Range Rover P440e Extended-Range PHEV starts at $104,900 in the US

Green Car Congress

Land Rover has confirmed prices for the advanced Extended-Range Plug-in Hybrid model and the Range Rover SV, while revealing performance figures for the plug-in hybrid electric powertrain. Hybrids Plug-ins

Volvo Car USA announces new extended range Recharge Plug-In Hybrid models with up to 41 miles of electric range in Pure Mode

Green Car Congress

Volvo Car USA is bringing a new, improved Recharge plug-in hybrid powertrain is coming to the US in its 90 and 60 Series models, significantly extending electric range while lowering carbon dioxide emissions, increasing performance, and improving drivability.


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Karma showcases extended range E-Flex platform for utility van applications

Green Car Congress

Karma Automotive announced its E-Flex utility van platform with extended range electric vehicle (EREV) architecture. The EREV van platform is the latest in a series of development projects featuring the Karma E-Flex Platform.

2020 212

Via Motors, Geely to co-develop medium-duty extended-range electric truck for China and Americas

Green Car Congress

a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Commercial Vehicle Group, to co-develop a medium-duty extended range electric truck. The truck will incorporate VIA’s proprietary vehicle software and systems control technology, for launch in China and the Americas in 2019. VIA Motors develops and markets extended-range electric (eREV) and all-electric (EV) powertrain systems for most vehicle classes from light-duty through Class 8.

2018 221

Workhorse releases specs for coming W-15 extended range electric pickup

Green Car Congress

A drivable prototype of the W-15 will be unveiled at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach, California, on May 2. Production models are scheduled for delivery in 2018. Designed specifically to meet the needs of commercial fleets, the W-15 is believed to be the first plug-in, range-extended pickup truck built from the ground up by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 80-mile all-electric range. gasoline-powered range extender.

2017 150

PG&E showcased extended-range electric truck from via motors at national Plug-In Day event

Green Car Congress

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) showcased the utility’s first extended-range electric truck with manufacturer VIA Motors at three Bay Area National Plug-In Day events—in San Francisco, San Rafael and Cupertino—on Sunday. PG&E offered ride-alongs in its VTrux from VIA. In Cupertino, the truck powered the public-address equipment for the stage as well as a vendor booth, demonstrating the vehicle’s exportable power capacity.

2012 237

GM and U Mich receive patent on plug-in series hybrid/extended range electric vehicle powertrain using multiple free piston linear alternator engines

Green Car Congress

The GM/U Mich patent envisages using multiple free-piston engines (240A through 240D in the patent drawing). GM Global Technology Operations LLC and the Regents of the University of Michigan recently were awarded a US patent (Nº 8,261,860) for a plug-in series hybrid or range-extended electric vehicle powertrain using multiple free piston linear alternator (FPLA) engines. Each FPLA operates in an engine-on (ON) state and an engine-off (OFF) state.

2012 316

Eaton introducing new power-dense inverter technology to help reduce weight, extend range of EVs

Green Car Congress

Eaton’s eMobility business has developed compact power-dense automotive inverters capable of increasing the range of electric vehicles. The inverters, which draw electricity from the battery and control how it is applied to the motor to manage power and torque, will be tested by a global automaker in first quarter 2019. The inverter’s high-power density and compact, lightweight design help maximize range while taking up minimal space in the vehicle.

2019 207

Mack Trucks to showcase Wrightspeed turbine-based extended range electric powertrain in Class 8 refuse truck

Green Car Congress

At this week’s WasteExpo2016, Mack Trucks, one of North America’s largest manufacturers of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks, engines and transmissions, will showcase Wrightspeed’s The Route turbine-based extended range electric powertrain ( earlier post ) applied in a refuse truck. Wrightspeed’s patented Geared Traction Drive (GTD) ( earlier post ) digitally drives each rear wheel of the vehicle, providing the slip control needed to operate in tough road conditions.

2016 150

Buick to introduce extended-range electric vehicle in China this year; also new generation 1.0T/1.3T Ecotecs and 9-speed

Green Car Congress

Buick will adopt GM’s proven extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) technology, a new-generation of 1.0T/1.3T Ecotec engines and a nine-speed transmission in new or refreshed models launched in China this year. In the coming two years, Buick will also introduce plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in China—the brand’s largest market. China Electric (Battery) Engines Hybrids Plug-ins

2017 163

Jaguar Introduces C-X75 Gas Micro-turbine Extended Range Electric Vehicle Concept

Green Car Congress

Jaguar has unveiled the C-X75 concept, an extended range electric vehicle that uses twin gas micro-turbines from Bladon Jets to power two switched reluctance generators from SR Drives. The plug-in, electric drive supercar has an all-electric range of 110 km (68 miles) plus a potential top speed of 330 km/h (205 mph), acceleration from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.4 seconds, and 80-145 km/h (50-90 mph) in 2.3 The C-X75. Click to enlarge.

2010 297

Buick introduces Volt-based Velite 5 extended-range electric vehicle in China

Green Car Congress

The Velite 5, Buick’s first extended-range electric vehicle, made its global debut in Shanghai today. It is the latest iconic product from the brand in the new energy vehicle segment, and is based on the Chevrolet Volt. The Velite 5 offers up to 768 kilometers (477 miles) of range in extended-range mode. Its prioritized pure electric driving mode is rated in China as providing 116 kilometers (72 miles) of range.

2017 150

Lotus Unveils Concept Extended Range Electric City Car

Green Car Congress

The Lotus City Car concept provides a showcase for Lotus Engineering’s Electrical and Electronic Integration and Efficient Performance competencies, featuring an advanced series hybrid drivetrain with the Lotus Range Extender engine ( earlier post ). Equipped with a single-speed transmission, drivetrain provides the vehicle with an all-electric range of 60 km (37 miles) from its 14.8 kWh battery pack to cover the majority of daily journeys operating as a plug-in EV.

Frost & Sullivan forecasts extended range electric vehicle market to reach more than 329K units by 2018

Green Car Congress

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan —Strategic Analysis of Global Market for Range Extenders—estimates the total market for range extenders will exceed 329,000 units by 2018. Extended range electric vehicles (eREVs) will be equipped with different applications such as internal combustion engine range extenders, fuel cell range extenders and micro-gas turbine range extenders.

2013 235

A123 Systems to supply Li-ion battery packs to VIA Motors for extended-range electric trucks

Green Car Congress

To be integrated into VIA’s Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV) Powertrain ( earlier post ), A123’s 24 kWh battery packs combine with a 300 kW electric motor and an onboard generator to deliver an expected all-electric driving range of up to 40 miles. A123’s lithium ion chemistry and packaging allows us to minimize the size and weight of the battery packs while maximizing range and fuel economy of our trucks. Batteries Hybrids Plug-ins

2012 195

Chevy Volt Delivers Novel Two-Motor, Four-Mode Extended Range Electric Drive System; Seamless Driver Experience Plus Efficiency

Green Car Congress

During the serial media launch events for the Chevrolet Volt, GM provided more detail (subsequent to the completion of related patent work) on the novel drive architecture applied in their first extended range electric vehicle to enhance the efficiency of both the battery electric and extended-range driving modes. The Volt could also be called a plug-in series hybrid, depending upon your taxonomic preference.). km) of additional all-electric range.

2010 279

Europcar to introduce Opel Ampera extended range EV as a rental car throughout Europe

Green Car Congress

Opel and Europcar have agreed to introduce the Opel Ampera extended range electric vehicle ( earlier post ) as a rental car throughout Europe. The goal is to deploy the first vehicles in Europcar rental outlets in Germany in November of this year, followed soon afterwards by Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, customers will receive advice on energy-efficient driving in battery operation and how to recuperate energy when braking. Opel Ampera.

2011 195

GMs views on challenges for battery development for extended range electric vehicles

Green Car Congress

Roland Matthé, GM technical manager for the Voltec battery system, provided an overview of GM’s views on the requirements and challenges for batteries specifically for extended range electric vehicles—i.e., the Volt—but also more broadly for batteries and electrified vehicle applications in general. Tahoe two-mode) Plug-in hybrid (announced) EREV. Volt) Battery electric (in development) Fuel cell hybrid electric. Total range. >

2011 210

VIA Motors receives $20M contract to supply extended-range electric pickups and vans to >50 fleets

Green Car Congress

VIA Motors, a electric vehicle development and manufacturing company, signed a contract worth $20 million to build and to deliver extended-range electric pick-up trucks and vans to more than 50 participating fleets. In addition, VIA will install proprietary technology into each vehicle that will record and transmit real-time data to allow the US Department of Energy (DOE) to quantify improvements in fuel economy and emissions.

2013 174

Velozzi Will Use Capstone Microturbines in Supercar and Crossover Extended Range Electric Vehicles

Green Car Congress

Capstone said that these would be the first production automotive applications of its microturbines, which have been used in buses, trolleys and shuttles. The supercar is designed to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just three seconds and reach a top speed of over 200 mph, according to Velozzi. The SOLO will be a lightweight electric crossover with an on-board 30 kW Capstone microturbine that will charge the crossover’s batteries and super capacitors while in operation or at rest.

2010 235

Mercedes-Benz presenting Concept B-Class E-CELL Plus extended-range electric vehicle

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz is presenting its first electric vehicle with Range Extender at the 2011 Frankfurt International Motor Show: the Concept B-Class E-CELL PLUS. Equipped with a Li-ion battery pack from Deutsche Accumotive (a joint venture of Daimler and Evonik), the E-CELL PLUS has a battery-only range of up to 100 km (62 miles). A 50 kW (67 hp), 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine range extender delivers a total range of up to 600 km (373 miles).

2011 204

Volvo developing extended-range electric vehicle concepts with three different technology combinations

Green Car Congress

Volvo is taking the next step in its electrification strategy by producing test electric vehicles with range extenders. Supported by the Swedish Energy Agency and the EU, the project comprises three potential technology combinations: one a series-hybrid range extender configuration; and two parallel-hybrid range extender configurations. Tests of the concepts will get under way in the first quarter of 2012.

2011 204

Opel Monza Concept at Frankfurt features CNG extended range electric vehicle powertrain with new 1.0L 3-cylinder engine

Green Car Congress

For the Monza Concept displayed at the Frankfurt show, engineers conceived an electric drive with a CNG (compressed natural gas) range extender—a further development of the Ampera’s technology. SIDI turbo—which also makes its premiere at the IAA ( earlier post )—takes over the task as range extender, but with natural gas as the fuel instead of gasoline, thereby further improving the car’s CO 2 footprint. Monza Concept. Click to enlarge.

2013 190

GM will focus its electrification strategy on light electrification, extended range, and battery-electric vehicle technologies; major focus on the plug; preview of the Spark EV

Green Car Congress

GM will focus its vehicle electrification strategy on eAssist-type systems and the plug. GM will focus its vehicle electrification efforts on three main technologies: light electrification, currently manifested in the eAssist systems; extended range electric vehicles (EREVs) such as the Chevrolet Volt; and battery electric vehicles (BEVs), such as the soon-to-be-introduced Spark EV. A major focus for GM’s electrification strategy will center on the plug.

2012 240

Raser Technologies and Hyundai Heavy Industries To Collaborate on Development of Renewable Energy and Extended Range Electric Vehicles

Green Car Congress

The extended range electric vehicle drive system by Raser Technologies and its development partner FEV is targeted at providing up to 40 miles all-electric range for SUVs and light trucks. The agreement sets into play the first two projects that are intended to lead to a broader long-term relationship to develop renewable energy in the western US utilizing Raser’s resource portfolio and HHI’s renewable energy equipment manufacturing capabilities.

2010 210

Audi A1 e-tron: Extended Range Electric Vehicle for City Driving

Green Car Congress

Audi’s A1 e-tron, introduced at the Geneva Motor Show ( earlier post ), is a range-extended electric city concept vehicle featuring a 75 kW (102 hp) peak power electric traction motor and a single-rotor single-rotor Wankel engine coupled with an electrical generator with a charge rating of up to 15 kW. The Audi A1 e-tron was designed specifically for use in the metropolitan areas of Europe and North America and in the rapidly growing megacities of Asia and South America.

2010 214

Mercedes-Benz Provides Update on BlueZERO E-CELL PLUS Extended Range Electric Vehicle Concept

Green Car Congress

At the North American International Autoshow in January, Mercedes-Benz presented the Concept BlueZERO for electric vehicles. Based on a single vehicle architecture, this modular concept supports three models with different drive configurations: the BlueZERO E-CELL with battery-electric drive; the BlueZERO F-CELL (fuel cell); and the BlueZERO E-CELL PLUS with electric drive and internal combustion engine as range extender. Tags: Engines Hybrids Plug-ins

2009 204

Opel Flextreme GT/E Extended Range Electric Vehicle Concept to Debut at Geneva Show

Green Car Congress

The 4.7-meter long Flextreme GT/E concept illustrates the application of GM’s extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV) technology to large or mid-size vehicles, as well as compact cars such as the upcoming Ampera, the European cousin of the Chevrolet Volt. At speeds above 50 km/h, a vertical panel extends along the body from the air extraction slot behind each rear wheel-arch. Tags: Electric (Battery) Europe Hybrids Plug-ins The Flextreme GT/E concept.

2010 183

Cadillac announces CT6 plug-in hybrid for China

Green Car Congress

Cadillac will add a Plug-In Hybrid Electric (PHEV) propulsion system to its upcoming range-topping CT6 sedan, to be manufactured at the new Shanghai GM Cadillac plant, Pudong Jinqiao, China. miles) of all-electric range, and pairs with Cadillac’s 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder gas engine to offer estimated fuel efficiency of approximately 2.0L CT6 PHEV will qualify for China new energy vehicle regulations and incentives, and is planned to be onsale in 2016.

2015 228

Opel Unveiling Vivaro e-Concept Extended Range Electric Van Research Study at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2010 Show

Green Car Congress

At the IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair in Hannover (23-30 September 2010), Opel will unveil a research project on a Vivaro e-Concept, an electric van with up to 400 kilometers (249 miles) extended range. The 111 kW electric motor in the Vivaro e-Concept propulsion system delivers 370 N·m (273 lb-ft) of torque and would offer 100 kilometers (62 miles) pure electric driving range. At this point in time there’s no plans for production in the future.

2010 190

Ricardo and partners developing new EV and extended range EV technology demo platform for larger segment vehicles

Green Car Congress

Ricardo, in collaboration with its partners in the Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project (LCVTP) ( earlier post ), is developing a new electric vehicle (EV) technology platform to demonstrate technologies capable of delivering acceptable performance across all vehicle market segments. This basic BEV implementation is planned for completion in the spring of 2011. Electric (Battery) Plug-ins

2011 204

Velozzi Provides Some Details on the SOLO Crossover; Micro-Turbine Extended Range Electric Vehicle

Green Car Congress

The SOLO is an extended range electric vehicle equipped with a combination of supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries for energy storage and a multi-fuel micro-turbine for the range-extending genset. Regenerative braking will capture kinetic energy when slowing the vehicles improving its range. L/100km), accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6 seconds, and have a top speed of 130 mph (209 km/h). Tags: Auto X-Prize Hybrids Plug-ins The SOLO.

2009 163

New EV company to commercialize Rasers extended range electric powertrain; led by investor in Valence and EVI

Green Car Congress

Elements of Raser’s current series plug-in hybrid (extended range electric vehicle) drive system. Berg also has strategic holdings in Electric Vehicles International (EVI), a manufacturer of electric light-duty vehicles, walk-in vans and medium-duty trucks. million in cash; $1.5 In July, Raser said that it had a backlog of more than 10,000 soft orders for plug-in fleet vehicles.

2010 209

VIA Motors and Verizon to collaborate on extended range electric work vehicles; evaluation for possible wide-scale application

Green Car Congress

Verizon and VIA Motors will collaborate to develop and to demonstrate plug-in electric work vehicles using VIA’s proprietary eREV (extended range electric vehicle) technology ( earlier post ) and evaluate the technology for possible wide-scale application into Verizon’s fleet. 24 kWh liquid-cooled Li-ion battery pack supporting 40 miles of all electric range.

2012 183

Renault presents the 235 mpg EOLAB prototype; plug-in “Z.E. Hybrid”; targeting production

Green Car Congress

Hybrid” plug-in hybrid system—the last offering all-electric trips of up to 60 km (37 miles) at speeds of up to 120 km/h (75 mph). Meanwhile, the notion of such a car being produced in large numbers within the next 10 years was dialed into the plan from the start. In the course of the prototype’s design, Renault developed the technologies necessary for the introduction of a car with fuel consumption of just 2 liters/100 km by 2020. range of electric vehicles.

2014 296

Infiniti EMERGE-E extended range electric sports car concept designed as part of UK TSB low-carbon vehicle initiative; REEVolution consortium

Green Car Congress

EMERG-E on stage in Geneva. The Infiniti EMERG-E being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show is a mid-ship, electric-motor-powered sports car concept featuring a range-extender powertrain—equipped with axial flux motors from EVO Electric and a range extending engine from Lotus Engineering—that delivers high-performance as well as the ability to drive for up to 30 urban miles under battery power alone. Electric (Battery) Engines Hybrids Plug-ins

2012 183

Ford running 12-month trial of 20 plug-in hybrid Transit Custom vans in London

Green Car Congress

Ford is launching a multi-million pound project designed to help improve air quality in London. The project, supported by Transport for London, features a 12-month trial of 20 new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Transit Custom vans that reduce local emissions by running solely on electric power for the majority of city trips such as deliveries or maintenance work. Ford is the first volume manufacturer to offer PHEV technology in this segment of the van market.

2017 183

Cadillac boosts performance of ELR plug-in hybrid for MY2016, cuts MSRP by $9K; $58,495 net after Fed credits

Green Car Congress

Cadillac has greatly enhanced the performance of its ELR extended range electric vehicle (plug-in hybrid) ( earlier post ) for the 2016 model year, and is also cutting the MSRP by $9,005, bringing the starting price down to $58,495 net after the $7,500 US federal tax credit (MSRP = $65,995). Cadillac sold 1,310 units of the ELR in the US in calendar year 2014, and sold 311 units in the first quarter of 2015.). Electric (Battery) Hybrids Plug-ins

2015 240

Honda to add battery-electric, plug-in hybrid variants to Clarity platform; new 2017 Accord Hybrid

Green Car Congress

Honda announced that the upcoming Clarity Fuel Cell ( earlier post ) will be joined by two additional electrified variants, the Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, launching in the US in 2017. In addition to the Clarity series, a reengineered 2017 Accord Hybrid will go on-sale this spring. Hyundai’s IONIQ platform comes with hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery-electric variants. Electric (Battery) Hybrids Plug-ins

2016 163

Using the PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to Transition Society Seamlessly and Profitably From Fossil Fuel to 100% Renewable Energy

Green Car Congress

The PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), a subset of the electric car, combines a primary electric motor with a much smaller back-up engine fueled with a hydrocarbon/biofuel mix. (In In this paper PHEV refers solely to the long-range PHEV of 60 miles (100 km) electric-only range.) The PHEV does not require the heavy, costly batteries required by other electric cars, nor does it suffer from a limited range or poor freeway performance.

2015 300

Test Report: Ampere Magnus Ex Electric Scooter

Plug In India

Disappointing Top Speed" Is one of the best sellers in the EV market. The 1200 W motor is a sweet spot for EVs - enough to keep up with traffic, but still able to keep the wh/km in check. What I liked was the small body coloured patch in the front leg area. The switch for activating the light did not seem too rugged - the kind that is used in refrigerator doors. The battery is removable - but it will take some effort to get it out in case it requires external charging.

GM and Nissan lead in US plug-in sales in December; GM and Toyota for the year

Green Car Congress

2012 US sales of plug-in vehicles by major OEMs. GM was the US sales leader among the major OEMs for plug-in vehicles in December, and for 2012. GM sold 2,633 units of the Volt extended range electric vehicle in December, up 72.2% by volume from 1,529 units in December 2011. from the 7,671 units in 2011, giving it a dominant lead among the major OEMs in the nascent plug-in vehicles market for the year.

2013 253

Cadillac Unveils Plug-in Two-Mode Hybrid XTS Platinum Concept

Green Car Congress

V-6 Direct Injection gasoline engine paired with a plug-in two-mode hybrid system. The XTS Platinum concept’s plug-in hybrid electric propulsion system (PHEV) builds on the experience Cadillac has gained with the Escalade Hybrid and Escalade Platinum Hybrid flagship models (which also feature the two-mode system). In some conditions, such as urban commutes, drivers can experience efficiency that doubles that of conventional hybrids. The XTS Platinum Concept.

2010 221