Karma pitches extended-range electric truck possibility to fleets

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Tesla may have swooped in at the last minute and stolen the show in Los Angeles this week, but the ever-frisky Karma has its own pickup pitch: an extended-range EV for commercial applications.

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Fisker Automotive signs supply agreement with BMW for Project Nina extended range electric vehicles

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Fisker Automotive has signed an agreement with BMW that will cover the supply of engines and other components for future Fisker models. BMW will supply a four-cylinder turbocharged engine for the next generation of Fisker cars, code-named ‘Project Nina’, which are scheduled to go into production in the re-commissioned former GM plant in Wilmington, Delaware at the end of 2012 and be on sale globally in 2013. —Fisker CEO and Executive Design Director, Henrik Fisker.

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Fisker Ocean electric SUV starts at $37,499, pre-tax credit; leases for $379/mo

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Fisker is pricing its new Ocean electric SUV with an MSRP of US $37,499. After the US federal tax credit is applied, the cost of the Fisker Ocean drops to a starting price of US$29,999 (US). —Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO – Fisker Inc.

Fisker names its all-electric SUV Ocean; unveils app-based leasing program

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Fisker Inc. revealed the name of its upcoming all-electric luxury sports utility vehicle: Fisker Ocean. Designed in California by iconic automotive designer, entrepreneur and visionary Henrik Fisker, the Fisker Ocean will feature recycled, vegan and more innovative materials. The all-electric SUV will come standard with an extended range (target of approximately 250 to 300 miles, depending on driving conditions), enabled by an approx.

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Fisker Karma controls exhaust emissions

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The new plug-in petrol electric luxury saloon car, the Fisker Karma, will soon benefit from emission after-treatment catalysts after an agreement was reached with Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. Clean Diesel has already begun shipping the catalyst to Fisker with Charles Call, the company’s chief executive officer, believing its catalyst technology will meet Fisker’s high performance [.].

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The New Fisker Is Live: Original Karma Owners Get Most Support

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Since it bought the remains of Fisker Automotive last year, Chinese parts giant Wanxiang has promised to restart production of the Karma extended-range electric sedan. And while Fisker hasn't quite been brought back to life yet, it is at least beginning to twitch. A new website for the carmaker was recently launched under the "New Fisker" banner. plug-in cars service Range-Extended Electric Vehicle Fisker Automotive Customer Service Wanxiang

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VLF Destino (Fisker Karma with V-8, sans electric parts) starts deliveries

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The Fisker Karma extended-range electric luxury sedan has been out of production since 2012, but two separate companies are trying to revive it. The remains of the bankrupt Fisker Automotive have been reorganized into Karma Automotive, which seeks to restart production of the sedan as the Karma Revero, with a plug-in hybrid powertrain similar to. Bob Lutz plug-in cars Henrik Fisker VL Automotive Destino VLF Destino

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Relaunched Fisker Karma To Use Quantum Software (Again)

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Fisker Automotive''s new owner Wanxiang plans to relaunch the Karma extended-range electric luxury sedan next year, and it''s expected to have few substantial changes from the version last built in 2012. One thing Fisker doesn''t plan to change, it seems, is the supplier of the Karma''s powertrain control software. RELATED: Fisker Karma Will Be

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Fisker To Launch Two New Models At Los Angeles Auto Show

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While new owner Wanxiang looks to restart production of the Fisker Karma extended-range electric sedan, the man who gave his name to the car--Henrik Fisker--seems to have plans of his own. The man after whom the now-defunct Fisker Automotive was named will appear at back-to-back press conferences at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show next week

Fisker To Open California Plant, No Date Yet For Electric Car Production To Resume

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While all 2012 Fisker Karma extended-range electric luxury sedans were built in Finland, the company always intended to assemble cars in the U.S. Before its collapse and bankruptcy, Fisker had bought a former General Motors plant in Delaware. A pledge to use this facility was one factor in the successful bid for Fisker by Wanxiang, China's largest.

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Fisker Karma drives in to new market

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Fisker Automotive, the name behind a host of extended range luxury electric cars, including the Fisker Karma (pictured), has set its sights on a new market – Quebec. The company will begin selling its vehicle in Montreal after the first Fisker retailer in the province, and the fourth in Canada, was formed. Unsurprisingly, the Fisker [.]. Electric cars Fisker Green cars Latest news Canada electric cars Fisker Automotive Fisker Karma green cars

Want A Fisker Karma? Lots Of Used Ones For Sale

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The Fisker Karma extended-range electric luxury sedan has been out of production since July 2012, but it''s hardly gone away. Chinese automotive supplier Wanxiang, which now owns the car company, hopes to restart sales of the low, sleek, striking four-seat sedan under the Elux name sometime next year. And owners continue to be stopped on the street

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Fisker reveals brand new model: the Fisker Atlantic

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New York was once again the setting for an exciting new vehicle to be unveiled – as this time Fisker took centre stage with its Atlantic saloon car. The Fisker Atlantic (pictured) was originally known as Project Nina and is a luxury four-door saloon car that uses Fisker’s extended range technology. Fisker Green cars Hybrid cars Latest news Fisker Atlantic Fisker Automotive green cars New York International Auto Show plug-in hybrid

Fisker reports more than $100million in revenue

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It has been a promising start to 2012 for Fisker Automotive, as it published its first business update. For the period from January-April, its revenues exceeded $100million after deliveries began of the four-door extended range electric saloon car, the Fisker Karma (pictured), in December last year. Fisker Green cars Latest news Fisker Atlantic Fisker Automotive Fisker Karma green cars

2012 Fisker Karma: 20 MPG On Gasoline, 32-Mi Electric Range

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It's been a long and painful year for Fisker Automotive, with deliveries of its 2012 Karma extended-range electric sport sedan repeatedly delayed from the original target of May. Now, with certification earlier this week from the Environmental Protection Agency that the car complies with emissions standards, Fisker can legally start to deliver its

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2012 Fisker Karma Electric Car: Quick Drive Review [Video]

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Price increases be damned, the 2012 Fisker Karma is finally here, and first examples are about to arrive in customers' driveways. Earlier in the week we posted our video driving impressions of the new four-door extended-range electric car from startup Fisker Automotive. Before you even get into the Fisker Karma Now it's time to expand on those.

2011 114

Fisker Automotive enters Québec market; eligible for Québec Drive Electric incentive

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Fisker Automotive will begin selling its extended range electric luxury cars in Montreal, Québec. Fisker of Montreal, the first Fisker retailer in Québec and the fourth in Canada, was formed by local businessmen Gad Bitton, president of Holand Automotive Group, and Norman Hébert, president and CEO of Groupe Park Avenue. Fisker of Montreal brings to 79 the number of independent Fisker retail locations in the US, Canada and Europe; 47 in North America alone.

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2012 Fisker Karma: Brief Drive Report

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Well, after three years of asking, we've finally had a chance to drive the 2012 Fisker Karma. And we can confirm that the extended-range electric luxury sport sedan is, in fact, a real car. It's got drop-dead styling, unique interior furnishings, and a good ride that's aided by the fact that it's both low and very heavy. In "Stealth

2012 115

Fisker secures $100+ M in initial closing of new equity financing

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Fisker Automotive has completed the initial closing of its current equity financing, representing in excess of $100 million of new funding. This initial closing will provide the company with funding for continued product development, market expansion and a new global marketing campaign for the Fisker Karma extended range electric vehicle. Since its inception in 2007, Fisker Automotive has raised more than $1.2

2012 198

Fisker unveils the Atlantic design prototype in New York; second-generation EVer powertrain

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Fisker Atlantic design prototype. Fisker Automotive unveiled its new model, the Atlantic sedan (known earlier as project Nina), in an event in new York. Revealed as a design prototype, the Fisker Atlantic is a luxury four-door sporting sedan using the second generation EVer (Electric Vehicle with extended range) technology. Fisker says the Atlantic EVer powertrain will offer “highly competitive” performance for a car in its class.

2012 209

Next Fisker Model: Wagon-Crossover At Frankfurt This Fall? (Video)

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Fisker Automotive still hasn't seen fit to let more than a small handful of journalists drive its extended-range electric 2012 Fisker Karma luxury sports sedan, and not yet on public roads. But founder Henrik Fisker continues to wax eloquent about the company's future plans. At the launch of the 2012 Karma, he said that a new--and previously

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2011 Frankfurt Auto Show: 2013 Fisker Surf Official Unveiling

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The 2012 Fisker Karma extended range electric car (plug-in hybrid) may have been sold on its sexy good looks, and sporty performance -- but now the luxury sedan has a more practical sibling -- the Fisker Surf. Unveiled today at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, the 2013 Fisker Surf is a crossover wagon variant of the luxury sports sedan.

2011 103

Fisker Karma Makes Public Driving Debut

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The Fisker Karma plug-in extended range electric vehicle ( earlier post ) made its public driving debut over the weekend, 19 months after being introduced as a concept. Behind the wheel was Fisker Automotive co-founder and COO Bernhard Koehler. The Fisker Karma can reach 60 mph (97 km/h) in six seconds and has a top speed of 125 mph (201 km/h). Combined with two electric motors, these components make up the Q-Drive powertrain exclusive to all Fisker automobiles.

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Fisker reports more than $100M in revenue Jan-Apr 2012; more than $1B in funding since 2007

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The EVer (Electric Vehicle extended range) powertrain of the Fisker Karma. Fisker Automotive published its first business update, announcing that revenues had exceeded $100 million in the first four months of 2012. The company, which began deliveries of the Fisker Karma luxury four-door extended range electric sedan in December 2011, also said that it has delivered 1,000 vehicles to customers in the US and Europe. 2012 Fisker Karma.

2012 234

DOE Announces $528.7M Conditional Loan for Fisker Automotive for PHEVs

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The US Department of Energy is awarding a $528.7-million conditional loan to Fisker Automotive for the development of two lines of plug-in hybrids—the Karma and the new Project Nina vehicle—by 2016. In the first stage of the program, Fisker Automotive will use a $169.3 million ATVM loan for engineering integration costs as it works with primarily US suppliers to complete the company’s first vehicle, the Fisker Karma.

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Was A Fisker Karma The Cause Of A Recent House Fire?

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If authorities in Fort Bend County, Texas are correct, there’s more bad news in store for extended-range electric automaker Fisker. Last week, a 2012 Fisker Karma owner in Fort Bend County parked his Karma in an attached garage, alongside a Mercedes SUV and an Acura NSX. Three minutes later, the Karma was engulfed in flames. While details

2012 113

China Grand Automotive Group to distribute, market and service Fisker Automotive vehicles in China

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Fisker Automotive is partnering with China Grand Automotive Group (CGA), the leading passenger car trader in China, to have Fisker vehicles distributed, marketed and serviced in China. Fisker Automotive’s first car, the Fisker Karma, will make its Chinese debut at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2011. Fisker is also developing a higher-volume line of premium electric vehicles with extended range, scheduled to start production in the fourth quarter of 2012.

2010 188

Fisker Issues Recall And Personal Apology For Software Glitch

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Such is the case with the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid, which is the second extended-range electric vehicle to come to market, following on the heels of the Chevy Volt. As cars become increasingly complex, with more and more systems controlling their operation, recalls for first-year models are all but inevitable.

2011 Fisker Karma 'Final Pricing' Goes Up Again, To $95,900

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The 2011 Fisker Karma is still on track to reach U.S. But there's one new piece of info: The price of the extended-range electric sports sedan has gone up. dealers in March or April, according to the company. Again. Originally announced in 2008 at a price of $80,000, the Karma fairly quickly went up to $87,900 and stayed there. Now, just before

2010 117

Fisker Karma EPA-rated at 65 kWh/100 miles on electricity, with 32-mile electric range and 20 mpg US on gasoline

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The EPA has rated the 2012 Fisker Karma luxury extended range electric vehicle as consuming 65 kWh/100 miles (52 MPGequivalent) when running in all-electric mode, having a 32-mile all-electric range, and consuming 5.1 gallons US/100 miles (~20 mpg) when running the gasoline range-extending engine in hybrid mode. Receipt of the EPA ratings enables Fisker to begin sales. electric range under most every day driving conditions.

2011 186

First 2012 Fisker Karma Electric Car Delivered, Finally, To Investor Ray Lane

Green Car Reports

Fisker Automotive has delivered one of its first production cars, a 2012 Fisker Karma extended-range electric sports sedan, to a paying customer. After multiple delays and slipped deadlines, you might be forgiven for assuming it would never happen. But it did. The video below shows the handover two days ago. But it's not just any old paying

2011 109

A123 Systems Signs Multi-Year Li-ion Battery System Supply Agreement With Fisker Automotive, Intends to Invest Up To $23M in Fisker

Green Car Congress

A123 Systems has entered a battery supply agreement with Fisker Automotive to supply battery systems for the Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). The Karma—an extended-range electric vehicle—is scheduled to be launched in late 2010. The multi-year agreement provides that A123 is the selected battery system supplier for the Fisker Karma. —Henrik Fisker, Chief Executive Officer of Fisker Automotive.

2010 193

Fisker Karma Electric-Car Production Ramps Up, But Slowly

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So Fisker Automotive struck back at the thesis of a GigaOm article yesterday that suggested the company was delaying the production schedule for its 2012 Karma extended-range electric luxury sport sedan into the middle of next year. Every carmaker ramps up production on a new vehicle slowly.

2011 93

2013 Fisker Surf Station Wagon: Teaser Video Copies Tesla

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So when the Fisker Automotive, the electric automaker known for using a model in swim-suit and high-heels to sell is 2012 Karma Sedan, announced its 2013 Fisker Surf Extended-range Station Wagon at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show In the automotive world nothing puts a new car in the spotlight faster than a well-edited, cleverly produced commercial.

Karma 80

Whatever happened to Fisker Automotive? The Green Piece.

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American automaker Fisker burst on to the scene several years ago with its first product, the Fisker Karma, expected to be among the world’s first true electric cars with extended range. Fisker The Green Piece Frankfurt Motor Show KarmaSeptember 6, 2011. The Green Piece Column. However, four years after the company was founded the vehicle still wasn’t widely available to consumers prompting [.].

2012 Fisker Karma Plug-In Is Real, But Will Company Survive?

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After four years, an economic crisis, an industry meltdown, and plug-in cars becoming politically problematic, the 2012 Fisker Karma is on the streets at last. We're still sorting out what we think about the Karma, an extended-range electric And it's a real car. We've driven it, shot video behind the wheel, and now we've formally reviewed it.

2012 108

Fisker Karma PHEV to Make Driving Debut at Monterey Races

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The Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) ( earlier post ) will make its public driving debut during the Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races on 15 August, 19 months after being unveiled as a concept car. The Fisker Karma will also be on display at Concorso Italiano on 14 August, alongside the Karma Sunset hardtop convertible concept. The Fisker Karma PHEV is an extended range electric vehicle.

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Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. supplying catalysts to Fisker for Karma; tackling the cold-start problem

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Clean Diesel commenced catalyst shipments to Fisker in the first quarter ended 31 March 2011. This is a new developing market for Clean Diesel; we are proud that Fisker has chosen us as the exclusive catalyst supplier for the highly innovative Karma, a vehicle we believe will set new standards for environmental sustainability and accountability. CDTI is supplying its materials science expertise and Fisker is handling the ECU side, Call said. Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.

2011 181

Fisker Automotive Lands Former Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda

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Some would say that that the most difficult days for Fisker are behind it. After all, the company has managed to successfully design, test and launch its extended-range electric sedan, the Karma, and it’s already shown its second vehicle, the Surf station wagon. It’s even well on its way towards producing the more affordable

2011 85

2011 Fisker Karma Production Begins In Finland, U.S. Deliveries In April

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Fisker's Karma extended-range EV entered production at Valmet's plant in Finland today. The best-looking (for now, anyway) electric-powered vehicle on the market is finally, well, on the market--or nearly so. deliveries of the car are expected to begin next month. That jibes surprisingly well with the information leaked from a dealer meeting

2011 101

Fisker’s first factory-built Karma makes US debut

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Another exciting debut set for Los Angeles next week is the first-factory built Fisker Karma, which makes its very first public appearance in the US. Designed and engineered by Southern California automaker Fisker Automotive, the four-door Karma is claimed to be the ‘first electric vehicle with extended range’. Electric cars California electric Fisker Karma Los Angeles Auto Show range-extended U.S

Karma 40

Fisker Karma to make public debut

Green Cars News

It is one of the most exciting and innovative green car concepts around and now the Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid will make its public driving debut. The Fisker Karma is an extended range electric vehicle that seats four and can travel for 50 miles on electric charge only, if its lithium-ion battery is fully charged. Its total range is 300 miles thanks to an on-board generator turned by the traditional 2.0l

Karma 34

Fisker Recruits First US Dealers for PHEVs; Appoints First Distributors for Europe

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Fisker Automotive has appointed its first group of 32 US retailers to market and service its luxury plug-in hybrid vehicles, beginning with the $87,900 Karma sedan later this year. Fisker Board member Vic Doolan has been instrumental in guiding development of the company’s retail network. Fisker showrooms will reflect the company’s concern for the environment and their vehicles’ low-emission capabilities. All Fisker retailers are well-established; many are family-owned.

2009 150