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Gaussin acquires a worldwide license from Bluebus for 6m LMP battery-electric bus

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Gaussin has acquired a worldwide license (outside France) from Bluebus, a Bolloré Group subsidiary, for its 6-meter LMP bus. The vehicle will be renamed Cit-e and manufactured through Gaussin’s current and future network of licensees.

Ford plans a full-size electric truck with "incredibly high volume"

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Ford is preparing to follow up the 2022 F-150 Lightning with another full-size electric pickup truck designed from the start for "incredibly high volume," Ford CEO Jim Farley said in an interview with Automotive News (subscription required).

F-150 171

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Tesla Cybertruck spotted on Fremont Test Track with massive wiper blade


The Tesla Cybertruck was spotted with some new features, including a massive, vertical, singular windshield wiper, similar to what the company intended to use with the next-gen Roadster in patents. The Cybertruck was unveiled in 2019, and Tesla intended to build the vehicle this December.

Chile 114

Tesla Cybertruck with updated design spotted on test track


A new Tesla Cybertruck prototype with an updated design has been spotted on the automaker’s Fremont factory test track. It’s the best look we had at the upcoming electric pickup truck in a while.

Design 114

Sandia testing method yields pathway to better, longer-lasting solid-state batteries

Green Car Congress

Using a microscopic method for measuring electrical potential, a team of scientists at Sandia National Laboratories may have discovered how to identify rate-limiting processes in solid-state batteries. The findings are detailed in a paper in American Chemical Society Energy Letters.

GM confirms Chevy Silverado EV will be built in early 2023

Green Car Reports

A top General Motors executive has confirmed that the Chevrolet Silverado EV will arrive in 2023, with production starting early that year.

Tesla Model 3 police vehicle is blowing minds nine months into its initial trials


As it turns out, the Tesla Model 3 actually works amazingly as a police car.

Light 114

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Aramco to explore hydrogen-powered vehicle business with Gaussin

Green Car Congress

The Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco) signed five agreements with leading French companies, including an agreement to explore a hydrogen-powered vehicle business with Gaussin , a pioneer in clean and intelligent transport solutions.

Toyota says North Carolina battery plant will pave the way for US-built EVs

Green Car Reports

A Toyota battery plant in North Carolina will make cells starting in 2025, bound for American-built hybrid and electric vehicles, the company confirmed on Monday. Called the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite, the $1.29

The Tesla Model Y is absolutely dominating China’s premium SUV sector


The Tesla Model Y is absolutely dominating China’s high-end SUV market, with the all-electric crossover selling 23,117 units in November. This allowed the Model Y to outsell some of the most popular luxury SUVs that have long been selling well in China, such as the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3.

BMW 114

Tesla stops taking Model S and Model X orders outside North America


Tesla announced to potential buyers today that it stopped taking new Model S and Model X orders outside North America. It now expects deliveries in other markets to start during the second half of 2022.

Kongsberg launches first full-scale hydrogen-based marine propulsion system; HySeas III

Green Car Congress

Kongsberg has tested and verified a full-scale, full-size, zero-emissions drivetrain powered by hydrogen fuel cells designed for ships and ferries.

Did Nissan just show the successor to the Leaf electric car?

Green Car Reports

This past week, Nissan provided the brightest overview of its future product lineup and electric vehicle plans in years—and a very early look at what a Nissan Leaf successor might look like around the middle part of the decade.

Nissan 168

SpaceX converts Falcon Heavy core into Falcon 9 booster


More than two years after the rocket’s last launch, SpaceX appears to have finally decided to give at least one of two surviving Falcon Heavy Block 5 cores a new lease on life as a Falcon 9 booster.

Eviation unveils versatile interior of its electric plane with 440 miles of range


Eviation, the company behind one of the most advanced projects to deliver an all-electric aircraft for commercial services, has unveiled the interior of its electric plane with 440 miles of range. It includes several configurations for different applications.

Miles 114

Amprius Technologies announces extreme fast charge capability of 80% charge in 6 minutes

Green Car Congress

Amprius Technologies, a developer of silicon anode Li-ion battery cells, announced a charging rate of six minutes to 80% from 0% state of charge.

Report: Acura will make EVs a bigger piece of its future, sooner than Honda

Green Car Reports

Acura is moving to embrace electric cars at a faster rate than parent Honda, Emile Korkor, the brand's assistant vice president of national sales, said in a recent interview with Automotive News (subscription required).

Acura 166

Tesla could receive $12.36 million worth of Model 3 orders from New York City


A notice for a public hearing posted to New York City’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services website has indicated that the city is looking to order $12.36 million worth of Tesla Model 3 sedans.

Tesla is selling fleet of hundreds of Model 3 electric cars to New York City


The city of New York is currently proposing a contract to buy a fleet of Model 3 vehicles from Tesla. It would create a fleet of hundreds of electric cars for the city. more… The post Tesla is selling fleet of hundreds of Model 3 electric cars to New York City appeared first on Electrek.

Ford Bronco Sport first to feature parts made of 100% recycled ocean plastic

Green Car Congress

Ford has become the first automaker to use 100% recycled ocean plastics to produce automotive parts. Wiring harness clips in Ford Bronco Sport models are made of ocean-harvested plastic—commonly referred to as “ghost gear.”.

Parts 354

Biden targets all light federal fleet vehicles to be electric by 2027

Green Car Reports

The White House on Wednesday announced a goal to make all light-duty vehicles in the federal fleet electric by 2027, and to make all federal vehicle acquisitions electric by 2035.

Light 164

Tesla China-built Model 3 spotted in Northern California


A Tesla Model 3 built in China at the automaker’s Gigafactory Shanghai facility was spotted in San Francisco, California, earlier today, flaring the curiosities of fans of the automaker.

China 114

Tesla doubles down on system to prevent gas cars ‘ICEing’ Superchargers, integrates it in its app


Tesla is doubling down on a system to prevent people from blocking or “ICEing” Supercharger stalls and even integrates it into its mobile app. more… The post Tesla doubles down on system to prevent gas cars ‘ICEing’ Superchargers, integrates it in its app appeared first on Electrek.

Gas 114

Mercedes-Benz eVito panel van receives updated powertrain and battery

Green Car Congress

Following in the footsteps of the Mercedes?Benz Benz eVito Tourer, the eVito panel van will also receive a comprehensive update of its electric powertrain and a new battery with an usable capacity of 60 kWh from the beginning of December.

Tesla Cybertruck gains 4-motor version, 4-wheel steering crab mode

Green Car Reports

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Friday confirmed plans for a four-motor version of the Cybertruck electric pickup, along with four-wheel steering that will enable trick off-road maneuvering features. When the Cybertruck was unveiled in late 2019, a three-motor version was confirmed as the top model.

2019 163

Apple’s electric car project meets speed bump as key engineers leave for startups


Apple’s electric vehicle initiative has met yet another set of speed bumps, as the tech giant lost three important engineers who were working on the long-rumored project. The engineers who departed from Apple were hired by startups working on air taxis. .

Taxi 114

VW confirms plans for ID California electric camper van


As part of a new presentation, Volkswagen appears to confirm plans for a VW ID California electric camper van. more… The post VW confirms plans for ID California electric camper van appeared first on Electrek.

Benchmark: lithium prices continue to rise

Green Car Congress

Lithium prices continued to rise in November, with Chinese battery-grade prices surpassing the RMB 200,000/tonne (US$31,395/tonne) mark, according to Benchmark’s Lithium Price Assessment. Source: Benchmark Mineral Intelligence.

Price 334

First dealership opens for GM's BrightDrop electric vans

Green Car Reports

General Motors on Tuesdays announced the opening of the first dealership for BrightDrop, a new standalone business that's initially focused on electric vans for commercial fleets.

SpaceX launches NASA mission to study black holes, dead stars, and more


SpaceX has successfully launched NASA’s Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer telescope, paving the way for a unique aspect of black holes, a variety of dead stars, and other odd phenomena to be explored in unprecedented breadth and detail.

The world’s largest freshwater wind farm is now online


Windpark Fryslân , the world’s largest freshwater wind farm that sits in the Netherlands’ Lake IJssel, is now fully commissioned. more… The post The world’s largest freshwater wind farm is now online appeared first on Electrek.

Wind 114

Mercedes-Benz receives world’s first internationally valid system approval for Level 3 conditionally automated driving

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz is the first automotive company to meet the demanding legal requirements of UN-R157 for a Level 3 system for conditionally automated driving.

Base Polestar range, Acura EVs, Alaska charging: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Polestar earns a respectable range rating for its most affordable model. Alaskans will have enough fast-chargers for road trips along one route in the state. And Honda’s premium Acura brand will put more focus on EVs. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Alaska 159

Tesla Megapack, Autobidder to be deployed in big battery project in Queensland


Genex Power has executed a revenue deal agreement with Tesla. According to the deal, Genex Power will use the Autobidder platform for the Bouldercombe Battery Project (BBP) in Queensland, Australia. . The BBP is a 50MW/100MWh battery project near Rockhampton that utilizes Tesla Megapacks.

53 US utilities will build a nationwide fast-charging EV network by end of 2023


The National Electric Highway Coalition , a newly formed body made up of 51 investor-owned electric companies, one electric cooperative, and the Tennessee Valley Authority, announced yesterday that it will provide electric vehicle fast-charging ports along major US travel corridors by the end of 2023.

Mazda2 Hybrid to be introduced in Europe; OEM model supplied by Toyota

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation will introduce the Mazda2 Hybrid in Europe from the spring of 2022.

Europe 328

One of these 5 vehicles will be Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2022

Green Car Reports

Which new green car is the best? Each December we ask this question in earnest, first making a list of all the electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids that arrive by the end of the calendar year, and you can buy early the following year. Now, that’s looking at 2022.

Buy 157