US greenhouse gas emissions expected to grow until 2020

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It seems the US is still a long way from gaining a stranglehold on its increasing greenhouse gas emission output with new predictions suggesting total emissions will expand by four per cent from 2005 to 2020. Tags: Global warming Green cars Green credentials Latest news climate change greenhouse gas emissions HFCs increase in greenhouse gas emissions increase in HFCs Micronesia National Communication US climate change

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US Climate Action Report to UN Projects 4% Growth in Total US GHG Emissions to 2020

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From 2005 through 2020, total US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are projected to rise by 4% under a “with measures” scenario (but without a cap-and-trade program and other complementary policies), from 7,109 Tg CO 2 Eq. The report projects that transportation-related CO 2 emissions will drop 1.5% This calculation, as with the other energy-related sources of CO 2 emissions in the report, is based on updates of the US Energy Information Administration’s AEO 2009 report.

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Low-lying and other vulnerable countries calling for fast action on non-CO2 global warming pollutants

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Led by the tiny Pacific island of the Federated States of Micronesia, a growing group of low-lying islands and other vulnerable countries are calling for fast action on the approximately 50% of global warming that is caused by pollutants other than carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). Ramanathan and Victor highlight the importance of aggressively reducing CO 2 emissions, but note that the road ahead will be long, difficult, and expensive, and that “in the meantime, a fast-action plan is needed.”

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Indo-US task force to study HFC phase-down

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Although they don’t harm the ozone layer, HFCs are powerful climate warming gases and their emissions are expected to rise sharply over the next few decades without aggressive action, significantly contributing to climate change. Reducing HFC emissions under the Montreal Protocol is the biggest, fastest piece of climate mitigation available to the world in the next few years and Minister Ramesh is one of the best-positioned people to lead the world on this important opportunity.

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New international Climate and Clean Air Coalition to focus on reduction of short-lived climate pollutants

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The initiative of developing and developed countries was catalyzed by the Federated States of Micronesia as a way to slow sea level rise. This may be the only way to reduce climate impacts in the near term, and is a critical complement to the primary battle to reduce emissions of CO 2. Climate Change Emissions PolicyGlobal benefits from full implementation of measures for reduction of short-lived climate pollutants in 2030 compared to the reference scenario.

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North American Countries Target “Super” Greenhouse Gases Through Strengthened Ozone Treaty

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If accepted by the other Montreal Protocol Parties, the proposal would deliver climate mitigation equivalent to preventing more than 100 billion tonnes of CO 2 emissions. The Federated States of Micronesia submitted a similar proposal on HFCs as well. The Montreal Protocol has already phased out nearly 100 dangerous gases and chemicals, reducing climate emissions by up to 222 billion tonnes of CO 2 -eq.

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Study: Hydrofluorocarbons Will Contribute Significantly to Global Warming by 2050

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Global ozone-depleting substances (ODSs) and HFC emissions (A), global CO 2 and HFC emissions (B), and ODS, HFC, and CO 2 global RF (C) for the period 2000–2050. basis) of projected global CO 2 emissions in business-as-usual scenarios by 2050. This percentage increases to 28–45% compared with projected CO 2 emissions in a 450-ppm CO 2 stabilization scenario. Andersen (2009) The large contribution of projected HFC emissions to future climate forcing.

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