Mon.Jun 07, 2021

Penn State team investigates battery requirements for eVTOL applications vs EVs

Green Car Congress

The unique operating profiles and requirements of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft—also known as flying cars—present formidable challenges to batteries.

Report: Tesla will change battery chemistry for Model Y in China

Green Car Reports

Tesla Model Y electric cars built in China will soon start using a new battery chemistry from LG Chem, according to South Korean newspaper Business Korea (via Electrek).


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ORNL team uses green solvent to recover materials from spent Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a solvent that results in a more environmentally friendly process to recover valuable materials from used lithium-ion batteries; supports a stable domestic supply chain for new batteries; and keeps old ones out of landfills.

Li-ion 222

Free2Move car-sharing service takes Jeep to a space vacated by other automakers

Green Car Reports

To get a quick temperature check of how car-sharing is doing, you need only look at all the once-strong brands that have left the space: Daimler’s Car2Go, BMW’s ReachNow, and GM’s Maven are a few.

Jeep 144

BorgWarner to supply integrated drive module for Hyundai Motor Group A-segment EVs; acquires 89% of AKASOL

Green Car Congress

BorgWarner’s integrated drive module (iDM) was selected by the Hyundai Motor Group for its power electric system, which will be used in the upcoming A-segment electric vehicle production, planned to start in mid of 2023.

Motor 209

Tesla (TSLA) stock seen rising to $1,000 on ‘green tidal wave’ in the US and China


A top Wall Street analyst released a new report stating that he believes Tesla (TSLA) stock could soon rise to $1,000 per share on a ‘green tidal wave’ coming to the US and China.

Green 114

Foxconn partnering with Thailand’s PTT to build EVs; MIH open EV platform

Green Car Congress

Foxconn and PTT have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in setting up an open platform for producing electric vehicles (EV) and key components to serve the EV sector in Thailand. The platform, comprising hardware and software services, will be available to all automobile players in Thailand looking to accelerate their production and sales of EVs in Thailand and elsewhere in the ASEAN region.

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Retriev Technologies and HOBI International collaborate on collection of EV batteries for recycling

Green Car Congress

HOBI International Inc. HOBI) and Retriev Technologies have entered into a collaborative partnership for the purpose of collecting and recycling large format electric vehicle (EV) batteries throughout North America. Recognizing the rapid expansion and projected growth of the EV market, the goal of this relationship will be to ensure that the lithium batteries used in EVs are collected and responsibly recycled in a manner that creates value within the battery industry’s circular economy.

Tesla announces longtime exec and head of Heavy Trucking, Jerome Guillen, is leaving


Tesla announced today that Jerome Guillen, a longtime executive who most recently led its Heavy Trucking division, is leaving the company. more… The post Tesla announces longtime exec and head of Heavy Trucking, Jerome Guillen, is leaving appeared first on Electrek.

American Honda electrified vehicle sales in May up 176.5% y-o-y; 6.7% of total sales

Green Car Congress

American Honda reported a surge in electrified vehicle sales for May 2021, with 11,921 units posted compared to 4,311 units in May 2020—an increase of 176.5%. Total electrified vehicles sales for Jan-May 2021 reached 47,797 units, up 182.7% year-on-year. Those results represent 6.7% of total sales for May, and 7.0% of total sales for Jan-May. The electrified vehicle results include total sales of hybrid, battery-electric and fuel cell vehicles from the Honda and Acura brands.

Sale 170

Tesla expands beyond solar at Gigafactory New York to meet employment requirements


Tesla is turning to things besides solar in order to comply with its employment requirements at Gigafactory Buffalo in New York as part of a deal between SolarCity and the state.

LSE report calls for global investment of an additional $3T each year to drive economic recovery and transformation

Green Car Congress

The world should invest at least $3 trillion more every year in sustainable infrastructure and nature to drive the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to a zero-emissions and climate-resilient global economy over the next decade, according to a new report that was requested by the UK Prime Minister ahead of the G7 Leaders’ Summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall.

Tesla’s Model Y production robots in Gigafactory Texas are coming alive


Tesla Gigafactory Texas may not be producing Model Ys yet, but the facility already seems to be testing its production equipment.

Texas 106

Europe gets more Chinese electric motorcycle options, and they’re looking nicer, too


Just before the world changed a year and a half ago, we noted that a wave of low-cost Chinese electric motorcycles was soon headed for Western shores. That wave unfortunately hit a pandemic-sized speed bump but now appears to be getting back on track.

Tesla Model X Plaid interior first look shows sizable rear screen, cool third row toys


A recent set of images have provided a cool first look at the interior of the upcoming Tesla Model X Plaid, the EV maker’s flagship crossover SUV.

Tesla 105

Costco’s big EV incentives are back, include 2022 Bolt EV/EUV and 2021 XC40 Recharge


From now through August 2, Costco members can save $1,000 on a 2022 Bolt EV and EUV, $3,000 on a 2020/2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV, and $2,000 on a Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric. Those deals and much more have been added to our updated best Electric Vehicle prices and leases.

Want to live in your Tesla Cybertruck? Loki’s Basecamp makes it possible


Tesla Cybertruck add-ons continue to infiltrate the market even though the all-electric pickup from Elon Musk’s company won’t be produced for another six months.

Tesla 104

Tesla Model S Plaid+, Model Y batteries, Mach-E production, Jeep car-sharing: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

The Ford Mustang Mach-E beats the gasoline Mustang in production. The Biden administration is pushing for more EV battery recycling in the U.S. Jeeps are being offered under a new car-sharing push. The Tesla Model Y is reportedly due to get different batteries in China.

Jeep 98

Tesla plans to put Insurance, FSD subscription directly into smartphone app


Tesla is planning to put its Insurance program and upcoming Full Self-Driving subscription directly into its Smartphone app, according to a software engineer who recently reverse-engineered parts of the automaker’s application.

Tesla 104

SpaceX Dragon delivers solar arrays to the International Space Station


An uncrewed SpaceX Dragon CRS-22 cargo ship launched on a Falcon 9 rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on June 3 and arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) two days later. It was carrying, among many other things, two new solar arrays that will power the ISS.

Tesla Fremont Factory test track gets redone in time for Model S Plaid delivery event


Tesla’s test track at the Fremont Factory has been recently refinished, seemingly in time for the Model S Plaid’s upcoming customer deliveries this Thursday. The newly refinished track may be used by Tesla as the site for the revamped flagship sedan’s test rides.

Tesla 101

Tesla is working on driver ‘safety rating’ based on driving behaviors and Autopilot use to affect insurance cost


Tesla is currently integrating Autopilot usage and more driving habits into its insurance program to deliver more accurate pricing. According to some new reverse engineering of the Tesla mobile app, you will now be able to see your live “safety rating” score in the app.

Price 87

Tesla dials in Model Y production line with tooling improvements


Tesla plans to dial in the production quality of the Model Y even further, with new applications from the automaker revealing that it will perform “tool improvements” on the General Assembly 4 (GA4) manufacturing lines of the all-electric crossover at its Fremont, California, production plant.

Tesla 96

Biden will push for more US EV battery recycling, address supply shortages

Green Car Reports

The Biden administration will emphasize battery recycling as part of its electric-car plans, aiming to address supply issues, Reuters reported Friday.

Elon Musk’s Starlink files FCC application for user terminal with smaller antenna


Elon Musk’s rapidly-growing satellite internet service seems poised for some updates, with SpaceX recently filing an application with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for testing a new iteration of its Starlink user terminal.

Utah 93

Massive Range Test Staged In Norway: 21 EVs Driven Until Dead


Almost all vehicles exceeded the claimed WLTP range stated by the manufacturer in this summer EV range test

Norway 114

Tesla Heavy Trucking executive departs company after years of service


Tesla President of Heavy Trucking Jerome Guillen departed the company on June 3, 2021. Guillen has helped Tesla grow for a little more than ten years. Tesla’s Chief Financial Office authorized the Form 8-K that announced Jerome Guillen’s departure.

Is Xpeng Motors Taking The Lead As China's Premier Smart-EV Brand?


Developing all of its ADAS system software in-house is costly, but it may end up being Xpeng's ultimate secret weapon

China 114

SpaceX outfits drone ship for Panama Canal transit after 45th booster recovery


Just a few hours after returning to Port Canaveral, SpaceX lifted Falcon 9 B1067 off of drone ship Of Course I Still Love You’s (OCISLY) deck, completing the vessel’s 45th successful East Coast booster recovery.

Tesla loses head of energy operations


Tesla’s head of energy operations has left the company amid an important growth phase for the ‘Tesla Energy’ division. more… The post Tesla loses head of energy operations appeared first on Electrek.

Tesla battles new brake failure claim in China, owner admits story is fabricated


Tesla’s battle with the FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) campaign in China continues after a Model X owner claims the brakes on his all-electric SUV are faulty. The man was caught admitting that the story is fabricated, telling local media that “I know my car has nothing wrong with it.”

China 73

Elon Musk Approves Of This Outstanding Tesla Commercial


How does Tesla promote its cars? Fans, and Elon Musk, too, of course

When Did Environmentalists Stop Hugging Trees?

Energy Institute at HAAS

If a cap is not really a cap, what does that make an offset? Even though the Biden administration has made it very clear that they do not want to … Continue Reading When Did Environmentalists Stop Hugging Trees?

Waymo and Cruise hope to charge for autonomous rides in California [update]


Autonomous rideshare rivals Waymo and Cruise have both reportedly applied for permits to charge passengers for self-driving rides in the San Francisco Bay area.

How Software Is Eating the Car

Cars That Think

The trend toward self-driving and electric vehicles will add hundreds of millions of lines of code to cars. Can the auto industry cope? transportation transportation/advanced-cars

Porsche Taycan (93 kWh Battery) Fast Charging Analysis: Very Good


Thanks to high power, it replenishes range at a similar rate as a Tesla Model 3

Tesla 87

EGEB: Hitachi ABB debuts power products for floating offshore wind


In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): Hitachi ABB Power Grids launches transformer products for offshore floating wind farms. Turbine installation is complete at Denmark’s largest wind farm, the offshore Kriegers Flak.

Wind 61