California Energy Commission to award up to $11M for non-Li-ion energy storage projects

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The California Energy Commission (CEC) has released a solicitation (GFO-19-305) to fund innovative, non-Li-ion energy storage research projects, including green electrolytic hydrogen systems. Additionally, as the State makes changes to the electric grid to accommodate higher levels of renewables and a carbon free future by 2045, the need for cost effective and high performing energy storage solutions are expected to increase and be diversified.

2020 60

Toshiba delivers two SCiB Li-ion grid energy storage systems

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Toshiba Corporation has delivered battery energy storage systems integrating the company’s SCiB Li-ion battery ( earlier post ) to Kyushu Electric Power Co., for a demonstration project to expand introduction of renewable energy sources on remote islands. Toshiba’s battery energy storage systems provide such islands with a solution for efficient and effective frequency regulation.

2014 90

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BYD supplying Li-ion batteries for stationary energy storage to Green Charge

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BYD is now supplying Li-ion batteries to Green Charge, an ENGIE Company. Designed to optimize intermittent solar energy and contribute to rate stabilization for Holyoke Gas & Electric customers over the next 20 years, this energy storage project will be the largest utility-scale energy storage installation in Massachusetts. To date, BYD has installed more than 550 MWh of energy storage systems worldwide.

2017 65

Siemens targeting Li-ion energy storage for marine and offshore oil and gas applications; 6MW system to West Mira rig

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As part of a strategy to continue providing low-emissions solutions for harsh offshore operating environments, Siemens has opened a fully robotized and digitalized plant in Norway that will develop and manufacture energy storage technologies for both marine and offshore oil and gas applications. West Mira will be the world’s first drilling rig to operate a low-emission hybrid power plant using Siemens’ lithium-ion energy storage solution.

2019 83

Roskill forecasts Li-ion battery demand to increase more than ten-fold by 2029 to >1,800GWh

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Roskill forecasts that Li-ion battery demand will increase more than ten-fold by 2029, reaching in excess of 1,800GWh capacity. Driven by demand from the automotive and energy storage markets, NCM/NCA type cathode materials are expected to remain dominant though other cathode types will take market share in niche environments or applications. In 2019, Li-ion battery capacity reached 180GWh, as the market shifted to increase demand from the automotive industry.

2020 85

Kreisel Electric introduces Li-ion home energy storage systems; 9.6 kW output for faster EV charging

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Austrian manufacturer of high-performance batteries Kreisel Electric ( earlier post ) has introduced the MAVERO home energy storage system. The Li-ion battery packs are available in four different sizes, with usable capacity ranging from 8 kWh to 22 kWh. MAVERO is a wall-mounted home energy storage system that stores electricity from any renewable energy source. As one point of comparison, Tesla’s Powerwall home energy storage unit offers 3.3

2016 81

BNEF: China dominates the Li-ion battery supply chain, but Europe is on the rise

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China dominates BloombergNEF’s (BNEF) lithium-ion battery supply chain ranking in 2020, having quickly surpassed Japan and Korea that were leaders for the majority of the previous decade. —James Frith, BNEF’s head of energy storage.

2020 114

LG Chem and Eguana partner on Li-ion residential energy storage system for North America

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Eguana Technologies, a supplier of power control and conversion solutions for distributed energy storage systems and Li-ion manufacturer LG Chem have combined their technologies under a multi-year agreement to deliver a certified, fully integrated energy storage system (ESS) Eguana calls “AC Battery”. The AC Battery can be paired with any of the Energy Storage Management Systems currently coming to market for a broad range of applications.

GE signs its largest battery energy storage deal to date; 30MW Li-ion system in California

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GE will provide Coachella Energy Storage Partners (CESP) with a 30-MW battery energy storage system as part of CESP’s supply contract with the Imperial Irrigation District (IID). Representing GE’s largest energy storage project to date, the plant will be located in California’s Imperial Valley, approximately 100 miles east of San Diego.

2015 83

Toshiba supplies Li-ion traction energy storage system for Tobu Railway

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Toshiba Corporation has supplied a Li-ion battery traction energy storage system (TESS) to Tobu Railway Co., TESS stores traction energy generated by decelerating trains as they enter a station and releases it as needed when trains accelerate from the station. Toshiba’s TESS is installed at Unga station on the Tobu Urban Park Line, and utilizes Toshiba’s SCiB rechargeable Li-ion batteries to store regenerated power.

2014 78

Li-Cycle sets up its first US-based Li-ion battery recycling center in NY state

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Empire State Development (ESD) announced that Canada-based Li-Cycle Corporation will establish its first US-based Li-ion battery recycling facility in New York State. Li-Cycle Technology uses a combination of mechanical size reduction and hydrometallurgical resource recovery specifically designed for lithium-ion battery recycling. Li-Cycle expects to be fully operational at the facility later this year.

2020 116

NEC introduces Li-ion household energy storage and control system

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NEC Corporation is introducing in Japan a 6 kWh Li-ion battery household energy storage system that automatically controls electrical power in the home. NEC aims to drive the expansion of household energy storage systems in 2012, and to continue promoting system development in the future. Initially, 100 units of the system will be available for home construction companies and businesses beginning 18 July 2011.

SDG&E unveiling new 120MWh, 30MW Li-ion energy storage facility; AES Advancion 4

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SDG&E is unveiling the world’s largest lithium-ion battery energy storage facility in partnership with AES Energy Storage , which will enhance regional energy reliability while maximizing renewable energy use. The 30 megawatt (MW) energy storage facility is capable of storing up to 120 megawatt hours of energy, the energy equivalent of serving 20,000 customers for four hours. MW of lithium ion battery energy storage.

2017 60

Electrovaya to supply Li-ion SuperPolymer2.0 systems for distributed energy storage project in the UK

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Canada-based Li-ion manufacturer Electrovaya Inc. has received a purchase order from Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) for a distributed energy storage project that will lead to the installation of 25 distributed and independent energy storage systems in a single UK town. technology and will range in energy capacity from 12.5

2013 80

A123 Energy Solutions announces first commercially operating Li-ion grid energy storage installation in China

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A123 Energy Solutions announced today that a new 2-megawatt Grid Storage Solution for Ray Power Systems Co. a Beijing-based energy services company, is now in commercial operation providing frequency regulation services. Located in Beijing, this is A123 Energy Solutions’ first deployment in China in commercial operation. —Bud Collins, President of A123 Energy Solutions.

2014 93

Ultrahigh-capacity anodes derived from natural silk for Li-ion batteries; other energy storage applications

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Researchers at the Beijing Institute of Technology have found a way to process biomass-derived natural silk to create carbon-based nanosheets that could potentially be used in Li-ion batteries and other energy storage devices. The HPNC-NS show favorable features for electrochemical energy storage such as high specific surface area (SBET: 2494 m 2 /g); high volume of hierarchical pores (2.28

2015 73

E.ON and Samsung SDI to cooperate in Li-ion stationary energy storage business

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SE recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Samsung SDI on co-operation in the energy storage business. The co-operation includes the development of profitable energy storage solutions and, to this end, to assess and develop a potential business model for targeting applications for Lithium-Ion batteries in selected regions and markets. The agreement focuses on solutions for grid stabilization, industrial customers and appropriate energy systems.

Toshiba to supply Li-ion battery energy storage system for frequency regulation project in US

Green Car Congress

Toshiba Corporation has received an order to supply a large-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) for a power frequency regulation project in Hamilton, Ohio. The project will be carried out by Sumitomo Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas and Renewable Energy Systems Americas, a US renewable energy developer. In Italy, Toshiba supplied BESS for Terna Storage, a subsidiary of Terna S.p.A.,

2015 78

Hitachi developing packaged 1 MW Li-ion energy storage system for grid stabilization

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has developed a container-type energy storage system as a core energy product for ensuring the stable use of distributed renewable energy such as wind and solar power, while maintaining the power supply-demand balance. The energy storage system, which packages a 1 MW Li-ion battery system with power electronics and control technologies, fuses Hitachi’s electricity grid control technologies built up in the Hitachi Group and Hitachi Chemical Co.,

2013 76

New class of high entropy materials for energy storage applications

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A team led by researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany is proposing a new class of high entropy materials for energy storage applications. The Li-containing entropy-stabilized oxyfluoride (Li x (Co 0.2 V vs. Li + /Li, enabling its use as a cathode active material. Using this approach, we successfully synthesized an oxyfluoride cathode active material with a rock-salt structure for next-generation Li-ion battery applications.

2019 79

NASA selects proposals for advanced energy storage systems for future space missions: silicon-anode Li-ion and Li-S

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NASA has selected four proposals for advanced Li-ion and Li-sulfur energy storage technologies that may be used to power the agencys future space missions. Managed by the Game Changing Development Program within NASAs Space Technology Mission Directorate, the four selected technology proposals are: Silicon Anode Based Cells for High Specific Energy Systems, submitted by Amprius, Inc, in Sunnyvale, California ( earlier post ).

2014 89

KAIST researchers develop nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes for high-capacity Li-ion energy storage systems

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Korean have developed nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes for high-capacity lithium-ion energy storage systems, such as a lithium-ion capacitor. Lithium-ion capacitors represent an intermediate system between Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors, and are designed to take advantage of the benefits of both types of energy storage systems (ESSs)—i.e., higher energy densities and power densities, respectively.

2012 90

STEAG investing €100M in a total of 90 MW of grid energy storage systems with LG Chem Li-ion batteries

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German utility STEAG is investing around €100 million in grid energy storage systems (ESS) totalling 90 MW, equipped with Li-ion cells from LG Chem. The storage systems are to be used to provide primary control power—a service for stabilization of the networks—for which the Transmission System Operators invite bids on a weekly basis.

2015 79

Leclanché to supply Li-ion Energy Storage Systems in one of largest grid storage projects in North America

Green Car Congress

Hecate Canada Storage II, LLP, an emerging Canadian Project Development and Electrical Systems Integrator, has selected Switzerland-based Leclanché as the exclusive partner to provide 13MW / 53MWh Li-ion battery Energy Storage Systems in one of the largest Grid Ancillary Services energy storage projects in North America. Leclanché will team up with Deltro Energy Inc.

2016 65

Electrochemical energy storage startup SPARKZ licenses ORNL cobalt-free battery tech

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Stealth-mode electrochemical energy storage startup SPARKZ Inc. has exclusively licensed five battery technologies from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) designed to eliminate the use of cobalt metal in lithium-ion batteries. The advancement is aimed at accelerating the production of electric vehicles and energy storage solutions for the power grid. Energy density is especially important for EVs.

2020 93

Li-ion maker Electrovaya signs Letter of Intent with a major residential energy storage provider; $223M over 3 years

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Li-ion battery manufacturer Electrovaya Inc. has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with a Global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the delivery of battery modules for Residential Energy Storage with volume quantity deliveries starting early Q1 CY2017. Electrovaya’s technology and products are suited to the residential energy storage market as two of the critical performance parameters are highest cycle life and safety, both available from Electrovaya.

2016 60

Daimler starts deliveries of Mercedes-Benz Li-ion energy storage units for private homes

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Daimler AG has commenced deliveries of Mercedes-Benz stationary energy storage units ( earlier post ) for use in private homes. The lithium-ion batteries are being manufactured by the Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE and distributed through selected sales partners and partner companies. At present, the company’s partners include the energy service provider Energie Baden-Württemberg (EnBW), the solar technology specialist SMA, as well as a number of wholesale traders.

2016 60

Maxwell Technologies and SK Innovation to develop integrated ultracap/Li-ion energy storage systems

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a leading developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitor-based energy storage products, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SK Innovation, a subsidiary of SK Holdings and Korea’s leading energy provider, to develop next generation energy storage solutions leveraging the complementary characteristics of SK’s lithium-ion batteries and Maxwell’s ultracapacitors. Maxwell Technologies, Inc.,

2013 78

Saft to provide Li-ion energy storage system for wind project in Saskatchewan

Green Car Congress

Saft has been selected by Cowessess First Nation (CFN) to design, produce and install a battery energy storage system (ESS) including two Intensium Max 20E lithium-ion battery containers as part of the High Wind and Storage Project near the City of Regina, Saskatchewan. Each Li-ion ESS includes a 400 kW Power Conditioning System for use in conjunction with an 800 kW utility scale wind turbine.

2012 83

Hydro-Québec and Sony forming JV to develop large-scale Li-ion energy storage system for power grids

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Hydro-Québec and Sony Corporation will establish a joint venture to research and develop a large-scale energy storage system for power grids. Furthermore, the energy storage system for such power supplies must be highly safe and reliable due to the need for an efficient and stable source of high capacity power. Sony and Hydro-Québec plan to establish the new company in June, 2014.

2014 92

Electrovaya launches Li-ion residential energy storage system; 3 kWh – 20 kWh

Green Car Congress

launched its lithium-ion energy storage system for home usage. In some regions, utilities occasionally provide negative pricing to dump excess power when demand is very low, so users may actually be paid to store energy. The EnergyBlock can also store energy directly from solar panels, power in remote locations and emergency power. Electrovaya Inc. The battery stores power from the grid or from solar panels and stores it for later household use.

2012 88

Electrovaya introducing new line of high-voltage, mid-size Li-ion energy storage systems

Green Car Congress

Electrovaya is introducing a new product line of high-voltage, mid-size (~25 kWh) energy storage systems designed for residential solar, commercial and telecom applications. The PB25-400V system will be providing energy storage for a program to investigate distributed Energy Storage for Solar Applications. The PowerBlock line of products is designed to cater to a rapidly growing mid-size residential and industrial energy storage market.

2012 80

Researchers develop real-time picture of formation of solid–electrolyte interphase of a Li-ion battery

Green Car Congress

During the first charging process of a new Li-ion battery cell, trace amounts of electrolyte components decompose sacrificially to form what is called a solid–electrolyte interphase (SEI) on the anode surface. The SEI functions both as a Li + conductor and an electronic insulator, and prevents sustained electrolyte decomposition during subsequent cycles. The inner SEI is continuous, dense and impermeable to electrolytes, and it is most probably composed of Li 2 O.

2020 89

SABIC acquires majority stake in carbon nanotube business for energy storage applications

Green Car Congress

BDS produces and commercializes MOLECULAR REBAR, a proprietary technology of modified carbon nanotubes that offers potential for enhancing the performance of energy storage applications using lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. MOLECULAR REBAR technology from BDS is believed to offer great potential for enhancing the performance of energy storage applications, such as lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries used in the mobility industry.

2019 91

Li-ion supplier K2 Energy receives first order against $81.4M contract for Navy railgun energy storage system

Green Car Congress

K2 Energy Solutions has received the first order against an initial $81,400,000 contract to provide an intermediate energy storage battery system for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Naval Sea Systems Command’s (NAVSEA) electromagnetic rail gun. The railgun technology uses high power electromagnetic energy instead of explosive chemical propellants to propel a projectile farther and faster than any preceding gun. K2 Energy Solutions Inc.,

2015 83

BAE Systems awards Saft additional $1.3M for US Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle Li-ion energy storage system

Green Car Congress

million in new funding for the continued development of a Li-ion energy storage system for the US Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) program. The GCV is part of a growing list of military vehicle prototypes for which Saft has supplied advanced energy storage solutions (ESS). BAE Systems has awarded Saft $1.3 Earlier post.)

2012 85

LG Chem charges Li-ion trade secrets theft, files Federal suit against SK Innovation

Green Car Congress

for misappropriation of Li-ion battery trade secrets, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage and other. the lithium-ion battery division of LG Chem, which developed the world’s. first commercial pouch-type Li-ion battery for automobiles. of Li-ion batteries, including the newest and most advanced generation. SK Innovation in the development and manufacturing of pouch-type Li-ion.

2019 78

New approach to high power energy storage devices: graphene surface-enabled Li ion-exchanging cells

Green Car Congress

The Ragone plots of graphene surface-enabled Li ion-exchanging cells with different electrode thicknesses. A team from Nanotek Instruments and Angstrom Materials reports on a new strategy for the design of high-power and high energy-density devices based on the massive exchange of lithium ions between surfaces (not the bulk) of two nanostructured electrodes. Credit: ACS, Jang et al. Click to enlarge.

2011 78

Continuous test operation begins for large-format Li-ion energy storage system at power plant

Green Car Congress

Evonik Industries, STEAG, and other project partners put a lithium electricity storage system (LESSY) into operation at STEAG’s Fenne power plant in Völklingen, Saarland, Germany. The research project is a collaborative venture between Evonik, STEAG Power Saar GmbH, Li-Tec Battery GmbH, Digatron Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, the EWE Next Energy and Power Engineering Saar institutes, and the Universität Münster.

2013 76

Mercedes-Benz residential energy storage systems now available for reservation

Green Car Congress

The Mercedes-Benz energy storage systems for private use are now available for reservation; interested parties can place a reservation at On 29 May, Daimler announced that it was entering the commercial and residential stationary energy storage system (ESS) market with its wholly-owned subsidiary Deutsche ACCUmotive. Up to eight battery modules with an energy content of 2.5

2015 98

PGE showcases 5MW Li-ion grid energy storage system; transactive control

Green Car Congress

Portland General Electric showcased its 5 MW lithium-ion energy storage system to the public today at the utility’s Salem Smart Power Center in South Salem, Ore. The energy storage facility is part of PGE’s contribution to the Battelle-led Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project. Half of PGE’s $23-million portion of the regional project was paid for with US Department of Energy funds.

2013 73

A123 Systems to supply 2MW Li-ion energy storage system to Ray Power for frequency regulation in China

Green Car Congress

A123 Systems will supply a 2MW grid Li-ion energy storage system to Ray Power Systems Co. The project in China will be designed to validate the technical capabilities and benefits of energy storage as a fast-ramping, accurate and clean resource for providing frequency regulation services. —Robert Johnson, vice president of the Energy Solutions Group at A123.

2012 83

Mitsubishi Heavy to supply 500 kWh (normal) containerized Li-ion energy storage system to power grid of Orkney Islands

Green Car Congress

MHI), jointly with SSE plc (formerly Scottish and Southern Energy plc), will begin an energy storage system demonstration project using the power grid in the UK’s Orkney Islands, which has a high proportion of renewable energy generation in relation to demand. The storage system is slated to be handed over for operational use in early 2013. Each battery container houses more than 2,000 units of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

2012 92