Sun.Oct 24, 2021

WRI paper outlines technological pathways for decarbonizing petroleum refining

Green Car Congress

Petroleum refining produces approximately 13% of US industrial greenhouse gas emissions and approximately 3% of all US emissions. While the US is seeking to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels rapidly, some demand will remain for petroleum refinery products in the coming decades.

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Tesla CFO: “Profound awakening” of EV desirability has caught company off-guard

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Tesla has never had a problem with desirability. Starting with the Model 3, consumer interest in the company’s electric cars has startled even CEO Elon Musk at times. That frenzy continued with the Cybertruck.


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Maersk Drilling awarded contract extension to drill world record well in Angola; 2.25-mile water depth

Green Car Congress

TotalEnergies E&P Angola has exercised an option for the 7 th -generation drillship Maersk Voyager to drill the ultra-deepwater Ondjaba-1 exploration well in Angola’s Block 48. The Ondjaba-1 well will be drilled at a new world record water depth of 3,628 m (2.25 miles).

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Tesla FSD Beta is starting to save lives


Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Beta are, at their core, safety systems.

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Report: Plastics industry will release more GHGs than coal plants in the US by 2030

Green Car Congress

Plastics are on track to contribute more greenhouse gas emissions than coal plants in the US by 2030, according to new report by Beyond Plastics, a nationwide project based at Bennington College in Vermont. The New Coal: Plastics and Climate Change analyzes data from ten stages of plastics production, usage, and disposal and finds that the US plastics industry is releasing at least 232 million tons of greenhouse gases each year—the equivalent of 116 average-sized coal-fired power plants.

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Here’s how SpaceX is (probably) going to refuel Starships in space


Perhaps the single biggest mystery of SpaceX’s Starship program is how exactly the company plans to refuel the largest spacecraft ever built after they reach orbit.

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European metals-producing and -using industries and workers warn of catastrophic impact of Chinese magnesium supply shortage

Green Car Congress

A cross-industry group of European metals-producing and -using industries and their workers have issued a warning about the potentially catastrophic impact of the Chinese magnesium supply shortage.

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Polestar 2 Gets 2 Years Of Free Fast Charging At Electrify America


It includes all 2021 and 2022 model year cars bought since launch

Solar Mobility, Sono Motors Files For US IPO, Rivian Delivers, Lucid User Friendly-Future

EV Obssesion

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German Startup Sono Motors Files For US IPO


Sono Motors has filed for a US IPO to cash in on investor demand and raise funds for production of their solar powered EV

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Tesla formally starts FSD Beta 10.3 rollout, includes drivers with 99 Safety Score


Tesla has formally started the rollout of FSD Beta 10.3 to its fleet. The latest iteration of the advanced driver assist system featured several improvements that were outlined in some detailed Release Notes. As observed by members of the electric vehicle community, FSD Beta 10.3

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China Notes Massive Plug-In Car Sales Record In September 2021


Rechargeable cars took a record 20% share of the entire market

Rivian filings reveal Amazon delivery van names, cargo capacity, and specific trims


Rivian’s filings to the NHTSA have revealed something very interesting — the name and what appears to be the main specs of the company’s all-electric delivery vans.

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Stellantis Announces New Charging Network In Europe: 15,000 Sites


It will be created in partnership with TheF Charging and offer exclusive conditions for Stellantis customers

Amazon India and  Mahindra Electric Joint Venture

Get Electric Vehicle

Throughout the years we have established that the most effective way of introducing anything new into the market is to give it away. Don’t get me wrong, the point is to create opportunities for people to test your product, use it, get familiarized with it, and reap the benefits without paying. .

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Report: Ford Pro's Fleet Customers Send Mixed Signals On EVs


Some are really into electric pickups and vans, while others take a "wait and see" attitude

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Tesla FSD Beta Update — How Much Has It Improved In 2 Weeks?


Will an update after 2 weeks of work result in revolutionary changes for Tesla FSD Beta? Of course not, but let's take a look at how much a few things have changed (or not).

Watch An Honest Review Of Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta


What's it like to drive a Tesla with FSD Beta for the very first time

Tesla 98

Tesla FSD Beta: Chill vs. Average vs. Assertive — 1st Impressions


If you haven’t already done so, I recommend reading my article on how much Tesla FSD Beta has improved with the update that rolled out in the middle of the night. That article covered several specific scenarios.

Sandy Munro And Elon Musk: Design Philosophy Parallels Outlined


The presentation reveals a lot of similarities

Tesla FSD Beta Protects A Cyclist Running A Red Light


Twitter user and Tesla FSD Beta tester @FrenchieEAP shared footage on Friday of Tesla’s FSD Beta preventing Frenchi’s car from slamming into a cyclist that didn’t stop for their light. Frenchie tweeted the video and said they were sitting at a red light and FSD Beta was engaged.

Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Drag Race Modified Suzuki GSX-R1000 Bike


Has the Model S Plaid met its match with this lightning-quick modified sport bike

Bill McKibben on Social Trust, Science, & Cryptocurrency — CleanTechnica Interview


This is the third article in a three-part series based around my recent interview with Bill McKibben, a legend in the world of climate activism and climate communication. In the first part, McKibben talked about climate grief, the climate crisis, climate activism, and US climate policy.

How Will China's New Data Rules Impact Tesla?


Tesla's cars can record video and driving data, which causes concern for some people (and governments

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Q3 Saw Europe’s EV Share Break New Ground Above 20% & Overtake Diesel For First Time


Europe’s auto market saw plugin electric vehicles climb above 20% share for the first time in Q3 2021, up almost 2x year-on-year. Plugin share also overtook diesel’s falling share (15.4%) for the first time – diesel will now quickly fade to nothing. The overall auto market was down 21.3%