

Under the terms of the definitive agreement, the buyer will acquire the ownership of the HUMMER brand, trademark and tradenames, as well as specific IP license rights necessary for the manufacture of HUMMER vehicles. For example, GM’s Shreveport assembly plant would continue to contract assemble the H3 and H3T and AM General’s Mishawaka assembly plant will continue to assemble the H2. General Motors and Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co.,

Volkswagen Group: 10-million vehicle sold mark for 2014 within reach; China largest single market

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen Group has delivered more than nine million vehicles from January to November for the first time ever this year. The ten million mark is within reach in spite of all the uncertainties in the global automotive sector ,” Christian Klingler, Group Board Member for Sales, said in Wolfsburg. The brand grew deliveries on the overall European market to 1.54 (1.51; +2.4%) million units.

2014 193

GM and SAIC Motor to partner on all-new vehicle family for global growth markets; $5B investment from Chevrolet

Green Car Congress

General Motors and SAIC Motor are enhancing their partnership through an agreement jointly to develop the core architecture and engine of a new vehicle family targeting global growth markets. The vehicle family is being developed by a multinational team of engineers and designers assigned to ensure each entry is tailored to meet the expectations of customers in each market. There are no plans to export the vehicles to mature markets such as the United States.

2015 186

Audi 1Q 2014 China sales up 21.1% to 124,520 units; “2nd home market”

Green Car Congress

We have thus once again demonstrated Audi’s pioneering role in our second home market. —Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG for Sales and Marketing. Audi posted 47,636 sales in March, with the locally produced Audi Q3 going to 5,511 customers. The China-specific long-wheelbase versions of the Audi A6 and A4 saw sales of 14,002 units (up 15.4%) and 10,004 units (up 16.9%). Unit sales of imported Audi automobiles rose by 21.7%

2014 181

Virginia becomes 15th Clean Cars state; LEV and ZEV program signed into law

Green Car Congress

HB 1965 directs the State Air Pollution Control Board to implement a LEV program for criteria pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions and a ZEV program only for motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 14,000 pounds or less, beginning with the 2025 model year. Under the bill, the percentage of ZEVs required to be delivered for sale under Virginia’s ZEV program is approximately equivalent to, but does not exceed, the percentage required under California’s ZEV program.

Mazda to produce sub-compact Toyota vehicle for NA market at new plant in Mexico

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) announced that Mazda’s new plant in Mexico, currently under construction, will produce a Toyota-brand vehicle for sale mainly in North America. The sub-compact Toyota-brand vehicle, to be based on the Mazda2, is to start. production around the summer of 2015 at a pace of 50,000 units per year and will be sold through Toyota dealerships. Total annual production capacity of the new Mazda plant is 140,000 units.

2012 212

Wärtsilä releases ECA-compliant lean-burn dual-fuel engine to the US market

Green Car Congress

Wärtsilä has released its Wärtsilä 20DF US Tier 4- and ECA-compliant dual-fuel engine for sale in the US market. Engines supplied to the US market will operate primarily on natural gas, with marine diesel oil (MDO) as a pilot fuel or as an emergency backup fuel. The Wärtsilä 20DF is a proven and successful engine, and its release to the US market is in response to the growing demand for natural gas fueled engines, the company said.

2013 188

PSA Peugeot Citroën to supply Toyota Europe with light commercial vehicles for the European market

Green Car Congress

signed an agreement under which PSA will supply light commercial vehicles to TME for. sale under the Toyota brand in the European market. agreement also includes the next-generation of the vehicle, for which TME will cover an. for the two companies to enter into capital tie-ups. already make compact passenger vehicles for the European market under a joint-venture. We regard the light commercial vehicle market in Europe to be.

2012 188

Honda targeting 100% BEV & FCEV sales in N America by 2040; new e:Architecture EVs coming in second half of this decade

Green Car Congress

Honda last week announced key targets for sales of electrified vehicles in North America, with a plan to make battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles (BEVs and FCEVs) to represent 100% of its vehicle sales by 2040, progressing from sales of 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2035.

NHTSA 2020 update on AEB installation by 20 automakers finds rapid progress

Green Car Congress

And while manufacturing of vehicles for sale in the United States declined by 23% this year due to the public health crisis, vehicles manufactured with AEB fell only 9%, illustrating that manufacturers did not falter on their efforts to increase safety through AEB.

2020 224

BASF boosts support for sustainable road construction with global distribution rights for RheoFalt rejuvenator

Green Car Congress

BASF now has the worldwide distribution rights for RheoFalt smart additives to modify asphalt and bitumen manufactured by the Netherlands-based company Ventraco. We estimate that the market volume worldwide and especially in the region of EMEA will increase sharply in the near future.

2020 290

EPA announces 2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards; green chemistry market opportunity projected to be $98.5B by 2020, about 2% of total market

Green Car Congress

Separately, a new report by Pike Research forecasts that green chemistry represents a market opportunity that will grow from $2.8 The company aims to transform the chemical industry through the cost-advantaged, smaller-footprint production of bio-based chemicals as direct replacements for major industrial chemicals that are currently petroleum-based in a trillion-dollar global market. The first target molecule for Genomatica is 1,4-butanediol (BDO).

2011 206

Solaris joins European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

Green Car Congress

Hydrogen-fueled e-buses allow us to create a complementary emission-free bus portfolio thanks to which Solaris is ready for today’s challenges and the diverse needs of customers as regards the range, flexibility and operability of vehicles.

Clean 224

Volkswagen to offer refreshed Tiguan with new plug-in hybrid powertrain in Europe

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen will unveil a refreshed Tiguan SUV later in 2020, featuring new front and rear styling, a redesigned interior and new powertrains, including a plug-in hybrid version for the European market. Later that year, the first Tiguan came to market.

2020 268

3M and Chesapeake Energy Corporation partner to develop and market new CNG tank technology for natural gas vehicles

Green Car Congress

3M and Chesapeake Energy Corporation will collaborate in designing, manufacturing and marketing a broad portfolio of compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks for use in all sectors of the United States transportation market. Less expensive tanks will enable greater market adoption of CNG as an alternative automotive fuel source, according to the partners. of Utah for the design and certification of tanks.

2012 209

Toyota to start vehicle exports from India; Etios to South Africa in 2012; the priority of emerging markets

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC) production and sales subsidiary in India, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private, Ltd. Although TKM has been manufacturing vehicles for sale in India since 1999, exports of the Etios will mark Toyota’s first vehicle exports from India. In line with its Global Vision released in March of this year, TMC is positioning emerging markets as a priority and is aiming to increase sales in those markets.

Data show California BEVs at 6.7% new vehicle marketshare in Q3

Green Car Congress

The California Center for Jobs & The Economy has released an updated report ( earlier post ) on vehicle sales and the progress of ZEV sales in the state for Q3 2020. The report is based on sales data from the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA).

2020 272

Toyota to start vehicle exports from India; Etios to South Africa in 2012; the priority of emerging markets

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation’s (TMC) production and sales subsidiary in India, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private, Ltd. Although TKM has been manufacturing vehicles for sale in India since 1999, exports of the Etios will mark Toyota’s first vehicle exports from India. In line with its Global Vision released in March of this year, TMC is positioning emerging markets as a priority and is aiming to increase sales in those markets.

USDOT launches online tracking tool for data on automated driving systems on-road testing

Green Car Congress

The tool is part of the Automated Vehicle Transparency and Engagement for Safe Testing (AV TEST) Initiative, which was announced in June by Secretary Chao. Autonomous driving Market Background

2020 262

LION Smart Implements Quality Management System and Extends Battery Market Research Offer

Green Car Congress

LION Smart GmbH , an engineering service company for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and for suppliers specializing in testing and development of lithium-ion batteries for automotive applications, has finished its start-up phase. Currently the company creates conceptual designs and constructions in Solidworks for its first clients. LION Smart has also extended its market research and consulting offer.

2009 172

Pike Research forecasts China plug-in market to reach 152,000 units/year by 2017, falling short of government targets; BEVs to dominate

Green Car Congress

PEV Sales in China by segment: 2012-2017. The government of China—now the world’s largest automotive market—has made vehicle electrification central to its plan for growing the automotive market both domestically and internationally, and accordingly has created many national and local incentives for plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) purchases. However, that figure represents less than 1% of the total light duty vehicle market in China.

2012 207

Toyota launches stamping-type plating machine that significantly reduces environmental impact and transforms plating process

Green Car Congress

The technology is used in the plating process for forming copper, nickel, and other metal coatings on substrates in the process of manufacturing electronic parts. Manufacturing Market Background Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 242

Sweet Spot For Hybrid Cars In U.S. Market: Mid-Size Sedans?

Green Car Reports

The sweet spot for hybrids, as their model lineups show, is mid-size sedans--both mainstream and now increasingly luxury makes. Consider the lineup of available hybrid sedans for sale in the U.S. What kind of hybrid car do you want to buy? Poll the automakers about what kind of hybrids they think will sell, and one answer comes back. during the

2013 78

BASF to start up new FCC catalysts testing and research lab in Germany; addressing the impact of the North American tight oil market

Green Car Congress

hte is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF SE and a leading provider of high throughput technology and services for enhancing research and development productivity. Butane and lighter HCs are processed further to separate them into fuel gas (mostly methane and ethane), propane, propylene, butane, and butene for sale, or for further processing or use.

2013 188

smart USA and Nissan to Collaborate on New Gasoline-Powered B-Segment Vehicle for the US Market

Green Car Congress

for collaboration on a new vehicle for sale in the United States. Pursuant to the terms of the MOU, smart USA would obtain the rights to procure and distribute a five-door, gasoline-powered, B-segment vehicle from Nissan for sale through the smart USA retail dealership network in the United States. The new vehicle is expected to be available for retail sale in the fourth quarter of 2011. Sketch of the proposed new vehicle. Click to enlarge.

2010 162

Two bi-partisan bills to speed adoption of advanced biofuels re-introduced to Senate

Green Car Congress

Under the bill, EPA would also be required to render a decision within 90 days on any registration application that has been pending for at least 180 days, as well as take action within 180 days for completed pathways petitions pending for at least 180 days. This will strengthen the biofuel industry, which continues to provide an essential market for South Dakota farmers. A list of pending petitions for renewable fuel pathways can be found here.

Ford, VW sign agreements for joint projects on commercial vehicles, electrification, autonomous driving

Green Car Congress

Plans for the agreements were first announced by Ford and Volkswagen last July. The alliance will: Produce a medium pickup truck engineered and built by Ford, for sale by Volkswagen as the Amarok starting in 2022 within the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles lineup.

2020 211

GKN Driveline Continues Rapid Growth in China; Developing Driveline Systems for EVs and Hybrids for the China Market

Green Car Congress

GKN Driveline continues its rapid growth in China with plans for a 12 th manufacturing facility; expansion of an existing research center; and the introduction of new low-cost and electric-hybrid technologies for the China market. At a media briefing at Auto China 2010, Stefan Magirius, president GKN China, said that the company will break ground this month for a new manufacturing facility in Changchun in northeast China.

2010 172

Despite the doubters, the used electric car market is shaping up well

Green Cars News

In what might appear to be fine piece of needlework, The Times last week suggested that there is a glut of second-hand electric cars for sale in the UK, as buyers brave enough to try electric motoring quickly change their minds and look to offload their EVs.

2014 60