Aquarius Engines unveils free-piston linear engine operating on 100% hydrogen

Green Car Congress

Israel-based Aquarius Engines unveiled a hydrogen-fueled version of its free-piston linear engine new hydrogen engine. The 10kg machine, based on the same technology as the original patented single-piston linear engine, operates exclusively on hydrogen.

Engine 427

Cummins to introduce 15-liter natural gas engine for North America; basis for hydrogen engine under development

Green Car Congress

will bring to market a 15-liter natural gas engine for heavy-duty trucks. The 15-liter natural gas engine is an important part of Cummins strategy for its path to zero emissions. —Srikanth Padmanabhan, President, Engine Business, Cummins. Cummins Inc.


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2022 Rogue to feature Nissan’s all-new 1.5-liter VC-Turbo variable compression engine

Green Car Congress

Nissan introduced a new Rogue SUV for the 2021 model year; for 2022, Nissan is making its best-selling model more powerful, more fuel-efficient and more fun to drive with an all-new, 1.5-liter variable compression (VC) Turbo engine across the Rogue lineup.

Engine 335

WinGD says its engines will be able to run on methanol from 2024 and ammonia from 2025

Green Car Congress

Swiss engine designer WinGD, a leading developer of two-stroke low-speed gas and diesel engines used for propulsion power in merchant shipping, said that its engines will be able to run on methanol and ammonia from 2024 and 2025 respectively.

Engine 314

Toyota developing hydrogen combustion engine technologies through motorsports

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation is developing a hydrogen combustion engine in an effort to move toward a carbon-neutral mobility society. Combustion in hydrogen engines occurs at a faster rate than in gasoline engines, resulting in improved responsiveness.

Libertine awarded $3.6M to develop renewable-fueled free-piston-engine range extenders for battery electric trucks

Green Car Congress

Libertine FPE, the creator of Smart Engine control technology for free piston engine (FPE) generators, has secured £2.6 Libertine’s free-piston engines contain pairs of pistons which are free to slide within a linear combustion cylinder. Electric (Battery) Engines

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Wärtsilä gas engines to burn 100% hydrogen

Green Car Congress

The technology group Wärtsilä is developing the combustion process in its gas engines to enable them to burn 100% hydrogen fuel. Wärtsilä has researched hydrogen as a fuel for 20 years, and has tested its engines with blends of up to 60% hydrogen and 40% natural gas.

2020 372

LiquidPiston receives SBIR grant to develop X-Engine as hybrid-electric platform for UAVs

Green Car Congress

a developer of advanced rotary internal combustion engines for diesel and jet fuels ( earlier post ), received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I grant from the US Army for the development of its X-Engine as a hybrid-electric propulsion platform for UAVs.

2020 339

Cummins begins testing of hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine

Green Car Congress

Cummins has begun testing a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine. Cummins is thrilled about the potential of the hydrogen engine to reduce emissions and provide power and performance for customers. —Srikanth Padmanabhan, President of the Engine Segment. —Jonathon White, Vice-President of Engine Business Engineering. Engines Hydrogen

Are electric vehicles safer than combustion engine vehicles?

Electric Vehicles India

Are electric vehicles safer than combustion engine vehicles? We get to hear electric vehicles are getting burned for 2 weeks in India, recently A video on social media sites went viral of an electric scooter from Pure EV emitting smoke before it catches the fire in Hyderabad.

US Army awards Cummins $87M contract to deliver the opposed-piston Advanced Combat Engine

Green Car Congress

Coupling our opposed-piston technology with Cummins’s robust engine design, manufacturing, and new product introduction capabilities allows us to create a high performing and reliable engine for military operations. Diesel Engines Market Background

Engine 349

DEUTZ presents all-electric 360V drive system for off-highway sector; hydrogen engine

Green Car Congress

DEUTZ combines diesel, gas, hybrid, electric and hydrogen technologies to create optimal solution for every customer. DEUTZ presented the all-electric JLG telescopic handler concept G5-18A, which was developed in collaboration with JLG. liters and a 48 volt electric motor.

2020 314

Reaction Engines and Rolls-Royce partner on high-speed aircraft systems; hybrid-electric systems

Green Car Congress

Reaction Engines Ltd and Rolls-Royce plc announced a new strategic partnership agreement to develop high-speed aircraft propulsion systems and explore applications for Reaction Engines’ thermal management technology within civil and defence aerospace gas turbine engines and hybrid-electric systems.

2020 322

Toyota enters hydrogen engine Corolla in another race, with focus on transporting imported hydrogen

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation is entering a vehicle equipped with a developmental hydrogen-powered engine ( earlier post ) at the five-hour-long Super Taikyu Series 2021 Powered by Hankook Round 5 Suzuka S-tai, which takes place this weekend. Improvement of hydrogen-powered engine vehicles.

Rolls-Royce invests in new test facilities at Purdue for high-altitude and hybrid-electric aircraft engines

Green Car Congress

Rolls-Royce has launched a new major investment project with Purdue University to develop new test facilities for high-altitude and hybrid-electric engines to power the next generation of US military aircraft. Gas turbine engine test cells must offer flexible operation to qualify engines for customer use. The test cell will simulate air conditions for testing, “flying” the engine at altitude while the test engine is still physically on the ground.

Engine 251

Cummins beginning development of medium-duty and heavy-duty hydrogen combustion engines; H2-ICE program

Green Car Congress

Cummins announced that its hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine (H2-ICE) program is beginning development of a medium-duty 6.7-liter and a heavy-duty 15-liter engine. While use cases for battery-electric and fuel-cell-electric powertrains are promising, the pairing of green hydrogen in the proven technology of internal combustion engines, provides an important complement to future zero emissions solutions. Engines Heavy-duty Hydrogen

Mazda expanding SUV lineup from 2022 on; electrification of all models by 2030; rotary engine as generator

Green Car Congress

The European market, where electrification is already in full-swing, will primarily see the introduction of plug-in hybrid models with straight-four gasoline engines combined with a motor drive. The straight-six new generation Skyactiv-X gasoline engine and Skyactiv-D diesel engine will also be introduced in combination with a 48V mild hybrid system. 48V Diesel Electric (Battery) Engines Hybrids Plug-ins Vehicle Manufacturers

Mazda 250

MAN Energy launches industry consortium to develop medium-speed, ammonia-fueled engine

Green Car Congress

Initiated by MAN with partners from industry and research institutes, it aims to define the steps necessary to produce a dual-fuel, medium-speed engine capable of running on diesel-fuel and ammonia. Alexander Knafl, Head of R&D, Four-Stroke Engineering, MAN Energy Solutions.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems road map for climate-neutrality; 35% cut by 2030 from 2019; key role of mtu engines

Green Car Congress

A key element in achieving these goals is the certification of the most important mtu engine products, which will run on sustainable fuels from as early as 2023 and then be successively brought into use. The aim is to reach a CO 2 net-zero operation of combustion engines.

2019 339

Audi to phase out production of combustion engines by 2033

Green Car Congress

The manufacturer will be gradually phasing out the production of internal combustion engines until 2033. Production of Audi’s final completely newly developed combustion engine model will start in just four years. Beginning in 2026, the brand will only release new models onto the global market that are powered purely by electricity. The exact timing of the combustion engine’s discontinuation at Audi will ultimately be decided by customers and legislation.

Engine 179

News: Top 10 “Engines” Now Mostly Electric

Clean Fleet Report

If you needed a more definitive marker for the imminent end of the internal combustion engine, look no further than Wards 27 th annual 10 Best Engines & Propulsion Systems. turbo V6 through the Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge battery-electric powertrain.

Acura 66

MAN presents hydrogen roadmap; use in fuel cells and combustion engines

Green Car Congress

For public transport and distribution applications, the decision seems to have been made: battery electric vehicles are the means of choice. Accordingly, MAN Truck & Bus already offers series production of the MAN Lion’s City E and eTGE as well as the eTGM electric distribution truck.

2020 372

Lotus Engineering launching new pilot containerized battery test facility

Green Car Congress

Lotus Engineering is launching a pilot containerized battery testing facility to assess energy storage solutions for the booming EV sector. For clients, Lotus Engineering will offer an EV safety-compliant workshop facility with specialist staff experienced in testing batteries.

2020 347

Bosch and Weichai Power boost efficiency of Weichai truck diesel engines from 46% to 50%

Green Car Congress

Bosch and Weichai Power have increased the efficiency of Weichai truck diesel engines from their current level of roughly 46% to 50%. Even though the diesel engine is nearly 130 years old, its development continues. China Diesel Engines Heavy-duty Market Background

2020 339

Empa and partners exploring DME as fuel with new heavy-duty test engine

Green Car Congress

Empa, together with FPT Motorenforschung AG Arbon, Politechnico di Milano, lubricant manufacturer Motorex and other partners, is exporing the use of DME as a fuel for heavy-duty engines. The diesel engine on the Empa test facility was tuned to DME. We already know this engine very well.

2020 333

ORNL team performs first neutron diffraction experiments on a running engine

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have used neutron diffraction to provide noninvasive measurement of lattice strains inside components of a firing engine, thereby enabling the operando study of complex load states and thermal gradients throughout the solid materials.

2020 293

GE Aviation and Safran launch advanced technology demonstration program for sustainable engines; 20% lower fuel consumption

Green Car Congress

GE Aviation and Safran launched a technology development program targeting more than 20% lower fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions compared to today’s engines. Open fan engine concept. The RISE program includes more than 300 separate component, module and full engine builds.

Engine 227

Hino to use Cummins engines in MD and HD trucks for North America; shifting resources to Project Z BEV development

Green Car Congress

Hino Trucks intends to produce medium- and heavy-duty Hino trucks with Cummins engines for sale in North America. and L9 engines in Hino’s L and XL Series models by the end of 2021. Hino plans to redirect engineering and other resources to accelerate the development of the battery electric vehicle (BEV) portion of Project Z, the company’s development path to zero emission vehicles (ZEV). Diesel Electric (Battery) Engines Vehicle Manufacturers

China's GAC announces hydrogen combustion engine

Green Car Reports

Chinese automaker GAC Motor claims to have successfully tested a hydrogen combustion engine, although it's unclear if the engine will ever reach production. The resulting engine has a fairly high thermal

Nuvera boosts fuel cell engine test capabilities

Green Car Congress

Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, a provider of fuel cell power solutions for motive applications, has expanded its hydrogen fuel cell engine testing capabilities with the commissioning of a large-scale durability test facility in Italy.

Engine 232

BMW investing €400M in new vehicle assembly at Munich plant as part of shift to electromobility; engine production being concentrated at Steyr and Hams Hall

Green Car Congress

The new assembly in Munich will be built on the site currently used for engine production. The combustion engines with four, six, eight and 12 cylinders produced there will be manufactured at the company’s locations in Steyr in Austria and Hams Hall in the UK going forward.

2020 326

Engineered E. coli could make carbohydrates, renewable fuel, from CO2

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Newcastle University in the UK have engineered Escherichia coli bacteria to capture carbon dioxide using hydrogen gas to convert it into formic acid. coli host strain was engineered for the continuous production of formic acid from H 2 and CO 2 during bacterial growth in a pressurised batch bioreactor. The research, accepted for publication in Applied and Environmental Microbiology raises the possibility of converting atmospheric CO 2 to commodity chemicals.

CO2 269

This powerful electric boat from ex-SpaceX engineers is the latest e-watersports startup


Arc’s founders may have started with rockets, but now they’re getting their feet wet with high-power electric boats. And a new funding commitment from a former Tesla exec means that their high-performance Arc One electric boats may soon be gracing a waterfront near you.

Tesla 113

Volvo Cars and Geely Holding create Aurobay for joint powertrain operations; engines, transmissions and hybrids

Green Car Congress

The new company will be a global supplier of complete powertrain solutions including next-generation combustion engines, transmissions and hybrid solutions. The creation of the stand-alone joint venture and the transfer of assets allows Volvo Cars to focus fully on the development of its new range of all-electric premium cars in coming years. By 2030, it plans for every car it sells to be pure electric.

Volvo 161

Insight into benzene formation could help development of cleaner combustion engines

Green Car Congress

That insight could also help the car industry make cleaner combustion engines. The industrial processes behind crude oil refineries and the inner-workings of gas-powered combustion engines can emit PAHs, which can form into toxic air pollutants such as soot.

Daimler Truck and Cummins enter strategic partnership for medium-duty commercial vehicle engines

Green Car Congress

signed a memorandum of understanding establishing a global strategic partnership for medium-duty engine systems. As part of the planned strategic partnership, Cummins will invest in the further development of medium-duty engine systems for Daimler Trucks and Buses and the global production and delivery of medium-duty engines by Cummins for Daimler Trucks and Buses beginning in the second half of the decade. Diesel Engines Vehicle Manufacturers

BYD debuts DM-i PHEV technology and 1.5L Xiaoyun Engine; 43% BTE

Green Car Congress

Xiaoyun engine, which is dedicated for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). plug-in hybrid engine is specifically built for the DM-i hybrid technology. With a Brake Thermal Efficiency (BTE) of 43%, it stands as the highest thermally efficient gasoline engine in production. The engine’s fuel efficiency easily meets China’s newest national emissions standards, while also providing a distinctly smooth and quiet driving experience.

2020 251

Study finds particulates from auxiliary vehicle heaters can be up to 1000 times higher than from idling gasoline engines

Green Car Congress

Auxiliary heaters, sold under such well-known brand names as Webasto and Eberspächer, among others, are used in both passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles to preheat the engine and provide additional cabin heating while driving. Emissions Engines

Jaguar Land Rover produces more than 1.5M Ingenium engines; adds new straight-six diesel MHEV to family; fuel cell concept coming

Green Car Congress

million Ingenium engines at its Engine Manufacturing Center in Wolverhampton, UK. Developed and manufactured in-house in the UK, Jaguar and Land Rover’s all-aluminium Ingenium engine designs are modular, flexible and scalable, with common core technologies.

2020 337

Williams Advanced Engineering and Castrol announce strategic 5-year partnership to co-develop EV fluids

Green Car Congress

Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) and Castrol have entered into a five-year technical partnership to co-develop high performance Electric Vehicle (EV) fluids. Castrol will develop and supply EV thermal fluids that are suitable for Williams Advanced Engineering’s (WAE) high-performance motorsport batteries from May 2022. Strong electrical insulation, and a high flash point to protect batteries against breakdown and ignition.

Volkswagen Taos SUV to use new version of the turbocharged EA211 engine that powers Jetta

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen announced that the Taos compact SUV, which slots into the lineup below the Tiguan, will feature a new version of the EA211 turbocharged four-cylinder engine that currently powers the Jetta sedan. For a turbocharged engine, it has a very high compression ratio of up to 11.5

2020 222

VW expanding EV engineering capability in US; high-voltage lab in Chattanooga

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen has begun expanding its Chattanooga factory to build a North American center for electric vehicles—not only for assembly, but for engineering the EVs of the future. There are two ways that auto companies approach the development of electric vehicle batteries.

2020 339

Rolls-Royce and ASI Mining plan to optimize MTU engines for autonomous operations

Green Car Congress

Rolls-Royce and ASI Mining have agreed to ensure compatibility of MTU engines and ASI’s Mobius command and control software for autonomous vehicles. The customers would thus save on operating costs and further benefit from the increased performance of the autonomously optimized MTU engines.

2020 274