Tesla Software Update, Autopilot Challenge Australia, & Map Data Update

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Nash from “Tesla in the Gong” shared a fun video on YouTube this week that covered the new Tesla software update (2021.24.5) The post Tesla Software Update, Autopilot Challenge Australia, & Map Data Update appeared first on EV Obsession.

Tesla unveils its Cybertruck electric pickup

Green Car Congress

At a livestreamed event in Los Angeles, Elon Musk unveiled his company’s latest creation, the electric pickup Cybertruck. Tesla is taking fully refundable $100 reservations now. Electric (Battery

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Tesla Model S Plaid sets Nürburgring track record


Tesla CEO Elon Musk just confirmed that the Model S Plaid set the production vehicle record at the Nürburgring in Germany with a time of 7:30.909 at 166.320 km/h (103.35 Tesla Model S Plaid just set official world speed record for a production electric car at Nurburgring.

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Tesla’s Master Plan turns 15 years old: What Elon Musk’s company has achieved so far


Fifteen years ago today, on August 2nd, 2006, Co-Founder and CEO of what was then called “Tesla Motors” Elon Musk put out his top-secret Master Plan. While doing above, also provide zero-emission electric power generation options. The Tesla Model S Plaid (Credit: Tesla).

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Tesla Model Y production in Giga Shanghai hits 1k per day, outpacing Model 3


Tesla Giga Shanghai is reportedly producing 1,000 Model Y units per day, officially exceeding its Model 3 output of 800 units per day. After four days of overhaul at Tesla’s Shanghai plant last week, the production capacity of Phase 2 Model Y has reached 1,000 units per day.

Tesla Model Y lands in Europe


Ahead of the long-awaited arrival of Tesla’s Giga Berlin production facility in Germany, an employee of the automaker has now indicated that the all-electric Model Y crossover has arrived in Europe. Tesla_Adri (@tesla_adri) August 6, 2021.

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Tesla Police Vehicle Saves Westport Tens of Thousands of Dollars

EV Club of CT

Post by Barry Kresch Tesla Police Vehicle Brings Large Monetary Savings The purchase premium is recouped in one year. After four years, the savings are enough to pay for another Tesla.

Tesla Model S with tilting display spotted in the wild


When Tesla listed the refreshed Model S and Model X in its online configurator earlier this year, the company made it a point to indicate a number of key features that are coming to the flagship sedan and SUV. This seemed to confirm the updated information from Tesla’s official website.

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Tesla $25K compact electric car prototype has been completed: rumor


It appears that Tesla China is making good progress in its development of the highly-anticipated $25k compact electric car. The update about Tesla China’s newest electric vehicle was shared by noted automotive segment leaker ?????, News Featured Tesla

China 113

Tesla ready for India

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla ready for India. According to news, Tesla may be accelerating the process to launch its cars on Indian roads. So, we may have an answer to this question”Is Tesla ready for India?” Most of the Indian citizens want their first electric car to be a tesla.

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Tesla Model Y sales topped with 790 registrations within a week

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla Model Y sales topped with 790 registrations within a week. The Tesla Model Y sales have topped in August with 790 registrations within less than a week since its arrival. The Tesla Model 3 had reached 1,031,588 worldwide deliveries at the end of the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Tesla gets approval for 4 models for India

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla gets approval for 4 models for India. Tesla a very popular American electric vehicle manufacturer has received its approval to make or import its vehicle variants in India from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

India 73

Tesla Model Y body castings begin to stack up at Giga Texas


Tesla Model Y castings are beginning to stack up in impressive numbers at the automaker’s Giga Texas plant just outside of Austin. A focus of Tesla since day 1, the company has always tried to make the manufacturing processes more streamlined through various production efficiencies.

Texas 107

Tesla says Tesla Semi electric truck’s weight is on point, and that’s crucial


Tesla made a rare comment about the Tesla Semi electric truck’s weight, which is going to be crucial to the success of the electric truck.

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Tesla Model Y lineup

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla Model Y lineup. After launching Model S, Model 3 and Model X, Tesla showcased model Y as their 4th car in 2019. This electric car is available in four variants depending upon the requirement of the driver. For the latest electric vehicles news, follow electricvehicles.in.

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Tesla delays Cybertruck to late 2022; Elon Musk says it will be a ‘glitch in the Matrix’


Elon Musk has confirmed and elaborated on the delayed timeline for the Cybertruck, Tesla’s upcoming electric pickup truck. more… The post Tesla delays Cybertruck to late 2022; Elon Musk says it will be a ‘glitch in the Matrix’ appeared first on Electrek.

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Tesla Model S Plaid

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla Model S Plaid. Tesla, an electric automaker that often surprises the EV world is now ready with another surprising performance upgrade version. It is an upgrade of the Tesla Model S and the automaker names it as Model S plaid.

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Tesla drivers are the most satisfied EV owners in Norway


Tesla owners are some of the most enthusiastic automotive enthusiasts in a sector full of brand loyalty, and it doesn’t just apply to owners within the United States. Norway is a battleground for electric vehicle enthusiasts and non-supporters alike.

Norway 114

Tesla Model X Plaid spotted testing Dog Mode in the wild


A Tesla Model X Plaid was spotted in the wild, testing Dog Mode. Back at the Fremont Factory, Model X Plaid vehicles were seen running through the facility’s test track, hinting that Tesla might start ramping the production for its premium SUV soon.

Tesla 99

Tesla is making moves to become an electricity provider in Texas


The sleeping giant that is Tesla Energy is showing signs that it is waking up. This became quite evident in Texas as Tesla filed an application with the Texas Public Utility Commission to sell power in the state. News Featured Tesla

Texas 102

Tesla Opens A New Store In Sevilla, Spain

EV Obssesion

Club Tesla España’s Aland Bru shared some exciting news on Twitter, and then shared more with me. The news is that Tesla just opened up a new store in Sevilla, Spain. The post Tesla Opens A New Store In Sevilla, Spain appeared first on EV Obsession.

Spain 83

Tesla can apply for Bipartisan bill funding after opening Superchargers to other OEMs


Tesla can apply for a portion of the $7.5 billion funding that is set aside for electric vehicle chargers in the recently finalized Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill after it opens its Supercharger network to other manufacturers. Credit: Tesla.

Tesla 83

Tesla Gigafactory will be covered in solar panels by end of 2022


Tesla will completely cover its Nevada Gigafactory in solar panels by the end of 2022, the company said in its 2020 Impact Report. Over the past several years, the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada has flown under the radar, not getting the attention the facility really deserves.

Solar 103

Tesla will produce Model Y in 2021 at Giga Texas and Berlin


Tesla has confirmed that it still is on track to manufacture the Model Y crossover at both the Giga Texas and Giga Berlin plants in 2021 as construction at both facilities continues. Tesla primes robots for Model Y production at Giga Texas.

Texas 105

Tesla Model Y becomes Norway’s best selling EV in August in less than one week


Less than a week since its arrival, the Tesla Model Y sales have topped the charts with 790 registrations in August—as of this writing. A few days ago, Tesla started its Model Y invasion in Europe with its first deliveries in several EU territories, including Germany, Belgium, and Norway.

Norway 113

Tesla plans to manufacture 5 electric trucks per week

Electric Vehicles India

Tesla plans to manufacture 5 electric trucks per week. Tesla is planning to build a new Tesla Semi truck production line at a new building near its Gigafactory Nevada plant. It plans to produce 5 electric trucks per week. Tesla Semi electric truck.

Tesla Owners In California Held Their 1st Annual Meetup Last Month

EV Obssesion

Tesla owners in California achieved something historic last month. They held a Tesla takeover event and Tesla clubs from all over California took part. On their event page, Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley wrote, “We are smitten by Tesla.

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Tesla X is OCTA’s first all-electric vanpool vehicle

Green Car Congress

The Orange County (CA) Transportation Authority (OCTA) has a Tesla Model X SUV as its first all-electric vehicle in the OCTA Vanpool program. The all-electric vanpool vehicle is being used by five employees who work in Seal Beach at the Naval Weapons Station.

2020 249

Xpeng & NIO (& Tesla) China’s EV Showdown: Tesla Rivalry with NIO & Xpeng

EV Obssesion

Originally posted on EVANNEX By Matt Pressman Can Tesla compete with fast-growing EV companies locally in the all-important Chinese market? The post Xpeng & NIO (& Tesla) China’s EV Showdown: Tesla Rivalry with NIO & Xpeng appeared first on EV Obsession.

Tesla overtakes Volkwagen, Ford in Norway as Model Y dominates August EV sales


The Tesla Model Y has boosted Tesla’s presence and sales in Europe. Charts that track EV sales in Europe reveal that Tesla Model Y sales have already exceeded numbers from legacy automakers in Norway, including Volkswagen, Ford, and Audi. News Tesla Model Y Featured Tesla

Norway 112

Should You Buy a Tesla? 5 Reasons Why and Why Not to Get One

Charged Future

Tesla is incredibly popular right now. Emerging from a niche electric car maker into the mainstream market, Tesla has quickly become a successful American car manufacturer–something that has not happened for many decades.

Buy 75

Tesla Supercharger V3 factory with 10k annual capacity fully completed


The electric vehicle sector would be wise to brace for an insane expansion of the Tesla Supercharger Network. As reported by local media outlets on Tuesday, Tesla’s Supercharger V3 Factory in Shanghai had been fully completed as of August 20, 2021.

Tesla 112

Tesla seemingly harassed by Camaro driver, flawless instant karma ensues


There is a reason why Tesla classifies its Full Self-Driving and Autopilot systems as safety features. This seemed to be the case in a recent Tesla incident that has made the rounds online. . The Tesla owner could be heard telling the Camaro to go and leave him and his passengers alone.

Karma 104

How Tesla’s Model 3 Is Melting ICE Markets

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Tesla’s Model 3 triggered the Osborne effect in the auto industry and is causing the internal combustion engine (ICE) market to melt, The Driven shared and explained just how this happened. The post How Tesla’s Model 3 Is Melting ICE Markets appeared first on EV Obsession.

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Tesla’s mobile robotics manager posts new batch of Tesla Bot job openings


Tesla’s manager for Mobile Robotics, Chris Walti, recently invited skilled engineers and technicians to apply at Tesla and get the opportunity to work on the company’s humanoid robot program. . Tesla announced its plans to produce the Tesla Bot during AI Day.

Texas 83

Tesla primes robots for Model Y production at Giga Texas


Tesla’s next United States-based production facility just outside of Austin, Texas, is just months away from initial production. The Model Y and Cybertruck highlight Tesla’s production at the centrally-located manufacturing plant.

Texas 108

Tesla Supercharger Network will open to other EVs this year


At the beginning of the year, there were signs that Tesla planned to significantly expand the Supercharger Network. And by the end of the year, Tesla could be reaping the benefits from its SuperCharger expansion. Opening the Supercharger Network could be quite lucrative for Tesla.

Tesla 110

Emissions Saved By Police Tesla

EV Club of CT

Blog Data Electric Vehicles Uncategorized Emission Savings on Westport Tesla EV Club of CT Westport Police Tesla Model 3Tons of CO2 Emissions Avoided It should come as no surprise that a Ford Explorer that is subject to heavy police-vehicle use burns a ton of gas.

CO2 72

Tesla finally confirms Cybertruck electric pickup is delayed to 2022


Tesla has now finally confirmed that the Cybertruck electric pickup truck is delayed to 2022 after months of hinting at the possible delay in reaching production. more… The post Tesla finally confirms Cybertruck electric pickup is delayed to 2022 appeared first on Electrek.

New Video Offers an In-Depth Look at Tesla Energy

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Originally posted on EVANNEX by Charles Morris There’s an intimate connection between electric vehicles and renewable energy, and that connection—both literally and symbolically—runs directly through the electrical grid.

Grid 104

The Tesla Semi is finally nearing production: report


The Tesla Semi is about two years delayed by now, but recent reports and rumors suggest that the all-electric Class 8 truck is indeed closing in on production. When the Tesla Semi was unveiled, Elon Musk estimated that the all-electric Class 8 truck would enter the market around 2019.

Nevada 113

Tesla cameras absolve Model Y from previous Texas “explosion” claims


The news spread in social media quickly, with Dallas Texas TV even noting that the blaze, which “everybody saw all over Dallas,” was caused by a Tesla “basically exploding.” News Tesla Model Y Featured Tesla

Texas 108

Tesla App gets updated with new UI, fresh features, and direct access to shop


Tesla has rolled out an update to its mobile app recently, featuring a completely revamped user interface, some novel new functions, and direct access to the online Tesla Shop. So you plug in your car, even if it’s not Tesla.

Tesla 86