Wed.Jul 10, 2019

Milan awards Solaris contract for up to 250 electric buses

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The Milan, Italy carrier ATM Milano intends to phase out diesel buses by 2030. An essential milestone on this path was the launch of a tender for the supply of up to 250 electric buses with a total value of up to €192 million. ATM Milano has selected Solaris as the supplier.

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23 states now oppose EPA fuel economy freeze

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The number of states that oppose President Trump's efforts to freeze emissions and fuel economy standards is growing. In June last year, 16 states and Washington, DC, sued the federal government over the proposal before it was even released.

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MINI introduces new MINI Cooper SE EV

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MINI has introduced the new MINI Cooper SE electric vehicle. The power delivery of its 135 kW/(181 hp US) motor, the brand-specific front-wheel drive, and the innovative driving dynamics system with wheel slip limiting close to the actuator all contribute to a go-kart feeling.

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Volkswagen tests AI-informed design process to cut weight—and flaunt it

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Electric vehicle makers face a weight dilemma. Shoppers want more range, and each extra kilowatt-hour of lithium-ion battery-pack capacity adds as much weight as carrying 2 or 3 gallons of extra gasoline around all the time.

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Bosch developing cloud-based swarm intelligence services to augment EV battery management systems

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To help electric vehicle batteries last longer, Bosch is developing new cloud services that supplement the individual vehicles’ battery-management systems. Bosch is connecting electric-vehicle batteries with the cloud. Its data-based services mean we can substantially improve batteries’ performance and extend their service life. —Dr. Markus Heyn, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH.

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Can a funny ad with Arnold Schwarzenegger sell more EVs? Twitter poll results

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Ads for electric cars have included very few hits and many cringeworthy misses. Among the most successful we've seen is a new ad by non-profit EV group Veloz, with actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as an undercover car salesman.

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DOE awarding >$24M to 77 projects through Technology Commercialization Fund

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced more than $24 million in funding for 77 projects supported by the Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF). The TCF was created by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to promote promising energy technologies. The new TCF selections will expand DOE’s efforts to catalyze the commercial impact of the Department’s portfolio of research, development, demonstration, and deployment activities.

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Esri to use Mobileye data for dynamic edge mapping

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Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, will collaborate with Mobileye, an Intel Company and a leading provider of advanced driver-assistance systems software, to bring the advanced data collection capabilities of Mobileye into Esri’s platform as native services.

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Tesla Model 3 safety, VW's weight loss by design, more states oppose EPA: Today's Car News

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New safety scores are in for the Tesla Model 3—from Europe. Volkswagen shows how it could help make EVs lighter. More states sign on to oppose the EPA's planned fuel-economy freeze. And readers weigh in on whether Arnold Schwarzenegger can sell more electric cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports. The European New Car Assessment. Today in Car News

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