Topsoe launches TITAN steam reforming catalyst series with boosted reliability and efficiency

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and a hexagonal crystal structure found in high-grade metamorphic rocks on Madagascar. The catalysts have high activity and low pressure drop, which ensures lower operating costs, increased profit margins, and reduced energy usage.

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EV Project on Reunion Island

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Renault, EDF, GBH (Groupe Bernard Hayot), Total Réunion, GE Money and the GERRI agency signed a letter of intent on the experimentation of 50 electric vehicles in Reunion Island—La Réunion, one of France’s overseas départments (DOM)—together with battery charge infrastructure powered mainly by renewable energies. Reunion island lies 800 km (497 miles) east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, and has an area of 2,512 square kilometers (970 square miles).

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EU Launches 37M Next-Generation Integrated Biorefinery Project

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Dubbed EUROBIOREF (European multilevel integrated biorefinery design for sustainable biomass processing), the project aims to improve cost efficiency by 30%, cut energy use by 30% and reduce feedstock consumption by 10%. This integrated system will result in the production of a variety of products, ranging from chemicals, polymers and materials to high-energy aviation fuels. Work has begun on a new EU-funded project to improve the performance of Europe’s biorefineries.

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Roskill: graphite prices could push higher on tightening markets for batteries & electrodes

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Demand for graphite in battery applications is forecast to grow by 5-8% per year over the decade between 2017 and 2027, depending on the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage—the largest end-use applications for lithium-ion batteries. The focus for new natural graphite development remains in Africa, where almost 1 Mtpy of additional concentrate capacity has the potential to come online by 2027 with projects in Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, and Tanzania.

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