Fri.Nov 15, 2019

Hyundai Mobis develops ultra-short-range-radar-based Rear-Autonomous Emergency Braking

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Mobis has developed a new rear-autonomous emergency braking (R-AEB) technology that uses ultra short-range radar (USRR) for the first time.

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Survey on EV shopping experience: It still falls apart on the sales lot

Green Car Reports

From up above, the future for electric vehicles looks bright. EV sales in the U.S.

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Hyundai Motor Group launches new mobility service venture in LA: MoceanLab

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Group has launched MoceanLab, a mobility service venture, as part of the Group’s larger initiative to create a sustainable, connected future.

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Ford Mustang Mach-E vs. Tesla Model Y: How the electric cars compare

Green Car Reports

Shoppers soon will have multiple fully electric options in one of the new-vehicle market’s hottest segments—the compact crossover.

2019 97

Pierburg introduces air conditioning components specifically for EVs

Green Car Congress

In vehicles with a conventional internal combustion engine, the a/c compressor is usually driven via a pulley and the V-belt but in electric vehicles, this mechanism is not available. Here, the a/c compressor is driven by an electric motor that is integrated into the vehicle’s high-voltage network.

2019 93

Ford hybrids play soft sounds to pedestrians: Will Mustang Mach-E, too?

Green Car Reports

Electric vehicles, and many hybrids, are fundamentally quiet at low speeds. So to be sure they’re heard in crosswalks and on city streets, they need to make sounds. Yes, that means adding “fake” sounds to the mix, but the need for noise is a chance for branding and creativity.

2019 84

Volkswagen Group to invest ~€60B in hybridization, electric mobility and digitalization over next 5 years; ~€33B on electromobility

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Planned investments and development costs for future areas such as hybridization, electric mobility and digitalization will total roughly EUR 60 billion between 2020 and 2024 Share of planned spend for future topics increased in Planning Round 68 to approximately 40 percent from approximately 30 percent in the previous Planning Round.

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ZF and Danfoss partner on silicon- and silicon-carbide power modules for electric drivelines

Green Car Congress

ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Danfoss Silicon Power GmbH have extended their existing cooperation with a new strategic partnership for silicon- and silicon-carbide power modules. The partners plan to improve the efficiency of electric drivelines by leveraging engineering and cost benefits at the interface between power modules and inverters. The partnership will see the two companies engage in joint research and development, with Danfoss also supplying power modules for silicon applications.

2019 78

Demand for SUVs is growing but at what cost?

Green Cars News

SUV-type vehicles now account for 40% of global car sales

2019 43

Adamas: NCM 811 is now the second-most used cathode chemistry in China’s passenger EV market

Green Car Congress

Up from just 1% in January 2019, NCM 811 is now the second-most used cathode chemistry in China’s passenger EV market, according to Adamas Intelligence’s latest “ EV Battery Capacity Monthly ” report. In September 2019, sales of new passenger EVs with NCM 811 battery cells were responsible for 18% of all passenger EV battery capacity (in MWh) deployed in China, and 7% of all capacity deployed globally.

2019 74

Top five things we learned this week

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The trophy kicked into overdrive this week, with 19 games resulting in 72 goals to finish the group stage of the competition in style

2019 32

Empa researchers investigate release of micro-rubber particles from tires into environment

Green Car Congress

Although the presence of microplastics in the environment is raising concerns, the amount of microplastics in air and water is small compared to another polymer that pollutes air and water: micro rubber. These are the finest particles resulting from tire abrasion, which enter soil and air via the road surface or are removed by artificial turf. Empa researchers have now calculated that over the last 30 years, from 1988 to 2018, 219?±?22

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Hankook Tire using AI for development of optimal tire compounds

Green Car Congress

Global tire maker announced that the company showed tangible results in its efforts for technology based innovation and digital transformation by developing the Virtual Compound Design (VCD) system, a predictive model for tire compound properties using artificial intelligence.

2019 68

Ford to reveal new electric SUV Mustang Mach-E on Sunday; on-line reservations open then

Green Car Congress

Ford will reveal its new all-electric SUV Mustang Mach-E on Sunday at an event in Los Angeles that will be streamed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Autohome (China). Immediately following the broadcast— which is scheduled to end at approximately 6:30 p.m. PST—reservations will open for the Mustang Mach-E at Customers can reserve their spot in line for the Mustang Mach-E by making a $500 refundable reservation deposit.

2019 68

LADOT orders 130 BYD electric buses

Green Car Congress

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) has ordered 130 BYD battery-electric K7M buses, the largest single order of battery-electric buses to date in the United States. BYD considers the LADOT purchase as a signal to the market that zero-emission buses are here to stay and that their use will continue to spread. The project fits with the City of Los Angeles’ “Green New Deal,” a set of sustainability goals that includes converting the entire LADOT fleet to zero-emission buses by 2030.

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