Electric cars are better for drive-in movies

Green Car Reports

And the best kind of modern vehicle to take in a drive-in movie is an electric car. Green LifeOne of the greatest comebacks in this trend-breaking year has been the resurgence of the drive-in movie.

2020 111

Tires and wheels can have a huge effect on electric car range

Green Car Reports

When driving an electric car, it's important to consider the only part of the vehicle that actually touches the road. Tires can have a major impact on electric car range. Green Life

2020 113

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Green number plates for electric cars confirmed by government

Green Cars News

The Department for Transport (DfT) has confirmed that green number plates will be introduced for electric vehicles from the autumn

2020 66

Want to help build a VW electric car?

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The automaker is letting visitors to its "glass house" factory in Dresden, Germany, help build e-Golf electric cars. Green LifeIf you like DIY projects, Volkswagen has an offer that might interest you.

2020 90

Renault launches new all-electric car-sharing service in Paris

Green Car Reports

Automaker-operated car-sharing services haven't achieved much success, but that hasn't deterred Renault from launching one in Paris. Renault's Zity car-sharing service, which started in Madrid in 2017, will launch in the French capital in March. Car Sharing Green Life

2020 95

Commentary: Nissan ends war over electric-car charging standards, as Tesla stands apart

Green Car Reports

Such was the case, it seems, in the battle between CHAdeMO and CCS as a standard for electric-vehicle fast-charging in the 2010s. charging Green Life

2020 110

MW Motors Luka EV is a modern electric car in retro-classic form

Green Car Reports

Not every car needs to have the sci-fi looks of a Jaguar I-Pace or Tesla Model X. Czech Republic–based MW Motors designs modern electric cars with retro styling. Green Life

2020 113

UK project builds electric-car charging into a half-mile of lampposts

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The great thing about electric-car charging is that it can take advantage of existing grid infrastructure. charging Green LifeA new project in the United Kingdom demonstrates the benefits of that.

2020 106

In less than a decade, electric cars have already become this much cleaner

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emissions Green Life

2020 109

Study: Electric cars and pacemakers are a safe combination—with some precautions

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Does the caution extend to electric cars and their high-power, high-voltage systems? charging Green Life

2020 96

Electric cars could get green number plates under new plans

Green Cars News

Electric vehicles in the UK could soon be issued with specific green-coloured number plates under government plans

2019 66

Polestar Spaces, Dyson electric car, ride-hailing EV mandate: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

The 600-mile Dyson electric car was revealed this weekend. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. The Polestar 2 electric car is on its way to U.S. Today in Car NewsPolestar outlines where its first U.S. showrooms will be.

2020 95

Could grassroots racing bridge the electric-car culture clash?

Green Car Reports

The daily news cycle already provides plenty of fodder for taking sides for or against electric cars. Most people who decide to embrace electric vehicles probably understand that EVs do anything but preclude driving enjoyment; and many want to share that enthusiasm with others. green racing Green LifeIn the real world it’s just not that polarizing.

2019 79

Tesla electric-car tax credits, Pininfarina electric-car brand, and best deals on green cars: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Tesla is the first automaker to reach the 200,000-car limit for federal electric-car tax credits. Pininfarina plans for a new line of exotic electric cars. All of this and more on Green Car Reports. Tesla delivered its 200,000th car this past week, which means the And we have the best deals on plug-in, hybrid, and other fuel-efficient vehicles.

2018 59

Biggest solar array, Escape Plug-In Hybrid rated, 1959 electric car review: Today?s Car News

Green Car Reports

Barges go electric, and solar goes very, very big. And what does a car review from 1959 tell us about EVs today? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. Today in Car NewsOne of the most eagerly anticipated plug-in hybrids gets a range number.

2020 87

Green Automotive to acquire Liberty Electric Cars

Green Car Congress

US-based Green Automotive Company has signed an agreement to acquire UK-based Liberty Electric Cars Limited ( earlier post ). Liberty Electric Cars is a electric vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing company. Green Automotive will purchase all of the issued and outstanding stock of Liberty Electric Cars Ltd. and its subsidiary LEC 2, Limited, in exchange for 39,172,178 shares of Green Automotive Company common stock.

2012 85

Polestar 2 electric car tows up to 3,300 pounds—including in US form

Green Car Reports

The Polestar 2 electric crossover may be one of the first compact electric cars to be rated for towing any significant amount. The company confirmed to Green Car Reports that U.S. youtube Green Life

2019 83

Electric car drivers should get ‘green badges’ for free parking

Green Cars News

Electric car owners should be given a ‘green badge’ which enables them to park in restricted areas or park for free in public car parks, according to a leading thinktank. Electric cars electric car IPPR

2013 77

Hummer goes green with mini electric car

Green Cars News

Electric cars electric vehicle EV HummerIt has been a couple of years since the demise of the much-derided Hummer.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid $249 lease tops June plug-in, hybrid, electric car deals

Green Car Reports

Although the cheap low-interest or no-interest financing deals for new vehicles have mostly gone away, as the auto industry recalibrates supply to a new coronavirus-recovery norm for demand, many of them are still good through June in the green-car sector—leading to some standout deals for electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and hybrid vehicles.

2020 78

Could electric cars help Scotland achieve independence? The Green Piece

Green Cars News

The Green Piece Scotland has some really ambitious targets for reducing CO2 emissions and for increasing the use of renewable energy sources. Electric cars The Green Piece electric cars emissions renewable fuel Scotland UKTuesday, February 12, 2013.

2013 75

Would Intelligent Cars Get Us Green Quicker Than Electric Cars?

Green Car Reports

What technologies will have the most impact on making cars greener and transportation more sustainable--and provide that impact fastest? Suppose that the key isn''t plug-in electric cars, but in fact connecting cars to each other and to the infrastructure around them--making traffic flow vastly more efficiently?

2014 87

New Electric Car Concept

DIY Electric Car

My team and I are bringing into production a unique and futuristic, electric, three-wheel car. We at Orlando M concepts are very excited that we can share this with our fans and become a network of people who can share different ideas about green technology, futuristic motorcycles, three wheelers and car designs. How are you all doing? My name is Orlando M. We would like to invite you to our Facebook page, and like us.

2013 100

Chevy Bolt EV recall, flying electric car racing, EVs and pacemakers: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Electric car racing is getting a fun twist later this year. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. Today in Car NewsThe Chevrolet Bolt EV has been recalled for an odd but critical safety issue. And what about EVs and pacemakers?

2020 93

As dealerships brace for downturn, electric car deals are rare this month

Green Car Reports

Automakers are offering more deals to counter a downturn in sales brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, but most of those deals do not apply to hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric cars.

2020 86

El Segundo’s @LATimes Forced To Cover Climate Crisis When Politicians Shove It Up Their To-Do List #JoeTakesOnTheNews

Creative Greenius

2019 130

Electric car predictions: panel video from NY Auto Show

Green Car Reports

Every so often, Green Car Reports is asked to take part in panels and industry events discussing the future of advanced auto technologies—particularly electric cars. Videos Future Cars plug-in cars Who Killed the Electric Car

2016 83

Volkswagen reveals electric car strategy

Green Cars News

German carmaker Volkswagen has been among the leaders of the green car race with its BlueMotion vehicles and the forthcoming introduction of the Blue E-Motion Golf electric car (also known as the e-Golf, pictured): and now it has revealed part of its electrification strategy for the near future.

2013 76

Is 2013 the year of the affordable electric car? The Green Piece

Green Cars News

The Green Piece Column. Could 2013 be the year when electric cars become much more affordable? Electric cars The Green Piece affordable electric car priceTuesday, 29 January, 2013.

Democrats' clean energy plan would boost EVs, but steps back from Green New Deal

Green Car Reports

Congressional Democrats unveiled a new clean energy action plan Tuesday that would emphasis electric cars, but it steps back from some aspects of the previous Green New Deal plan.

2020 90

New Study Doesn't Say 'Electric Cars Aren't Green' (Headlines To The Contrary)

Green Car Reports

Brace yourself, electric-car fans and advocates. It may be a bumpy ride for the next few days.

2014 114

Green Commuter receives $750K to support electric car sharing service in Chattanooga

Green Car Congress

Green Commuter, an LA-based startup introducing a vanpool and car share service there with a fleet of Tesla Model X vehicles ( earlier post ), has received a $750,000 grant from the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) to launch an electric car sharing service in the Tennessee city. The grant enabled Green Commuter to purchase the Nissan Leafs from a local dealer, and set up a local service and maintenance system.

2016 81

Cleaner electric cars, Mercedes diesel plans, new Corolla hatch, green-car deals: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we've got our monthly roundup of green-car deals, a first look at a Toyota Corolla Hybrid (that we may not get), an interview with Daimler's CEO, and good news about electric cars—which got even cleaner in the U.S. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Today in Car News

2018 61

With Climate In Crisis @LATimes Masturbates Masculinely With 18 MPG Car Porn For The Clueless. @MisterFleming Gets Himself Off Again #JoeTakesOnTheNews

Creative Greenius

climate change electric cars environment fossil fuels green education News News Media plug-in cars sea-level rise Sustainability Truth & Reality white privilege Charles Fleming Los Angeles Times

2018 142

Plugging into electric cars. The Green Piece

Green Cars News

The Green Piece Column. Keeping an electric car topped up with the electrical charge it needs to keep running is an important task, but while many people will be aware of the arrival of such models on the market, just how they are kept charged and running may be less clear [.]. Electric cars The Green Piece charging points electric car The Green Piece ColumnTuesday 17 July, 2012.

2012 51

Wayback Machine Trip To 2008 Reveals Greenius Prognostications On Harsh Climate Reality?

Creative Greenius

climate change Climate Emergency electric cars environment fossil fuels Green New Deal renewable energy solar power 350ppm Airtalk CBS EcoMedia Film Week Inconvenient Truth Joe Galliani KPCC Larry Mantle Redondo Beach TorranceWhen my good friend and former CBS EcoMedia colleague, Taylor, heard Larry Mantle on today’s live broadcast of KPCC’s Film Week mention, “Joe from Redondo Beach” and the documentary “Inconvenient Truth,” she texted to ask if that was me. It was.

2020 122

Fastest Electric Cars: 'Green Monster' Vs. 'White Zombie'

Green Car Reports

Once a speed freak, always a speed freak: That's the tale behind Mate Rimac, creator of the Rimac Concept_One electric supercar. The striking supercar appeared from nowhere to us, but Rimac himself had prior experience with fast EVs--a BMW 3-Series known as 'Green Monster' (via Gizmag). The 'Green' bit is obvious--it's an electric car for

2012 83

Toyota ME.WE Electric Car Concept: Green From The Wheels Up

Green Car Reports

isn''t your typical Toyota concept car. In fact, were it not for the word Toyota appearing at the top of this page, you might have assumed the quirky little electric car was from another maker entirely. The Toyota ME.WE Toyota''s concepts are often a lot more edgy and futuristic looking, like its Shanghai Auto Show exhibits. By contrast, the ME.WE''s

2013 86

Nissan e-4orce demo: Why electric-car AWD benefits more than performance and traction

Green Car Reports

In the electric-car realm, all-wheel drive can do even more. As Nissan demonstrated to Green Car Reports this past week with a series of dynamic demos at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, by

2020 83

Could Carmakers Sell More Electric Cars With Green Energy Included?

Green Car Reports

In our experience, owners of electric vehicles are also rather keen on green energy. Where appropriate, many fit solar panels to supply some of their energy needs, and others use green energy tariffs and similar. As it turns out, marrying the two is a good way of enticing people into electric cars--buying cars in the knowledge they're impacting

2013 74

Electric cars: the cleaner choice. The Green Piece

Green Cars News

The Green Piece Column. One of the things that confuses me deeply (I confess there are many things that confuse me) in the apparent rejection of electric cars is the argument that they are not any greener than combustion cars because electricity is produced from fossil fuels. Electric cars The Green Piece electric car power generation The Green Piece ColumnTuesday 28 August, 2012.

What effect to you expect the Green New Deal to have for electric cars? Twitter poll results

Green Car Reports

If the goal of the Green New Deal proposed by Democrats in Congress is to get people talking about a transition to renewable energy, then it looks to be gaining traction. The Senate generated controversy on both sides of the aisle by proposing to hold a token vote on the proposal. Studies have arrived on both sides and in the middle of the. emissions Fuel Economy Polls

2019 71

New York City ramps up electric car push

Green Cars News

New York City is getting serious about electric cars: with the city’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, outlining major plans for the vehicles in his State of the City address. Among his plans are an increase in both electric car parking and charging options.