Sun.Jan 30, 2022

QuantumScape data shows 15-minute fast charging of solid-state cell for hundreds of consecutive cycles

Green Car Congress

Solid-state Li-metal battery company QuantumScape released data showing its battery cells have completed 400 consecutive 15-minute fast-charging (4C) cycles from 10% to 80% of the cell’s capacity while retaining well above 80% of the initial energy—a first for this type of battery technology.

First Drive Review: 2022 Kia EV6 electric car is a hoot, and it hits reset for the brand

Green Car Reports

In the broad shift toward electric vehicles, full-line automakers like Kia face a dilemma: Do they look to heritage and nostalgia? Do they install the new tech under the hood and move on? Or are EVs the chance for a complete reset on multiple levels? Looking at Kia, it’s essentially the latter.

Kia 129

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Elroy Air unveils Chaparral autonomous, hybrid-electric VTOL cargo aircraft; agreements for >500 units

Green Car Congress

Elroy Air, a company developing the first end-to-end autonomous vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aerial cargo system, unveiled its pre-production Chaparral aircraft.

Hybrid 311

Porsche Taycan goes coast-to-coast with just 2.5 hours of charging

Green Car Reports

Porsche has announced that it’s driven a Taycan from Los Angeles to New York City with less than two and a half hours of cumulative charging. The trip covered 2,834.5

NREL plant-based epoxy enables recyclable carbon fiber; more cost-effective, lower GHG footprint

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have shown that making carbon fiber composites with bio-based epoxies and an anhydride hardener makes the material fully recyclable by introducing linkages that are more easily degraded. The recycling process—called methanolysis—can be selectively triggered at room temperature without degrading the quality or orientation of the fibers.

Tesla’s Elon Musk predicts upcoming decline in anti-EV fire reports


Tesla CEO Elon Musk is no stranger to dealing with negative publicity against electric cars. Having led Tesla since the days of the original Roadster, Musk knows how challenging it is to go against the narrative that EVs are dangerous, unreliable, and prone to catching fire.

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Supercap company Skeleton closes €37.6M in Round D3; total D round funding at €108M

Green Car Congress

Skeleton Technologies, a producer of supercapacitor and energy storage systems, closed its Round D3 with €37.6 million of equity investments. Total D round funding is now at €108 million; round D3 brings total investments into Skeleton to more than €200 million. Round D3 investments will be used to scale-up the supercapacitor production in Saxony, Germany to meet customer demand and to continue the development of new battery technologies based on curved graphene.

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Thousands of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y spotted ready for export in Shanghai


Tesla China seems determined to maintain the momentum it built up in 2021, with Giga Shanghai exporting its first batch of vehicles for Q1 2022 before January ended. Videos taken at the Luchao Port in Shanghai revealed a massive fleet of Teslas ready to be exported to other countries. .

The Plan to Give the Moon Decent Wireless Coverage

Cars That Think

Earth’s moon is the target of more missions than at any time since. the Apollo era, by both space agencies and commercial entities.

SpaceX Falcon 9 launch scrubbed by wayward cruise ship


For the fourth time in four days, SpaceX has been forced to scrub Falcon 9’s launch of an Italian Earth observation satellite.

Cuba 83

Will Auto-Dealer Protection Laws Stifle Electric Car Adoption?


Some auto dealers are already proving they're going to make EV adoption a challenge for automakers

Tesla AI director posts several job openings for Deep AI Learning Engineers


Tesla’s Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Andrej Karpathy announced he is hiring Deep Learning Engineers for the company’s AI Team.

Rivian R1T Electric Truck Car Seat Test: Can You Fit 3 Across?


Some cars, trucks, and SUVs are simply not cut out for multiple car seats. Let's see how they fit in the R1T

SUV 105

Tech: Another Day, Another Battery Breakthrough

Clean Fleet Report

Company Promises Longer Range, Faster Charging.

Clean 69

Watch Rivian R1T Take On World's Toughest Towing Test


When climbing, it was consuming more than 1% state-of-charge per mile

Miles 101

New Report: Electrify America California Corridor/Urban Q3 2021 EV Charging Utilization Averages 4.8% Per Port (Charger)

EV Adoption

Analysis of the Electrify America Q3 2021 Report to California Air Resources Board reveals an average utilization rate of their DC fast charger highway corridor and urban locations of 4.8%.

DC 52

The New $104,900 Range Rover PHEV Is Now Available To Order


Meanwhile, an all-electric version has been confirmed for 2024

EV Market Share Reaches 2.4% in Australia, Tesla Leads EV Sales


Tesla was the highest-selling EV brand in Australia in 2021 as the nation saw a significant increase in EV sales. The number of new electric vehicles in Australia tripled last year, with Tesla far in the lead, The Guardian has reported.

Rivian Stock Poised For Surge After 45% Decline Since IPO


According to Morgan Stanley Rivian stock is currently "overly depressed" with better times are on the way


Plugin Vehicles At Record 13.3% In Italy In December, But Car Market In Crisis


Originally published on opportunity:energy. 2021 ended on mixed notes for Italy’s car market. Amidst the continued, stellar growth of electric mobility throughout the Old Continent, EV sales finished the year at record share levels in all major European markets.

Report: Tesla Semi's Megachargers At Frito-Lay Site Appears Ready


The company eagerly awaits its first Tesla Semi vehicles

Are Auto-Dealership Protection Laws Holding Back Electric Vehicle Adoption?


Everyone who’s been following the story of Tesla is well aware of the war between the iconoclastic automaker and the country’s hidebound auto dealerships.

Dacia Sold Almost 28,000 Spring Electric Cars In 2021


The least expensive electric car in Europe is selling like crazy

Tesla #1 In World EV Sales In 2021


Tesla wins its 4th title as top selling EV manufacturer. Top Auto Brands in EV Sales High-tide mode Tesla managed to win another monthly Best Seller title in December, and with a record to boot (170,000 registrations).

Lucid Air Dream Edition: 118 kWh Is The Usable Battery Capacity


InsideEVs' range test confirms that the total capacity is higher though

Range 83

First Electric School Bus in NYC is an EV Conversion & That’s a Big Deal!


Critics of electrification often call early retirement of long-life diesel trucks and buses an expensive waste - but this EV conversion program is giving diesels a new lease on life with an EV conversion!

Watch Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta 10.9 In Detroit


Despite the update, the technology is still confused by the traffic cones in the city

World EV Sales — Tesla Model 3 Wins 4th Consecutive Best Seller Title in Record Year


After a strong start of the year, the second half of 2021 brought a record fest for world EV sales, with 3 record months in the last 4 setting new sales records. December was one of them, with over 900,000 registrations.

See EV SUV Race: BMW iX, Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron S, Mercedes EQC


Four all-electric premium SUVs compared side-by-side

29% Of Cars Sold In Europe Were Plugin Electric Vehicles In December


Open the gates! 29% plugin electric vehicle share in Europe! While the overall automotive market continues falling off a cliff — it was -22% year over year (YoY) in December — Europe’s passenger plugin electric vehicle market had a near-record month, with 280,200 registrations.

Fifth Gear Team Test Finds MG ZS EV Surprisingly Competent


The MG ZS EV is designed and built in China and related to the Roewe RX3 crossover

China 83