Study links air pollution to increased emergency department visits for heart and lung disease

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The study is published in the journal Environment International. cities including Atlanta, GA; Birmingham, AL; Dallas, TX; Pittsburgh, PA; St. Louis, MO. Louis.

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Labour's £5,000 sweetener to launch electric car revolution | Environment | The Guardian

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Joule says it has improved the photosynthetic efficiency of its engineered cyanobacteria by nearly 100%

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At the 2014 Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology (SIMB) Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, Joule reported that its has improved the overall photosynthetic efficiency of its engineered cyanobacteria by nearly 100%, and estimates a maximum 14% energy conversion efficiency in its biomass-to-fuels process. These conditions prevent the optimal use of CO 2 and light, and cannot be regulated in open outdoor environments, Joule noted.

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WUSTL study finds use of air conditioning reduces in-car pollution

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Their paper is published in Atmospheric Environment. A driver may be able to control their commuting exposures by being cognizant of their pollutant environment and applying dynamic behavior modification to adapt to changing scenarios. Louis.

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Study: no one knows which city has the highest concentration of PM2.5

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In an open-access paper recently published in Atmospheric Environment: X , an international team of researchers outline the extent of the gap between what researchers know and don’t know about on-the-ground levels of fine particulate matter. Chemical Engineering in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis and lead author. Exposure to ambient PM 2.5

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8 Toyota manufacturing facilities recognized by US EPA for reduction in energy intensity

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TEMA) received its eighth consecutive ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award for its continued leadership in protecting the environment through energy efficiency and management. and St. Louis, Mo.); The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized eight Toyota manufacturing sites in North America for achieving a 10% reduction in energy intensity through its ENERGY STAR Challenge For Industry program.

DOE awarding >$24M to 77 projects through Technology Commercialization Fund

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Advanced Flow Meter for Extreme Environments (AFMEE), $100,000 MicroNuclear LLC, Franklin, Tenn. Commercializing 3D Printable Feedstocks for the Advanced Manufacturing of Energy Products, $300,000 MilliporeSigma, St. Louis , Mo. Autonomous Benthic Macroinvertebrate and Larval Fish Imaging and Identification System, $150,000 OceanSpace LLC, St.

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$12+M awarded to 4 projects seeking to design crops with ability to fix their own nitrogen; no artificial fertilizers

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However, there is only one recorded sighting of this bacterium, which grows in toxic environments. However, the lost bacterium has a unique nitrogenase that could fix nitrogen in oxygen-rich environments, eliminating the requirement for oxygen limitation. Researchers led by Washington University in St. Louis biologist Himadri B. Pakrasi, Tae Seok Moon and Fuzhong Zhang, Washington University in St. Louis; and Costas D.

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ARPA-E awards $43M to 19 energy storage projects to advance electric vehicle and grid technologies

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environment of a lithium-ion battery in real-time. in St. Louis. Washington University in St. Louis will develop a predictive. modeling of the battery’s internal environment. The US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has selected 19 new projects to receive a total of $43 million to develop breakthrough energy storage technologies and support promising small businesses.

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USDOT awarding $55M to support purchase of Low-No buses; electric buses and infrastructure

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Project partners are Oahu Transit Services, Gillig, Hawaiian Electric Company and the Center for Transportation and the Environment. St Louis Metro Transit will receive funds to replace older model diesel buses with battery electric city transit buses in the St Louis region. The goal is to integrate battery electric buses on specific high profile routes in the St Louis downtown and metropolitan area.

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EPA awards $8M in FY2014 clean diesel grants in 21 states, Puerto Rico

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Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is retrofitting 36 school buses with technologies to cut soot and reduce idling. Louis Clean Cities is replacing six school busses. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded $8 million to communities in 21 states and Puerto Rico to reduce emissions from the nation’s existing fleet of diesel engines through the agency’s Diesel Emission Reduction Act ( DERA ) program.

ARPA-E awards $37M for IONICS projects; improving solid-state batteries and fuel cells

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Washington University in St. Louis. The Washington University in St. Louis team will use readily available and inexpensive commercial polymers to create a membrane for use in redox flow batteries. The use of hydrocarbons instead of fluorine in the polymer backbone is expected to improve chemical stability in an alkaline environment and will reduce cost.

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Association of Independent Plant Research Institutes (AIPI) forms with focus on renewable energy, ecosystem services and sustainable agriculture

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Scientific leaders from the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research (Cornell University); The Carnegie Institution for Science;, the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (St. Louis, Mo.); Coordinated deployment of the member institution’s expertise will lead to a deeper understanding of how plants react to the environment and other organisms, and how they acquire and use nutrients, as well as revealing the genetic potential within plants.

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Rent A Hybrid. Links To Green Rentals.

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Spring break and summer vacations are closer than you think, and many families making travel plans now are looking for ways to make their trips a little easier on the environment. Louis, MO | Tampa, FL | Washington, DC.

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DOE awards $100M in 2nd funding round for 32 Energy Frontier Research Centers

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The centers selected for the second round of funding will help lay the scientific groundwork for fundamental advances in solar energy, electrical energy storage, carbon capture and sequestration, materials and chemistry by design, biosciences, and extreme environments. Washington University, St. Louis. Develop a fundamental understanding of energy dissipation mechanisms to control defect evolution in structural alloys in a radiation environment.

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Full genome map of oil palm indicates a way to raise yields and protect rainforest; single gene controls oil palm yield

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The discovery, the product of a multiyear effort to provide a high-quality full genome map of the oil palm plant and to scour the sequence for genes of importance to both science and industry, has major implications for agriculture and the environment. The discovery was made by researchers at the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), an agency of the Malaysian federal government, in conjunction with scientists at St. Louis-based Orion Genomics.

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President Obama Announces 48 Projects to Receive $2.4B in Grants for Next-Generation of Batteries and Electric Vehicles; To be Combined with $2.4B in Industry Cost-Share

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Expanding established propulsion systems into a volume manufacturing environment. Manufacturing: Warren, MI and St. Louis, MO; Deployment: 11 partner fleets. Rolla, MO Warrensburg, MO Linn, MO St. Louis, MO Kansas City, MO Lee’s Summit, MO. Louis Science Center; Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation (SEV-US); Kokam America Inc. President Obama announced 48 new advanced battery and electric drive projects that will receive $2.4

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APRA-E awards WUSTL $2M to develop predictive battery management system for plug-in vehicles; targeting more efficient use

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A team of engineers at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) will receive $2 million from the US Department of Energy’s ARPA-E to design a predictive battery management system for lithium-ion batteries to guarantee their longevity, safety and performance. The School of Engineering & Applied Science is providing $1.2 million in matching funds, for a total project investment of $3.2 million.

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USDA and DOE award $12.2M to 10 research projects to accelerate bioenergy crop production and spur economic impact

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Overall, the USDA and DOE projects are designed to improve special crops to be grown for biofuels—including selected trees and grasses—by increasing their yield, quality and ability to adapt to extreme environments. Mockler, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, St. Louis. Plant growth and development, including biomass accumulation, are affected by the light environment.

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US DOE Awards $300 Million in Clean Cities Grants to Support Alternative Fuels, Vehicles, and Infrastructure Development

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City of Chicago, Department of Environment’s Chicago Area Alternative Fuels Deployment Project. The project will result in the development of approximately 184 liquid propane Autogas refueling stations in the following major metropolitan areas: Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Denver, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Seattle, Orlando, San Diego, St. Geographical distribution of Clean Cities Recovery Act awards. Click to enlarge.

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DOE Awards $377 Million in Funding for 46 Energy Frontier Research Centers

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The mission of the EFRCs is to accelerate the rate of scientific breakthroughs needed to create advanced energy technologies for the 21 st century. Washington University, St. Louis. Extreme Environment- Tolerant Materials via Atomic Scale Design of Interfaces. $19. Enhance our fundamental understanding of defects, defect interactions, and defect dynamics that determine the performance of structural alloys in extreme radiation environments.

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