Three Wheels United and Euler Motors join hands to promote the adoption of electric three-wheelers in India

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Three Wheels United (TWU), a Bengaluru-based tech-enabled financier of light electric vehicles, has partnered with Electric Vehicle maker Euler Motors to accelerate the adoption of electric three-wheelers in India and promote sustainable mobility.

Tribulations of Three-Wheeled Car Companies

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Recent news regarding a boardroom putsch of Aptera's founders further clouds the future of the three-wheeled EV maker. The Aptera 2e was about to reach production but the current CEO has decided to wait for financing from the Those rumors have been denied by Aptera, but the company is one among many that are struggling to make ends meet.


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2019 Keeling Curve Prize winners include Opus 12; conversion of CO2 into fuels and chemicals

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Finance. is using pay-as-you-save financing to help transportation companies switch to electric buses. Three Wheels United (Bangalore, India) is using finance and technology to decarbonize the auto rickshaw market. The Keeling Curve Prize (KCP) has selected 10 winners for 2019, among them Opus 12 (Berkeley, California) which is developing a device that recycles CO? into cost-competitive chemicals and fuels. Earlier post.).

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Aptera Unveils Pre-Production 2e, Suppliers

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In a press conference in Carlsbad, California, Aptera Motors unveiled the pre-production version of the electric three-wheel, 200+ mpg Aptera 2e along with 23 strategic suppliers , including GE; A123Systems for the Li-ion battery pack; Remy International for the drive motor ( earlier post ); and BorgWarner for the single ratio transaxle. We are behind our projected launch timing for the 2e—our two-seat, three-wheel vehicle—and the ultimate responsibility is mine.

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Bombardier Recreational Products and Government of Canada funding C$11.3M project to develop plug-in hybrid Can-Am Spyder roadster with target of 50% reduction in fuel consumption

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Our goal is to develop completely new electric hybrid technology for a three-wheel vehicle that uses 50% less fuel and reduces CO 2 emissions by 50% while maintaining its speed, power and performance. Creating a three-wheel vehicle as opposed to a hybrid car poses significant design challenges that require a very high degree of innovation. Over the next four years the CTA will produce three generations of prototypes and their components.

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“Never Charge EV” -1000 km Range Aptera Solar Car

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In December 2008, Aptera’s financing application for the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing (ATVM) funding program was denied by the Department of Energy. The vehicle will have motors built into the wheels for conserving space and weight.

Aptera delays 2e until 2010

Revenge of the Electric Car

During the past 12 months, the company’s initial offering – the aerodynamic Aptera 2e, an all-electric, three-wheeled two-seater that gets the equivalent of 200-plus mpg – has evolved from concept to near reality. “However, we now have to adjust our production schedule to align with financing realities. Big changes at Aptera … more details ( plus official press release ) after the jump: Officially Official: Aptera production pushed back to 2010.

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