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Ford’s ride-sharing commuter shuttle service Chariot launches first European routes to serve companies and campuses

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Ford’s ride-sharing shuttle service Chariot launched its first European routes tailored for companies and campuses this week.

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Americans still want better fuel economy, survey says

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Just as the Trump administration moves to roll back fuel economy standards, a new survey shows that Americans are dissatisfied with the fuel economy their cars already get. The American Customer Satisfaction Index survey for cars was released Tuesday, and among the 10 attributes the survey studied, fuel economy ranked last among factors Americans'. Fuel Economy

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2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with redesigned powertrain goes on sale in Japan

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Mitsubishi Motors’ 2019 Outlander PHEV, featuring a redesigned powertrain, is now on sale in Japan. The 2019 model, unveiled earlier this year at the Geneva show ( earlier post ), features a more advanced PHEV system that gives this SUV a stronger EV flavor.

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Final deadline for VW TDI diesel settlement

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Two more days. That's all the time owners of 2.0-liter diesel VWs have to file claims to receive a large financial settlement and to have their cars repaired to meet emissions standards. TDI owners have had plenty of notice to file paperwork to receive a financial settlement to replace or fix their cars, yet the latest report from the class action. emissions Fuel Economy Volkswagen diesel scandal

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Ballard enters strategic partnership with Weichai Power; 19.9% stake in Ballard and new JV; fuel cell commercial vehicles

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Ballard Power Systems has entered into a strategic collaboration with Weichai Power Co., which includes: A substantial equity investment by Weichai in Ballard of approximately $163 million, representing a 19.9%

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California meets with federal regulators over fuel-economy rollback

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Trump administration officials met with California regulators Wednesday to discuss the EPA and NHTSA's proposal to freeze fuel economy and emissions standards from 2020 through 2026. The proposal would rescind scheduled increases planned under the Obama administration, which would have raised vehicles' average fuel economy to about 39 mpg based on. emissions Corporate Average Fuel Economy

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VW diesel settlement, California clean air, and fuel economy demands: Today's Car News

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California clean air regulators held a reportedly contentious meeting with Trump administration officials over the proposal to roll back fuel economy standards. A wide survey of Americans told researchers that they're dissatisfied with the fuel economy their cars get now, implying they might want cars to improve. A new report links California's. emissions California Fuel Economy

2018 59

KAIST team develops Rh ensemble catalyst that outperforms commercial diesel oxidation catalyst at low temperatures

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A KAIST research team has developed a fully dispersed Rh ensemble catalyst (ENS) that shows better performance at lower temperatures than commercial diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). This newly developed ENSs could improve low-temperature automobile exhaust treatment.

2018 90

New 68 plates: Best car leasing deal tips, advice and offers

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The September plate change is one of the most popular times for people to get their new car and one of the key months in the new car market

2018 51

Team from Daimler, ZBT, Jülich finds impact of air pollution on fuel cell power and lifetime “significant”

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Traffic-related air pollutants can lead to a short-term loss of power and long-term reduction in lifetime for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC). However, while research has been carried out on the reaction mechanisms, the impact of this for vehicles has not been studied extensively under real-world conditions.

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2019 Mercedes EQ C: What we know so far

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The Mercedes EQ C will be the brand’s first all-electric car, and we’ve been treated to a teaser video ahead of a full reveal on the 4 September

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24.4 million customers use Daimler’s mobility services

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With car2go, moovel, mytaxi/Intelligent Apps (mytaxi, beat, Clever Taxi and Chauffeur Privé), the mobility portfolio in the segment of Daimler Financial Services counted 24.4 million customers as of July 30, 2018. This represents an increase of 64% (compared to the previous year). The number of transactions reached 95.3 million in more than 110 cities around the world. This represents an increase of 64% in comparison to the same month of the previous year. car2go had 3.3

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New 68 plates: Everything you need to know

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A lot has changed since the arrival of the 18-plate during one of the coldest Marches on record – notably the weather – but also ‘road tax’ and emission tests for new cars

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