Sun.Jun 05, 2022

Skeleton Technologies to supply supercap modules to Class8 Energy; €11.6M contract

Green Car Congress

Skeleton Technologies and Class8 Energy, a Canadian equipment distributor, have signed a €11.6-million contract for supercapacitors modules for the North American trucking and retail industry. Through this agreement, Skeleton’s products will be distributed to the fast-growing North American heavy vehicles market.

Report: California drought will increase CO2 cost of the electricity EVs plug into

Green Car Reports

A California drought will increase the carbon footprint of electricity used to charge EVs, according to a new report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA).


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UW Madison team finds methylbutenol a potentially promising biofuel for blending with gasoline

Green Car Congress

A team at the University of Madison-Wisconsin studied critical sooting equivalence ratios and subsequent particulate formation during spark-ignition combustion for blends of ethanol, isobutanol (2-methyl-1-propanol), and methylbutenol (2-methyl-3-buten-2-ol) with gasoline using premixed prevaporized (PMPV) fueling. Broadly, they found that increases in alcohol content consistently decreased the chemical sooting tendency and particulate emissions for all alcohol–gasoline blends tested.

Myths that Solar Owners Tell Themselves

Energy Institute at HAAS

Reaching into the e-mailbag to address some unhappy blog readers. There is a serious energy and climate policy debate about the appropriate role of behind-the-meter generation, particularly rooftop solar, in … Continue Reading Myths that Solar Owners Tell Themselves

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Mitsubishi Chemical strengthens production capacity of graphite anode materials in China; possible production in Europe and US

Green Car Congress

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (MCHG) will increase the production capacity of natural graphite anode material from 2,000 tons/year to 12,000 tons/year at its Chinese subsidiary Qingdao Anode Kasei and affiliated company Qingdao Lingda Kasei. The production line is scheduled to start operation in the first half of fiscal 2023. MCHG has also begun to consider the production and sale of anode materials in European countries and the United States.

Ford to invest $4.7B to improve manufacturing plants & add 6,200 UAW employees to workforce


Ford plans to invest $3.7 billion to add over 6,200 union jobs to its manufacturing plants in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri. The legacy OEM also plans to invest another $1 billion in the next five years to improve the workplace environment in its factories based in the United States.

Iceland by electric bike: Why you should absolutely try renting an e-bike the next chance you get


I’ve been an electric bike proponent for well over a decade. My love affair with e-bikes began when I discovered their utility as car replacements (and have led to me living essentially car-free since high school).

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2022 Tesla prices: How much does your favorite model cost?


Electrek is brought to you by Autonomy , the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to get a Tesla Model 3. If you have a credit card, you can reserve a Tesla now. Learn more and get $500 of f for a limited time ( See Terms ). .

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Amazon Wants To Snap Up Tesla Execs Who Want To Keep Working From Home


This after Elon Musk recently announced that working form home won’t be an option at Tesla any more

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DEED advertising pays off

Electric Auto Association

Central California EVA chapter gets creative in promoting ride-and-drive. Spanish language side of the DEED event promotional notices inserted into 23,000 Manteca utility bills.

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What's Happening With Wireless Charging? Has Any Progress Been Made Recently?


Consumers clearly want it, but most manufacturers don't seem as keen

Here’s What Elon Musk Actually Said Regarding 10% Job Cuts


Tesla’s Elon Musk is catching more hell over the latest bit of news — 10% job cuts, a hiring pause — and, as usual, it’s being taken way out of context. Yahoo! News reported that U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh wanted Elon to call him, as “Tesla CEO eyes mass layoffs” (Yahoo!‘s

Ford: New Commercial EV Is On The Way, $3.7 Billion Invested In Midwest Manufacturing


Ford is getting serious about its electric push

Interview With Solectrac CEO Mani Iyer


Solectrac CEO Mani Iyer recently took the time to share his passion about electric tractors with me. In this interview, we talked about the history of the company, how Tesla moved the market, supply chain constraints, autonomous tractors, and more.

Watch Tesla's FSD Beta In Detroit: Is Version 10.12.2 The Best Yet?


Detroit Tesla's Toni Ezero has been pretty critical of Tesla's FSD Beta, but this latest version has him quite impressed

Financial Analysis: Faster Electrification Would Boost Car Company Stocks & Profits


Phasing out combustion engines sales sooner is better for Europe’s car industry and auto jobs. Originally published on Transport & Environment.

US: Kia EV6 Sales Exceeded 2,000 In May


Cumulative sales of the EV6 just crossed the 10,000 mark

Kia 83

100 New Charging Locations in Finland, Phillips 66 & EV Charging, AI, Satellites — EV News Today


Phillips 66 is getting into EV charging with FreeWire, 100 new charging locations are being added in Finland, more zero-emission heavy vehicles are coming to off-road industries, Audi is reducing annual carbon emissions by around 2,600 tons in the company’s switch to rail transport of batteries, and more battery news.

Stellantis And LGES Battery JV Named NextStar Energy


Stellantis secured lithium supply from Controlled Thermal Resources in California

Elon Musk: IDRA Group’s 9,000-Ton Giga Casting Machine Is For Tesla Cybertruck Unibody


Originally published on Tesla Oracle. IDRA Group is a Tesla supplier that provides the automaker with ultra-large Giga Presses or Giga Casting machines. This Italian Giga Press manufacturer has been teasing an upcoming 9,000-ton Giga Casting machine for the last couple of weeks.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz Enters Series Production


Up to 15,000 units will be produced this year for the European market

Musk: FSD Beta Version 10.13 Will Handle Roads With No Map Data


The upcoming version will also be significantly better through intersections, particularly when making long left turns


Over 750,000 Electric Cars Now On UK Roads


But petrol and diesel cars still make up more than 95 percent of the total

Tesla Model 3 Owner Review: The Good & The Bad After One Year


Should you stick with Tesla's cheapest EV, or is it arguably overpriced when considering its quality and features

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Toyota Launches Home Energy Storage Based On Electrified Vehicle Battery


It has 8.7 kWh of battery capacity and power output of up to 5.5

Tesla Model S: Ten Years Old, No Replacement In Sight


The enduring EV sold nearly 350,000 units since June 2012, but we've yet to see a new generation

2012 83