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Toyota develops fuel cell system for maritime applications; first application on Energy Observer

Green Car Congress

Toyota, official partner of Energy Observer and an avid supporter of their project from the start, has developed a fuel cell system for maritime applications, with its first delivery destined for Energy Observer.

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Electrify America is gaining ground on Tesla Supercharging

Green Car Reports

If you’re just learning the ways of electric-car ownership, the more charging-station locations, the better. And Electrify America appears on its way to catch up with Tesla’s Supercharger network in that metric.

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UK sales of new petrol and diesel cars could be banned by 2032

Discover EV

According to the latest government plans, a ban on selling new petrol, diesel, plug-in and hybrid cars in the UK will be brought forward from 2040 to 2035 – and earlier if feasible

2020 81

4 Best Electric Car Super Bowl Ads (And How To Save Thousands On These EVs)

EV Life

There was one surprise winner at Super Bowl 2020: electric cars. More than one of the most watched sporting events in the United States, the Super Bowl has become a platform for some of the highest profile ads.

2020 75

Alstom signs first contract for battery-electric regional trains in Germany

Green Car Congress

Alstom will manufacture , deliver and maintain until 2032 eleven Coradia Continental battery-electric trains for regional traffic on the Leipzig-Chemnitz route on behalf of VMS (Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen) and with the support of ZVNL (Zweckverband für den Nahverkehrsraum Leipzig), the two authorities responsible for this line.

2020 420

Confirmed: Electric cars outsold manuals for the first time in 2019

Green Car Reports

Americans are gradually saying farewell to the possibility of manual transmissions in new cars, just as more families are discovering (and purchasing) electric vehicles.

2020 158

Rivian’s Backstory

Spark Powered

Here’s a great video put together telling the origin story of Rivian. A 26 year old starts a billion dollar car company from nothing. pretty incredible story. The post Rivian’s Backstory appeared first on Spark Powered. Cars Vehicles

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In Norway, Asko begins piloting use of hydrogen fuel-cell trucks

Green Car Congress

Norwegian wholesaler Asko is among the first to operate a goods vehicle that runs on hydrogen, thanks to a collaborative effort by research scientists and industry.

2020 418

Electric payload: These 5 trucks will change America

Green Car Reports

The age of the electric pickup truck has (almost) arrived, and with it the promise of all of the torque and none of the tailpipe emissions. Newcomers including Rivian, Bollinger, and Tesla are launching electric pickup trucks in the next few years.

2020 144

Airlander Hybrid

Spark Powered

Don’t call it a blimp. It’s an airship. Travel the sky in style on journeys of over 4000 nautical miles with 15 of your closest friends. Supposedly 75% more efficient than other forms of aerial transportation. An all electric version is in development. I’m stoked about this.

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Does battery swapping have a future outside of China?

Discover EV

Back in the annals of EV history, battery swapping was put forward as a way of overcoming the issue around charging time. Tesla tested in over in the USA in 2013, demonstrating its ability to swap out a Model S battery in 90 seconds, but has since abandoned it.

2020 68

Li-Cycle sets up its first US-based Li-ion battery recycling center in NY state

Green Car Congress

Empire State Development (ESD) announced that Canada-based Li-Cycle Corporation will establish its first US-based Li-ion battery recycling facility in New York State.

2020 377

Why GM has put hybrids—and the Chevy Volt—in its past

Green Car Reports

Just a year ago, GM changed its tune about the possibility of hybrids—and plug-in hybrids like the much-loved Chevrolet Volt—in the company’s near-term future. Put simply, GM was finished with hybrids.

2020 143

Jeep E-Bike

Spark Powered

I’ve never biked in the snow but this picture of the new Jeep E-Bike makes me want to give it a try. Unfortunately there won’t be much snow when this is released this June. 40 mile range , probably ~25mph as per most ebikes. No word on price. link].

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Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Infiniti to share EV platform

Discover EV

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, including Infiniti, will move its electrification strategy forward on an all-new, shared platform.

2020 66

BMW introducing new aerodynamic wheel on iX3 EV; cast aluminum wheel with inserts

Green Car Congress

The new BMW Aerodynamic Wheel is making its debut together with the BMW iX3, the market launch of which is planned for this year.

2020 368

UPS turns to Arrival for some very stylish electric delivery vans

Green Car Reports

Another relatively new electric-vehicle company has scored a major deal to electrify some of the world’s delivery fleets.

2020 140

The Hummer Electric Pickup

Spark Powered

Hummers were a ridiculous middle finger to the environment when they were released to the public. I mean. the point of the military Hummer (or Humvee or HMMWV) was an armored truck. But again, this is the land of the civilian assault rifle. But, here we are. This thing could actually do well.

New Renault Megane E-TECH gets PHEV technology

Discover EV

Renault is bolstering its ranks of PHEV cars with the introduction of the new Megane E-TECH plug-in hybrid.

2020 52

JenaBatteries and BASF cooperate in the development of electrolyte for redox flow battery

Green Car Congress

JenaBatteries GmbH and BASF are cooperating in the production of an electrolyte for a battery technology that is particularly suitable for stationary storage of electricity from renewable energy sources and for stabilizing conventional transmission grids.

2020 363

2020 Tesla Model Y gets a better city efficiency rating than Model 3

Green Car Reports

Tesla last month boasted that its Model Y electric crossover received a range boost before it was even released—to 315 miles. That number is official with results posted by the EPA yesterday.

2020 130

Lucid Air Shoots for the Sky

Spark Powered

Still prototyping building out their factory. but promising big things. The biggest being a more efficient battery. able to eek out a 400 mile range. I hope it’s true. At that point the talk of range anxiety should vanish. link].

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Petrol and diesel vehicle ban brought forward to 2035, with hybrids also included

Green Cars News

The final year to drive a new petrol, diesel or hybrid car in the UK will be brought forward from 2040 to 2035 according to latest reports

2020 51

Orange County unveils 10 new fuel-cell-electric buses along with debut of US’ largest public transport hydrogen fueling station

Green Car Congress

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) unveiled ten new hydrogen fuel-cell-electric Xcelsior CHARGE H2 heavy-duty transit buses in Santa Ana, California.

2020 364

Super Bowl 2020 electric-car ad showdown: Which one gets you charged up?

Green Car Reports

Automakers and ad agencies might finally be starting to find the right way to position electric cars in TV commercials. The Super Bowl never was the right venue for commercials that need to run people through rational selling points.

2020 128

Cake Electric Motorcycle

Spark Powered

If Ikea were to make an electric motorcycle this would be it. 50mph, 3hr range, $13,000 USD. Kalk OR. The post Cake Electric Motorcycle appeared first on Spark Powered. Motorcycles Vehicles electric gotta go fast motorcycle

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Increase in renewable energy makes EVs cleaner than ever

Discover EV

The proportion of the UK's energy generated by the burning of fossil fuels has fallen to a record low during 2019, with renewables now the biggest net contributor. This is great news for those concerned about upstream emissions from charging EVs, and should help silence detractors of plug-in cars who have long suggested that they only displace emissions, rather than reduce them. Even better, it's not just the UK going green

2020 51

ElringKlinger fuel cell stacks exceeded expectations in EU-funded GiantLeap; trailer-attached hydrogen range extender for electric buses

Green Car Congress

Within the scope of EU-funded GiantLeap project, Bosch Engineering GmbH, together with VDL Enabling Transport Solutions b.v. and their partners, designed and built a fuel cell range extender system for battery-electric buses.

2020 355

2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid adds solar roof, challenges Camry Hybrid at 52 mpg

Green Car Reports

Especially in the numbers-focused green-car arena, some healthy competition can do wonders. And the latest 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, revealed at the Chicago Auto Show today, looks to be a great example of that.

2020 123


Spark Powered

40 miles unassisted. or 75 with you pedaling. You won’t break records at 20mph but you also won’t break the law for not having your motorcycle endorsement. You can pre-order this lil’ guy off for a nice price of $2,495. link].

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Mercedes E-Class: Fast facts on the upcoming facelift

Green Cars News

With over 14 million units delivered since 1946, the E-Class has the impressive distinction of being the bestselling model series in the history of Mercedes-Benz

2020 45

Trillium completes construction of largest hydrogen transit refueling station in North America

Green Car Congress

Trillium has completed construction of the largest hydrogen transit refueling station in North America.

2020 350

GM teases new electric-truck details, boasts about battery flexibility

Green Car Reports

During General Motors’ Capital Markets Day presentation for investors Wednesday, the company teased just how much flexibility—and potentially, what a wide range of global products—they can make from the company’s upcoming third-generation electric-vehicle architecture.

2020 117

Lucid Air 1000bhp luxury EV nearing production readiness

Discover EV

In the world of EV startups, a good way of garnering interest is to trump Tesla in some way. So it is with California-based Lucid, which is aiming to produce the first EV with an official range of more than 400 miles.

2020 69

Geneva Motor Show 2020: What will be on show?

Green Cars News

The Geneva Motor Show is the biggest European car event on the calendar and is traditionally the place a large number of manufacturers unveil their latest models

2020 43

NYU team develops novel ion-conducting copolymer to increase power and reduce cost of fuel cells

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, led by Miguel Modestino, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a novel ion-conducting polymer (ionomer) that increases the power and lowers the cost of fuel cells.

2020 350

Lucid Air electric sedan will be previewed to reservation-holders before official bow

Green Car Reports

Just over ten years since the first special-invitation preview events for the Tesla Model S, the closest thing to a true rival (or successor) for the Model S is finally coming to market: the Lucid Air. It’s true in more ways than one.

2020 116