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EIA: Petroleum and natural gas will be the most-used fuels in the US through 2050

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The US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA’s) Annual Energy Outlook 2022 (AEO2022) Reference case forecasts that US energy consumption will grow through 2050, primarily driven by population and economic growth.

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Tesla prices rise again: At $49,690, base Model 3 now costs a third more vs. a year ago

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Tesla has once again increased prices across its lineup, pulling the automaker even further away from mass-market affordability. The Tesla Model 3 was launched with the promise of a $35,000 base price, but now the base Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive starts at $46,690.


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Tesla named ‘most-trusted’ brand developing fully-autonomous vehicles


Tesla was recently named the “most-trusted” brand in the pursuit of fully-autonomous vehicles, according to a new study. The study surveyed consumer perception regarding fully-autonomous vehicle technology.

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Taiga starts deliveries of its electric snowmobile


Taiga Motors announced that it officially started deliveries of the production version of its electric snowmobile: the 2022 Nomad. It’s obviously a bit late in the season, but it is still an important step for the company and for the electrification of powersports. more….

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Ford using autonomous mobile robot to operate 3D printers at Advanced Manufacturing Center

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At Ford’s Advanced Manufacturing Center, a mobile robot from KUKA operates the 3D printers completely on its own.

Gas prices spur demand for high-mpg vehicles, amid short supplies

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With surging gas prices dominating headlines, inventories of fuel-efficient vehicles and EVs are shrinking as supply appears short of demand, according to CarsDirect. A recent search of inventory listings on showed just 472 new Toyota Prius hybrids available in the entire United States.

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SpaceX set to break another Falcon 9 reusability record [webcast]


SpaceX says a Falcon 9 rocket is on track to launch Starlink 4-12 – a new batch of 53 satellites – no earlier than (NET) 11:24 pm EST on Friday, March 18th (03:24 UTC 19 March).

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Toyota develops storage module for 70 MPa automotive hydrogen tanks; transportation of H2, other applications

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Toyota Motor Corporation has developed a storage module that integrates multiple 70 MPa automotive hydrogen tanks—already proven in the Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCEV)—and safety devices such as a hydrogen detector and an automatic shut-off switch.

Washington State aims to end gasoline car sales by 2030—really, this time

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Washington State is once again looking to end sales of new internal-combustion cars and trucks by 2030. The state legislature passed HB 1204/SB 5256, collectively known as Clean Cars 2030, on March 11.

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai resumes normal operations for end of Q1 delivery blitz


It appears that Tesla China’s efforts to keep Gigafactory Shanghai operational have paid off, with the electric vehicle production facility resuming its operations on Friday.

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Tesla still dominates US electric car market, and it’s not even close


New registration data show that Tesla is still dominating the US electric car market, and it’s not even close. Something is going to have to break for EV adoption to accelerate in the country. more….

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Sakuu reports 800 Wh/L with first-generation solid-state Li-metal battery

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Sakuu , developer of the first 3D-printed solid-state battery ( earlier post ), reports achieving an energy-density of 800 Wh/L in its first-generation non-printed lithium-metal battery.

Mustang Mach-E electric SUV demand so strong Ford might not take your order

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Earlier this month, Ford suddenly stopped taking orders for two especially popular versions of the Ford Mustang Mach-E—the Premium and California Route 1.

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Tesla stock records its best week on Wall Street since December


Tesla shares ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) recorded their best week on Wall Street after gaining over 15 percent in value during trading since Monday, March 14. It is the best week for the electric automaker’s stock this year and has been Tesla’s biggest gain in a five-day stretch since December.

Ford’s base $40,000 F-150 Lightning electric pickup gets 230-miles of EPA range and 68 MPGe


The base version of the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup, which starts at $40,000, has received an official EPA rating with an estimated range of 230 miles and 68 MPGe. more….

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Audi unveils Audi A6 Avant e-tron concept; long-range electric wagon based on PPE

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As part of its 2022 Annual Media Conference, Audi is presenting the next model in its future electrically powered A6 Luxury Class: the Avant. Audi introduced the Audi A6 Sportback with an electric drive system almost a year ago at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021 ( earlier post ).

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With bigger battery, Volvo plug-in hybrids may soon go up to 41 electric miles

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Volvo is giving its plug-in hybrids a powertrain overhaul for the 2022 model year, yielding more electric range.

GMC Hummer EV recalled over faulty taillamp embedded software issue


UPDATE: GMC has informed Teslarati that following the recall decision on March 3, 2022, representatives from the automaker contacted customers with affected vehicles and made the necessary arrangements to replace the taillamps on the Hummer EVs.

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eCessna? Textron, maker of Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft acquires Pipistrel for eAviation wing


The electric aviation world got a big shakeup today when Textron, the maker of Iconic small aircraft brands Cessna, Beechcraft, and Bell bought the Slovenian/Italian maker Pipistrel. The new organization has big plans for “eAviation”…. more…. The post eCessna?

Alfa Laval introduces E-PowerPack ORC waste heat recovery system for ships

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Alfa Laval is introducing the E-PowerPack waste heat recovery system for ships. Able to convert waste heat directly into electrical power, the E-PowerPack uses Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology to reduce ship fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions.

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First drive review: 2023 Subaru Solterra sheds Toyota’s skin off-road

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Going off-road in a Subaru crossover is nothing new. Climbing toward the sun in the high desert of Arizona’s Tonto National Forest in Subaru’s first electric crossover is something else altogether.

NASA’s SLS Moon rocket rolls out to the launch pad for the first time


Around noon EST on Thursday, March 17th, the high bay doors of NASA’s vast Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) opened, revealing the first fully assembled Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft.

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Tesla is starting to account for wind, air density, and more when doing range calculation


Tesla is now starting to account for wind, air density, and more when doing range calculations in an attempt to be more accurate. more…. The post Tesla is starting to account for wind, air density, and more when doing range calculation appeared first on Electrek.

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Fraunhofer working on optimized methanol reformers to deliver hydrogen

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Methanol reformers convert easy-to-transport methanol into hydrogen. However, conventional reformers have a number of drawbacks such as catalyst attrition.

Ford confirms second VW-based EV for Europe, electric version of sporty Puma crossover

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Ford and Volkswagen on Monday confirmed an expansion of their relationship around electric vehicles, resulting in a second electric vehicle based on VW’s MEB platform for EVs, as well as a longer-term plan to double Ford’s volume of models on that platform to 1.2

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As Tesla Giga Texas goes live, Austin aims to become a hub for transit innovations


Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas is about to start its operations, and when it does, it would be one of the United States’ most ambitious vehicle production facilities.

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Tesla shuts down production at Gigafactory Shanghai for two days amid surge in COVID cases


Tesla is shutting down production at Gigafactory Shanghai for two days this week amid a surge in COVID-19 cases in China – though the company didn’t confirm this was the reason. more….

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Moreno Valley school district to deploy 42 electric school buses

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The Moreno Valley Unified School District (MVUSD) has approved a project from InCharge Energy, Creative Bus Sales and IC Bus to deploy 42 electric school buses and an electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to support the new fleet.

Used Jaguar I-Pace batteries are supporting Formula E racing

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Jaguar is using repurposed batteries from I-Pace electric SUVs to support its Formula E racing program. Used I-Pace form the basis for the Off-Grid Energy Storage System (ESS) developed by portable-generator company Pramac.

The Boring Company starts negotiations for San Antonio, Texas Loop


The Boring Company (TBC) started negotiations with the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) after board members voted to conduct a feasibility study into the project. The Boring Company was one of two finalists for the San Antonio transportation project.

Tesla Insurance looks to expand in two more states, underwriting itself for the first time


Tesla Insurance is about to expand in two more states, Oregon and Virginia, and the company will underwrite the policies itself for the first time. more…. The post Tesla Insurance looks to expand in two more states, underwriting itself for the first time appeared first on Electrek.

BMW previews future 7 Series, battery-electric i7

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A few weeks before its world premiere and during the BMW Group Annual Conference, Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG for Development, presented a few details about the coming new BMW 7 Series, including the new all-electric BMW i7.

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Energy, power, cells, modules, cooling: Watch Lucid's CEO give the best EV battery primer yet

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If you're looking to learn more about EV batteries, Lucid Motors CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson may have just delivered the best primer yet.

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Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot was an absolute unit during crash with Ford Explorer


The Tesla Model 3 may be the company’s smallest car available for today, but it is still a pretty heavy vehicle. Even its lightest variant, the base Model 3 RWD, weighs over 3,500 pounds.

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Veego 750 review: A high-speed electric bike for commuting, hauling, cruising or just plain fun


The Veego 750 from Florida-based RideScoozy may not look like a powerhouse at first glance, but this e-bike rocks some serious giddy-up. Combined with its nice loadout of comfortable touch points and quality components, the Veego 750 makes for an awesome ride that doesn’t skimp on the performance.

EIA: US coal exports increased 23% between 2020 and 2021

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In 2021, coal exports from the United States increased by 23% to 85 million metric short tons (MMst) from 69 MMst in 2020, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Steam coal exports increased by 47% to 40 MMst, and metallurgical coal exports increased by 8% to 45 MMst.

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GM developed the GMC Hummer EV in record time: Here’s the backstory

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Yes, the 2022 GMC Hummer EV promises to be eyebrow-raising in a lot of ways—like how quickly such a huge truck can accelerate, or be an off-road maneuverability ace with Crab mode.

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