DENSO and IBIDEN to collaborate on next-generation vehicle exhaust systems and vehicle electrification

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form ed a capital and business alliance jointly to develop next-generation vehicle exhaust systems. This collaboration will combine IBIDEN’s advantages in high-performance ceramic materials with DENSO’s advantages in developing products as systems to develop high-performance, simple and low-cost vehicle exhaust systems. DENSO has developed and provided systems components to better control the intake, power, and exhaust events in the operating cycle of gasoline and diesel engines.

Study identifies combustion-derived nanoparticles in diesel exhaust as the predominant mediator for adverse cardiovascular events

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A large body of work shows that exposure to road traffic and air pollution may be a trigger of adverse cardiovascular events such as angina, myocardial infarction, and heart failure, with long-term exposure increasing the lifetime risk of death from coronary heart disease. The research by the University of Edinburgh measured the impact of diesel exhaust fumes on healthy volunteers at levels that would be found in heavily polluted cities.

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Researchers show mechanism by which diesel exhaust particles trigger respiratory “flare-ups”

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Researchers at Imperial College London, working with colleagues from King’s College London and University of British Columbia, have demonstrated a mechanism by which diesel exhaust particles directly affect the lungs to initiate symptoms such as a tightening of the airways and cough. The researchers found that when the tissue had been exposed to PAHs, sensory nerves responsible for the reflex events and initiating common respiratory symptoms, such as coughing and wheezing, were stimulated.

FEV working on water injection system using exhaust condensate; fuel consumption improvements up to 16% possible

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FEV is developing a water injection system for internal combustion engines using condensate from exhaust gases, the “Extended Direct Condensate Injection” system. FEV’s system concept offers potential synergies which can be further enabled by exhaust heat recovery.

Neste Oil’s renewable diesel used to generate elecricity at two events in Finland

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Neste Oil’s NEXBTL renewable diesel was used to generate electricity at two major events in Finland this summer: the Flow Festival in Helsinki and the Neste Oil Rally Helsinki Battle street circuit race. When used to power on-site generator sets, the premium quality of the fuel and its purity cut exhaust emissions and eliminate the odor associated with conventional diesel.

Federal-Mogul Powertrain cuts engine valve development time using new simulation model

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In the design of intake and exhaust valves for combustion engines, especially those with a high degree of forced induction by supercharging or turbocharging, particular attention is paid to the loading conditions during valve closing.

Aeristech develops advanced 12V electric supercharger

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The 48V eSupercharger has completed more than 1600 hours of back-to-back testing at Aeristech’s in-house facility, undergoing more than 500,000 boost events during 28,000 test cycles of a wide selection of operating modes.

CPT showcases full range of 48V systems at Aachen

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Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) is showcasing its range of 48V systems at the Aachen Colloquium this week: its Cobra electric compressor, SpeedStart belt-integrated starter-generator, SpeedTorq drivetrain motor-generator, and TIGERS exhaust energy recovery system. CPT’s switched-reluctance motor-generator units can be applied throughout the powertrain for torque assist and kinetic energy recovery, as well as recovering energy from exhaust gases.

2016 28

Toyota Central R&D developing free-piston engine linear generator; envisioning multi-FPEG units for electric drive vehicles

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In the latter approach, the gas spring chamber is responsible for returning the piston for the subsequent combustion event. Poppet valves seated in a water-cooled cylinder head were actuated by hydraulic valve trains to control exhaust valve timing.

DARPA awards LiquidPiston $2.5M to advance further X4 rotary engine prototype

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This is done by changing the locations of intake and exhaust ports asymmetrically which allows for the extraction of more energy during the expansion stroke. Three combustion events per rotor revolution result in high power density.

2016 46

How to Stay Optimistic During Your Job Search

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In the event you do catch the common cold, the duration of the cold is significantly reduced because of your activity level. Attend meetups: Go to events like 1 Million Cups if you’re looking to get a job in a startup. It’s easy to be discouraged when searching for a new job.

Shipboard Technology for Scrubbing CO2 and Criteria Pollutants from Exhaust Gas

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The Ecospec CSNOx launch event in January was co-hosted by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), a leading ship classification society. It then sprays the treated sea-water into the exhaust funnel, where CO 2 is converted into bicarbonates, SO 2 into sulfates and NO x into nitrates through natural chemical processes.

ICCT-led test of 73 Euro 6 diesels finds large difference in NOx results under NEDC and more realistic WLTC

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The three main NOx control technologies currently on the market are exhaust gas recirculation (EGR); lean-burn NO x traps (LNT); and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The stored NO x is periodically reduced during short periods of fuel-rich operation (LNT regeneration events).

BMW unveils latest Efficient Dynamics 3- and 4-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines

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At its Innovation Days 2016 event in Munich, BMW unveiled new versions of its three and four- cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. The exhaust manifold and turbocharger are now housed together in the cylinder head.

2016 24

Achates Power opposed-piston diesel for TARDEC will demonstrate multi-cylinder configuration

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Since the pistons cyclically expose or occlude the exhaust and intake ports, there is no valve train. Because the intake and exhaust ports are at the opposite ends of the cylinder, opposed-piston engines have efficient, uniflow scavenging.

2013 28

Motiv Engines introduces 2nd-generation split-cycle concept; MkII Clarke-Brayton heavy-duty engine being designed for LNG

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It expands all the way to ambient pressure before the exhaust stroke. The power is produced in almost a 50-50 split between the combustion (central) and exhaust (largest) pistons. Section of the MkII Clarke-Brayton split-cycle engine. Note the three different cylinder sizes.

Continental showcases “Super Clean Electrified” connected, optimized 48V mild hybrid diesel; post-Eu6d

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In this way a minute amount of fuel can be injected into the cylinder after the combustion event. The aqueous urea solution (AdBlue) used for SCR catalysis is injected into the exhaust stream immediately downstream of the heated catalyst.

2017 23

KSPG shows new compact two-cylinder range extender for EVs, variable valve system

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UniValve is a mechanical system for the simultaneous and continuous adjustment of valve lift and opening event. In order to reap the advantages of very early closure, the opening event must therefore be as short as possible. The KSPG-FEV two-cylinder range extender. Click to enlarge.

2012 33

Achates Power building 2.7L opposed-piston light-duty engine; exceeding CAFE 2025, Tier 3 targets at lower cost

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The opposed-piston two-strok (OP2S) engine has a combustion event at every revolution in each cylinder. Achates has demonstrated the ability to achieve exceptionally high exhaust gas temperatures at idle—much beyond what can be done with equivalent 4-stroke engines.

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ORNL-led team developing breakthrough high-temperature, high-strength Al alloy for advanced light-duty engines

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Projected conditions for internal combustion engines in 2025 push light-duty engine exhaust temperatures into the low end of gas turbine regimes, Haynes said. The increasing piston, cylinder, head, exhaust valve and turbocharger temperatures represent significant structural materials—and cost—challenges. Materials for exhaust and energy recovery.

2016 16

Saudi Aramco team finds dual-fuel Octane-on-Demand concept can outperform E30 gasoline

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A Lotus Active Valve Train electro–hydraulic system controlled the intake and exhaust camshaft timing.

Ford introduces second-generation 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Diesel for F-Series Super Duty; Gen 1 hits 500,000 mark

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The advanced design places the exhaust inside the engine’s V-shape while the air intake is positioned on the outside of the V. millimeters from 64 millimeters, so exhaust gases have a larger surface area to spin the turbo, providing extra power.

2013 17

Opel to begin publishing WLTP fuel consumption numbers in Q2 2016; improving SCR for NOx reductions

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The events and discussions in the last weeks and months have shown that there is a tremendous focus on the automotive industry and it is now time to act based on the learnings.

2016 53

Advanced ADEPT 48V affordable mild hybrid on path to meet future ultra-low vehicle emissions

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The final results will be presented at the UK’s LCV2016 event on 14-15 September. Further energy recovery is achieved from CPT’s exhaust-mounted 48V turbine integrated exhaust gas energy recovery system known as TIGERS.

Opinion: Enablers of disruption in transportation

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by Mike Millikin, editor, Green Car Congress. This post is part of the ‘Think Further’ series sponsored by Fred Alger Management. For more “Think Further” content, please visit”.

ICCT study finds real-world NOx emissions from Euro 6 diesels ~7x higher than Euro 6 regulatory levels

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going up a slight incline), or to normal regeneration events in the diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems.

2014 20

Mercedes-Benz to showcase pre-production version of coming GLC F-Cell fuel cell PHEV at IAA

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The only exhaust gas emitted was water vapor—1800 tonnes of it in all. The GLC F‑CELL received its aerodynamic finishing touches in the wind tunnels in the Mercedes-Benz Technology Center in Sindelfingen: Even the most extreme weather events can be moved indoors here.

2017 12

Nissan introduces the e-NV2000 electric van

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The battery module is set low in the vehicle under the load floor and is mounted in a reinforced zone for extra safety protection in the event of an impact. e-NV200. Click to enlarge.

NVIDIA outlines functional safety architecture for NVIDIA DRIVE autonomous vehicle platform

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At CES, NVIDIA outlined its functional safety architecture for NVIDIA DRIVE, its AI autonomous vehicle platform, which uses redundant and diverse functions to enable vehicles to operate safely, even in the event of faults related to the operator, environment or systems. Road testing is not sufficiently controllable, repeatable, exhaustive or fast, so a realistic simulation environment is essential.

ICL study of 39 new Euro-6 diesels finds huge variability in NOx emissions with an average 4.5x the type approval limit

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They attributed the increase in urban cycle NO x emissions in part to more frequent acceleration events.

2016 19

Pasha, Port of LA and California ARB partner on $26.6M Green Omni Terminal demo project; emerging zero and near-zero emission tech

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With the goal of making the Pasha terminal a more sustainable and resilient facility that can operate independently off the grid in the event of a power loss, the project also features a microgrid that includes solar generation, battery storage and an energy management system to maximize usage. Pasha Stevedoring and Terminals L.P.

2016 18

CPT invests £1M to industrialize switched-reluctance 48V mild hybrid technology; new durability test cells

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Seven years ago we defined a challenging durability cycle for a water-cooled electric machine operating in the harsh under-bonnet environment, combining the most damaging events experienced by both a starter motor and an alternator at 12V. UK-based Controlled Power Technologies , a developer of vehicle driveline electrification technology, has invested £1 million (US$1.4

2016 20

CPT, TU Wien study finds 48V mild diesel hybrid cuts engine-out NOx 9%, 4.5% fuel economy improvement

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The cost effectiveness of this approach is further underscored by its impact on lean NO x trap (LNT) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment systems, which have less raw NOx emissions to process, potentially allowing for a reduction in exhaust system cost and complexity, and a longer service life. Diesel exhaust systems can also include a diesel particulate filter (DPF), which may also require less frequent purging.

Volkswagen selects Corning DuraTrap filter for 1.6L diesels on MQB platform

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Designed to capture diesel engine soot particles while minimizing restrictions to exhaust flow, the DuraTrap AT LP 300/10 filter features thinner cell walls and an optimized material microstructure to enable better engine performance and fuel consumption. Corning diesel particulate filters are used in emission control systems to remove particulate matter (soot) from vehicle exhaust.

Honda signs E-KIZUNA project agreement with City of Saitama for EV, PHEV and electric scooter testing; new household gas cogen unit with more efficient EXlink engine

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Honda will also be exploring the system’s potential to independently produce electricity for the household in the event of a disaster. An enhanced lower engine mount structure and other design enhancements help reduce pulsation and air channel noise in the intake and exhaust systems.

2011 14

Renault Trucks’ Optifuel Lab 2 lab vehicle integrates technologies for more efficient big rigs; road test results coming in 2015

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We then multiplied the sources of electrical energy for power units by adding solar panels and installing an exhaust gas heat energy recovery system based on the Rankine cycle. Renault Trucks has developed a system to recover the waste heat contained in exhaust gases.

2014 12

Renault Energy’s Sport F1 hybrid Power Unit; competing with intelligent energy management, not just power

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The internal combustion engine will produce power through consumption of traditional carbon-based fuel, while electrical energy will be harvested from both exhaust and braking by two discrete motor generator units. Exploded view of the parts of the power unit: 1.6l

2014 12

New 4-cylinder 2.3L EcoBoost on Lincoln MKC small SUV; future EcoBoost prospects

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Two pivotal factors are the three-port integrated exhaust manifold cylinder head and a twin-scroll turbocharger. The three-port IEM design is the key driver for performance because it improves airflow and optimizes exhaust energy pulses through the turbocharger.

FEV analysis of automotive-scale Pinnacle opposed-piston engine finds potential for significant increases in fuel economy

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FEV added two additional cylinders, piping, exhaust aftertreatment, and an air cleaner to convert the model from a 250cc single cylinder into a 750 cc three cylinder engine. Variable cam timing maintains the lift and duration profile of the cam, but changes the timing of the events to earlier or later. FEV explored addition of VCT for both the intake and exhaust cams, and for intake only. less than with the exhaust cam also phased.

2013 18

New Audi R18 e-tron quattro LMP1 racer integrates two hybrid systems, kinetic and thermal

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As before, during braking events at the front axle a Motor-Generator-Unit (MGU) recovers kinetic energy flows into a flywheel energy storage system. Use of the exhaust gas in the area of the rear diffusor, as in the case of the 2013-generation Audi R18 e-tron quattro, is now prohibited.

2013 20