December, 2010 Packaging FAIL – Hey Jeff Bezos, Who is the Airhead That Packed This?

Creative Greenius

I ordered my new 2011 wall calendar for my office from because they had the best price and free shipping.

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The ?Automatic? Solution for EV Conversions

DIY Electric Car

Some time ago we were approached by a City Municipality that was in the process of doing a fleet conversion of their gas vehicles to electric.

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The Social Non Profit – Working Smarter with Social Tech

Green Car Congress

The Social Non Profit. I believe that non profits are more capable of fulfilling their Mission, meeting their business goals, empowering (liberating) their staff and engaging their stakeholders when they choose to work smarter using social technologies.

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Lithium Batteries for an Electric Golf Cart

Electric Cars are for Girls

My golf cart has a 48volt system requiring 6 eight volt batteries. existing US batteries are on last legs and shopping for new ones. Trojan and US Batteries

EV Ownership Shortcut?

Plugs and Cars

Here's an unexpected opportunity to purchase an EV, especially if you've had a hankering for a Th!nk nk City. According to the Seattle Clean Cities Newsletter, you've got three days to order a Th!nk nk City for $6000 off from the base price of $41,695 if you live in a ZEV state.

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Paris To Test Banning Gas-Guzzlers (Yes, SUVs!) In City Core

Green Car Reports

Why are many European carmakers now planning to build electric vehicles? Because many European cities are widely expected to ban high-emissions vehicles from their city cores over the next decade--perhaps even vehicles with any emissions at all. Now, Paris may be the first city to experiment with such a policy. Next year, it will begin to test

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Ten Reasons Why You'll Really Enjoy Owning an Electric Car

All Cars Electric

This month has seen a lot of witty articles about the pros and cons of electric transportation, usually titled ‘Ten reasons why electric cars.’ ’ followed by: "suck" or "don’t work" or "will change your life". or even reasons why it’s not worth arguing about it at all. The focus has been largely centered around the

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Mission Motors Unveils Mission R Electric Racing Superbike

Green Car Congress

Today at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, Mission Motors unveiled the Mission R, the company’s new electric racing superbike. The Mission R features the latest components from MissionEVT, the EV powertrain technology arm of Mission Motors. The Mission R packs 14.4

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Help! Golf Cart Batteries Dying Young

Electric Cars are for Girls

I bought 6 golf cart batteries (Napa Specialty) only 1 3/4 year ago, had a charger on them that switched off when charged and since sometimes we would

Proud Papa

Plugs and Cars

Felix Kramer, indefatigable campaigner for plug-in cars, took possession today of his Chevrolet Volt. Here he is, with his son Josh in the driver's seat. Andy Frank, father of the plug-in hybrid, drove down from Davis, California in the Volt he received yesterday to join in the celebration.

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GM Confirms, Yes, We're Losing Money on Every Volt We Build

Green Car Reports

Doug Parks, vehicle line executive for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, GM's range-extended electric vehicle, confirmed Tuesday that the company loses money on every Volt it sells. This should hardly be a surprise. It's called R&D, folks Every major automaker spends billions of dollars a year on research and development costs. And they know that when

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Is There a Business Case for Electric-Car Battery Lease or Swap?

All Cars Electric

As 2010 draws to a close, we now have shipments of the 2011 Nissan LEAF and the 2011 Chevy Volt to customers around the United States. With the advent of these vehicles, is there still a business case for Better Place? To refresh your memory, Better Place is the venture between Shai Agassi and Renault-Nissan that proposes to sell electric cars

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Mission Motors reveals the Mission R race-ready electric superbike motorcycle

National Green Transportation

Do you like this story? Indications have been building all year that Mission Motors was preparing to unveil a new electric superbike, the most recent hint being a silhouette that's graced their website for a couple months. Yesterday that bike, the Mission R, was

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Solar reactor for the two-step thermochemical production of fuels from water and carbon dioxide

Green Car Congress

Schematic of the solar reactor for the two-step, solar-driven thermochemical production of fuels. Click to enlarge. A team from Caltech, ETH Zürich and the Paul Scherrer Institute have devised a solar reactor for the two-step, solar-driven thermochemical production of fuels.

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Boiling Golf Cart Batteries

Electric Cars are for Girls

Why would our golf cart batteries start bubbling after about one half hour of charging? Hi, Maynard! Probably because your charger is delivering too

My Trial LEAF & the trials of public charging

Plugs and Cars

I've got a LEAF for a few days. Very exciting. I'll have a full report soon. But I've got to mention one frustration I've encountered. Restricted charge stations. In San Francisco at this moment there are, I believe, six deployed new J1772 charge stations.

Ding-Ding-Ding! Electric Cars Likely To Be Made Noisier By Law

Green Car Reports

In one particularly hilarious scene in the TV show Weeds, Mary-Louise Parker’s soccer mom/drug dealer character inspires a scary drug lord to buy several Toyota Priuses after he successfully carries out a drive-by shooting while riding in hers. The selling point? The quietness of the hybrid. “Good for sneaking up on

2010 86

EV Coming, But Where’s The Hybrid Rav4?

Hybrid SUV Blog

Toyota plans to release an electric Rav4 in 2012 , but we are still waiting for more news about whether or not a Rav4 hybrid will be one of the 11 new hybrids they plan to introduce before 2013. Until more news is offered, we can at least enjoy the green Rav-4 we know is on its way.

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SWIGZ.COM Racing in WERA claiming exclusion by TTXGP and e-Power

National Green Transportation

Chip Yates of SWIGZ.COM Racing is back with yesterdays doozy of an announcement. In October he unveiled the electric race superbike motorcycle they've been working on for nearly a year. It's an awesome piece of technology, and

GM sourcing components for the Chevy Volt produced from recycled oil-soaked plastic booms from BP spill

Green Car Congress

Steps in recycling the booms to auto parts. Click to enlarge. General Motors has developed a method to convert an estimated 100 miles of the oil-laden plastic boom material used to soak up oil from the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year into parts for the Chevy Volt.

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One Golf Cart Battery - the Weak Link!

Electric Cars are for Girls

I have one Trojan Battery that only shows 5-6 Volts on a hand held meter. The other 5 show 8.3 volts. Can I just replace the weak battery without

First LEAF delivered in Petaluma California

Plugs and Cars

Olivier Chalouhi, owner of the first LEAF sold in the world with Carlos Tavares, Nissan Executive Vice President for the America. Olivier at the wheel driving off to the Nissan event in San Francisco Civic Center. Caravan of LEAFs headed to SF as seen from my RAV4 EV.

2010 130

Needed Or Not, Electric Car Noisemakers Are Going To Be Law

Green Car Reports

Although the relative silence of electric cars and hybrids was originally touted as one of their key beneficial attributes, alarmists have been less than enamored with the perceived difficulty involved in hearing one coming, especially advocates of the blind and the seeing impaired. While critics have said time and time again that no actual data

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Want Electrons With That? McDonald's To Charge Electric Cars

All Cars Electric

As many industry analysts will tell you, the switch to plug-in cars by the general public requires an increased support network of public charging stations. But while we’ve seen charging stations popping up at shopping malls, electronics retailers and even banks the fast food industry hasn’t shown much of an interest in supporting

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Chip Yates (SWIGZ.COM Racing) shows electric superbike motorcycle at Infineon

National Green Transportation

Last week we said many in the electric motorcycle racing scene want to see Chip Yates' "claims proved, on a track, with independant observers, and preferably in sanctioned racing conditions." " Yesterday, at the Infineon Raceway

EU SARTRE road platooning project moving to testing phase; firsts tests of two-vehicle train by end of year

Green Car Congress

Earlier work by the PATH project found all vehicle geometries average a decrease in fuel consumption with platooning. Credit: PATH report. Click to enlarge. The EU SARTRE project (Safe Road Trains for the Environment, earlier post )—which aims to develop, test and validate.

2010 108

Golf Cart Battery Decision

Electric Cars are for Girls

We're considering the purchase of a used golf cart, primarily for getting around our gated community. Is there an advantage to a T-125, over the T-105

Help Plug In America renew the EV infrastructure tax credit

Plugs and Cars

From Plug In America: Last year, Plug In America, along with electric vehicle and EV infrastructure manufacturers from coast to coast, worked with members of the House and Senate to get a critical plug-in vehicle infrastructure tax credit into the stimulus bill. And then you helped us get it passed! These EV tax credits of 50% up to $2,000 for individuals, and 50% up to $50,000 for businesses have led to the beginning of early deployment of EV charging infrastructure all across the United States.

U.S. Gasoline Usage Peaked In 2006, Will Plummet In Future

Green Car Reports

Even if you may not have heard of the Peak Oil theory, everyone knows that we'll continue to use more and more gasoline in years to come. Right? Well, errrrr, no. Maybe not. At least, that's the conclusion of both industry analysts and the oil companies themselves. The peak year for U.S. gasoline consumption to date was 2006, when we collectively

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Five Tips to Save Money on Your Home Electric Car Charge Point

All Cars Electric

Let’s face it: the end of the holiday season is financially tough. After spending what may seem like a small fortune on gifts for your family and friends the last thing you want to do is spend money on a costly electric charging point for your plug-in car. Of course, it is technically possible to charge an electric car from a standard 110V

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Smith Electric Vehicles selling electric trucks to the U.S. Marines

National Green Transportation

Back in January, electric delivery truck maker Smith Electric Vehicles was approved to be listed as a GSA supplier, qualifying it to sell trucks to the U.S. Government and Military. Yesterday they announced the sale of two trucks to the U.S.

Hyundai completes development of 3rd generation fuel cell vehicle; targeting mass production in 2015

Green Car Congress

Tucson ix Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle. Click to enlarge. Hyundai Motor Company has completed development of its next-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicle—the Tucson ix Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)—and will begin testing next year with an eye toward 2015 mass production.

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Battery Capacity and Amp Hours

Electric Cars are for Girls

With every thing being equal: the more amp hours a battery has, the more range? Hi, Tim - All else being equal, yes. That's all the additional AH

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Manufacturer Spotlight: Kia

Green Cars News

Where we stand: December 2010 The second largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea, Kia has been taking significant steps forward in recent months as it bids to be among the frontrunners in the green car race. The Paris Motor Show 2010 was particularly important for the company as it took the opportunity to unveil a [.]. Manufacturer Spotlight Kia manufacturers

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2011 Fisker Karma 'Final Pricing' Goes Up Again, To $95,900

Green Car Reports

The 2011 Fisker Karma is still on track to reach U.S. dealers in March or April, according to the company. But there's one new piece of info: The price of the extended-range electric sports sedan has gone up. Again. Originally announced in 2008 at a price of $80,000, the Karma fairly quickly went up to $87,900 and stayed there. Now, just before

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Waiting for Your 2011 Nissan Leaf? Here, Have an iPhone App

All Cars Electric

We know. You’ve put the deposit down, agonized over the charge station installation and felt a pang of jealousy when you discovered your 2011 Nissan LEAF won’t arrive for another four months. But while all hopes that Santa is bringing that new electric car may be lost you can at least pass the time with the LEAF iPhone app. That is of

2010 69

Computerized car convoy hopes for cleaner and safer driving

National Green Transportation

Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and pay attention to your driving. That key to safe driving may become irrelevant if the SARTRE system, now entering testing in Europe, works out. It's a "road train"