Porsche commissions MAN electric eTruck for green logistics at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

Green Car Congress

Porsche has commissioned a fully electric MAN eTGM ( earlier post ) for logistics operations at its Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen site. The electric 32-tonne truck will soon enhance the commercial vehicle fleet that Porsche uses for its production logistics in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

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President Trump derides electric cars, suggests “one car per family” with Green New Deal

Green Car Reports

President Trump hasn’t minced his words—or his policy—in declaring that he doesn’t think electric cars are a good idea. At a Thursday night rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump took his electric-car criticism to a new (and somewhat hard-to-follow) level, jumping from jabs about the Green New Deal, to suggesting that the. Politics Donald Trump Green New Deal

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Transportation details of LA Mayor’s proposed Green New Deal

Green Car Congress

On Monday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released his version of a Green New Deal (LAGND). The LA Green New Deal seeks to “zero out” Los Angeles’ main sources of harmful emissions: buildings, transportation, electricity, and trash. Electric (Battery) Emissions Policy

2019 101

El Segundo’s @LATimes Forced To Cover Climate Crisis When Politicians Shove It Up Their To-Do List #JoeTakesOnTheNews

Creative Greenius

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Finalist for Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy 2019: Hyundai Kona Electric

Green Car Reports

In our quest to find Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy, the 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric is shaping up to be the “no drama” candidate. By now, we’ve had four distinct experiences with this small, fully electric crossover—or tall hatchback, depending on how you see it. That’s included plodding along on. Best Car To Buy Best Car to Buy 2019

2019 87

California white and green carpool stickers expire New Year's Day

Green Car Reports

California plug-in car drivers with white or green carpool stickers can no longer use carpool lanes starting Tuesday. The state passed a new program last March that invalidates both the white stickers for electric cars and the green stickers for plug-in hybrids with the start of 2019. For many of those drivers, the state provided a way to extend. carpool California

2018 75

Bring your Green Vehicle to Brookline, MA - October 21!

Electric Cars are for Girls

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum on Sunday October 21, 2012 will be hosting our second annual Green Day: Bringing Technology and People Together through Green Innovations - a family friendly event to promote green driving and living in Massachusetts. We welcome those with any green modes of transportation; grease cars, electric cars, hybrid cars, solar cars, motorized and regular bicycles, Segways, scooters, etc.

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Green New Deal, Mercedes diesels, going solar, electric ride sharing: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

What companies plan to introduce new electric cars in their fleets? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending Feb. On this week, Green Car Reports celebrated its 10th anniversary, and found Which automaker is facing a new lawsuit over emissions from its diesel engines? 8, 2019.

2019 50

Rethinking the electric quadricycle. The Green Piece

Green Cars News

The Green Piece Column. It has largely been accepted that the arrival of proper electric cars like the Nissan LEAF and Renault ZOE have pushed early electric quadricycles like the G-Wiz and the Aixam Mega city to the sidelines. Electric cars The Green Piece

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Green Hero: Tesla

Green Cars News

Do not adjust your screen or refresh your browser… our latest Green Hero award is not a glitch in your computer’s system because you’ve failed to delete your cookies; nor is it a repeat edition. Electric cars Tesla Motors Green Hero

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Inside The Green Task Force

Creative Greenius

But during this same past year, I’ve also been attending the meetings of the South Bay Cities Green Task Force. And that’s where the Green Task Force comes in. The Green L.A. Rather than just suffer from green envy, I intend to find out.

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Green Hero: Formula E

Green Cars News

There is a common misconception that green car enthusiasts are not real motoring fans: that they are more interested in the environment than in engines. Electric cars Green Hero

2014 69

We are Green for 12V Electrical!

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

The dangling white and green wire go to the ammeter shunt and the dangling black wire I think is not used in the AC kit. You can definitely test the green oil light, but don't short out any terminals as mentioned in step XXVI.G!! Whew!

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Johammer Electric Motorcycle: World's Weirdest Way To Go Green

Green Car Reports

There are two types of green vehicle fans in this world: Those who wish you to know they''ve picked the latest green vehicle, and those that don''t. Anyone who chooses Austrian firm Johammer''s electric motorcycle will peg themselves firmly in the former category. It is, by quite a margin, the weirdest two-wheeler we''ve ever clapped eyes on. And we

2014 87

Will California lead the green-car resistance?

Green Car Reports

When it comes to green cars, California leads the nation—and has done so for decades. California residents buy more hybrids and electric cars than those of any other state, and it is also the only state with fueling infrastructure to support the sale of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. Consumer enthusiasm is underpinned by strict regulations. emissions California plug-in cars transportation policy federal government Donald Trump

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Green Automotive to acquire Liberty Electric Cars

Green Car Congress

US-based Green Automotive Company has signed an agreement to acquire UK-based Liberty Electric Cars Limited ( earlier post ). Liberty Electric Cars is a electric vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing company. Green Automotive will purchase all of the issued and outstanding stock of Liberty Electric Cars Ltd. and its subsidiary LEC 2, Limited, in exchange for 39,172,178 shares of Green Automotive Company common stock.

2012 86

Green Hero: BMW

Green Cars News

Electric cars BMW Green Hero Part of Germany’s “big three” luxury carmakers – alongside Audi and Mercedes-Benz – BMW is typically associated with class and prestige rather than fuel economy and the environment.

BMW 72

Volkswagen’s new green focus. The Green Piece

Green Cars News

The Green Piece Column. The Green Piece Volkswagen electric hybrid low emission The Green Piece ColumnTuesday 19 March, 2013.

2013 82

What effect to you expect the Green New Deal to have for electric cars? Twitter poll results

Green Car Reports

If the goal of the Green New Deal proposed by Democrats in Congress is to get people talking about a transition to renewable energy, then it looks to be gaining traction. The Senate generated controversy on both sides of the aisle by proposing to hold a token vote on the proposal. Studies have arrived on both sides and in the middle of the. emissions Fuel Economy Polls

2019 60

Leclanché to provide 4.2 MWh Li-ion battery pack to Green Ferry Project electric ferryboat

Green Car Congress

Swiss battery manufacturer Leclanché has been selected as the Li-ion battery system supplier for a battery-electric ferryboat to be built by Danish shipbuilder Søby Shipyard Ltd. Rendering of the proposed electric ferry. Batteries Electric (Battery) Ports and Marine

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With Climate In Crisis @LATimes Masturbates Masculinely With 18 MPG Car Porn For The Clueless. @MisterFleming Gets Himself Off Again #JoeTakesOnTheNews

Creative Greenius

climate change electric cars environment fossil fuels green education News News Media plug-in cars sea-level rise Sustainability Truth & Reality white privilege Charles Fleming Los Angeles Times

2018 130

Dongfeng Motor Green Plan includes 20 electrified models by 2022; Nissan e-Power on core models

Green Car Congress

Dongfeng Motor Company Limited (DFL), the joint venture between Nissan Motors and Dongfeng Motor Group, will accelerate the “Green 2022 Plan” rollout with a focus on green products, production and materials reuse. Nissan’s e-Power is a non-plug-in series hybrid system that employs a small gasoline engine and a smaller battery pack than that of a full battery-electric vehicle.). Our green development will underpin operations throughout the value chain.

2018 73

Brazil's Green-Car Incentive Surprise: Electrics, Plug-In Hybrids Omitted

Green Car Reports

Many countries have adopted green-car incentives as a way to combat air pollution and lower oil consumption, and they tend to focus on electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen-fuel cell vehicles. These incentives help encourage the adoption of more-efficient cars, and act as a counterweight to negative factors like cost and the lack of

2014 81

How green was 2012? The Green Piece

Green Cars News

The Green Piece Column. In the conclusion of 2011’s A Year in Review, there was talk that it was 2012 that would see electric cars really take off. Or more accurately that 2011 had been a year for the fully electric car, while 2012 would be the year of the plug-in [.].

2012 74

Greenius On The Green Scene - The South Bay Report

Creative Greenius

If you want to have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening on the South Bay green scene being on Dency Nelson’s Friends for A Green Hermosa Beach e-mail list is a pretty damn good place to start. Dency at the wheel of the all electric Tesla.

2009 141

Green Cars Part 3- Hydrogen

DIY Electric Car

Keep a look out for a look at compressed air and battery electric in the next two weeks. It can be produced from a variety of different sources including electricity and has the potential to be created with zero emissions. Tags: Editorials Green Cars Alternative Fuels Hydrogen The more I delve into this topic the more detail I want to address, so rather than cover all three energy storage options in this post I’ve decided to give a more detailed look at hydrogen.

2008 100

China’s plans for great green economy. The Green Piece

Green Cars News

The Green Piece Column. China has a serious problem with its air pollution; it is responsible for the premature deaths or more than 1 million people a year; the worst air pollution death toll anywhere in the world, yet China is in a way, also a big green hope for the [.].

2013 72

Greenius Goes All AB 811 Over Green Task Force

Creative Greenius

Creative Greenius talks AB 811 Financing to the Green Task Force / photo (c) Debra Bushweit Galliani. And I loved sharing all that with the audience at the South Bay Cities COG Green Task Force audience.

2009 141

German power-to-gas facility opens green methanation plant; €28M STORE&GO project

Green Car Congress

While the current facility feeds pure hydrogen (“WindGas”) directly into the gas grid, the new methanation plant provides for the generation of “green” methane. Electricity grid type (transmission grid; municipal distribution grid; regional distribution grid).

2018 115

Tesla Model 3 for Canada, 2020 BMW 745e, LA's Green New Deal: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

The BMW 745e brings a new 6-cylinder engine, with lower fuel-economy ratings, and slightly more electric range for 2020. Los Angeles launches its own Green New Deal. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Tesla raises cash and introduces a new very short-range version of the Model 3 for Canada. Tesla announced in a securities filing on Thursday. Elon Musk Today in Car News

2019 43

Best Green Cars of 2013 are all hybrid and electric

Green Cars News

The new, updated Nissan LEAF has been named the best green car of the year, in a list completely dominated by hybrids and electric car models. Green credentials green credentials

2013 83

H2FUTURE building world’s largest green hydrogen pilot plant; targeting the steel industry

Green Car Congress

The EU-funded €18-million (US$22.3-million) project will be used to test the potential applications for green hydrogen—e.g., With a capacity of 6 megawatts, the plant will be able to produce 1,200 cubic meters (108 kg) of green hydrogen an hour.

2018 109

One of these 3 cars will be Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2019

Green Car Reports

Despite a long list of green-car debuts anticipated over the next couple of years, this year hasn't exactly brought a bevy of new electric models. To qualify for Green Car. As we wait for the market to blossom with new entries in coming years, we have three strong contenders for this year's top position—our Best Car To Buy 2019. Plug-In Hybrids Best Car To Buy Best Car to Buy 2019

2019 69

Green Commuter receives $750K to support electric car sharing service in Chattanooga

Green Car Congress

Green Commuter, an LA-based startup introducing a vanpool and car share service there with a fleet of Tesla Model X vehicles ( earlier post ), has received a $750,000 grant from the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) to launch an electric car sharing service in the Tennessee city. The Transportation Authority award to Green Commuter is part of a $3-million grant from the Tennessee Valley Authority to build solar-assisted car charging stations in Chattanooga.

2016 81

Green Hero: Tesla Motors

Green Cars News

While many electric car start-ups have fallen by the wayside during the year, Tesla finally posted profits during the first quarter of 2013 (see article): its first profits after 10 years in business. Tesla Motors Green Hero It’s been a breakthrough year for Tesla Motors.

Green New Deal, Electrify America expansion, Audi e-tron delay: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey introduced the outline of a Green New Deal in Congress. And the USPS is rolling out electric delivery trucks to cut pollution. Electrify America laid out plans for its second-round roll-out starting later this year. German reports show the launch of the Audi e-tron could be delayed overseas. All this and more. Electrify America

2019 60

Green Car Reports Now On Apple News

Green Car Reports

If you're reading Green Car Reports, you're likely carrying some of the latest tech to go along with your electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or diesel car, right? While you may already have the Green Car Report's iOS app, life is all about freedom of choice. So we have good news for Apple News users: Green Car Reports is now carried in Apple News.

2015 68

Chevrolet Bolt EV: Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2017

Green Car Reports

Each year, Green Car Reports chooses a new car, or a family of cars, as the best green car introduced in that model year. In 2011, our very first award, we picked the first-ever modern electric car to be sold in high volumes.

2016 114

Paris Motor Show Roundup: Electric, Hybrid, And Other Green Cars

Green Car Reports

The 2014 Paris Motor Show this week kicked off the annual global parade of new production cars and concepts, and several notable green cars made their debuts. They include both concept and production models with hybrid, plug-in electric, and diesel powertrains. Demonstrating the breadth of green-car Autumn is here, and so is auto-show season.

2014 68

Green Hero: Mitsubishi

Green Cars News

Japanese carmakers have been firmly at the forefront of the green car revolution. Mitsubishi Green Hero

Would Intelligent Cars Get Us Green Quicker Than Electric Cars?

Green Car Reports

Suppose that the key isn''t plug-in electric cars, but in fact connecting cars to each other and to the infrastructure around them--making traffic flow vastly more efficiently? What technologies will have the most impact on making cars greener and transportation more sustainable--and provide that impact fastest? That''s the controversial thesis put

2014 87

Geneva auto show green car preview: concepts, electric cars, new models

Green Car Reports

Media days at the huge and influential Geneva show are March 6 and March 7, and this year it looks like the show will offer a lot of news for plug-in electric car fans. Geneva Motor Show Plug-In Hybrids Audi e-tron Geneva Auto Show A-Class plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Jaguar I-PaceSeveral significant new production cars powered entirely by batteries are expected to make their debuts. They'll be supplemented by technology presentations from other makers eager.

2018 57

Men may avoid green products because they seem feminine: hypothesis

Green Car Reports

Those tasked with selling electric cars and other products friendly to the environment must confront multiple obstacles as they try to win over often-skeptical consumers. But could public reticence to adopt green products be influenced by more than just. That's something that comes with the territory when marketing new technologies or practices. car buying surveys Study plug-in cars

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