mPhase to Pursue Funding From Stimulus Plan’s $2B for Advanced Automotive Battery Technology

Green Car Congress

says it will pursue funding opportunities arising from the $2 billion allocated for advanced battery technology in the new economic stimulus package. As a multiple cell battery with a shelf life of at least 20 years, the Smart NanoBattery can potentially be integrated with emergency functionality in commercial electric and hybrid electric vehicles to supplement the main power supply, for powering some of the critical electronic components of the vehicle, according to the company.

Stimulus Bill Provides Major Increase in Plug-in Vehicle Purchase Credit Program

Green Car Congress

The $787-billion stimulus bill (HR 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) that emerged from the joint House-Senate conference committee this week provides funds for a large range of transportation-related projects. It also made significant changes in the current plug-in vehicle tax credit program, including increasing the limit from a program total of 250,000 vehicles to a maximum of 200,000 plug-ins per manufacturer.


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Enova Confirms Participation in $10M DOE PHEV Award; Applies for $82M in Incremental Stimulus Opportunities

Green Car Congress

Enova Systems confirmed that it will be the supplier to Navistar’s IC Bus Division for the US Department of Energy (DOE) Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Technology Acceleration and Deployment Activity program. Navistar, with Enova, will develop and deploy 60 plug-in electric hybrid buses to fleets across the nation during the program. Using Enova’s electric drive system, IC Bus is the only bus manufacturer that currently offers a plug-in production hybrid school bus.

Bright Automotive Applies for $35M in Stimulus Package Grants to Accelerate Production of PHEV

Green Car Congress

The IDEA is a multi-purpose, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in the light truck classification aimed at commercial and government fleets. This grant program, overseen by the Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), provides funding to support the construction of US based manufacturing plants to produce batteries and electric drive components.

Can Electric Vehicles Speed Up As The Economy Slows Down?


It’s clear electric cars were on the rise up until the outbreak, but how is the current situation with full-scale lockdowns around the world affecting this trend now? In certain European countries, such as Italy or the UK , passenger vehicle sales even dropped as much as 95-97%.

DOE to Award Up to $300M in Stimulus Bill Funding for Projects to Expand Use of Alt-Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy has issued a $300-million Funding Opportunity Announcement ( DE-PS26-09NT01236-04 ) for applications for cost-shared projects that expand the use of alternative fueled vehicles and advanced technology vehicles. The installation or acquisition of infrastructure necessary to directly support an alternative fueled vehicle or advanced technology vehicle is also eligible. Incremental cost of dedicated alternative fuel vehicles.

2009 150

Eaton to Support Project to Develop and Deploy Medium-Duty Plug-in Hybrid Systems; Stimulus Funding to Support Largest Commercial PHEV Demonstration to Date

Green Car Congress

Eaton Corporation’s truck and electrical businesses will support a $45.4 million grant to develop a fully integrated, production plug-in hybrid system for Class 2 – 5 vehicles (8,501 – 19,500 lbs gross vehicle weight), and the accompanying demonstration of a fleet of 378 plug-in hybrid trucks and shuttle buses. Eaton will also provide infrastructure for the electrical charging of these vehicles. Vehicles will be evaluated over a two-year period.

2009 150

EnerDel To Deploy AeroVironment Advanced Electric Vehicle Power Cycling and Test Systems at Indiana Facility

Green Car Congress

Automotive lithium-ion battery maker EnerDel will be using a portion of its recent federal stimulus grant to purchase eight AeroVironment (AV) advanced electric vehicle power cycling and test systems. Both test systems are programmed to simulate real world driving conditions by repeatedly charging and discharging EnerDel’s hybrid and electric vehicle batteries to replicate actual operating conditions.

Chrysler Disbands ENVI Electric Vehicle Group; Function Absorbed into Traditional Line Organization

Green Car Congress

Reuters reports that Chrysler has disbanded its ENVI team, formed in 2007 to bring electric-drive vehicles and related advanced-propulsion technologies to market. In April 2009, Chrysler unveiled four all-electric Chrysler Town & Country minivan concepts to the US Postal Service (USPS) in Washington, DC. Chrysler spokesman Nick Cappa said on Friday that an in-house team of electric car development engineers had been disbanded in favor of a more traditional organization.

2009 190

Boston-Power to supply Li-ion battery systems to Beijing Electric Vehicle Company for EVs, starting with Saab 9-5 based C70

Green Car Congress

a provider of next-generation lithium-ion battery cells, modules and systems ( earlier post ), has entered a multi-year agreement to provide lithium-ion battery systems to Beijing Electric Vehicle Company (BJEV), the electric vehicle delivery arm of Beijing Automotive Industry Company (BAIC). China’s stated policy is to lead the world in the development of clean transportation and we intend to produce thousands of hybrid and electric vehicles.”

2012 226

Smith Electric Vehicles US Partners with Clean Fuels Ohio Program To Target $10M in Federal Funding

Green Car Congress

Clean Fuels Ohio , a state-wide non-profit organization, has launched its Ohio Electric Drive Initiative designed to bring more than $10 million in federal funds to Ohio through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation (SEV-US) and the Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research are participating in the Ohio Electric Drive Initiative as major program partners.

2009 150

Goodbye GM, Hello Tianjin-Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Company?

Plugs and Cars

I write a monthly column for the Electric Auto Association newsletter, Current EVents. Obama should take extraordinary steps to empower the electric upstarts to prove their mettle. As reported in the NY Times, “Chinese leaders have adopted a plan aimed at turning the country into one of the leading producers of hybrid and all-electric vehicles within three years, and making it the world leader in electric cars and buses after that.”

2009 100

Chipping away at the ICE

Electric Auto Association

My sojourn from grease monkey to EV advocate By TERESA PORTER; PRESIDENT, HEART OF TEXAS ELECTRIC AUTO ASSOCIATION. I’m probably the last person you’d expect to be passionate about electric vehicles (EVs). It’s just a matter of time before NASCAR includes electrics.

Texas 85

Current issue of fka/Roland Berger E-mobility Index drops US to 4th place

Green Car Congress

While COVID-19 has had a negative impact on vehicle markets around the world, sales of electric vehicles (xEVs) have grown strongly, especially in Europe. Increased sales volumes in Europe are to a large extent due to the purchase incentives contained in stimulus packages.

BYD sells 18,220 EVs in China in November, up 128% year-on-year

Green Car Congress

Chinese automotive manufacturer BYD sold 18,220 pure-electric passenger vehicles in November, up by 22.1% November sales of plug-in hybrids passenger vehicles hit 7,333, up by 2.9% Sales of pure-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids January-November 2020 were 139,246 and 69,390, respectively, down by 19.9% China Electric (Battery) Market Background Salesfrom October and by 127.8% from a year earlier.

2020 246

IHS Markit: better-than-expected growth in global automotive semiconductor revenue in 2020; bolstered by uptake in EVs

Green Car Congress

IHS Markit continues to anticipate robust growth in 2021 reflecting improved demand and production conditions and especially a further uptake in electric vehicles, one factor which has helped to boost the semiconductor market in 2020. In some parts of Europe, for example, the government is only providing incentives for electrified vehicles. In many cases this favored sales of smaller, less electronically equipped vehicles.

2020 163

Cleantech Blog: Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

The World's First Clean Motocross Race On Electric. High-Speed Rail Unlocks Intermodal Potential Texas Excess Ford Expands Hybrid Success to Electric Vehicles ► March (17) Carbon Capture and Storage: To Be or Not To Be? Intelligent Charging Infrastructure for New Electr. Review of Forestry Carbon Standards 2008 Ford Partners to Commercialize Electric Vehicles A New "Green" Deal.Direction for the economic re.

2009 28

IEA: global carbon dioxide emissions have rebounded strongly

Green Car Congress

In March 2020, the IEA urged governments to put clean energy at the heart of their economic stimulus plans to ensure a sustainable recovery. Global emissions from the electricity sector dropped by 450 million tonnes in 2020.

Global 353

LSE report calls for global investment of an additional $3T each year to drive economic recovery and transformation

Green Car Congress

The report identifies investment priorities in electricity storage and networks, energy efficiency in buildings and industry, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, the deployment of green hydrogen manufactured with renewables, and decarbonization of industry and heavy transport, including aviation and shipping.

Continental Mobility Study 2020 finds many people still have doubts about EVs

Green Car Congress

The Continental Mobility Study 2020 shows that enthusiasm for electric cars is strong in China, while reservations still need to be overcome in Germany, France, the US and Japan. Main arguments against all-electric cars by international comparison.

2020 238

New report showcases innovative finance tools to electrify truck, bus fleets; TCE Toolkit

Green Car Congress

The authors proposed that policymakers, fleet owners, utilities and investors can use the TCE framework as a roadmap to accelerate demand for electric trucks and buses, while reducing barriers to investment. Bus Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty Market Background

2020 212

ABB launches first DC fast charger compliant with Chinese GB standard

Green Car Congress

The new chargers will be manufactured locally in Shenzhen at ABB’s recently established base for electric vehicle chargers. Terra 53 Z can be widely used at public charging stations, EV fleet parking lots and highway service stations to charge electric passenger vehicles as well as minibuses and EVs used for logistics. Furthermore, ABB will incorporate electric vehicles into its company fleet, demonstrating full support for green transportation in China.

2014 219

Report: New China Policies to Favor, Boost Domestic EVs

Green Car Congress

A new plan from China’s government, anticipated to be unveiled in the next few months, will boost domestically-produced electric vehicles, according to a report in China Daily. According to the plan, electric cars that qualify for subsidies are those that have received government’s production license and are assembled in China, regardless of whether made by domestic or joint-venture firms.

2010 183

Dow to produce advantaged materials for energy storage; initial focus on automotive

Green Car Congress

Federal stimulus funds channeled toward domestic development of electric vehicle technology has created an opportunity to strengthen the energy storage industry in the US, which is currently based in Japan and Korea. The combination of unmet technical needs, stimulus for rapid growth in vehicle electrification, and geographic shift creates unique opportunities for Dow.

2010 163

EV Project collects more than 24 million miles of EV operating data since inception

Green Car Congress

has collected more than 24 million miles of electric vehicle operating data since the inception of The EV Project in 2010. The electric fuel equivalent utilized by EV Project participants represents almost 1 million gallons of gasoline conserved by the use of electric vehicles. ECOtality, Inc. Earlier post.). The EV Project is currently gathering data at a rate of 100,000 miles per day.

2012 190

Valence Considering Building Battery Plant in US or Europe

Green Car Congress

is considering building a battery plant in the US or Europe and will look into the possibility of funding from the economic stimulus package proposed by President Barack Obama. a British electric-vehicle maker, [Valence CEO Bob] Kanode said. to produce electric vehicles for North America. Valence is also very focused on the developing hybrid and electric vehicle market in Europe. Lithium-ion battery company Valence Technology Inc.

2009 150

Brookings analysts recommend against repeating cash for clunkers program in future recession

Green Car Congress

However, the cost of CO 2 reduced was comparable or lower than that achieved through less cost-effective policies such as the tax subsidy for electric vehicles, the analysis concluded. billion in vouchers; NHTSA concluded that the new vehicles purchased under the program averaged 24.9 l/100 km) averaged by the trade-in vehicles.

Capstone C30 Microturbine Integrated Into Electric Ford S-Max as Range Extender

Green Car Congress

UK-based Langford Performance Engineering has integrated a 30 kW Capstone C30 liquid fueled microturbine as a range extender into a series plug-in hybrid version of a Ford S-Max people carrier—a seven-seat crossover vehicle—in the United Kingdom. The Whisper Eco-Logic microturbine extended range electric vehicle. billion outlined in the stimulus fund to get more electric vehicles on US roads.

2009 163

Oregon opens first phase of West Coast Electric Highway

Green Car Congress

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), along with charging station partner AeroVironment and the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE), opened the first phase of the West Coast Electric Highway, which is anticipated to eventually stretch along Interstate 5 from the Canadian to Mexican borders. ODOE awarded ODOT $915,000 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus) funding through ODOE’s State Energy Program to install the network of EV charging stations.

Oregon 204

PECO Expanding Fleet with NGVs & PHEVs

Green Car Congress

PECO is expanding its fleet with new natural gas and hybrid electric models. The utility is participating in a national consortium that recently was awarded a federal stimulus grant to purchase plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and the company is buying more trucks to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) as well. PECO is one of 50 utilities and other fleets in the program, which was awarded the $45 million competitive stimulus grant.

2009 174

Thursday - 1 October 2009. Reporting Out on the Tour de AZ; "Spirit of DC" Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle All Around ARIZONA -- a new PHEV3A

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Cheers PHEV3A'rs, EVANC'rs, EVnthusiasts, One & All - Here's a re-worked in part email sent to Michelle in Public Affairs at AAA of Arizona: Cheers Michelle, AAA Public Relations - Above you can see frontpiece to the website, and a July 2009 picture of the All American "Spirit" as the advance scout vehicle for the successful Tesla EVenture - the pure electric Tesla on a Sportscar run from New York to California.

2009 36

Why we’re launching our EV Climate Loan during the COVID recession

EV Life

At EV Life, we connect people with opportunities to build a safer, more sustainable world, starting with electric cars. If we want to preserve clean air, reverse climate change, and build a safer, more sustainable world, we know one thing is true: Your next car needs to be electric.

2020 52

Sandia Labs Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory undergoing $4.2M renovation to enable testing of larger batteries for EVs and PHEVs

Green Car Congress

Sandia National Laboratories’ Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory is undergoing a major renovation so Sandia researchers can test larger batteries for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. million overhaul, paid for with federal stimulus funds, includes updating test bays, data acquisition systems and laboratory space, and hiring additional staff members to meet the growing demand for Sandia’s battery safety expertise.

2011 204

This is How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect The Global EV Market

Get Electric Vehicle

COVID-19 & Global Electric Vehicle Market. It is expected that, with continuing innovations in the car industry, the electric vehicle market has seen steady growth. Public demand for electric vehicles , on the other hand, has decreased in the United States.

EnerDel Plans to Invest $237M in New Indiana Lithium-Ion Battery Plant

Green Car Congress

The new Indiana plant will give EnerDel the capacity to produce battery packs for approximately 600,000 hybrid electric vehicles, or 60,000 battery-electric cars. EnerDel is referring to the latter as “electric-vehicle equivalents” —about 20-25 kWh.) Worldwide, Enerdel is shooting for capacity for about 120,000 electric vehicles by the end of the five year plan, representing about $2.2B

Help Plug In America renew the EV infrastructure tax credit

Plugs and Cars

From Plug In America: Last year, Plug In America, along with electric vehicle and EV infrastructure manufacturers from coast to coast, worked with members of the House and Senate to get a critical plug-in vehicle infrastructure tax credit into the stimulus bill. This credit should be extended at the same level as in the stimulus for at least another three years.

Sandia’s Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory Awarded $4.2M

Green Car Congress

million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds to modify and enhance its existing Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory (BATLab), with the goal of developing low-cost batteries for electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Sandia tests everything from regular small cells about the size of a laptop computer battery up to full-sized modules and packs weighing several hundred pounds for hybrid vehicles. Sandia National Laboratories will use $4.2

2009 174

Norway stimulates economy and electric cars with 5000 chargers

Plugs and Cars

As a part of the new government economic stimulus plan, Norway will be getting a "forest" of charging stations for electric vehicles. Tags: norway think global charge point battery electric car charge station The Scandinavian nation, which is home to Th!nk, nk, today has about 2500 EVs on the road. The plan is to quickly install 5000 charge points, reports Richard, the founder of the website Electricaid.

Norway 100

Chrysler Unveils Four All-Electric Minivan Prototypes to USPS; Applying for Grant for Nationwide Demo

Green Car Congress

Chrysler unveiled four all-electric Chrysler Town & Country minivan concepts to the US Postal Service (USPS) in Washington, DC, as part of the USPS Earth Day celebration. One of the electric mini-van prototypes. Chrysler’s ENVI group leveraged the flexibility of its electric-vehicle strategy to demonstrate an all-electric version of its best-selling minivan.

2009 150

Underwriters Laboratories Named Exclusive Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory for The EV Project

Green Car Congress

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) was recently named the exclusive Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory for The EV Project ( earlier post ), a large-scale study of electric vehicle (EV) charging station infrastructure. The company signed a memorandum of understanding with Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec), a wholly owned subsidiary of ECOtality, Inc. to test and certify eTec’s vehicle charging stations that will be used in the project.

2010 174

KBR Awarded Contract by Chemetall Foote Corp. for Lithium Hydroxide Operation Expansion

Green Car Congress

KBR will work in support of Chemetall Foote to help the company meet its goal of increasing lithium hydroxide production in response to an increase in demand and forecasted growth of electric vehicles. KBR’s Downstream business unit has been awarded a contract to provide engineering and procurement services to Chemetall Foote Corp. (a a subsidiary of Rockwood Holdings, Inc.) for the addition of lithium hydroxide production at its current operation in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

2010 183

Coulomb, MasterCard, and the future of public charging

Plugs and Cars

The charge stations and installations were paid for with federal stimulus and California Energy Commission grants won by Coulomb. So if you find yourself by Pier 27 in a J1772 compliant or 120 volt-capable electric vehicle and are a Coulomb member or have one of MC's fancy new cards, two spaces with charge stations are available for the parking fee plus an as yet undetermined fee for the electricity.

2010 168

ABB invests $10M in ECOtality

Green Car Congress

Net proceeds of the $10 million equity investment from ABB will be utilized by ECOtality as working capital to support the continuing requirements of the EV Project and will provide the Company with necessary funding to meet its anticipated expansion as a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The project is funded by the US Department of Energy through a federal stimulus grant of $114.8

2011 174