Thu.Feb 15, 2018

DOE releases two Co-Optima studies; high-octane blendstocks, engine efficiency merit function

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has released two studies from the Co-Optimization of Engines & Fuels initiative ( Co-Optima ) ( earlier post ).

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EVgo, Chargepoint annual reports show growth in electric-car charging

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Seven years and almost 800,000 cars after the first modern electric cars went on sale, there's still a lot wrong with the national charging infrastructure in the U.S. There's little central planning, little standardized signage or public signposting, virtually no awareness among non-EV drivers, and roaming among networks with a single membership. plug-in cars charging infrastructure Charging stations Charging Networks ChargePoint Network eVgo charging network

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Low-Emission Zone now operational in downtown Haifa; Israel’s first; initially targeting heavy diesels

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Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MoEP) and Haifa Municipality have begun operating a low-emission zone (LEZ). As of 2 February 2018, polluting heavy diesel vehicles were no longer allowed in downtown Haifa.

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Faraday Future promised $1.5 billion, says FF 91 will arrive by end of this year

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Starting a car company is not only very, very hard—as Tesla, Fisker, and many others testify—but requires breathtaking sums of money. Now struggling Faraday Future, the electric-car startup firm whose entrepreneurial Chinese backer is facing legal action in his home country, appears to have found a well-heeled savior. The new investor. China plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Startups Faraday Future FF 91

2018 62

Mercedes-Benz unveiling facelited C-Class at Geneva with new engines, plug-in hybrid versions

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Alongside the A-Class, the G-Class and the new four-door Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé, Mercedes-Benz will hold the world premiere of the new facelifted C-Class Saloon and Estate models featuring new gasoline and diesel engines, and plug-in hybrid versions.

2018 83

California, allies ready for emission-law war with Trump EPA, CARB head says

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With the release of proposed new and lower fuel-economy rules expected from the NHTSA by March 30, many eyes have turned to the powerful California Air Resources Board. The state's pioneering role in reducing emissions and cutting air pollution predates even the existence of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That agency, now run by Scott. emissions EPA California NHTSA California Air Resources Board CARB Fuel Economy Corporate Average Fuel Economy Donald Trump

2018 59

Study finds rapid increases in nitrogen oxides may be as harmful to the heart as sustained levels

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Rapid increases in pollution may be as harmful to the heart as sustained high levels, according to new research published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. The authors urgently call for confirmatory studies as even residents of clean air cities could be at risk.

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New Argonne-developed tool helps car buyers compare electric-drive and traditional vehicles

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Consumers in seven US Midwest states seeking information about plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles now have access to a new-vehicle purchase guidance tool created by Argonne National Laboratory. The tool was created as a part of an innovative clean-vehicle program recently launched in the Midwest. States currently covered by the new tool are Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin.

2018 64

ORNL team using neutron imaging to study soot and ash collection and removal in particulate filters

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A team of researchers from the Energy and Transportation Science Division at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory is studying soot and ash collection and removal in particulate filters with neutron imaging, a technique sensitive enough to detect fine layers of material. Using the Neutron Imaging Facility instrument, beamline CG-1D, at ORNL’s High Flux Isotope Reactor, they are investigating the structure of particulate layers generated by a series of gasoline fuels.

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