May, 2012

Steve Atlas hurt during practice round during TTXGP race at Infineon Raceway

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Motorcycle pro racer Steve Atlas crashed today during practice rounds for this weekends TTXGP race at Infineon Raceway. Atlas was badly shaken up, and was taken to the hospital for examination, but was apparently okay. The accident badly

8 automakers to demonstrate DC fast charging with Combined Charging System at EVS26

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Combined Charging System – Plug for DC-charging up to 100kW. Click to enlarge. Eight global automakers will participate in a charging display and will demonstrate a harmonized single-port DC-fast charging technology at the upcoming EVS26 event in Los Angeles.

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First Look: 2013 Audi Q5 Hybrid

Hybrid SUV Blog

Sometimes it pays to be patient. That certainly seems to be the case with the Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro. The hybrid crossover was teased at an auto show about two years ago and unveiled last year. Now it is finally set to come to market within the year.

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Better Place Electric-Car Battery Swapping: Live Report

Green Car Reports

Electric-car infrastructure firm Better Place has spent the past few years creating some serious waves in the electric car world with grandiose claims that it can make electric cars as convenient to use as gasoline ones. Alongside its fully integrated smart-grid network of charging stations, battery packs and cars, Better Place is best known for

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Scotland secures first hydrogen fuel cell car trial

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Aberdeen’s car club is to become the first in the UK to trial hydrogen fuel cell cars. The newly-established Commonwheels car club is to take loan of two of Hyundai’s left-hand drive ix35 FCEV, ahead of a renewable energy event arrives in the city. Members of Commonwheels will have the opportunity to drive the Hyundai [.]. Fuel Cells Hydrogen cars Hyundai Aberdeen car club fuel cell hydrogen UK

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Hybrid Electric Cars: The Real and the Fake

Electric Cars are for Girls

When you hear 'hybrid electric cars', all sorts of warm fuzzy green thoughts come bubbling up, right? Yeah, me too. But don't get fooled by fake ones

Electric Cars Equal $1/Gallon Gas For Life + $1,200 Cash A Year

Green Car Reports

Car buyers are notoriously fond of focusing only on the purchase price of new vehicles, without much thinking about the total cost of ownership. For electric cars that may cost twice or more what a similar-size gasoline vehicle does, that's a problem. Still, two separate pieces of evidence begin to make a compelling case for the huge running-cost

Customer’s social conscience driving the changes at AMG

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30 per cent more efficient than the old car, no slower than the old car, more drivable than the old car – it’s a set of claims any cooking family hatchback would be proud of. Yet it’s not a mainstream model we’re talking about here, but Mercedes’ all-new SL 63 AMG. Despite producing up to [.]. Mercedes Weekly Column AMG Mercedes-Benz

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TTXGP 2012 North America season opens at Infineon Raceway

National Green Transportation

It's the season opening race of the 2012 TTXGP North American electric motorcycle racing series, held as in previous years at the Infineon Raceway, north of San Francisco. Gathered is a slightly slimmer grid from what was

Steve Rapp rides and wrecks for Brammo in TTXGP Qualifying round at Infineon

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Today, in the second day of 2012 TTXGP electric motorcycle race action at the Infineon Raceway, was a dramatic day. The day began with Team Icon Brammo having exited the paddock in order to repair the Empulse RR after

Sandia researchers develop conceptual model for Low Temperature Combustion

Green Car Congress

Conceptual model for conventional diesel combustion (CDC), left, and LTC combustion, right, for heavy-duty engines. Source: CRF. Click to enlarge.

BNL Researchers develop low-cost, efficient, non-noble metal electrocatalyst to produce hydrogen from water

Green Car Congress

Details of the unexpected nanosheet structure of the nickel-molybdenum-nitride catalyst, seen here as dark, straight lines. Source: BNL. Click to enlarge.

Electric-Car Prices: Tesla, Nissan, Chevy Should Be Ashamed--Here's Why

Green Car Reports

Always read the fine print. That's a lesson every car buyer should take to heart. Especially since Nissan, Chevrolet, Tesla, and Mitsubishi all now engage in a pricing practice of which they should be ashamed. It's so-called "net pricing" of their electric cars, in which the price appearing in their marketing and on their websites is $7,500 lower

Nissan’s electric car powers Spinnaker Tower landmark

Green Cars News

Nissan’s all-electric LEAF has powered Portsmouth’s famous Spinnaker Tower as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the potential of battery electric models. Pop sensation and Britain’s Got Talent presenter Alesha Dixon was on hand last night (May 21) to turn the lights on on the tower using the electricity stored in the LEAF’s [.]. Nissan campaign Nissan LEAF UK

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Would we stop walking for Honda's UNI-CUB personal mobility gizmo?

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Honda has unveiled the UNI-CUB, which the company describes as a personal mobility device, one that offers the same freedom of movement as enjoyed while walking. It's one of those products that make us marvel at

New materials could cut parasitic energy costs for CO2 capture by up to 30-40%

Green Car Congress

A computational analysis that screened hundreds of thousands of zeolite and zeolitic imidazolate framework structures has identified many different structures that have the potential to reduce the parasitic energy loss of carbon capture technologies for powerplant flue gas by as much as 30–40% compared with amine scrubbing. One of the main bottlenecks to deploying large-scale carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) in power plants is the energy required to separate the CO 2 from flue gas.


Fisker reports more than $100M in revenue Jan-Apr 2012; more than $1B in funding since 2007

Green Car Congress

The EVer (Electric Vehicle extended range) powertrain of the Fisker Karma. Click to enlarge. Fisker Automotive published its first business update, announcing that revenues had exceeded $100 million in the first four months of 2012. The company, which began deliveries of the Fisker Karma luxury four-door extended range electric sedan in December 2011, also said that it has delivered 1,000 vehicles to customers in the US and Europe.

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Mahle gasoline-only pre-chamber jet ignition combustion system yields diesel-like thermal efficiency of 42.8%; 45% achievable with engine upgrade

Green Car Congress

Experimental results at part load (1500 rpm, 4.7 bar IMEP n ) showing performance of jet ignition with vaporized gasoline. Results showed a 19% fuel economy improvement over conventional SI combustion at this operating point. Source: Mahle. Click to enlarge.

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Sun-Powered Boat Completes Round-The-World Trip

Green Car Reports

While solar has its place in the electric car world, it's not yet suitable for powering an electric car directly. A Prius or Leaf may come with a small solar panel mounted in the roof, but that's just to power accessories. And if you want to run your car on solar electricity, your best bet is mounting a solar array on the roof of your home. The MS

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Toyota sells 4m hybrids worldwide

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Toyota and Lexus have shifted 4,000,000 hybrid vehicles worldwide since sales of the very first Prius began at the end of 2000. This latest sales milestone – achieved on April 30, 2012 – comes just 14 months since surpassing the 3m mark in February 2011. Before May, Europe had snapped up 423,000, with 94,000 of [.]. Toyota Sales

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Barnes and Szwarc win in first of todays TTXGP races at Infineon Raceway

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Michael Barnes (Lightning) and Martin Szwarc (Zero) wins in the first race of this weekends TTXGP electric motorcycle racing action at Infineon. The weekend has seen drama with two wrecks that took Team Icon Brammo out of the action

Johnson Controls putting carbon body exterior parts into series production

Green Car Congress

Johnson Controls is applying its expertise in natural fiber processing technology for interior components to vehicle exteriors; the company is using liquid resin press molding to enable series production of carbon fiber body parts.

California Energy Commission adopts $100M investment plan update for 2012-2013 to increase use of green vehicles and alt fuels

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The California Energy Commission unanimously adopted a 2012-2013 Investment Plan Update to increase the use of green vehicles and alternative fuels.

Details on Nissan’s I3 1.2L supercharged direct-injection gasoline engine

Green Car Congress

In 2011, Nissan launched a version of the Micra city car equipped with a new supercharged gasoline direct-injection engine (HR12DDR). The 1.2-liter, inline three-cylinder Direct Injection Gasoline-Supercharger (DIG-S) engine, assisted with a stop-start system, produces 72 kW (97 hp) and 142 N·m (105 lb-ft), while CO 2 emissions are 95 g/km for the manual version (115 g/km for the CVT version). Earlier post.).

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Electric Cars: Some Are Real, Most Are Only 'Compliance Cars'--We Name Names

Green Car Reports

Since last year, you've likely heard a lot about electric cars. You'll hear much more in the years to come. But whether you're a fan or a foe, understand this: A few of the battery-electric cars you've heard about are "real"--meaning their makers want to sell as many as they can. But quite a few of them aren't. They're not meant to lure in

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Car sharing service on the go with new app

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Carpooling has just got easier as the Europe’s largest car sharing service launches a new iPhone app. The UK branch of the network, operated through the website is now fully accessible through the app, giving UK commuters the opportunity to share one of the 650,000 carpool journeys currently available. There is also now the [.]. Latest news App CarPooling green iPhone share

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Balqon gains contract to build electric trucks for Port of Los Angeles

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Balqon, a developer of electric big trucks and electrical energy storage systems, has announced today signing a contract with the Port of Los Angeles to retrofit six electric "yard tractors" with advanced lithium-ion battery packs.

California Energy Commission awards more than $15M to advance biofuels, plug-in and V2G research

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The California Energy Commission unanimously approved funding of more than $15 million to projects that will advance biofuels and electric vehicle research in California. These grants are provided through the Energy Commission’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program.

SARTRE road train premieres on public roads; focus now shifts to fuel consumption

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SARTRE public road test. Click to enlarge.

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Mercedes-Benz eyeing introducing a sedan model hydrogen fuel cell vehicle around MY 2017

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The 2011 F-Cell. Click to enlarge.

2012 Tesla Model S: Coming In June, Projected 250-300 Miles At Highway Speeds

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Tesla motors has announced that it is on schedule to deliver the first examples of its Model S electric sedan by June. The company is also set to use all of its $465 million Department of Energy loan within the next six months, though Elon Musk says Tesla is still on target to turn a profit in 2013. The next few years will be all about the

Second EcoVelocity show notes “growing acceptance of electric vehicles”

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EcoVelocity’s relocation from Battersea Power Station to the London ExCeL has been well worthwhile, according to organisers. Thousands of visitors have descended on the green motoring show, which ends its week-long stay at the ExCeL on Saturday (May 13), to get a first hand feel of electric and low carbon vehicles from some of the [.]. Latest news EcoVelocity London

Toyota unveils RAV4 EV, the first all-electric SUV on the market, at EVS26

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Today the wait for the 2nd generation Toyota RAV4 EV ended. The all electric SUV co-designed by Tesla and Toyota was first announced almost two years ago on the heels of Toyota's investment in Tesla, and the

Orbital to supply FlexDI spark-ignited heavy fuel engines to AAI in $4.7M contract

Green Car Congress

Orbital’s air-assisted direct injection can deliver similar droplet sizes for all size fuels. Spray shape is not affected by fuel type. Source: Orbital. Click to enlarge.

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