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#ToxicTorrance Choking On Pollution From Refinery Kicks The Can To The Man Above To Fix Their Fatal Flaws. Supreme Being Rejects Heathens, “Don’t Put My Name On Your Chamber Of Chumps,” Thunders Big Guy, “Cause I Don’t Trust THEM Especially That Moron Griffiths #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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UPS makes largest purchase of renewable natural gas yet in the US: 170M gallon equivalents over 7 years

Green Car Congress

UPS announced an agreement with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to purchase 170 million gallon equivalents of renewable natural gas (RNG) through 2026. This is the largest commitment for use of RNG to date by any company in the United States, with a range of 22.5 - 25 million gallon equivalents per year.

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I Imagined That Ted Lieu Resigned His Seat In Congress To Take A Lucrative New Job For Kim Jong un In North Korea, And This Play I Wrote About What Happened Next Was Performed On Sunday At The Ruskin Group Theatre In Santa Monica

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U Delaware team synthesizes base oils at high yields from biomass

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Lubricants—a more than $146-billion market serving numerous applications, automotive among them—are produced from base oils derived from petroleum mineral oils (mineral base oil) or synthetic oils such as poly-?-olefins olefins (PAOs) (synthetic base oil).

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A Very Royal F**k You To @Sunrise_Mvmt_LA & @GretaThunberg From El Segundo’s @DrPatSoonShiong & @robnikolewski Who Stay Silent On #ClimateCrisis As They Reprint Fossil Fuel Press Release Instead Of Journalism & Reporting #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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2019 Audi E-tron road-trip review: Wait, range ratings aren’t everything?

Green Car Reports

Not every electric-car first-drive event urges us to climb a mountain to get a good idea of driving range. Actually make that no other automaker, ever.

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Mercedes-Benz adds 48V mild-hybrid V8 GLE 580 to model range

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz will further expand the GLE model range with the introduction of the V8-powered Mercedes-Benz GLE 580 4MATIC. The GLE is the first SUV in the Mercedes-Benz line up to introduce the new E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL 48-volt active suspension system.

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Agility Robotics unveils new bipedal robot with upper torso; teams with Ford on autonomous delivery applications

Green Car Congress

Agility Robotics has unveiled a new bipedal robot named Digit, which adds an upper torso, arms, sensors, and additional computing power to the company’s Cassie robot design. Digit’s four degree-of-freedom (4-DOF) arms greatly extend both the mobility and utility of Digit, as compared to Cassie.

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Rivian builds R1T Overland as cookout camping special

Green Car Reports

Rivian hasn't even launched any vehicles, and it's already building special editions and devising expensive accessories for its R1T electric pickup.

2019 88

Audi Q5 2019: plug-in hybrid revealed

Green Cars News

Audi have revealed more details of its plug-in hybrid Q5 SUV, championing it as the trailblazer for a new range of plug-in models from the brand

2019 41

Electric-car startup Piëch sketches out future models, including SUV

Green Car Reports

Swiss startup Piëch wants to be more than a pretty face.

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Audi E-tron range, Rivian kitchen, more Piëchs, Chevron charging: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Rivian built an outdoor kitchen into its electric pickup. We took a road trip to assess the Audi E-tron's range in the real world. And EVgo is bringing fast chargers to gas stations. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

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