Sat.Apr 24, 2021 - Fri.Apr 30, 2021

Daimler Truck AG and Volvo Group launch new joint venture cellcentric for heavy-duty fuel cell systems

Green Car Congress

Daimler Truck AG and Volvo Group officially outlined their pioneering roadmap for the new fuel-cell joint venture cellcentric, as part of an industry-first commitment to accelerate the use of hydrogen-based fuel cells for long-haul trucks and beyond.

Volvo 324

CEO Mary Barra & General Motors Make Sure The Greenius Is Rewarded For His Many Years Of EV Advocacy

Creative Greenius

That’s me on January 16, 2017, with my brand new Chevy Bolt EV Premier edition in my garage at home. I paid $47,000 in cash for that car as a #YearOfJoe gift to myself after a decade of environmental work and achievement.


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Report: $60/kwh battery pack price will make EVs cheaper than combustion

Green Car Reports

Industry analysts have held up $100 per kilowatt-hour battery costs as the point where electric cars will achieve cost parity with internal combustion, but now the target has shifted to an even more ambitious $60 per kwh, according to a blog post by The Mobilist.

Price 160

Rivian’s Amazon vans begin deliveries in Colorado


The Denver metro area of Colorado is the next major city to see Amazon packages delivered by Rivian electric vans. The vans were spotted this past week across Denver and its surrounding cities, such as Boulder and Aurora.

Raven SR & Hyzon Motors to build up to 100 waste-to-hydrogen hubs

Green Car Congress

Raven SR , a renewable fuels company, and Hyzon Motors Inc., a global supplier of hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, announced a joint venture to build up to 100 hydrogen hubs across the United States and globally.

Waste 319

Tesla Cybertruck looks like CGI in real life in Giga Texas footage


Elon Musk has remarked in the past that the Tesla Cybertruck looks like a CGI render in real life. Based on actual footage taken of the all-electric vehicle during its visit to Giga Texas, it does seem like the CEO is right on the money.

Texas 114

Bridgestone tires will help Lightyear One solar car leapfrog Tesla in efficiency

Green Car Reports

The Lightyear One is claimed to be the world’s first long-range solar electric vehicle.

Solar 157

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KAMAZ opens center in Moscow to make electric buses

Green Car Congress

Moscow is already the largest operator of electric buses in Europe with 600 e-buses in operation on its routes. The city plans to purchase another 1600 electric buses over next few years, with the goal of replacing the diesel fleet.

Russia 313

Tesla Model 3 easily earns Q1 2021’s best-selling EV title


The first quarter of 2021 proved something most of the electric vehicle community probably expected: the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling EV through the first three months of the year.

Tesla 114

Venture hatches "hydrogen hubs" to power fuel-cell garbage trucks—from waste

Green Car Reports

Fuel-cell commercial-vehicle firm Hyzon Motors and renewable-fuels company Raven SR plan to build 100 "hydrogen hubs" that will power fuel-cell garbage trucks with hydrogen generated from the very refuse they haul.

Waste 153

First Tesla Powerwall+ images and specs released


Tesla has now released the specs and the first images of a new Powerwall + installation after the power update announced by Elon Musk last week. more… The post First Tesla Powerwall+ images and specs released appeared first on Electrek.

Successful trial of seabed polymetallic nodule collector suffers temporary stranding of robot on ocean floor

Green Car Congress

A pre-prototype seabed polymetallic nodule ( earlier post ) collector being tested on the Pacific Ocean floor by Global Sea Mineral Resources ( GSR ) has become detached from its lifting cable on its final dive and is sitting on the ocean bed 4.5 kilometers beneath the surface.

Hawaii 308

SpaceX secures Starship SN15 launch license, permit to use Starlink dish in flight


Right in the nick of time for a high-altitude flight test scheduled as early as Friday, April 30th, SpaceX has secured an FAA license to launch Starship prototype SN15 and simultaneously received an FCC permit to operate a Starlink dish installed on the rocket.

Supplier scarred by Dieselgate rejects EV future, will invest in combustion tech into 2040s

Green Car Reports

Lashing out against proposals for upcoming Euro 7 emissions legislation, the CEO of the mammoth auto industry supplier Bosch last week called regulators “fixated” on EVs, and accused the EU of running a “technology monopoly” that chokes all other means of climate innovation.

Tesla turns on the charm in China with new discount and perks amid negative press


Tesla is turning on the charm in China by offering new discounts and perks amid changes in perception as a result of recent negative press. more… The post Tesla turns on the charm in China with new discount and perks amid negative press appeared first on Electrek.

China 114

Bye Aerospace unveils 8-seat all-electric eFlyer 800; Safran supporting propulsion design

Green Car Congress

Bye Aerospace announced an eight-seat all-electric twin turbo-prop class airplane, the eFlyer 800. Performance estimates for the eFlyer 800 include up to 320 knot cruise speed, 35,000 feet ceiling and 500 nm range with 45-minute IFR reserves at normal cruise speed of 280 knots.

Design 324

EV chargers fall victim to weird attack that’s worse than Tesla Supercharger ICE-ing


The shift to electric cars is underway, and based on the initiatives of countries and regions like Europe, the age of the internal combustion engine is ending.

Tesla 113

Report: Not enough battery factories to support EVs' global rise past ICE vehicles in 2030s

Green Car Reports

Battery-manufacturing capacity will have to grow dramatically for electric cars to surpass internal-combustion vehicles in the 2030s, according to a new report produced by Ultima Media, and sponsored by Swiss tech firm ABB.

Global 148

Tesla releases insane story behind protester who crashed its booth at the Shanghai Motor Show


Tesla has released a long statement about the background behind the protester who crashed its booth at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this month. It’s a lot crazier than we thought.

Motor 114

DHL Express purchases 100 Fiat E-Ducato electric vans; 14,000 e-vehicles in delivery fleet across Europe by 2030

Green Car Congress

DHL Express announced a partnership with Fiat Professional, purchasing the first 100 units of Fiat’s new E-Ducato, introduced to the public on Earth Day. With a range of more than 200 km, the E-Ducato is well-suited for last mile logistics.

Tesla FSD beta slated for summer EU release as UK allows self-driving cars on motorways


Tesla might release Version 9 of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software in two weeks. Elon Musk promises that FSD V9.0 will “blow your mind.” . FSD beta’s V9 version will help Tesla’s vehicles maneuver city streets better.

Battery-factory crunch, Bosch pushback, Lightyear tires, EV and PHEV deals: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

The electric-car deals this month span beyond the Bolt EV. A report suggests there aren’t enough EV battery factories planned for the next decade. Some very special tires are going into a solar car that hopes to leapfrog Tesla in efficiency.

PHEV 146

EGEB: GM plans to invest $1 billion in its Mexico site to build electric vehicles


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): GM says it plans to invest $1 billion in a plant in Mexico to build electric vehicles. SMUD, Sacramento’s electricity provider, is paying people to become certified solar PV installers.

Mexico 113

Researchers show how bacteria convert toxic copper ions to stable metallic copper

Green Car Congress

Researchers from the University of Houston, with colleagues at the University of São Paolo in Brazil, have demonstrated how copper-resistant bacterium from a copper mine in Brazil convert CuSO 4 (copper sulfate) ions into zero-valent Cu (metallic copper).

Elon Musk closes in on $11B options payout amid Tesla’s 7th consecutive profitable quarter


Tesla’s first quarter of 2021 would be one for the books, with the company beating Wall Street’s expectations for Q1 revenue and profit, boosted by record deliveries, some robust demand for its locally-produced vehicles in China, and some healthy environmental credit sales.

Tesla 114

Best plug-in vehicle deals: Toyota Prius Prime, Hyundai Kona Electric, Nissan Leaf, and more

Green Car Reports

April is shaping up to be a good month to buy an electric car or plug-in hybrid, with several good deals spotted by CarsDirect. In Southern California, a price cut has allowed shoppers to lease a 2021 Hyundai Kona Electric for around the same price as a gasoline model, according to the website.

Elon Musk hypes Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta driving visualizations with new update


Elon Musk is still hyping the upcoming release of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta and now claims that Tesla Autopilot/Full Self-Driving Beta are already ‘superhuman’ on the highway and getting close on city streets. The new FSD also comes with new visualizations.

Tesla 114

Plus and Cummins to develop first autonomous natural gas trucks; deployment in 2022

Green Car Congress

Plus (formerly, a leading company in self-driving truck technology, announced a new initiative with global engine manufacturer Cummins to develop the industry’s first driver-in, supervised autonomous trucks powered by natural gas.

Gas 281

Tesla Model Y on track to become the world’s best-selling car


Elon Musk projected that the Tesla Model Y could become the world’s best-selling car by 2022 or 2023. Musk announced that the Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling luxury sedan of any kind in the world during its latest earnings call.

GM plans $1B electric vehicle future for Mexico plant, UAW cries foul

Green Car Reports

General Motors on Thursday announced that it will invest $1 billion in its Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, facility. The plant, which currently makes the Chevrolet Equinox and Blazer SUVs, and once built Pontiac Azteks, is the next step in laying the groundwork for the company’s electric future.

Mexico 134

Electrify America now has 600 charging stations, announces new locations in the US


Electrify America announced that it now has 600 charging stations in operations, and it is announcing new locations in the US. more… The post Electrify America now has 600 charging stations, announces new locations in the US appeared first on Electrek. Electrek

Volkswagen unveils European ID.4 GTX; dual-motor AWD, 220 kW

Green Car Congress

In Berlin, Volkswagen presented its first fully electric high-performance model: the ID.4 Earlier post.) The ID.4 GTX is the first model based on the modular electric drive matrix (MEB) to feature dual-motor all-wheel drive. The Volkswagen ID.4 GTX is the European offer for an ID.4

Motor 270

Tesla is taking gas cars off the road in huge numbers through trade-ins


Tesla revealed its trade-in statistics in the Q1 2021 Earnings Call Update Letter, showing that a majority of the vehicles it accepts through trade-in are gas-powered.

Tesla 112

Musk sees Tesla Model Y becoming global bestseller in 2022: Toyota RAV4 dethroned?

Green Car Reports

Tesla CEO Elon made a very tall-sounding pronouncement in the middle of the company’s quarterly earnings call on Monday: that he thinks the Tesla Model Y will become the world’s top-selling vehicle of any kind. In 2022.

Global 140

Chevy Bolt battery fix announced – is it enough?


As was expected by the end of this month, GM has finally announced its Chevy Bolt battery fix. The fix is in response to the battery fire recall announced 167 days ago. This is almost two months since any other update. The NHTSA recall notification did mention April 20 as the date for the fix.

GM 113

Volkswagen Group building 3rd MEB EV plant in China

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen Group China has begun construction of an all-new MEB plant at Volkswagen Anhui.

China 270

Tesla Boombox de-escalates potential road rage incident in the best way possible


Tesla’s Boombox update may be one of the more minor features that the EV maker recently rolled out, but it seems like the quirky little feature is starting to provide some benefits to the road.

Tahoe 114