Mon.Mar 18, 2019

Greenius Play “Padraic Fiacc Is Dead” Premieres On St. Patrick’s Day For LA Cafe Plays Ruskin Group Theatre

Creative Greenius

For the 177th installment of LA Cafe Plays the evening’s five plays were led by Joe Galliani’s “Padraic Fiacc Is Dead,” his 9th one act for the Ruskin since November 2017. This is the 9pm closing performance of the show. Culture Theatre

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University of Utah engineers develop fast method to convert algae to biocrude

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of have developed an unusually rapid method to deliver cost-effective algal biocrude in large quantities using a specially-designed jet mixer.

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These Los Angeles Lakers Suck From Coast To Coast. Not Worth Paying To See. #BlameBussFamily #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Los Angeles Lakers Jeanie Buss LeBron James Magic Johnson

Hanyang team improves fast charging capability of graphite anode materials with Al2O3 surface coating

Green Car Congress

A team of researchers from Hanyang University in South Korea has demonstrated that surface modification of graphite using amorphous Al 2 O 3 is an efficient way to improve the fast charging capability of graphite anode materials for lithium ion batteries.

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Here Is Your @LATimes Calendar Porn For Monday. They Will Print Naked Photos If Subscriptions Keep Tanking #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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News Media Truth & Reality white privilege Porn

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Fisker slots $40k electric SUV ahead of delayed EMotion flagship

Green Car Reports

A decade ago, Fisker and Tesla were two electric-vehicle hopefuls, and it was looking like Fisker might have the better chances of success. While history certainly didn’t play out that way, it’s an odd twist that Henrik Fisker’s new venture, Fisker Inc., has dropped a teaser for its first product—a fully electric. Henrik Fisker Fisker EMotion

Study finds marine workboat engines staying in service two times longer than estimated by EPA; emissions reduction implications

Green Car Congress

Commercial workboat engines are staying in service more than two times longer than predicted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), according to new research from the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). This finding reveals important opportunities for clean air improvements, especially in large port cities such as New York and Houston.

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Researchers explore catalytic partial oxidation reformation of diesel, gasoline, and natural gas for “single-fuel RCCI”

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Stony Brook University, with colleagues from The City College of New Tyork, Alloy Surfaces and Innoveering, explored the catalytic partial oxidation (CPOX) reforming of three potential transportation-relevant fuels—gasoline, diesel, and natural gas—for use in low-temperature combustion (LTC) engines. They report their results in a paper in the journal Fuel.

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Tesla Model 3 Mid Range disappears from automaker's lineup

Green Car Reports

The Tesla Model 3 Mid Range didn't last long. Tesla quietly dropped the middle trim level over the weekend, which had offered buyers 264 miles of range. The company introduced the car last November in lieu of the entry-level Standard Range car—although Tesla opened that most affordable Model 3 up to orders late last month. At the time Tesla

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2020 Tesla Model Y competitors, no more Mid Range Model 3, new Fisker SUV: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Today, we run down all the current and near-term competitors to the upcoming Tesla Model Y, and look at everything we know about the car to this point. In the meantime, Tesla dropped the Mid Range Model 3 this weekend. And one-time Tesla rival Fisker revealed that it will launch its new lineup with a $40,000 electric SUV, rather than a high-end. GM Today in Car News Tesla Pickup

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