GM electric-car goals, EPA test worries, 5-minute battery recharge, Google vs Uber: Today's Car News

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Today, uncertainty over EPA emission testing, GM's electric-car goal, concern over the fate of more capable start-stop systems, and a 5-minute battery recharge? All this and more on Green Car Reports. Romania has doubled its electric-car purchase incentives; they're now more than $10,000 for a new car. Today in Car News

Chevy Bolt EV electric car shows GM can do Silicon Valley, exec says

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Over the last five years, much has been written about autonomous-car efforts from Apple and Google. The answer remains to be seen, but this month brought news that both companies are restructuring their efforts. General Motors GM Future Cars Apple Google plug-in cars Silicon ValleyCould these two massively successful Silicon Valley startups overturn the established order in the global auto industry?

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Google's Investment in Transphorm Could be Good News for Electric Cars

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Google said today it had invested in a startup called Transphorm, whose power-conversion efficiency technology could some day help create more efficient electric cars. The company’s technology can reduce by up to 90 percent the power lost when one form of energy is converted to the other (say, from AC — alternating current — to

Tesla Model 3 Status, Audi Q6 Electric SUV, 2016 Mazda Miata Gas Mileage: Today's Car News

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Today, we check in on the Tesla Model 3 electric car and the Audi Q6 electric SUV "coupe," and report on the fuel-economy figures for the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata sports car. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Check out Chevrolet Volt deals, Google's near-purchase of Tesla, and the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show in our Week in Reverse feature and. Today in Car News

Google tests electric vehicle charging station

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Internet giant Google is certainly one of the world’s most forward thinking companies, so it’s no surprise to see it embrace electric vehicle technology. The company is testing a Plugless Power charging station for electric vehicles at its Mountain View headquarters in California. Currently, Google boasts several low speed electric vehicles for short range travel [.].

News in brief: Google gets on its bike

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There’s one mode of transport even greener than hybrid and electric cars – and that’s the humble bicycle. That’s why we know environmental enthusiasts everywhere will be thrilled with the latest innovation from Google. The online search specialist has added biking directions in the US to Google Maps which includes step-by-step directions, bike trails, and a [.].

MIT Battery Breakthrough Could Revolutionize Electric Cars : Gas 2.0

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Write For GO About Advertise Contact Login Explore GO Media: News & Opinion Family & Lifestyle Business & Technology Gas 2.0 The breakthrough could revolutionize electric car battery technology and pave the way for ultra-fast charging electric vehicles in as little as two years.

Electric Car Manufacturers Inspire New Paradigms -- Seeking Alpha

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Seeking Alpha Home The Macro View Stocks & Sectors Global Markets ETFs Investing Ideas Breaking News Transcripts Register | Login Email: Password: Forgot Your Password? Think is also working closely with the Brussel based Eurelectric , the European union of electricity industry.

News Summary I

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must not be 'hostage' to foreign oil February 20, 2006 MIT researchers invent new hybrid car battery February 7, 2006 Re-thinking the world's economic future February 7, 2006 100-M.P.G. T he Plug In Partners Blog celebrates its first year of publishing this month.

New Musk venture, Mercedes electrics to come quicker, sensing methane leaks: Today's Car News

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Today, we have a new company from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, posh electric delivery vans, and a new sense of urgency from Mercedes-Benz. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Mercedes-Benz has decided to launch electric cars up to three years faster than it had previously planned. A Google Street View car was used to test out new. Today in Car News

Follow Hybrids With Social Media

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Where do you go online to get your hybrid car and SUV information? For many people, automotive websites and search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! have been their main source of news, reviews and data.

The electric car and grid parity -

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Similarly, such mandates and incentives will drive the market for electric cars for a while. The Oregon Legislature is contemplating bills that provide credits for both manufacturers and purchasers of electric cars.

Smart-grid project matches wind to electric cars | Green Tech - CNET News

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The EDISON (Electric Vehicles in a Distributed and Integrated Market using Sustainable Energy and Open Networks) research consortium will seek to match power generation from wind turbines on the island of Bornholm, Denmark, with the power consumption of charging plug-in electric cars. Smart grid refers to a number of technologies aimed at gathering more data on the flow of electricity through the transmission grid.

GM, Segway partner on two-wheel city vehicle | Green Tech - CNET News

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The two-wheeler is meant to address the mounting problems of urban car transportation, according to the two companies that plan to unveil the vehicle at an auto show in New York. Imagine small, nimble electric vehicles that know where other moving objects are and avoid running into them. He started at CNET News in 2002, covering IT and Web development. In the Hawkins Electrical Guide, copy right 1928, there is a entire chapter on electric Automobiles. Big cars.

US lawmakers to de-silence electric cars • The Register

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Both bills allow for two years for the "non-visual alert" study and another two for car manufacturers to implement the standard.

Agreement reached on common 'plug' for electric cars: firm

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Electric Car Makers: Oregon Wants You - Green Inc. Blog -

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Ted Kulongoski behind the wheel of Nissan’s prototype electric vehicle. Mr. Kulongoski wants to make Oregon the go-to state for electric vehicle production. According to Nissan, the company plans to introduce its upcoming electric car in Oregon in late 2010. IBM to build smart grid for electric cars - R&D

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Home Business Digital Life New Media Comms CIO R&D Government Careers Events E-Monday Video Audio Dublin: 18.04.2009 02:44 AM Irelands Technology News Service RSS News Alerts Subscribe Features Google reports record Q1 profits BT reveals 24Mbps service Yahoo!, Sony Ericsson to cut 2,000 jobs Breaking News Calling all iPhone developers 250 technology R&D jobs for Cork as local.

Plug-in Hybrid Bills in Congress Scare Auto Makers

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The Detroit News Autos Insider column today is reporting on Congressional efforts to promote plug-in hybrids and the backlash from the automakers. Toyota made the car, the Prius, that made plug-in conversions possible, and now they are trying to rein in the desires unleashed. A123 bought Hymotion and they are producing cars for Google's effort. HybridsPlus and EDrive have converted cars.

Slow start for charge of the electric cars - Times Online

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Save 30% today The Times and Sunday Times for less Navigation - link to other main sections from here Skip Navigation It’s good to know what you want Ariel Leve Send your views News Comment Business Money Sport Life & Style Travel Driving Arts & Ents Archive Our Papers Subscriptions Markets Market Data Economics Industry Sectors Columnists Movers & Shakers Law Career Management Times Online Times Archive Google Where am I? Car buyers were less enthusiastic.

Labour's £5,000 sweetener to launch electric car revolution | Environment | The Guardian

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The new breed of electric car. Of that, 58% of the emissions are caused by motor cars." The cash incentive for consumers would be available to offset the higher upfront costs of electric cars , in particular the price of the batteries in modern vehicles.

Volkswagen showcases inductive charging w/ “power lift”, autonomous and semi-autonomous capabilities & gesture control at CES

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A separate menu on the navigation system display enables automatic and precise parking of the car over the charge plate. In this case, the car is essentially remote controlled. Smartphone and smart watch as the car key. In this case, the car is essentially remote controlled.

Rapid Charging Electric Cars: How Fast, How Soon?

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GigaOM Network: GigaOM | Earth2Tech | jkOnTheRun | NewTeeVee | OStatic | TheAppleBlog | WebWorkerDaily | Jobs Live Events | About | Contact Rapid Charging Electric Cars: How Fast, How Soon? While the Model S is in the concept phase of development, rapid charging represents a very real focus for battery developers and electric car makers. Nissan is working on an electric car that it says is on track to have a 100-mile range and 26-minute charge time.

Nissan plans to start selling electric car in Seattle next year

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PT Nissan plans to start selling electric car in Seattle next year By AUBREY COHEN SEATTLEPI.COM STAFF Seattle will be one of the first cities where Nissan sells a new electric car, and the city will help make the vehicles viable here, officials from the city and auto maker said Tuesday. Nissan plans to roll out the car in 12 to 15 markets next year, Perry said. By committing to all-electric, it shows their confidence that the technology is ready."

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Plug In Partners to to Accelerate Plug-In Hybrid and Vehicle-to-Grid Technology , the philanthropic arm of Google Inc. In addition, Google Inc. headquarters, which will help the company reduce its environmental footprint and power its plug-ins with clean solar electricity.

"Spirit of DC's" Visit at Tioga HS in Groveland is Front Page News in The Union Democrat, Monday, 26 January 2009

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Cheers PHEV3A'rs, EVADC'rs, and EVnthusiasts, One & All - The "Spirit of DC's" visit to Tioga High School in Groveland, California, is front page news in The Union Democrat, Monday, 26 January 2009. See also Google News Alert for: "Jerry Asher" Plug-in Electric car makes pit stop at Tioga High School Union Democrat - Sonora,CA,USA Endeavors are underway to get pixs for posting.

Gen Y Demand for Hybrids Strong

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Fortunately for hybrid and electric vehicle manufacturers, this group has a very strong affinity for these vehicles. In its fourth annual Gen Y survey, the consultancy Deloitte found that 59 percent of respondents prefer an electrific vehicle over any other type of car or truck.

Are You Plugged In?

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Some of the first plug-in electric passenger vehicles are slated to roll onto U.S. For all the fanfare, sales of electric cars are currently negligible (outside of golf courses, that is). How many plug-in electric vehicles does President Barack Obama wish to see on U.S. Plug-in hybrids differ from hybrids on the road today in that they can go longer distances on battery power and can be recharged via electrical outlets. Google Inc.

Workplace Charging 101: Level 1

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The big EV news of the month was the first Tesla S deliveries. For luxury car buyers, the ground has shifted. Buying the best car now means buying the electric car. Because the cars sit for many hours.

Tesla Prepping IPO

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More details at: Electric-car maker Tesla preparing IPO. The IPO represents a landmark in the resurgence of electric-car technology that most carmakers had dismissed as impractical until recently. Electric-car maker Tesla preparing IPO. electric-car maker Tesla Motors plans to go public soon, two sources familiar with the matter said, amid growing interest in green technology and battery-powered vehicles. Venture funds back green cars.

Automakers agree on common plug to recharge electric vehicles

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Español HD Mobile Engadget Engadget Engadget Web Images Video News Local RSS Feed Contact us Tip us on news! Caroline Reichert, an RWE spokeswoman, noted that the idea here is to ensure that "a car can be recharged in Italy in exactly the same way as in Denmark, Germany or France."

AFP: China's BYD eyes alternative energy vehicles

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Hosted by Back to Google News China's BYD eyes alternative energy vehicles 1 day ago BEIJING (AFP) — China?s The firm is also in discussions with foreign governments regarding electric car projects, said Henry Z. Electric vehicles are an opportunity.

Plug In 2008

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Here's one of the announcements that came out of the conference : EPRI, GM, 34 Utilities Collaborate to Advance Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles PALO ALTO, Calif. Seamless integration of PHEVs into the electric grid will require close collaboration between the automobile and electric sectors.”

Car Companies Standardize Plug for Electric Vehicles : Gas 2.0

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Write For GO About Advertise Contact Login Explore GO Media: News & Opinion Family & Lifestyle Business & Technology Gas 2.0 » See also: 9 Electric Cars 100 Years Old or More » Get Gas 2.0 More on Electric Cars: It’s On!

Green Star to Demonstrate Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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Search Results for Google April 29, 2009 09:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time Green Star to Demonstrate Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle FRANKFORT, Ky.--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Green Star Products, Inc. OTC: GSPI) announced today that within the next four weeks it plans to publicly test its plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle will be driven on a simulated city driving test route. Global Green Cars is a U.S.