We Are ALL Tongan

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The idyllic island kingdom of Tonga. My friend Elizabeth is from the South Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga, an exotic locale long fixed in my memory with images of Polynesian paradise. Tonga has sadly been in the news lately after an inter-island ferry sank on August 5 drowning over 70 people. But surprisingly, a subject Elizabeth didn’t know a lot about is Tonga’s frontline role as a victim of the climate change crisis.

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DeepGreen lifecycle analysis argues for sourcing EV battery materials from deep-sea polymetallic nodules

Green Car Congress

Polymetallic nodules are hard, compact lumps of matter formed through precipitation and interactions of water contained in seafloor sediments (pore waters) and more oxidized seawaters. Reinjection of deep seawater used for vertical transport in the mid-water column.

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