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G oogle proved it is serious about Plug Ins with its new Recharge IT initiative. to to Accelerate Plug-In Hybrid and Vehicle-to-Grid Technology , the philanthropic arm of Google Inc. Here is part of the story.

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RMIT researchers demonstrate working rechargeable proton battery

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Researchers at Australia’s RMIT University have demonstrated for the first time a working rechargeable “proton battery”. The rechargeable battery is environmentally friendly, and has the potential, with further development, to store more energy than currently-available lithium ion batteries.

Automakers agree on common plug to recharge electric vehicles

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Automakers agree on common plug to recharge electric vehicles by Darren Murph , posted Apr 19th 2009 at 4:24PM Just hours after General Motors put forth a proposal for a standardized plug for electric vehicles , in flies this.

GM researchers demonstrate hierarchical electrode architectures for high energy lithium-chalcogen rechargeable batteries

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lithium-sulfur (Li-S) and lithium selenium (Li-Se) systems— are promising candidates for high energy electrical storage solution. 7 mg S/cm 2 ) was also suggested for specific practical applications, such as electrical vehicle applications.

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News in brief: China commits to electric vehicle recharging

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According to reports in the People’s Daily, China will build more electric car charging stations in Beijing and several other cities this year as demand for electric vehicles continues to rise. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Beijing electric car recharging electric vehicle recharging Hefei Nanchang People's Daily State Grid Corp Tianjin

Porsche Mission E electric sport sedan: 200-mile recharge in 15 minutes

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Future Cars plug-in cars sport sedans Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Porsche Mission EWhile there have been lots of concept cars and production announcements, the first serious German competitor to the Tesla Model S and Model X won't arrive for at least another year. And what could prove the most potent of them all—the production version of the stunning Porsche Mission E concept car revealed two years ago—won't go into.

2017 71

Nissan behind electric vehicle charging service

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Nissan has signed a memorandum of understanding with NEC Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation in an effort to promote a new membership-based charging service for electric vehicle users. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Nissan electric vehicle charging infrastructure electric vehicle recharging electric vehicles japan NEC Corporation Nissan electric vehicles Sumitomo Corporation

2010 45

EU funded project developing fast rechargeable zinc-polymer battery for hybrid and small electric vehicles

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million (US$5 million) research project to create a new class of fast rechargeable zinc-polymer batteries for hybrid and small electric vehicle applications. The PolyZion (Fast rechargeable zinc-polymer battery based on ionic liquids) received funding of €2.4 This research involves the development of a new class of fast rechargeable batteries based on a zinc-plastic system incorporating a novel, inexpensive, environmentally sustainable solvent.

NTU Singapore and BlueSG launch ultra-fast charging electric tram; 20-second recharge

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Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and BlueSG Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Blue Solutions owned by the Bolloré Group, have launched Singapore’s first flash-charging electric shuttle. Electric (Battery

2018 88

Bernal Institute leading €8M EU project to advance batteries for electric vehicles

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Researchers at the Bernal Institute at the University of Limerick, Ireland are leading an €8-million EU-funded project called Si-DRIVE, which aims to develop battery technology to support higher performance electric vehicles. This project will tackle the major barriers to EV uptake, which relate to driving range, cost and recharge times by completely re-imagining the lithium ion battery using innovative anode, cathode and electrolyte materials. Electric (Battery) Europe

2018 76

Western Governors pledge to create electric vehicle charging network

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The governors of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to create a unified regional electric vehicle plan to allow electric vehicles to recharge and travel easily along the 5,000 miles of freeways in the western region. Identify, respond to, and where possible collaborate on funding opportunities to support the development of the Regional Electric Vehicle West EV Corridor.

2017 76

US to test Japanese electric vehicle charging

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The US will employ 310 quick chargers using the Japanese CHAdeMO system as part of its large scale electric vehicle tests in Arizona, California, Texas, Tennessee, Oregon and Washington. Electric cars Green cars Latest news CHAdeMO system electric vehicle charging electric vehicles Japanese recharging system U.S

Elektromotive JV aims to create UK’s biggest pay-as-you-go electric vehicle recharging network with 10,000 charge points

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The goal is to create a recharging network with 10,000 public access pay-as-you-go charge points located across the UK. Currently, Charge your Car (North) Ltd is the operator of the Charge Your Car electric vehicle recharging network with 400 publicly accessible charge points located predominantly in the North East of England.

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SolidEnergy targeting rechargeable Li-metal smartphone battery in 2016, EV battery with 2x range in 2017

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This is to be followed in 2017 by a 20 Ah electric vehicle battery offering more than two times the driving range of current Li-ion batteries.

2015 136

Renault sells its 100,000th electric vehicle

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Renault handed over the keys to its 100,000th electric car, a ZOE, in the Norwegian capital of Oslo on 9 September. Renault is the European electric car leader with 27% market share for electric private and utility vehicles. In the first half of 2016, Renault sold more than 15,000 electric vehicles (excluding the Twizy), an increase of 32% on the previous year. In France, half of all electric cars are Renaults.

2016 60

Toshiba to start field testing medium-sized EV bus with wireless recharging, SCiB Li-ion battery

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Toshiba Corporation has developed a fast, cable-free contactless charger for electric vehicles (EVs), and will field test it on a medium-sized EV bus designed to handle the power demands of regular high-speed journeys on expressways.

2016 102

Electric Car Drives 375 Miles at 55 mph, Recharges In 6 Minutes

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We all know that battery packs are the weakest link in electric vehicles. Not only are they heavy and expensive, but they take a long time to recharge and on average can only provide around 100 miles per charge. A German-based company has changed all that with a new vehicle capable of driving up to 375 miles at moderate highway speeds

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Univ. of Missouri team progressing with convection battery; enabling rechargeable lithium-metal batteries

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The technology allows lithium-metal batteries to be recharged without the dendrite failure (short circuit) that has prevented rechargeable lithium-metal batteries from being commercially viable. Masses of dry components of the indicated electrodes.

Mercedes prepares for electric vehicle take-up

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Mercedes-Benz and smart have started the installation of recharging points across their dealer networks in preparation for the, what is hoped will be a widespread uptake of electric vehicles in the UK. So far 20 Elektrobay recharging units, produced by Brighton-based Elektromotive, have been installed at seven locations as part of a pilot project, and further [.].

Should employers pay for recharging employee-owned electric cars?

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Electric vehicle owners have different recharging needs than owners of gasoline vehicles. Gasoline vehicles can recharge at the convenient gasoline recharging stations, but electric vehicle owners today don't have that convenience. Someone could well

Kyocera installs solar-powered recharging station for EVs, backup energy in disaster

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Based on a development plan by Shintec Hozumi, KCCS designed and constructed the system so that solar-generated power charged to electric vehicles can be utilized in times of disaster as backup energy, contributing both to the efficient use of clean energy and disaster prevention.

2014 93

Recharging solutions for iON and C-Zero EVs

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Energy firm EDF Energy has secured a partnership with Peugeot and Citroen to supply electric vehicle recharging products and services to electric car buyers. Both fleet and residential customers who buy a Peugeot iON or Citroen C-Zero will have access to EDF’s package of recharging services. Latest news charge Citroen EDF electricity energy fleets Peugeot recharging

Full steam ahead for recharge infrastructure as Chiltern Railways install free charging bays

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Chiltern Railways has hopped aboard the electric vehicle express after charging points were installed at nine major train stations. Latest news Pod Point rail network rechargeFunded by a consortium coordinated by Milton Keynes Council and installed by POD Point, the EV charge points [pictured] provide the capacity for two cars to be re-juiced simultaneously, free of charge. Accompanied by specially allocated [.].

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E-Mazing Race III: Electric Cars Compete On Recharging In Multiple Locations

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That would be the third running of the E-Mazing Race, a competition across Canada for plug-in electric vehicles. American Pharaoh may have won the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby earlier this month, but the winners of another race remains to be determined. The Derby may be "the fastest two minutes in sports," but the Canadian race deserves its. Canada Competition Road Race plug-in cars charging infrastructure Charging stations Sun Country Highway

2015 86

Recharging Electric Cars Away From Home: What To Expect

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If there's one thing any advocate of the electric car gets asked more than anything else, it's about range: "How far will it go? How long does it take to recharge? whose aim it is to develop an electric vehicle 8 hours!? I'd take me weeks to travel across the country! Help is at hand though, as there are several organizations here in the U.S.

More work reported on approaches to stabilizing lithium metal anodes for high energy rechargeable batteries

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Metallic lithium, with a high theoretical capacity of ~3,860 mAh g -1 , is one of the most promising materials for anodes in next-generation high energy rechargeable battery systems for long-range electric vehicles. Arumugam Manthiram, Yongzhu Fu, Sheng-Heng Chung, Chenxi Zu, and Yu-Sheng Su (2014) “Rechargeable Lithium–Sulfur Batteries” Chem.

2014 92

GIREVE project to establish common framework for roaming services for recharging plug-in vehicles

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The Caisse des Dépôts investor group; Électricité Réseau Distribution France (ERDF), the manager of electricity distribution to 95% of the metropolitan area in France; PSA Peugeot-Citroën; and Renault have signed a memorandum of understanding on the creation of a common framework to develop roaming services for recharging plug-in vehicles in France. Vehicle or smartphone applications would locate available terminals and possibly book a recharge slot.

Honda begins deliveries of Fit electric vehicle

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The Honda Fit EV is now on the road – with the Japanese carmaker beginning deliveries and the first model heading to the city of Torrance as part of an electric vehicle demonstration programme. Honda has worked closely with the city of Torrance on public awareness events while gathering information about recharging station locations. Electric cars Green cars Honda Latest news electric vehicle Fit EV Honda Fit EV Torrance

Breakthrough for range extended electric vehicles

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EnerFuel, a subsidiary of Ener1, believes it has made a significant breakthrough that could influence the future of range extended electric vehicles. The company has developed a high temperature PEM fuel cell with an on-board reformer that enables the use of conventional hydrocarbons fuels to recharge the batteries in an electric vehicle.

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Varley Electric Vehicles to build electric buses in Queensland

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Varley Electric Vehicles has taken possession of a passenger bus from Brisbane City Council that it will retrofit with electric vehicle technologies as part of a multi-million dollar growth program for the company called Instant Charge Electric Bus. Varley Electric Vehicles is a division of The Varley Group, one of Australia’s oldest specialty vehicle manufacturers and has recently celebrated 125 years of service.

2012 86

Electric Vehicle Arteries (EVA+) fast charging: Enel, Verbund, Renault, Nissan, BMW & Volkswagen partner in Italy & Austria

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Enel, as coordinator, and Austria’s main utility Verbund are collaborating on a fast-recharging network project in Italy and Austria, alongside some of the world’s largest EV carmakers including Renault, Nissan, BMW and Volkswagen Group Italia (represented by Volkswagen and Audi). Electric Vehicle Arteries (EVA+) aims to create a fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles on key roads and motorways in Italy and Austria.

Largest electric vehicle charging stations in China open doors

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It has been abundantly clear for quite some time that China is serious about pushing electric vehicles – and now there is some physical evidence to match the legislation and hype. The country’s largest electric vehicle charging stations were put into service earlier this week as two stations with 134 stands were opened at the Universiade [.].

2009 34

Airbiquity adds global network of recharging posts to its services

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Connected vehicle services firm Airbiquity has joined in partnership with Coulomb Technologies to integrate Coulomb’s online network of electric vehicle charging stations into Airbiquity’s services for its customers. Coulomb’s ChargePoint Network, an open-platform network of charging stations, will now become available to Airbiquity’s customers as part of its Green Vehicle service portfolio.

Porsche Developing Electric Vehicles; 3 Electric Boxsters Slated for Testing

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Porsche AG, Stuttgart is researching and developing all-electric vehicles, with three electric Boxsters to be in testing as part of the Stuttgart Model Region for Electromobility project. We will definitely be offering an electric sports car in future. A Porsche Boxster.

2010 129

BP invests $5M in mobile electric vehicle charging company FreeWire; intro at some retail sites this year

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a US-based manufacturer of mobile electric vehicle (EV) rapid charging systems, and plans to roll out FreeWire’s Mobi Charger units for use at selected BP retail sites in the UK and Europe during 2018. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure

2018 78

Technical review outlines challenges for both batteries and fuel cells as basis for electric vehicles

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Gasteiger, Chair of Technical Electrochemistry, Technische Universität München; and Dr. Jens-Peter Suchsland, SolviCore GmbH, delve into the technological barriers for all-electric vehicles—battery-electric or PEM fuel cell vehicles.

2015 99

Nissan, New York City launch LEAF electric vehicle taxi pilot

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Nissan and New York City have launched a new electric vehicle taxi pilot with the Nissan LEAF. As part of the pilot, Nissan and partners in New York City will also install several CHAdeMO-based DC quick chargers, which will enable drivers to re-charge their electric taxis quickly during their shift. With quick charging, Nissan LEAF can be recharged to about 80% in under 30 minutes.

Volkswagen’s first two production battery-electric vehicles debut at Frankfurt

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Volkswagen marked its serious entry into the battery-electric vehicle market with the introduction in Frankfurt of its first two series production EVs: the e-up! Dr. Martin Winterkorn said that the group has set its sights on global market leadership in electric mobility. “

2013 140

Car Companies Standardize Plug for Electric Vehicles : Gas 2.0

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Car Companies Standardize Plug for Electric Vehicles Written by Jerry James Stone Published on April 19th, 2009 34 Comments Posted in Electric Cars (EVs) , Plug-in hybrid EVs Just a few hours after General Motors called for a standardized EV plug , one has been created!

2009 69

MIT team synthesizes all carbon nanofiber electrodes for high-energy rechargeable Li-air batteries

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Li-air (or Li-O 2 ) batteries are receiving a great deal of attention and funding as a high-density energy storage solution, especially for electric vehicle applications. Thompson and Yang Shao-Horn (2011) All-carbon-nanofiber electrodes for high-energy rechargeable Li–O 2 batteries.

2011 116

PG&E proposes major build-out of 25,000 electric vehicle charging stations in California

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Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has filed an application with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for permission to build an estimated 25,000 electric vehicle (EV) chargers at sites across its service area in Northern and Central California—8 times the number currently installed. The cost of the plan would be shared by all electric customers as a contribution to helping the state meet its clean air and climate goals.

2015 97

Electric vehicles: A closer look at home charging. The Green Piece

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After what seems like decades of anticipation, electric cars will finally break off their shackles as niche vehicles and drive into the mainstream with the upcoming launch of the Nissan LEAF electric car and the extended range Chevrolet Volt (Vauxhall/Opel Ampera). However, choosing an electric vehicle is just [.]. Tags: Electric cars The Green Piece leaf recharging U.S Tuesday, September 7, 2010: The Green Piece.

Elektromotive Extends European Recharging Network to Belgium and Luxembourg

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UK-based Elektromotive has appointed The PluginCompany to install networks of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across Belgium and Luxembourg.