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@LATimes Has Done P**s Poor Reporting On Climate Strikers And Leaves It To @BillMcKibben To Report The News For Them. Here’s Some More News They Won’t Report #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Building a Electric Land Rover

Electric Cars are for Girls

I'm looking to build a EV Land Rover using a 90 kw motor. It is my first time doing this and I'm doing it as a personal project. I would like some advice

Researchers find two strains of diesel-eating bacteria in Antarctica

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Researchers have identified two strains of diesel-degrading bacteria in pristine Antarctic soil and their optimal working conditions. This insight could potentially inform bioremediation efforts in the region. An open-access paper on the work appears in the journal Microbial Cell Factories. Pollution from petroleum hydrocarbons such as diesel, which is widely used for heating, transportation and power generation poses a threat to wildlife in Antarctica.

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2020 Tesla Model Y first details: 300-mile electric SUV, starting around $48k

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Tesla’s Thursday night reveal event for the 2020 Tesla Model Y electric crossover SUV, just as previous events from the automaker, was raucous and packed with enthusiastic fans, including many who appeared to relish everything uttered by CEO Elon Musk. What made this event a bit of a departure—and perhaps a sign of the times—was. Elon Musk Tesla Motors

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Allison+Partners report suggests a shift from car culture to mobility culture

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A new report from Allison+Partners, a global marketing and communications agency, suggests that changing definitions of transportation and an influx of new mobility solutions are paving the way for the birth of a new culture—the mobility culture. Resulting from the intersection of transportation and technology, this cultural shift will be driven forward by the new generation of consumers just now coming of driving/ride-sharing age.

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EPA proposes more smog-contributing ethanol in summer gasoline

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Ethanol is known as an alternative fuel, and is even renewable. But that doesn't always make it clean. The Environmental Protection Agency, after proposing watered down emissions and fuel economy standards for cars, has now released a proposal to increase the amount of ethanol blended into pump gas year-round, including selling E15 in the summer. EPA ethanol smog air pollution

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FCA recalls 850,000+ gasoline vehicles due to problem with catalytic converters

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Fiat-Chrysler of America (FCA) will recall more than 850,000 gasoline-powered passenger cars and SUVs due to a problem with their catalytic converters. The recall was announced after an investigation by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). There are about 50,000 of these vehicles in California. In most of the country this is a voluntary recall.

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Rutgers murine study: ultrafine particulate air pollution may impact fetal cardiovascular system

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Nanoparticles particles in air pollution inhaled by pregnant women may damage fetal cardiovascular development, according to a study by Rutgers researchers. What a mother inhales affects her circulatory system, which is constantly adapting to supply adequate blood flow to the fetus as it grows. Exposure to these pollutants can constrict blood vessels, restricting blood flow to the uterus and depriving the fetus of oxygen and nutrients, which can result in delayed growth and development.

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Forget the F-150, XL Hybrids offers a plug-in F-250 to do real work

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As both established and startup automakers rush to build electric pickups, many seem to have forgotten a fundamental principle of pickup design: Trucks were meant to work. Ford has announced it is developing a plug-in hybrid F150, and Ford, GMC, Tesla, and startup automaker Rivian are all working on electric light--duty pickups. What none of them. Pickups Plug-in Truck

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Navigant Research: plug-in electric vehicles close to becoming leading alternative fuel platform, best positioned to lead future

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From 2017 to 2018, PEV sales doubled in North America, and sales in Europe and China increased 39% and 77%, respectively, according to a new report from Navigant Research. In 2019, multiple deployments of long-range battery EVs (BEVs) in crossover classes, as well as Tesla reaching full-scale production on the Model 3 and expanding its vehicle shipments to markets abroad, are setting the stage for continued market growth, Navigant says.

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Best deals on electric, plug-in, and hybrid cars for March 2019

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As more and more long-range electric cars such as the Audi e-tron quattro, the long-range Nissan Leaf Plus, and the Kia Niro and Soul EVs make their way onto the market, some are starting to offer great deals. Every month, our partners at sift through all the deals offered that month to find those that represent the best long-term. plug-in cars deals

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Volkswagen suggests launch edition of ID. EV may sell out before introduction in September; pre-booking opens 8 May

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Volkswagen’s ID. electric vehicle, the first to be based on the MEB, will be presented at the IAA later this year, with pre-bookings for the launch edition opening on 8 May. Given the interest in the ID. family shown by our dealers, I think it is possible that the launch edition will already have sold out before we unveil the ID. in September ,” Board Member for Sales, Jürgen Stackmann, said.

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Mazda rotary hybrids, Ford F-250 XL Hybrid, EPA ethanol push: Today's Car News

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The EPA releases a proposal to increase ethanol blends, even in the summer when it can increase smog. Mazda may have more plans for its rotary engine technology than a single new hybrid. Conversion company XL Hybrids releases its new Heavy Duty Ford F-250 Hybrid pickup. And we run down the best deals for March. All this and more on Green Car. EPA IIHS Rotary XL Hybrids

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Review: Audi Q3

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Review: Audi Q3

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