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Toyota Mirai drives 1,003 km (623 miles) on one fill of hydrogen

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A Toyota Mirai has set a new world record for distance driven with one fill of hydrogen. The new Toyota Mirai has increased the world record distance to 1,003 km (623 miles). After breaking the record, Mirai was refueled and ready to go again in 5 minutes.

Miles 427

Joestradamus Foresees Terrible Trouble & Complete Collapse For Kings Of Stranded Assets. “I Got Your Just Transition Right Here,” Say Youth Hackers For Climate Justice.

Creative Greenius

environment climate change climate crisis climate wreckers homegrown terrorists Just Transition monkeywrench oil and gas industry stranded assets


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Michelin solution could bring inflatable sails to oil tankers

Green Car Reports

Michelin, the company best known for making tires, on Tuesday presented the latest version of an inflatable wing sail system that could help decarbonize oil tankers, vehicle carriers, and other sea freight, as well as some pleasure craft.

Oil 169

Tesla Model Ys without radar equip several changes to improve Autopilot performance


Tesla is delivering new Model Y vehicles without radar, and the vehicles are equipping several relatively unknown changes when it comes to the overall operation.

Tesla 114

Germany investing €8B+ in 62 large-scale hydrogen projects; “We are making Germany a hydrogen country”

Green Car Congress

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi) and the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI) selected 62 large-scale hydrogen projects this week, which are to be state-funded as part of a joint European hydrogen project (Important Project of Common European Interest, IPCEI).

Scientists have cost-effectively harvested lithium from seawater


Researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia have figured out how to extract lithium, an essential part of electric vehicle batteries, from seawater in a more cost-effective way.

EV fast-chargers and Slurpee machines: Two things many US 7-Eleven stores will soon have

Green Car Reports

Ubiquitous convenience-store chain 7-Eleven is getting serious about EV fast charging. The company plans to install 500 DC fast-charging stations at 250 United States and Canada locations by the end of 2022.

Store 164

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Citroën introduces ë-Jumpy Hydrogen van

Green Car Congress

Citroën is supplementing its range of electric LCVs with hydrogen technology to meet the needs of the 8% of companies required to make journeys of more than 300 km (186 miles) or lacking the time to recharge their vehicle during the day.

Tesla officially applies to build battery cells at Gigafactory Berlin


Tesla has officially applied to manufacture battery cells at Gigafactory Berlin. It’s expected to be among the first locations to produce Tesla’s new 4680 cell. more… The post Tesla officially applies to build battery cells at Gigafactory Berlin appeared first on Electrek.

Hyundai hydrogen fuel-cell HD truck packs as much battery capacity as GMC Hummer EV

Green Car Reports

Hyundai on Tuesday announced upgrades for its Xcient Fuel Cell heavy-duty truck, indicating the automaker remains committed to fuel-cell commercial vehicles.

GMC 164

Ford’s Mustang Mach-E is being manufactured more than its gas-powered sibling


New production data from Ford reveals that the legacy automaker is manufacturing more units of the all-electric Mach E than the traditional, gas-powered Mustang. In an attempt to enter the all-electric car market, Ford announced that it would electrify its legendary Mustang in November 2019.

Ford 114

University of Michigan researchers lay out hurdles for Li-metal, solid-state batteries

Green Car Congress

In a perspective piece in the journal Joule , researchers at the University of Michigan lay out the main questions facing lithium-metal, solid-state batteries. To develop the questions, they worked in close collaboration with leaders in the auto industry.

Ford is producing more Mustang Mach-E EVs than gas-powered Mustang in important milestone


Ford is already producing more Mustang Mach-E electric vehicles than gas-powered versions of the Mustang. That’s just months after the first Mach-E rolled off the assembly line in Mexico.

Mexico 114

Do EV fast-charging reservations make sense? EVgo thinks so

Green Car Reports

EVgo is introducing a reservation program for its public fast-charging sites, allowing customers to reserve a charging station ahead of time, but only in certain West Coast locations.

Tesla readies Model 3 for India testing and potential sale by end of 2021


Tesla is reportedly ready to send Model 3 units to India in preparation for testing phases in the country, according to local reports. Additionally, the all-electric sedan could be ready to be sold by the end of the year through Tesla’s online Design Studio. Tesla India.

India 114

SK makes strategic investment in clean hydrogen company Monolith; “cyan hydrogen”

Green Car Congress

SK Corp, the holding company of SK Group, has made a strategic investment in Monolith , a US company that has developed a plasma-based process to produce “cyan” hydrogen—between green (via electrolysis using renewable energy) and blue (conversion of methane accompanied by CO 2 capture and storage).

BMW launches iX electric vehicle in the US starting at $83,200


BMW has now launched the iX xDrive50, the production version of its iNext concept electric vehicle, in the US and confirmed the starting price of $83,200. more… The post BMW launches iX electric vehicle in the US starting at $83,200 appeared first on Electrek.

Study: Lack of home-charging awareness is holding back EV adoption

Green Car Reports

Consumers are uneducated about home charging for electric cars, and that's holding back adoption, according to the J.D. Power 2021 EV Home Charging Study. Brent Gruber, J.D.

Tesla submits its application to build batteries at Giga Berlin


Tesla has officially submitted amended application documents to build electric vehicle battery cells at its German production plant, Giga Berlin.

BYD introducing battery-electric Type D school bus

Green Car Congress

BYD is introducing a battery-electric Type D school bus. With length options of 35, 38, and 40 feet, BYD’s Type D battery-electric school bus can seat up to 84 and can be equipped with an ADA liftgate. The bus has a range of up to 155 miles on a single charge.

BYD 364

Tesla Model S Plaid achieves new quarter-mile world record in 9.2 seconds


The new Tesla Model S Plaid has reportedly achieved a new quarter-mile world record with a 9.2-second run, according to Jay Leno, who was at the racetrack for the record attempt. more… The post Tesla Model S Plaid achieves new quarter-mile world record in 9.2 seconds appeared first on Electrek.

Miles 114

2022 Honda Insight hybrid starts $2,000 higher, still gets 52 mpg

Green Car Reports

The 2022 Honda Insight hybrid sedan gets a price bump for the new model year, but retains its 52 mpg combined EPA fuel-economy rating. The price increase is largely due to the elimination of the base LX trim level, leaving only the EX and Touring trim levels.

Did Elon Musk hint that Tesla has broken up with Bitcoin?


Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted several memes yesterday that seemed to indicate that the electric car company may have ended its relationship with the controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Coal 114

Royal Mail announces first delivery office with an all-electric delivery fleet

Green Car Congress

As part of the UK’s Royal Mail’s continued drive to reduce emissions associated with its operations, it has converted the last-mile fleet of a Bristol Delivery Office to be 100% electric.

Fleet 355

Tesla aims to secure $1 billion a year in battery minerals from Australia


Tesla has confirmed through its chairwoman that the automaker is aiming to secure $1 billion a year in battery minerals, especially lithium and nickel, from Australia. more… The post Tesla aims to secure $1 billion a year in battery minerals from Australia appeared first on Electrek.

The 2022 BMW iX hides a gem of an interior in an awkward package

Green Car Reports

BMW’s lineup has needed a new electric vehicle for the past couple years, and those calls are finally being answered with the introduction of the 2022 BMW iX and i4, both of which are slated to arrive in the first quarter of next year.

SpaceX rolls first Starship booster hardware to launch site


While destined to remain on the ground, SpaceX has rolled Starship booster hardware to its Boca Chica, Texas launch pad for the first time. Back in March, SpaceX completed the process of stacking Super Heavy booster number 1 (BN1), creating what amounted to the largest rocket booster ever assembled.

Texas 114

BMW launches iX EV

Green Car Congress

BMW has launched the BMW i4 and BMW iX. Earlier post.) The BMW iX is the BMW Group’s new technology flagship, offering a new take on the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) concept. The BMW iX will be launched with a choice of two model variants.

BMW 344

Tesla is expected to be first to use LG’s new NCMA nickel-based battery cells


Tesla is expected to become the first automaker to use LG Energy Solution’s new NCMA battery cells, which have a 90% nickel composition. more… The post Tesla is expected to be first to use LG’s new NCMA nickel-based battery cells appeared first on Electrek.

Energy 114

ChargeUp mobile app brings fast-charging to you for $25 a month

Green Car Reports

SparkCharge is moving ahead with plans to offer mobile charging as a more-convenient alternative to traditional charging stations.

Tesla to use LG Chem 90% Nickel NCMA Cathode for Shanghai-built Model Y


Tesla is reportedly planning to utilize LG Chem’s 90% Nickel NCMA (Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese-Aluminum) Cathode for Model Y vehicles built at the company’s Shanghai production plant in China. The cathode is expected to begin installation in the all-electric crossover in July.

Hummer 114

BMW launches i4 EV

Green Car Congress

BMW has launched the BMW i4 and BMW iX. Earlier post.) The BMW i4 is the brand’s first electric vehicle focused squarely on driving dynamics. Market launch for the i4 gets underway in November 2021 with two model variants.

BMW 344

Tesla is using new AMD RDNA 2 GPU in new Model S/X, same as in Playstation 5


AMD has confirmed that Tesla is using its new RDNA 2 GPUs in the new backseat entertainment system in the new Model S and Model X vehicles. more… The post Tesla is using new AMD RDNA 2 GPU in new Model S/X, same as in Playstation 5 appeared first on Electrek.

2022 BMW i4 up close: How does it size up vs. Model 3?

Green Car Reports

BMW yesterday unveiled its latest pair of electric vehicles, the i4 and the iX which will both launch in the first quarter of next year.

BMW 157

Tesla outlines its policy for Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation


Tesla has released new details that outline its policy for the Removal and Reinstallation of its solar panels on its website.

Solar 114

Albertsons makes first US commercial 100% electric refrigerated grocery delivery with a Class 8 truck; Volvo Trucks and AEM

Green Car Congress

Albertsons Companies, the second-largest grocery chain in the US, recently took delivery of two Volvo VNR Electric trucks at its distribution center in Irvine, California.

Tesla files trademark for restaurant services — going to grab a bite at a Tesla burger joint soon?


Tesla has filed a new trademark for its brand under restaurant services as the automaker is expected to expand amenities around its charging infrastructure, including actual restaurants.