The trials of public charging, part 2 (of many to come)

Plugs and Cars

It's city, state and federal policy to enable electric cars for the emissions and petroleum reduction they provide. Unfortunately there are still damn few J-plugs (the new standard for plug-in cars) publicly deployed, despite the expectations created by the federal grants to the EVProject (Ecotality) and ChargePoint America (Coulomb) and ex-Mayor Newsom here in San Francisco. Juice flows. The federal funding should have come with strings attached.

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Keepin' it simple

Plugs and Cars

They’ve kept my LEAF juiced, after all. Something Ecotality couldn’t do even with $100 million in federal grant money. Plug-in cars are being delivered at long last. Yet there remains confusion about the necessary infrastructure and its expense. Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) home wall units are priced at between about $1000 and $2500. Plus installation. Need it cost this much?

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