Hundreds of Teslas reported in Auckland port, hinting at even more growth in NZ


Recent reports from the Port of Auckland have indicated that hundreds of Tesla vehicles are likely waiting for delivery in New Zealand. Demand for Tesla vehicles grew in 2021, particularly in the third quarter. It seems Tesla will continue to grow in New Zealand this year.

Tesla Insurance goes live in Arizona and Ohio


Tesla Insurance has officially gone live in Arizona and Ohio, becoming the fourth and fifth states to have access to the company’s in-house coverage program. The electric automaker officially launched its insurance program in August of 2019 in California.


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Tesla unveils its Cybertruck electric pickup

Green Car Congress

At a livestreamed event in Los Angeles, Elon Musk unveiled his company’s latest creation, the electric pickup Cybertruck. Tesla is taking fully refundable $100 reservations now. Electric (Battery

2019 284

Tesla Gigafactory Texas will sit on ‘Tesla Road’ following unanimous vote on name change


Tesla Gigafactory Texas will not move geographical locations, but it will be on a new road. On Tuesday evening, the Travis County Commissioners Court unanimously voted to pass Item 21 on the agenda, which would change “Harold Green Road” to “Tesla Road.”

Texas 112

Tesla requests PM Modi to cut import taxes on electric vehicles 

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla requests PM Modi to cut import taxes on electric vehicles . Tesla Inc urged the Prime Minister’s Office to cut down the import taxes on electric vehicles before it enters the market. Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y variants might be coming to India.

Tax 87

Tesla Cybertruck production to start Q1 2023: Report


Tesla Cybertruck production will start on the first quarter of 2023, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. . Tesla Cybertruck production in the first quarter of 2023 would reportedly be limited before increasing output. . News Featured Tesla Tesla Cybertruck

Texas 114

Video: Beautiful Example Of Driving With Tesla Model S Plaid Yoke

EV Obssesion

My friend, Marge, who I got to take delivery of her Tesla Model S Plaid at Tesla’s Plaid delivery event last June, has beautifully demonstrated just how to use the yoke steering.

Tesla 77

Tesla Model Y Performance trims spotted leaving Gigafactory Berlin


Tesla Model Y Performance variants were spotted on vehicle haulers in Germany, leaving the soon-to-be-approved production facility the automaker plans to open near Berlin in early 2022. Since then, the vehicle has become Tesla’s best-seller , overtaking the Model 3 sedan.

Tesla 113

Tesla secures another order of electric semi trucks


Tesla has secured another order of Tesla Semi trucks, its upcoming electric class 8 semi trucks. Karat Packaging announced in a press release that it ordered 10 Tesla Semi trucks.

Tesla 114

Hertz ordering 100,000 Teslas by end of 2022

Green Car Congress

This includes an initial order of 100,000 Teslas by the end of 2022 and new EV charging infrastructure across the company’s global operations. Customers who rent a Tesla Model 3 will have access to 3,000 Tesla supercharging stations throughout the US and Europe.

Tesla announces Solar Roof 20-year loans with lower monthly payments


Tesla recently announced that it had launched a 20-year Solar Roof loan option that allows customers to have lower monthly payments. The update enables Tesla to offer its flagship residential solar product at a price point that’s more affordable than before. Credit: Tesla Energy.

Solar 112

Tesla Model S Plaid runs sub-9-second 1/4-mile for first time


A Tesla Model S Plaid ran a sub-9-second 1/4-mile for the first time at Maryland International Raceway in the United States. The Model S Plaid is Tesla’s crown jewel of performance. The Model S Plaid is currently available for $129,990 on Tesla’s website.

Gemilang International:140 Electric School Buses To US Schools, Tesla Joy — How Much Did Tesla Battery Drain When Left Unplugged for 32 Days?

EV Obssesion

Electric Buses Gemilang International Set To Deliver 140 Electric School Buses To US Schools Tesla Batteries Tesla Oracle: Here’s how much battery is drained if a Tesla is left unplugged for 32 days Tesla Joy YouTube Tesla Joy,, How Much Did Tesla Battery Drain When Left Unplugged for 32 Days?

Tesla leads EV charge in Norway, 3/4s of September new car sales are electric


Tesla is leading an electric offensive in Norway as new data from the Opplysningsrådet for Veitrafikken (The Road Traffic Information Council of Norway, or OFV) reveals that 77.5% of new car sales for September consisted of electric vehicles. Tesla Model 3 – 2,218 units.

Norway 113

Tesla’s original home state hits 1 million EV milestone as electric cars become CA’s biggest export


California officially sold 1 million electric vehicles this month, according to the California Energy Commission (CEC) Chair David Hochschild. California is home to many EV automakers, including Tesla, the leading pure electric car manufacturer in the market today.

Tesla plans to manufacture 5 electric trucks per week

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla plans to manufacture 5 electric trucks per week. Tesla is planning to build a new Tesla Semi truck production line at a new building near its Gigafactory Nevada plant. It plans to produce 5 electric trucks per week. Tesla Semi electric truck.

Tesla submits Gigafactory Berlin approval documents: Environment Ministry


Tesla has submitted all of the required documents for the German State of Brandenburg to approve the operation and production of electric vehicles at the company’s first European production facility known as Gigafactory Berlin.

EV subscription company Autonomy launches Tesla Model 3 rental fleet


Autonomy, a company owned by vehicle subscription platform NextCar, has launched a new electric and zero-emissions vehicle subscription program with the Tesla Model 3. Autonomy will combine the NextCar subscription platform with the all-electric and sustainable powertrain of EVs.

Fleet 99

Tesla Model S Plaid accidentally starts drag race in reverse, wins anyway


A Tesla Model S Plaid involved in a drag race against a Chevrolet 2600 HD Diesel truck accidentally started the duel in reverse. Perhaps one of the most substantial changes Tesla made to the Model S, its flagship sedan, was the entire steering column.

Tesla 107

Tesla Model S Plaid

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla Model S Plaid. Tesla, an electric automaker that often surprises the EV world is now ready with another surprising performance upgrade version. It is an upgrade of the Tesla Model S and the automaker names it as Model S plaid.

Tesla 84

Hertz displays Tesla Model 3 fleet at Times Square in an electric show of force


As it started trading on Tuesday on the Nasdaq, car rental giant Hertz brought over some of its Tesla Model 3 units to the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square, New York. This was somewhat symbolic for Hertz , which has made headlines recently with its blockbuster 100,000-unit Tesla order. .

Fleet 109

Tesla’s Few Remaining Short Sellers Are Feeling The “Hertz”

EV Obssesion

But when you have a vicious group of people who have targeted Tesla, its customers, supporters, its CEO, and his family members, and even myself a few times, I can’t help but smirk at the poetic justice here. Disclaimer: I am a Tesla shareholder with a […].

Tesla 81

Tesla ready for India

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla ready for India. According to news, Tesla may be accelerating the process to launch its cars on Indian roads. So, we may have an answer to this question”Is Tesla ready for India?” Most of the Indian citizens want their first electric car to be a tesla.

India 87

Tesla Police Vehicle Saves Westport Tens of Thousands of Dollars

EV Club of CT

Post by Barry Kresch Tesla Police Vehicle Brings Large Monetary Savings The purchase premium is recouped in one year. After four years, the savings are enough to pay for another Tesla.

Tesla continues to establish pole position in Norway


Tesla is continuing to solidify itself in the pole position in Norway. The Tesla Model Y all-electric crossover was Norway’s best-selling vehicle in November. Credit: Tesla). Norway is arguably the most challenging market in the world for electric automakers.

Norway 114

This Semi Truck Driver Didn’t Notice That He Hit A Tesla Model 3 And Pushed It Down The Highway

EV Obssesion

Wham Baam Teslacam is a video series of Tesla accidents, incidents, and moments captured by Tesla owners and submitted. In their latest video, Max, the owner of a Tesla Model 3, had a horrifying ordeal with a semi.

Tesla 104

Hertz orders 100,000 Tesla Model 3 cars for its rental fleet 

Electric Vehicles India

Hertz orders 100,000 Tesla Model 3 cars for its rental fleet . Tesla has announced that it has received a huge order for 100,000 Tesla Model 3 cars from Hertz Global Holdings Inc which is a huge first step toward electrifying its rental-car fleet and in the process mainstreaming EVs.

Fleet 87

Tesla’s workforce expansion at Giga Shanghai will grow ‘new model’ line by 50%


Tesla’s workforce expansion at Gigafactory Shanghai in China will grow the electric automaker’s “new model production area” by 50%, from 6,000 to 9,000 employees. When the expansion plan is complete, Tesla will employ 19,000 workers at the facility.

Tesla 112

Tesla Model Y lineup

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla Model Y lineup. After launching Model S, Model 3 and Model X, Tesla showcased model Y as their 4th car in 2019. This electric car is available in four variants depending upon the requirement of the driver. For the latest electric vehicles news, follow

Tesla 87

Teslas added to Uber in London in bid to boost electric vehicle adoption


Starting this Wednesday, Tesla’s electric cars will be available for Uber drivers in London who are looking to purchase or lease a sustainable vehicle. The program is part of the ride-hailing giant’s incentive scheme that’s designed to foster the use of electric cars.

Deliveries VW Battery-Electric Vehicles Double 2021, Drive a Tesla Model 3/Y Minus the Center Screen, Electric Buses California, Moscow, Spain

EV Obssesion

The post Deliveries VW Battery-Electric Vehicles Double 2021, Drive a Tesla Model 3/Y Minus the Center Screen, Electric Buses California, Moscow, Spain appeared first on EV Obsession.

Spain 52

Tesla releases Model S Plaid Track Mode details as it rolls out to North America


Tesla is officially rolling out the Plaid Track Mode to all Model S Plaid vehicles across North America this week. Tesla developed a few cool features for Plaid Track Mode, listed below. Plaid Track Mode now rolling out in North America [link] — Tesla (@Tesla) January 7, 2022.

Tesla X is OCTA’s first all-electric vanpool vehicle

Green Car Congress

The Orange County (CA) Transportation Authority (OCTA) has a Tesla Model X SUV as its first all-electric vehicle in the OCTA Vanpool program. The all-electric vanpool vehicle is being used by five employees who work in Seal Beach at the Naval Weapons Station.

2020 249

Tesla China “Moves” Giga Shanghai Into A Booth At China’s 4th International Import Expo

EV Obssesion

This is the fourth China International Import Expo, and Tesla attended each one, showcasing its electric vehicles. 42How focuses on electric mobility and […]. 100% Electric Vehicles Electric Vehicles EV Companies Tesla Tesla China Tesla Giga Shanghai Tesla Gigafactories

China 76

Tesla Cyberwhistle sells out hours after launch


Tesla released a Cyberwhistle, inspired by Giga Texas’ upcoming Cybertruck. The Cyberwhistle hints at other “cyber”-branded products that Tesla could be releasing before Cybertrucks hit the roads. . Tesla might release more “cyber” products ahead of the Cybertruck.

Texas 106

Tesla’s new home charger aligns with its all-EV Supercharging pilot program


Tesla has added a new home wall charger for electric vehicles, and it is not exclusive to Tesla. Yesterday, Tesla confirmed that it would launch a pilot program in the Netherlands that would open its Supercharging infrastructure to any third-party electric vehicle maker.

Tesla tanks in Consumer Reports’ Reliability Survey


Tesla has a knack for not performing well in some reliability and dependability surveys , and the most recently released assessment from Consumer Reports continued that trend after the electric automaker finished 27th out of 28 total brands. Credit: Tesla).

Tesla 84

Tesla Giga Shanghai aims for 500k annual output for 2021: report


Tesla China’s Global Vice President Grace Tao recently visited the China EV100 to discuss key issues about developing the auto market. Tesla’s delivery numbers have skyrocketed throughout 2021, undoubtedly with considerable help from Giga Shanghai.

Tesla is deploying the first Megacharger to charge its Tesla Semi electric truck


Tesla has been spotted deploying the first Megacharger to charge its upcoming Tesla Semi electric truck at Gigafactory Nevada. more… The post Tesla is deploying the first Megacharger to charge its Tesla Semi electric truck appeared first on Electrek.

Nevada 114

Tesla, India talks stagnate as neither party is willing to budge on terms


Tesla and Indian government officials have essentially reached a standstill as neither party is willing to budge from terms they feel are necessary to bring the electric automaker’s vehicles to the South Asian country. News Elon Musk Featured Tesla Tesla India

India 94

Tesla Semi order announced by sustainable foodservice product company


The Tesla Semi’s customer deliveries are yet to begin, but the Class 8 all-electric truck continues to attract new customers. a manufacturer of environmentally friendly, disposable foodservice products, which recently announced that it had ordered 10 Tesla Semis for its fleet.

Tesla 2021 Holiday Update rolls out to legacy Model S and Model X


When Tesla recently conducted the initial rollout of its 2021 Holiday Update , electric vehicle owners were quick to point out that pre-refresh Model S and Model X vehicles were seemingly left out. S3XY Light Show — Tesla (@Tesla) December 24, 2021.

Tesla 109

Tesla delivered >308,000 EVs in Q4, >936,000 in all of 2021

Green Car Congress

Tesla reported fourth quarter production of more than 305,000 vehicles and deliveries of more than 308,000 vehicles. Tesla will announce net income and cash flow results along with the rest of its financial performance when it announces Q4 earnings. Electric (Battery For all of 2021, the company delivered more than 936,000 vehicles. Q4 2021. Production. Deliveries. Subject to operating lease accounting. Model S/X. 13,109. 11,750. Model 3/Y. 292,731. 296,850. Total. 305,840.