Sat.Mar 14, 2020 - Fri.Mar 20, 2020

Satellite data show resurgence in NO2 emissions over China

Green Car Congress

Data from the ESA’s Tropomi (TROPOspheric Monitoring) instrument on board the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite shows the variation of nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) emissions over China from December to March.

2020 380

Fully-electric BMW 7-Series could be carmaker's most powerful sedan

Green Car Reports

BMW will build an electric version of the 7-Series—its flagship sedan.

2020 151

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British firms creating 10kg EV motor that dishes out 295bhp!

Discover EV

For years car makers have boasted about the number of horsepower per litre they can squeeze out of petrol and diesel engines, but there's now a new arms race. In the EV field it's all about power density – how much 'go' that can be squeezed out of the smallest motor.

2020 80

Coronavirus Q&A: How it’s affecting car leasing

Green Cars News

Boris Johnson has described the Covid-19 pandemic as “the worst public health crisis for a generation.” It's a rapidly changing scenario and people are naturally seeking clear, accurate information from experts

2020 66

VW Commercial Vehicles unveils e-BULLI; electric T1

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) unveiled the e-BULLI. Equipped with the drive system components of the latest Volkswagen electric vehicles, the concept vehicle is based on a T1 Samba Bus produced in 1966 and comprehensively restored.

2020 376

Energy from renewables will soon be cheaper than from coal—in many world regions

Green Car Reports

Renewable energy is not just better for the environment, it's also becoming cheaper than coal for electricity generation in many parts of the world, according to a new report.

2020 145

Electric company cars: What you need to know

Discover EV

Low running costs, tax breaks and ever-improving infrastructure are all tempting people away from the traditional petrol and diesel battlegrounds, but what should you know before making the switch to an electric company car

2020 76

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UPS to test Gaussin autonomous-enabled EVs to move trailers at London hub

Green Car Congress

UPS has begun testing the suitability and durability of Gaussin electric vehicles, which also have autonomous driving capability, to move semi-trailers and containers on the grounds of UPS’ advanced-technology London Hub.

2020 355

Tesla’s “touchless” deliveries will help get Model Y out to customers

Green Car Reports

Tesla has announced that at many locations it’s in the process of going touchless with its deliveries of the Model Y and other electric cars.

2020 134

Mazda MX-30 First Edition available to order

Discover EV

In Mazda's 100th year of existence it is launching its first purpose-built EV – the MX-30. Set to hit the streets in early 2021, Mazda is already throwing open the order books for its attractive small SUV, with 500 UK 'First Edition' cars being the first to make it to these shores

2020 62

Everything you need to know about the Plug-in Car Grant

Green Cars News

The Plug-in Car Grant has been through a variety of changes since its initial launch in 2011

2020 52

PSI team provides first direct proof of ongoing chemical reactions in particulates

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have developed a new method to analyze particulate matter more precisely than ever before.

2020 351

World-first in-road charging test for trucks successful, highway speeds next

Green Car Reports

Initial tests of in-road charging for electric trucks on a stretch of Swedish road have been successful, according to project managers. The scope of testing will now increase, encompassing more vehicles, additional stretches of road, and higher speeds.

2020 132

Volkswagen unveils electric T1 Samba Bus

Discover EV

Keeping the retro looks that are so well known and loved across the world untouched, the e-BULLI, as it has been designated, is a concept that has global appeal

2020 55

Fast-charging can Damage Electric Car Battery in just 25 Cycles


Researchers have discovered that fast charging your electric batteries can damage them and reduce their capacity. Engineers from the University of California, Riverside carried out experiments on batteries used in popular electric vehicles.

2020 52

UCSD team offers roadmap of four challenges for solid-state battery commercialization

Green Car Congress

In an open-access review paper published in Nature Nanotechnology , researchers at the University of California San Diego offer a research roadmap that includes four challenges that need to be addressed in order to advance all-solid-state batteries to commercialization.

2020 350

The $35k Tesla Model 3 still exists—off-menu

Green Car Reports

When the Testa Model 3 was first announced, much of the excitement around it stemmed from a promised $35,000 base price. But that entry-level Model 3 remains an automotive unicorn. In fact, to get a $35,000 Model 3, you have to order off-menu.

2020 131

Apex AP-0 enters the EV supercar arena

Discover EV

At the top end of the EV spectrum we have the electric hypercars, which seem to be coming out on an almost weekly basis, promising huge performance – alongside huge price tags. Below that there are the high-powered electric passenger cars – the Porsche Taycans and Performance-spec Teslas.

2020 55

Sentry video soon displayed in car ?

Supercharged EV

According to Elons Tweet it will soon be the case

2020 52

Vitesco Technologies wins major order for electric heating elements for diesel catalytic converters in 48V MHEVs

Green Car Congress

Vitesco Technologies, formerly (until September 2019) the Continental Powertrain Division, has won a major contract from an European vehicle manufacturer for the supply of innovative electric heating elements for diesel catalytic converters.

2020 326

Samsung solid-state battery tech under development doubles energy density

Green Car Reports

Samsung announced last week that is developing new solid-state batteries that could offer double the energy density of current lithium-ion batteries. This would be a major breakthrough for electric cars.

2020 127

2020 Hyundai IONIQ Electric review

Discover EV

In 2019, the Hyundai IONIQ Electric was treated to a mid-cycle refresh, is it enough to stay competitive now though with a lot more players in the electric vehicle segment? We find out

2020 54

Supercharge efficient for 15 min

Supercharged EV

Recently plotted the supercharge of my Model 3P from 25% to 90 % SOC. We all know the result, charging besides 10 to 15 minutes long, becomes not efficient. But its nice to have this on a graph. raw data : Happy about this article ? want to get free superchaging miles ?

2020 52

DEUTZ presents all-electric 360V drive system for off-highway sector; hydrogen engine

Green Car Congress

DEUTZ presented its latest developments in the field of sustainable off-highway drive systems at CONEXPO in Las Vegas. The show, originally scheduled to run from 10-14 March, closed one day early as concern over the COVID-19 outbreak began to mount).

2020 319

VW claims ownership costs for ID.3 will be lower than for gas cars

Green Car Reports

The Volkswagen ID.3, the first of a family of electric cars based on the automaker's MEB platform, is now in production in Europe. VW claims customers there will benefit from significantly lower ownership costs than comparable internal-combustion cars.

2020 126

Audi e-tron S models to get world-first, tri-motor power

Discover EV

Audi is developing the powertrain for the sportier 'S' models of its e-tron and e-tron Sportback. In a world-first, it will use a tri-motor setup which offers more power, a huge slug of torque and improved handing thanks to intelligent torque vectoring

2020 52

Tesla Aiming For New Milestone Of Two Million Cars


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, posted the picture of a red Model Y on his Twitter along with his team, announcing the one-millionth car on March 9th, it took the company only 12 years to reach the mark since it produced its first car back in 2008.

2020 52

Methanol Institute releases two reports on methanol as safe, efficient and clean fuel

Green Car Congress

The Methanol Institute (MI) released two new reports on the use of methanol as a safe, efficient and clean alternative fuel for cars, trucks and buses.

2020 312

Tesla Model Y specs released at last: No towing, and some other surprises

Green Car Reports

Even as Tesla started to make its first confirmed deliveries of the Model Y electric crossover, on Friday, the level of official information on this new and eagerly anticipated model remained sparse.

2020 122

Review: BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

Green Cars News

Stylish, premium, surprisingly sensible five-word review

2020 43

Is Coronavirus Speeding the Adoption of Driverless Technology?

Cars That Think

Neolix, of Beijing, claims the epidemic has boosted sales of its deliverybots. transportation transportation/self-driving

2020 58

Porsche presents 3D-printing technology for bucket seats

Green Car Congress

Porsche has presented an innovative alternative to conventional bucket seat upholstery with the concept study “3D-printed bodyform full-bucket seat”. Here, the central section of the seat—i.e., the seat and backrest cushions—is partly produced by a 3D-printer.

2020 290

Test of 20 EVs in cold Norway: No big surprises, but some lost more range than others

Green Car Reports

Cold-weather performance is still a concern for some electric-car shoppers, although the effect of cold on EV battery packs is better understood now than when the first modern electric cars went on sale almost a decade ago.

2020 111 Trophy final postponed

Green Cars News

Unfortunately, during these unprecedented times, our sponsorship partners the English Football League (EFL) have taken the decision to postpone the Trophy Final scheduled for 5th April 2020

2020 42

Samsung announces breakthrough in solid-state battery tech

Discover EV

Solid-state batteries are like the holy grail in the EV world. Smaller, lighter, and around twice as energy-dense as lithium-ion batteries, they answer many of the fundamental questions that the electrification of personal mobility faces. Samsung's latest developments have brought this one step closer to reality

2020 40

New Kia Sorento SUV and first Sorento Hybrid; plug-in option to come

Green Car Congress

In Frankfurt, Kia unveiled the new Sorento, the fourth generation of its mid-size SUV, including for the first time a hybrid option. Sorento is at the heart of Kia’s reinvigorated global SUV line-up, which also includes the Seltos, Stonic, Telluride and Sportage.

2020 286

2021 Kia Sorento: Hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions potentially on the way

Green Car Reports

Although Kia previously provided a look at the next-generation Sorento crossover, it released new details on the vehicle that will make it more of interest to efficiency-focused shoppers.

2020 104