Electric Car 'Outrage': Obama Goal Missed, Dubious TV Report Dissected

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"Billions of your tax dollars were spent to put a million electric cars on the road by the end of this year. Also perhaps vaguely reminiscent of 2011 and 2012, when uninformed, context-free, and factually-wrong "news" stories emerged about the Chevrolet Volt and, by. sales obama Television TV plug-in cars Biased reportingYou might be outraged when you hear what happened." Sounds shocking, doesn't it?

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Tesla Pops Up, State Electric-Car Fees, Obama Delayed: Today's Car News

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We look at vacation car-rental dilemmas, state electric-car fees, and yet another innovation from California carmaker Tesla Motors. All this and more today on Green Car Reports. Tesla takes a page from the retail industry and opens its first "popup store" to sell electric cars in Santa Barbara. Today in Car NewsWho are some of the most grateful receipients of.

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Obama Oil Tax, Electric-Car Charging Costs, Tesla Gigafactory: Today's Car News

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Today, President Barack Obama proposes a tax of $10 per barrel on oil, California wrestles with the question of who should pay for electric-car charging infrastructure, and the Nevada government says the Tesla "Gigafactory" fell short of job and investment projections in 2015. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

Obama announces funding for electric vehicles

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Following months of anticipation, President Barack Obama has finally announced 48 new advanced battery and electric drive projects that will receive a total of $2.4billion in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news electric drive projects electric vehicles funding for electric vehicles President Barack Obama

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Obama budget backs electric vehicles

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With the aim of having one million advanced technology vehicles on US roads by 2015, President Obama’s Budget offers clear support for electric vehicle manufacturing. As part of its proposals, the budget speaks of transforming the existing $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles into a rebate that will be available to all consumers at the [.].

Electric-car sales, EPA vs climate change, Bollinger B1 signups, VW badly needs batteries: Today's Car News

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Today, it's all about electric-car sales, and there's one car that continues to surge to new heights. Also, Tesla reported its (higher) global quarterly sales, VW is negotiating for battery cells, and the EPA under Trump will try to neuter a landmark Obama achievement. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News


Obama rolls out EV strategy

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The Obama administration is calling for raising the number of plug-ins that qualify for federal incentives from 200,000 to 500,000 cars per manufacturer. In addition, Obama is looking to convert the federal tax credit into a rebate available at the time of sale. Source: Detroit News ]. Joe Biden barack obama enerdel battery electric carAt EnerDel's Indiana battery plant today, VP Biden outlined the administration's EV strategy.

US and China join forces on electric vehicles

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Two of the world’s super powers have united as US President Barack Obama and China President Hu Jintao announced a package of seven measures to strengthen co-operation between the countries on clean energy. Under the initiative, activities will include a joint standards development under which the countries will explore the development of joint product and testing standards for electric vehicles including a common design for plugs to be used in the vehicles and common test protocols.

Ricardo responds to electric drive stimulus package

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Ricardo, one of the leaders in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles, has welcomed President Obama’s announcement of $2.4billion in grants to accelerate the manufacturing and deployment of the next generation of US batteries and electric vehicles. This vision is shared by Ricardo and is reflected in our proactive investments in infrastructure and facilities in the area of electric and hybrid vehicle technologies and advanced battery systems development.&#.

VW diesel buybacks, Tesla Autopilot changes, U.S. funds electric-car charging: Today's Car News

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Today, we look at the choice facing Volkswagen 2.0-liter TDI owners, possible updates to Tesla Autopilot, and the Obama Administration's plan to fund a national network of electric-car charging stations. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

Tesla, Ford and Nissan receive loans boost

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The first conditional loan commitments reached as part of the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing programme has been awarded by the Obama administration. It will also help the manufacturer convert two plants from truck production to car production. Nissan meanwhile, has received money to produce electric cars and battery packs at its manufacturing facility in Tennessee.

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Navistar to deliver all electric commercial truck

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FedEx is about to take a very special delivery of its own – as Navistar Inc supplies the first full production eStar all-electric commercial truck to the company. The eStar all-electric truck transitioned from concept to reality in August 2009 when President Barack Obama visited the Navistar manufacturing plant and announced a $39.2million federal stimulus grant. [.].

Barak Obama or John McCain - Which Candidate will Revive the Electric Car?

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Big news! presidential candidates Barak Obama and John McCain are talking about EVs. Finally, American politicians, corporate executives and grassroots advocates all seem to agree that powering cars from clean, affordable and domestic electricity makes sense. However, politicians have talked about electric vehicles before and in the past, the talk did not translate into government support for practical technologies.

Greenius Is Fired Up Over Obama’s Green Economic Recovery Bill!

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President Obama Steps Up To Save The Economy & The Climate While Republicans No Longer Relevant. I wholeheartedly applaud, support and endorse President Barack Obama’s signing of the $787 billion economic recovery bill just moments ago. This is very bad news for the bad guys.

2015 Volvo XC90 Plug-In, 2014 MINI Cooper Priced, Natural-Gas Fueling Stations: Today's Car News

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Today on Green Car Reports: Executives say the 2015 Volvo XC90 plug-in hybrid may go on sale next summer, the 2014 MINI Cooper starts at $20,745, and President Obama promoted natural-gas fueling stations in Tuesday''s State of the Union Address. All this and more on Green Car Reports. The first-ever Porsche turns out to be an electric car.

Electric Cars: Yes We Will

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The buzz is everywhere and completely electric in Washington DC this week. And some of that energy is headed directly to plug-in cars. We’ve heard electric cars mentioned time and again in our two days here, and we haven’t even been to Live Earth’s Green Gala yet. It’s a dangerous time because reactionary pressure can replace progress if everyone waits for one person (Obama) to do everything for everyone, and disappointment sets in.

Obama challenges America over electric vehicles

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US President Barack Obama has set his sights on vastly increasing the number of advanced fuel vehicles in American communities after launching a $1billion National Community Deployment Challenge. Electric cars Green cars Latest news electric vehicles EV Everywhere Challenge green cars President Barack Obama

Obama urged to create Electric Fuel Task Force

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President Barack Obama is being urged to create a National Electric Fuel Task Force to help accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles and their infrastructure. The calls are being made by organisations representing car manufacturers, electric utility companies and the electric drive industry, including: the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM); the Association of International [.].

USA avoids fiscal cliff: boost for energy tax benefits and electric cars

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Green cars Latest news electric cars energy taxes fiscal cliff President Barack ObamaThe issue of the “fiscal cliff” – an across-the-board leap in taxes and spending cuts – has finally been resolved in the USA after the US Senate passed a vote on New Year’s Day.


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must not be 'hostage' to foreign oil February 20, 2006 MIT researchers invent new hybrid car battery February 7, 2006 Re-thinking the world's economic future February 7, 2006 100-M.P.G. T he Plug In Partners Blog celebrates its first year of publishing this month.

Why NPR Hates Electric Cars - A Greenius Expose

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Frank doesn’t know too much about electric cars and didn’t do much research before doing his report. Frank doesn’t like electric cars very much and doesn’t want you to either. What’s behind Frank’s bete noir car thing with EV’s?

Smart Meters and Electric Cars

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This is a well written story in the Pasadena Star News about how the utilities are gearing up for the coming plug-in vehicles. Ed Kjaer, the director of electric transportation for Southern California Edison, demonstrates how the Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle or MiEV plugs into their Garage of the Future at their Electric Vehicle Technical Center in Pomona on Thursday, January 22, 2009. Smart meters and electric cars: a match made in efficiency.

Plug-in Hybrid Bills in Congress Scare Auto Makers

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The Detroit News Autos Insider column today is reporting on Congressional efforts to promote plug-in hybrids and the backlash from the automakers. Toyota made the car, the Prius, that made plug-in conversions possible, and now they are trying to rein in the desires unleashed. A123 bought Hymotion and they are producing cars for Google's RechargeIT.org effort. HybridsPlus and EDrive have converted cars.

BREAKING NEWS: Hermosa Beach To Become Carbon Neutral City! Acting Locally, Thinking Globally

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Ever since the Copenhagen climate treaty talks ended in impotence two months ago there hasn’t been a single ounce of positive news on the international scene about our chances of cutting the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and getting CO2 levels back down to the safe 350 ppm zone. Also, there would be an abundance of electrical vehicle hookups around town to entice the usage of energy-saving cars and draw in visitors.

Does the future of electric cars hinge on costs?

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As the major automakers race to put electric vehicles into showrooms, they are spending money like it’s going out of fashion. According to reports, General Motors has splashed out around $1billion developing the Chevrolet Volt, while Chrysler hopes to invest around $448million in its electric vehicle programme. Cogan is far from a naysayer about the prospects of electric vehicles - he has been covering them since 1992 in his award winning magazine.

How Ford got back in the EV game

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Ford has done it's share of electric cars, including the Ranger EV and Th!nk nk City that were its ZEV mandate cars in the '90s. The surprise appearance at the Detroit Auto Show last month of an electric Focus may be evidence of a new day (again) at Ford.

Buffett's Chinese electric car company

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BYD’s conventional gas-powered cars are selling well these days in China, and his electric plug-in electric model looks like it will come to market with a longer range and a lower sticker price than the new Toyota Prius much-hyped Chevy Volt.

The electric car and grid parity - OregonLive.com

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Similarly, such mandates and incentives will drive the market for electric cars for a while. The Oregon Legislature is contemplating bills that provide credits for both manufacturers and purchasers of electric cars.

Nissan Leaf – Taking Reservations

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After a federal tax credit and state rebate, the price of these cars will come out at around a cool 20k. Funny that this article cites “a shortage of public charging stations&# as the sole reason for auto makers scrapping electric vehicles in the 1990s. Viewers of “ Who Killed The Electric Car? &# may recall it was a little more complicated than that… The first five states where the Leaf will be available are: California, Arizona, Tennessee, Oregon, and Washington.

China and the Electric Car | Autos | Smart Spending | Mainstreet

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highways and parking lots, Americans are gradually turning to smaller, often hybrid , cars for fuel efficiency and lower environmental emissions. Even billionaire investor Warren Buffett is betting on the market for more fuel efficient and electric vehicles, including those made in China.

Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog - NYTimes.com

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Ted Kulongoski behind the wheel of Nissan’s prototype electric vehicle. Mr. Kulongoski wants to make Oregon the go-to state for electric vehicle production. According to Nissan, the company plans to introduce its upcoming electric car in Oregon in late 2010.

Electric Cars and a Smarter Grid - Green Inc. Blog - NYTimes.com

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Electric cars and a smart electric grid have a bright future, according to panelists at a roundtable discussion on the subject that I attended last Friday in Boston. “I In effect, cars would be acting like tiny power stations. “You guys own the cars.&#

Hey Exxon! Hey Chevron! My Friends At the EPA Are Declaring What You Do Dangerous & You Will Pay. Pack Up Losers, It’s Time For You to Go!

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That’s the real news here. For those of you who aren’t boarding the ClueTrain on this issue, just connect the dots between this strategic move on the part of the Obama administration and the opening of the Copenhagen Climate Talks.

Labour's £5,000 sweetener to launch electric car revolution | Environment | The Guardian

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The new breed of electric car. Of that, 58% of the emissions are caused by motor cars." The cash incentive for consumers would be available to offset the higher upfront costs of electric cars , in particular the price of the batteries in modern vehicles.

Bring Back the EV1 Press Conference

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City Council Member, held a press conference demanding General Motors apologize to the American people for destroying the automaker’s EV1 plug-in electric vehicle. Chris Paine’s film “ Who Killed the Electric Car ? He sent the story to KFWB News 980 and to President-elect Barack Obama. We are the advocates of the electric car family and must continue our fight to save the electric car.

Electric-Car Fans Rally Around the Volt - Green Inc. Blog - NYTimes.com

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Supporters of the car say that’s shortsighted. “Any new technology like the Chevy Volt takes time to become profitable,&# said Jay Friedland, the legislative director for Plug-In America , an electric-car advocacy group. — Electric Cars Are For Girls 22.

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Andy Grove: The U.S. must create an electric car industry - Apr. 17, 2009

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News | Markets | Technology | Personal Finance | Small Business | CNN.com RSS Newsletters Video Home Fortune 500 Technology Investing Management Rankings Andy Grove on battery power To wean itself from imported oil, the U.S. must create a strong electric car industry. More Warren Buffett takes charge Warren Buffett hasnt just seen the car of the future, hes sitting in the drivers seat. car industry hinges on cutting-edge battery technology.

Nissan plans to start selling electric car in Seattle next year

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PT Nissan plans to start selling electric car in Seattle next year By AUBREY COHEN SEATTLEPI.COM STAFF Seattle will be one of the first cities where Nissan sells a new electric car, and the city will help make the vehicles viable here, officials from the city and auto maker said Tuesday. Nissan plans to roll out the car in 12 to 15 markets next year, Perry said. By committing to all-electric, it shows their confidence that the technology is ready."

Chrysler's first electric car to be two-seat sports car - Apr. 15, 2009

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Photos First drive: Chevy Volt test A few laps behind the wheel of an early version of GMs electric car shows the strengths - and possible weaknesses - of the technology. To survive, help is needed from Italys Fiat but, as negotiations with the Italian automaker bog down and the two week deadline to hammer out a partnership approaches, the companys future - as well as its aspirations for an electric hot rod - are increasingly in doubt.

Firm reveals plug-in hybrid projections

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The company suggests that by 2015 a total of 1.7million plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will be on the road worldwide with the United States to be the leading market. It predicts that 610,000 vehicles will be sold in the US alone in the next five years - though this would be short of the Obama administration’s one million plug-in vehicle targets. So how many plug-in hybrid vehicles can we expect to see on the roads in around five years time?