Thu.Dec 23, 2021

GM opens broad application of EV component sets

Green Car Congress

General Motors will offer EV technology beyond its own portfolio and automotive applications more broadly, one component at a time.

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Hyundai Ioniq 5: Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy 2022 finalist

Green Car Reports

Among all the new electric cars coming out this year, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is the one that best shows that affordable EVs don’t have to look and feel like everything else.

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Solaris to deliver another 48 trolleybuses to Budapest

Green Car Congress

A consortium comprising Solaris Bus & Coach and Škoda Electric will deliver 48 more Trollino trolleybuses to Budapest. The vehicles will be fitted with an additional battery power supply that will allow them to drive without being connected to overhead wires.

Arrival reveals its EV especially designed for Uber and ride hailing

Green Car Reports

In Europe and in the U.S. alike, ride hailing needs to go fully electric as soon as possible. Otherwise it’s adding to local pollution issues and global warming. And yet the needs of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft are quite different versus typical personal use.

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SLAC, Stanford researchers revitalize batteries by bringing ‘dead’ lithium back to life

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University may have found a way to revitalize rechargeable lithium batteries, potentially boosting the range of electric vehicles and battery life in next-gen electronic devices. As lithium batteries cycle, they accumulate little islands of inactive lithium that are cut off from the electrodes, decreasing the battery’s capacity to store charge.

2022 Tesla Model 3: Charging to 100% can be the norm for 272-mile LFP version

Green Car Reports

Tesla is providing a recommendation to owners of new base 2022 Model 3 RWD electric cars equipped with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells that is something of a gift in usable range: Charge to 100% on a regular basis.

Cummins & Sinopec launch JV to produce and promote green hydrogen technologies in China

Green Car Congress

Cummins Inc. and China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) have formed a 50:50 joint venture: Cummins Enze (Guangdong) Hydrogen Technology Co., The joint venture will accelerate the affordability and availability of green hydrogen through increased technological innovation, research and development, and manufacturing capacity.

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DFDS orders another 25 electric trucks from Volvo, bringing total to 125

Green Car Congress

Volvo Trucks has received an order for an additional 25 heavy electric trucks from DFDS, Northern Europe’s?largest largest shipping and logistics company.

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Tesla confirms to NHTSA it will halt in-car gaming while vehicle is in motion


Tesla will deactivate Gaming features while its vehicles are in motion following the launch of an NHTSA probe into the feature, the agency confirmed on Thursday. Yesterday, the NHTSA announced that it would launch a probe investigating the “Passenger Play” features within a Tesla.

Plus starts development with Teledyne FLIR to test thermal cameras for autonomous trucks

Green Car Congress

Plus (formerly, a global provider of self-driving truck technology, will collaborate with Teledyne FLIR on a development project to explore the addition of thermal cameras to the sensor stack used with Plus’s Level 4 autonomous driving technology.

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Tesla supplier Panasonic announces new training, R&D campus near Gigafactory Nevada


Tesla battery supplier Panasonic announced today that it intends to build a new campus in Reno that will handle training, research and development, employee recruitment centers, and other support functions.

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ARPA-E to award INNIO Waukesha Gas Engines $2.2M for emissions reduction technology demonstration project

Green Car Congress

INNIO Waukesha Gas Engines has been selected to receive more than $2.2 million in funding from the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E).

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Tesla owner blows up his Model S with dynamite over $22,000 battery replacement


A Tesla Model S owner in Finland decided to blow up his electric car with dynamite after it needed a battery replacement, which Tesla said was going to cost $22,000. more… The post Tesla owner blows up his Model S with dynamite over $22,000 battery replacement appeared first on Electrek.

Rolls-Royce developing methanol-fueled mtu engines for shipping

Green Car Congress

Rolls-Royce is focusing on methanol as a fuel for climate-friendly shipping; Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems is currently developing mtu engines for use with methanol. The new high-speed four-stroke engines, which are based on proven mtu technologies, are planned to be available to customers as soon as possible for use in commercial ships and yachts. With the new development of mtu methanol engines, we want to lead the way as pioneers in the marine industry.

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Tesla signs one-year, $422M contract with Hyundai Glovis to ship Giga Shanghai exports


Tesla has signed a one-year, $422 million contract with South Korean logistics company Hyundai Glovis to transport vehicles from the automaker’s Gigafactory in China to other regions.

Heniff Transportation signs LOI with the intent to purchase up to 100 Nikola Tre BEV trucks

Green Car Congress

Heniff Transportation Systems has reached an agreement initially to acquire 10 Nikola Tre BEV trucks from Thompson Truck Centers, a member of the Nikola Corporation sales and service dealer network. The agreement between Heniff Transportation and Thompson Truck Centers is a fleet-as-a-service model where Thompson will provide the sales, service, maintenance, and energy infrastructure required to operate the Nikola Tre BEV trucks. Deliveries are expected to commence first half of 2022.

NASA Artemis delegation tours SpaceX’s Starship factory and launch pad


Thanks to the failure of Blue Origin’s NASA Human Landing System (HLS) lawsuit, SpaceX and the space agency were finally able to get back to work last month.

Texas 114

Tesla applies to install Supercharger stations in Texas with CCS connectors


Tesla has applied to install Supercharger stations in Texas with CCS connectors, which would be a first in the US. The move comes as Tesla is planning to open its Supercharger network to other automakers.

Tesla agrees to purchase majority of battery-ready graphite from US facility


Tesla will be purchasing most of the battery-ready graphite that would be produced at a planned facility in Louisiana. The move is seen as part of the company’s efforts to acquire key materials for its vehicles from sources beyond China.

Tesla (TSLA) secures graphite anode material for battery production in rare new offtake deal


Tesla (TSLA) has secured new “Active Anode Material” from graphite for battery production in a rare new offtake agreement deal with Syrah Resources Limited.

Tesla’s camera-based driver monitoring still inadequate, argues Consumer Reports


For the longest time, Consumer Reports has heavily criticized Tesla’s driver monitoring systems since the EV maker primarily relied on the vehicles’ steering wheel to determine if a driver is paying attention to the road or not.

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Taiga Motors makes its first production electric snowmobiles


Taiga Motors announced that it has manufactured its first production electric snowmobiles and deliveries are expected to start early next year following regulatory approval. more… The post Taiga Motors makes its first production electric snowmobiles appeared first on Electrek.

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Electric Chrysler Airflow Concept To Make Public Debut At CES 2022


Chrysler will also outline its future electrification strategy at the Jan. 5, 2022 press conference

22 of the most anticipated electric vehicles coming in 2022


Here we sit on the precipice of 2022, which is hopefully a shiny new start and not “2020 II.” ” One of the more optimistic outlooks we can share in the new year is the prospect of further EV adoption, led by an absolute slew of new EV models from all of the major names in vehicles.

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Audi Increasing Investments In EVs, Hybrids To €18 Billion By 2026


That's out of a total of €37 billion the automaker has pledged to invest in new vehicle projects

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Australia has no offshore wind power, but that’s about to change


Australia is about to get its first offshore wind farms. The three projects will consist of two floating wind farms and one fixed-bottom wind farm, with a total installed capacity of 4.3 gigawatts.

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Frontier Supercomputer to Usher in Exascale Computing

Cars That Think

In 2018, a new supercomputer called Summit was installed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory , in Tennessee. Its theoretical peak capacity was nearly 200 petaflops—that’s 200 thousand trillion floating-point operations per second.

Biden administration approves three big solar farms on public land


The US Department of the Interior announced on Tuesday that it has approved two solar farms, with a third nearing final approval, on public lands. more… The post Biden administration approves three big solar farms on public land appeared first on Electrek.

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Gravity Starts Operating Ford Mustang Mach-E Yellow Taxis In NYC


Gravity's custom Ford Mustang Mach-E is the first to ever serve as a NYC taxi

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The weirdest electric bike I’ve ever tested just got a big new update, and I love it


Rungu’s dual-front wheel electric bicycles are unlike anything else on the road or the trails. And now the company is releasing new updates to make them better than ever.

Buick Electra Canada Trademark Filing Hints At Future EV Crossover


Is it for a production version of the spectacular Buick Electra Concept unveiled at Auto China 2020

Buick 111

Ola wanted to build 2 million electric scooters per year, but it’s hit a big problem


Ola Electric became the darling of the Indian electric scooter market when it unveiled its S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters earlier this year. The high-performance scooters boasted speeds of over 70 mph (115 km/h) yet came affordably priced at between US $1,050-$1,300.

MPH 100

Subaru Teases Tokyo-Bound STI E-RA Electric Concept


If you’re a driving (and especially rallying) enthusiast who also likes EVs, then this should really get your blood pumping

GEN3’s Flex e-bike with Essentials Bundle offers a hybrid solution at $1,300, more in New Green Deals


Though there might be some snow on the ground right now, it’s never a bad idea to take a look at overhauling your transportation setup for next spring. GEN3’s Flex e-bike is the perfect way to do that with its hybrid design that delivers 40 miles of range on a single charge for $1,300.


Panasonic Expands Its EV Battery Related Operations In Nevada


The company will open a new campus in Reno, not far from Tesla's Gigafactory 1 in Sparks

Nevada 109

Tesla shuts down ‘passenger play’ that allows users to play video games on center screen while driving


Tesla confirmed that it will shut down “passenger play,” which allows for playing video games on the center screen of its vehicles while driving. The change comes after NHTSA announced that it is opening an official probe into the situation.

HOP Electric signs pact with Rajasthan govt to set up EV manufacturing plant in Jaipur

Electric Vehicles India

HOP Electric signs pact with Rajasthan govt to set up EV manufacturing plant in Jaipur. HOP Electric Mobility an electric vehicle manufacturer has signed a pact with the Rajasthan government to set up an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Jaipur with a capacity of 1.8 lakh vehicles annually.