Wärtsilä & PSA Marine complete initial sea trials for autonomous Intellitug

Green Car Congress

Joint project between Wärtsilä and PSA Marine sees first commercial Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (MASS) trialled in Port of Singapore waters. The technology group Wärtsilä and PSA Marine have successfully completed initial sea trials for the “IntelliTug” project.

2020 232

€12M Current Direct project seeks to support marine electrification with swappable containerized battery system

Green Car Congress

The overarching aim of the Current Direct project is to develop and demonstrate an innovative interchangeable waterborne transport battery system and Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) Platform in an operational environment at the Port of Rotterdam at TRL7 that facilitates fast charging of vessels, fleet optimization and novel business models. trigger investments for innovation, job and knowledge creation in the European marine transport and battery sector.


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Wärtsilä and PSA Marine collaborate on clean energy shipping

Green Car Congress

The technology group Wärtsilä and Singapore-based PSA Marine will collaborate in the co-creation of smart technologies for the marine sector. With one dual-fuel harbor tug running on LNG already in service, and another joining the PSA Marine fleet by the end of this year, PSA Marine and Wärtsilä have pledged to design and develop more solutions for smart and low-emissions harbor craft. —Peter Chew, Managing Director of PSA Marine.

IMO Environment Committee approves draft mandatory regulations to cut ship carbon intensity; technical and operational

Green Car Congress

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) has approved draft new mandatory regulations to cut the carbon intensity of existing ships. Climate Change Emissions Ports and Marine RegulationsThis builds on current mandatory energy efficiency requirements to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping.

2020 175

Toshiba’s SCiB Li-ion battery system Japan’s first recognized compliant with ClassNK guidline for marine vessels

Green Car Congress

At a time when pollution regulations are increasingly focused on the emissions ships generate, the SCiB will contribute to the protection of the marine and global environments. Batteries Ports and Marine

2020 273

Euro Parliament Environment Committee votes to include shipping CO2 in EU ETS; shipping industry to contribute to climate neutrality

Green Car Congress

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament voted to include CO 2 emissions from the maritime sector in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS). In the legislative report approved (62 votes to 3 and 13 abstentions), the EP Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee welcomed the proposal but wanted to see more ambition and voted to include ships of 5000 gross tonnage and above in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).

2020 210

MultiSchIBZ consortium developing SOFC APU for marine use

Green Car Congress

A consortium led by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH is developing a solid-oxide fuel cell system as an alternative power generation on ships. A further advantage is the almost noiseless operation which makes them fit more easily into the environment. Compared with conventional propulsion systems using marine diesel as fuel, this is expected to reduce emissions by 99% for NO x and particulate matter and by more than 25% for carbon dioxide.

Fujitsu verifies AI technology for predicting vessel collision risks in marine traffic control

Green Car Congress

The trial in Japan marine traffic control was conducted from December 2019 to March 2020 at the Tokyo Wan Vessel Traffic Service Center, which offers navigation support services, under an outsourcing contract with the Japan Coast Guard. AI Ports and Marine Safety

2020 209

Study finds marine workboat engines staying in service two times longer than estimated by EPA; emissions reduction implications

Green Car Congress

DTF and EDF’s new report, “ Impact of Updated Service Life Estimates on Harbor Craft and Switcher Locomotive Emission Forecasts and Cost-Effectiveness ”, completed by Ramboll Environ, found the average Category 2 workboat remains in service for 50 years, instead of the 23-year lifespan estimated by the EPA in the 2008 Heavy Duty Locomotive and Marine Rule. States can use funds from Volkswagen’s $2.9-billion environmental mitigation trust for marine repower projects.

2019 195

Siemens targeting Li-ion energy storage for marine and offshore oil and gas applications; 6MW system to West Mira rig

Green Car Congress

As part of a strategy to continue providing low-emissions solutions for harsh offshore operating environments, Siemens has opened a fully robotized and digitalized plant in Norway that will develop and manufacture energy storage technologies for both marine and offshore oil and gas applications. Eventually, the plant will assemble 55 battery modules per shift for the marine and offshore market. Batteries Oil Ports and Marine

2019 207

Toyota, TRI-AD, and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance ally to develop advanced automated driving technology

Green Car Congress

TRI-AD), and Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Specifically, Toyota and TRI-AD will recreate actual traffic accident conditions or dangerous conditions that contribute to accidents in their automated driving simulation environment based on data provided by Tokio Marine & Nichido. Tokio Marine & Nichido will seek to develop an advance claims system to enhance swift claims payment in the future, using data provided by automated driving vehicles.

2018 224

Creative Greenius and the Marine Exchange Transformation

Creative Greenius

environment renewable energy solar power Creative Greenius EcoAd EcoMedia EducationAd Joe Galliani Marine Exchange Paul Polizzotto Port of Los Angeles WellnessAd wind powerFor those of you wondering what your friendly neighborhood Greenius does when he’s not blogging or hanging out with 999 other climate activists at Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps training , the answer is he works for a living.

BP Pledges $500M for Independent Research into Impact of Deepwater Horizon Spill on Marine Environment

Green Car Congress

BP pledged up to $500 million to an open research program studying the impact of the Deepwater Horizon incident, and its associated response, on the marine and shoreline environment of the Gulf of Mexico. BP already has ongoing marine research programs in the Gulf of Mexico. On 21 May, Rep. Edward J.

2010 196

Creative Greenius and the Marine Exchange Transformation

Creative Greenius

environment renewable energy solar power Creative Greenius EcoAd EcoMedia EducationAd Joe Galliani Marine Exchange Paul Polizzotto Port of Los Angeles WellnessAd wind powerFor those of you wondering what your friendly neighborhood Greenius does when he’s not blogging or hanging out with 999 other climate activists at Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps training , the answer is he works for a living.

Mærsk Group exploring use of lignin-based marine biofuels; CyclOx and B21st

Green Car Congress

Mærsk Group is currently involved in two projects focused on realizing the marine fuel potential of one of the world’s most abundant and sustainable biomass resources: lignin. Lignin already has a variety of industrial uses because of its chemical characteristics, energy content and its abundance; yet its potential as a marine diesel fuel is a relatively uncharted area, says Peter Normark Sørensen, with Mærsk Oil Trading, the Mærsk Group’s oil buying arm.

PowerCell Sweden receives first marine order for two S3 prototype stacks; on-board H2 production via solar electricity

Green Car Congress

PowerCell Sweden AB has received the first marine order for two PowerCell S3 prototype stacks, which Swiss Hydrogen will install on a ship powered by photovoltaics. The current order placed by Swiss Hydrogen at PowerCell comprises two PowerCell S3 prototypes that will be part of a system that is developed and adjusted to the marine environment. PowerCell has, in the past, had many requests concerning marine applications.

2016 204

Consortium proposes large-scale industrial cultivation of marine microalgae (ICCM) as solution to global energy, food, and climate issues

Green Car Congress

Members of the Marine Algae Industrialization Consortium (MAGIC), led by Duke University in North Carolina, have published an open-access paper in the journal Oceanography presenting the large-scale industrial cultivation of marine microalgae (ICMM) as an answer to pressing global energy, food and climate security issues. Many arid environments in the world’s subtropical coastal regions provide an ideal setting for large-scale cultivation of marine microalgae.

2016 234

DOE awards $10.5M for next-generation marine energy systems

Green Car Congress

million to support the design and operation of innovative marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) systems through survivability and reliability-related improvements. Projects funded under these awards will improve the survivability characteristics and reduce uncertainty regarding installation, operations, and maintenance of MHK systems operating in potentially harsh marine conditions, thus extending their lifespans and ultimately leading to a reduction in the cost of MHK-derived energy.

2015 150

7% Green Fuels by 2030 would Decarbonize EU Shipping Mid-Century – Study

EV Obssesion

Modeling by Transport & Environment (T&E) points to a clear path which involves modest deployments of e-fuels combined with efficiency measures such as wind-assist and speed optimization.

Wind 76

U Hawaii team studies characteristics and stability of drop-in NERF biofuel replacements for NATO marine diesel

Green Car Congress

The US Navy is … interested in alternative fuels for blending with marine diesel NATO F-76 in order to decrease reliance on fossil resources and increase energy security. In addition, the shipboard environment and mixed fuel-seawater ballasting practices on Navy ships present unique challenges for preserving fuel quality. Turn (2018) “Characteristics and stability of biofuels used as drop-in replacement for NATO marine diesel,” Fuel , Volume 236, Pages 516-524, doi: 10.1016/j.fuel.2018.09.042.

2018 186

Yanmar conducts field demonstration test for maritime hydrogen fuel cell system

Green Car Congress

With marine environmental regulations tightening worldwide, in December last year the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry formulated its “Green Growth Strategy towards 2050 Carbon Neutrality”. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Ports and MarineYanmar Holdings Co.,

Samsung Heavy Industries and Bloom Energy sign joint development agreement for SOFC-powered ships

Green Car Congress

The two companies will work together to realize their vision of clean power for ships and a more sustainable marine shipping industry. Fuel Cells Fuels Hydrogen Ports and Marine

2020 361

USC study shows promising potential for giant-kelp-based biofuel with depth-cycling approach

Green Car Congress

Marine BioEnergy invented the concept of depth-cycling the kelp, and USC Wrigley scientists conducted the biological and oceanographic trial. Prior to the experiment, it was unclear whether kelp could effectively absorb the nutrients in the deep, cold and dark environment.

Utah 328

Study: marine cyanobacteria produce 100s of millions of tonnes of hydrocarbons annually

Green Car Congress

An international team of researchers, led by the University of Cambridge, has estimated that photosynthetic marine cyanobacteria annually produce hundreds of millions of tonnes of hydrocarbons in the oceans. The widespread distribution of cyanobacteria and hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial environments suggests the hydrocarbon cycle is pervasive in many natural ecosystems.

2015 192

US Maritime Administration to fund projects on reducing emissions from marine vessels, study on LNG bunkering

Green Car Congress

The US Maritime Administration ( MARAD ) Office of the Environment has issued two funding opportunities; the first ( DTMA-91-R-2013-0020 ) will award up to an estimated $900,000 for up to 2 projects that demonstrate criteria pollutant emissions of carbon emissions reductions from marine vessels through repowering, re-engining, or using alternative fuel/energy. Of particular interest to MARAD is the use of natural gas (LNG or CNG) as a marine propulsion fuel.

Navy and Marine Corps to lease 205 new EVs for use at California installations; largest integration of EVs in federal government

Green Car Congress

The California Energy Commission and the Department of the Navy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formalizing a partnership that supports Navy and Marine Corps installation efforts to develop alternative energy resources and increase energy security and reliability. Following the MOU signing, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment Dennis V.

2016 278

Successful trial of seabed polymetallic nodule collector suffers temporary stranding of robot on ocean floor

Green Car Congress

GSR acknowledges that before deep seabed mining occurs at a commercial scale, it needs to be clearly demonstrated that such activities can be managed in a way that ensures the effective protection of the marine environment. Batteries Materials Mining Ports and Marine Robotics

Hawaii 305

Toyota REXH2 fuel cell module successfully tested on boat over more than 7,000 nautical miles, including trans-Atlantic crossings

Green Car Congress

The R&D carried out by the EODev and Toyota teams has made it possible to perfectly adapt the technology to the challenging conditions of the marine environment. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Ports and Marine

2020 390

ARPA-E to award $22M to 18 projects to accelerate production of macroalgae for energy and other uses; MARINER

Green Car Congress

The Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) will award $22 million in funding to 18 projects as part of the Macroalgae Research Inspiring Novel Energy Resources (MARINER) program. MARINER projects are to develop the tools to enable the United States to become a leading producer of macroalgae (seaweed). Category I MARINER projects. All subsystems are intended to be deployed in Hawaii’s offshore environment to validate field performance.

2017 150

Toyota moves closer to production with next-generation fuel cell technology for heavy-duty trucks; new Mirai system

Green Car Congress

Fleets Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen Ports and MarineToyota’s next generation fuel cell electric technology is now powering a new set of Class 8 heavy-duty trucks.

2020 419

KAUST team devises electrically-driven membrane process for seawater lithium mining

Green Car Congress

Zhen Li, Chunyang Li, Xiao-Wei Liu, Li Cao, Peipei Li, Ruicong Wei, Xiang Li, Dong Guo, Kuo-Wei Huang and Zhiping Lai (2021) “Continuous Electrical Pumping Membrane Process for Seawater Lithium Mining” Energy Environ. Batteries Materials Mining Ports and Marine Water

Water 343

California Air Resources Board To Award Up to $1M for Hybridization of Existing Marine Vessel

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is soliciting a project for the hybridization of an existing marine vessel for an award of up to $1,000,000. Public agencies such as air districts, ports, federal, state, or local government entities or agencies with expertise implementing demonstration programs and the requisite knowledge of marine vessel operations may apply via this solicitation to become the demonstration project grantee.

US DOE Awards $37 Million for Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Technology Development

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has selected 27 projects for more than $37 million in funding to accelerate the technological and commercial readiness of emerging marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) technologies, which seek to generate renewable electricity from oceans and free-flowing rivers and streams. The Department of Energy will leverage private sector investments in marine and hydrokinetic energy technologies by providing cost-shared funding to industry and industry-led partnerships.

Ballard signs MOU with Global Energy Ventures for development of fuel-cell-powered hydrogen carrier C-H2

Green Car Congress

In January, GEV and Pacific Hydro Australia Developments Pty Ltd (Pacific Hydro) have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore opportunities regarding the production, storage, loading, ground and marine transportation of green hydrogen produced by Pacific Hydro’s Ord Hydrogen Project.

ARPA-E awards $2.1M to Marine BioEnergy for open ocean farming of kelp for hydrocarbon biofuels

Green Car Congress

Marine BioEnergy, Inc. Oil tankers can be filled with high-value biocrude at the harvesting sites in the open ocean, making the whole process carbon-neutral in the global environment. Marine BioEnergy’s program was one of the 41 selected by ARPA-E for a total of $125 million in funding under the OPEN 2015 solicitation. was awarded $2.1

2015 163

Federal-Mogul marine piston ring technology reduces oil consumption and pollution from two-stroke diesels

Green Car Congress

Federal-Mogul Powertrain, a division of Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation, has developed a new piston ring for two-stroke diesel engines that reduces oil consumption and marine pollution by allowing the quantity of lubricant used to be greatly reduced. In over 8000 hours of testing, we have seen improved wear resistance while reducing oil consumption by up to 20 percent, helping to reduce operating costs while improving the marine environment.

2015 150

Industry & environmentalists tell EU the future of shipping fuel is green hydrogen and ammonia

Green Car Congress

In a public letter , shipping companies DFDS, CMB and Viking Cruises, commodities trader Trafigura, and green group Transport & Environment (T&E) say green hydrogen and ammonia are sustainable and can be produced in sufficient quantities to decarbonise the industry. Ammonia Europe Fuels Hydrogen Market Background Ports and Marine

Neste Oil and Finnish Environment Institute to begin joint algae research; focus on NExBTL renewable diesel

Green Car Congress

Neste Oil is expanding its algae research ( earlier post ) with the launch of a joint algae research program with the Marine Research Centre at Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). At SYKE’s Marine Research Centre, the use of planktonic algae as a source of bioenergy has been studied since 2008 during several national and international projects.

2011 179

Kawasaki Heavy taps Corvus Energy for batteries for first all-electric tanker

Green Car Congress

In addition, reduced noise and vibration will create a more comfortable work environment for the crew members and limit noise pollution in the bay and its surroundings. Batteries Electric (Battery) Ports and Marine

IMO environment meeting adopts mandatory energy efficiency measures for international shipping; first mandatory global GHG reduction regime for an international industry sector

Green Car Congress

Mandatory measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from international shipping were adopted by Parties to MARPOL Annex VI represented in the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization ( IMO ), when it met for its 62 nd session from 11 to 15 July 2011 at IMO Headquarters in London. —European environmental NGO Transport & Environment. Emissions Fuel Efficiency Ports and Marine

2011 185

Yanmar developing hydrogen fuel cell system for maritime applications

Green Car Congress

announced the development of a hydrogen fuel cell system for maritime applications based on fuel cell technology for automobiles, as part of efforts to offer environment-friendly powertrain solutions. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Ports and MarineYanmar Holdings Co.,

2020 303

Neste Oil’s 100% renewable diesel to be tested for the first time in marine use

Green Car Congress

This will be the first time that NExBTL renewable diesel has been used in a marine environment. Our NExBTL fuels have already shown what they are capable of in terms of performance and lower emissions on the road and in the air, and now we will have the opportunity to see how our renewable diesel performs in marine use as well.

2011 196

MARAD to award up to $1.5M for projects for emission reductions from marine vessels

Green Car Congress

The US Maritime Administration’ Office of Environment is soliciting ( DTMA-91-R-2012-0019 ) proposals for up to $1.5 million in funding for projects that demonstrate criteria pollutant emissions or carbon emissions reductions from marine vessels through repowering, re-engining or installation of other pollution reduction technologies, or the use of alternative fuel/energy.

2012 196