Sat.Sep 25, 2021

Mustang Mach-E first EV to pass Michigan State Police tests

Green Car Congress

The Ford Pro all-electric police pilot vehicle based on the 2021 Mustang Mach-E SUV has become the first all-electric vehicle to pass the rigorous Michigan State Police 2022 model year evaluation. Earlier post.).

Toyota hybrid pickup, EVs with the most range, prices for Q4, EQS, Tucson PHEV: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Which affordable electric vehicle earned top safety recognition? What issue is splitting automakers’ support of a proposed EV tax credit expansion? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending September 24, 2021.

Tucson 121

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WHO issues new, lower Global Air Quality Guidelines for classical pollutants

Green Car Congress

New WHO has issued new Global Air Quality Guidelines (AQGs) that reduce levels of key air pollutants, some of which also contribute to climate change. Since WHO’s last 2005 global update, there has been a marked increase of evidence that shows how air pollution affects different aspects of health.

Does Tesla have a fair chance after NTSB Chief comments?


This is a preview from our weekly newsletter. Each week I go ‘Beyond the News’ and handcraft a special edition that includes my thoughts on the biggest stories, why it matters, and how it could impact the future.

Tesla 114

Toshiba, Sojitz and CBMM partner to commercialize next-generation Li-ion batteries with NTO anodes

Green Car Congress

Toshiba Corporation, Sojitz Corporation, and CBMM have entered into a joint development agreement for the commercialization of next generation lithium-ion batteries using niobium titanium oxide (NTO) as the anode material.

Li-ion 312

Tesla “Request FSD Beta” button formally gets released


After months of waiting, Tesla owners who wish to take part in the company’s FSD Beta program could now formally request the advanced driver-assist system to be loaded into their vehicle. The release of the “Request FSD Beta” button comes before the rollout of FSD Beta 10.1,

Tesla 114

HEI study in Europe finds evidence of health effects at lower levels of air pollution

Green Car Congress

A major new Health Effects Institute (HEI) report presents a study examining associations between exposures to relatively low levels of air pollution and several health outcomes among participants in 22 European cohorts. In the report, the investigators describe the development of new exposure models for all of Europe for four pollutants: fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ), black carbon (BC), nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ), and ozone (O 3 ), as well as PM 2.5 particle composition.

Europe 255

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SAKOR Technologies provides new dynamometer system to U of Houston for testing electric motor, inverter & control system designs

Green Car Congress

SAKOR Technologies provided the University of Houston’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a dynamometer test system designed to test motor and inverter designs for use in hybrid and electric vehicle applications. The system features dual opposin 7.5

Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV of the Week: 60 mph standing electric scooter death machine


When it comes to crazy electric vehicles from Alibaba, I’ve seen and written about seemingly every category under the sun. From animal-shaped electric boats and e-submarines to electric versions of Henry Ford’s Model T and even electric motorcycles with only one wheel.

MPH 107

Vitol and BYD commit $250M to a new Green Mobility service

Green Car Congress

Vitol, the world’s largest independent trader of energy, and BYD, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, rechargeable battery and energy storage systems, formed a partnership to provide fleet mobility as a service in select markets worldwide. Together they will offer municipal, corporate and others a comprehensive solution including electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and depot design.

BYD 191

Tesla updates its plans for 2021 Annual Shareholder Meeting


Tesla ( NASDAQ: TSLA ) announced new updates for its plans for the 2021 Annual Shareholder Meeting. The meeting will take place on Thursday, October 7th, 2021, at 5:30 PM EST, 2:30 PM PST.

Texas 100

Toshiba, Sojitz & CBMM Partner to Commercialize Next-Generation Lithium-ion Batteries

EV Obssesion

One of the major requirements for rechargeable battery development is greater energy density and faster charging. The post Toshiba, Sojitz & CBMM Partner to Commercialize Next-Generation Lithium-ion Batteries appeared first on EV Obsession. Batteries Specific Technologies lithium ion batteries

Quick Charge Podcast: September 25, 2021


Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from Electrek. Quick Charge is available now on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , TuneIn and our RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. more… The post Quick Charge Podcast: September 25, 2021 appeared first on Electrek.

Roles & responsibilities of govt stakeholders for EV charging

Electric Vehicles India

Roles & responsibilities of govt stakeholders for EV charging. The government bodies at the center, state and local levels are responsible for the governance of EV charging.

Ford Recalls Over 38,000 Mustang Mach-E


The reason is a potentially improperly bonded windshield and sunroof that might separate from the vehicle

Ford 108

Flash Drive: 2021 Volkswagen ID4 AWD

Clean Fleet Report

Family Compact SUV Increases Power and Boosts Handling. Clean Fleet Report has written extensively about the 2021 Volkswagen ID4 , the all-electric crossover that was launched early in 2021.

Miles 73

New WHO Global Air Quality Guidelines Aim to Save Millions of Lives from Air Pollution

EV Obssesion

Article courtesy of WHO: New WHO Global Air Quality Guidelines aim to save millions of lives from air pollution New WHO Global Air Quality Guidelines (AQGs) provide clear evidence of the damage air pollution inflicts on human health, at even lower concentrations than previously understood.

Tesla Breaks Ground On California ‘Megafactory’


The plant will produce Megapacks - large-scale energy storage products that are used to hold excessive amounts of clean energy

Westport Police Led The Way, And Will Be Again Next Week

EV Club of CT

Tesla Tech Enables Innovative Solutions to Law Enforcement Customization The Westport Police were out in front of the market when they acquired a Model 3 for patrol car duty in December 2019. What is becoming. Read more.

2019 65

China: Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV Sales Exceed 40,000 In August


It might further expand in September to 45,000-50,000 units

China 96

New Leeds Park & Ride Launched with Five BYD ADL Enviro400EV Electric Double-Deckers

EV Obssesion

“As the UK’s first solar-powered Park & Ride, Stourton is enhancing transport links in Leeds and West Yorkshire and making a positive impact on the local economy and businesses.

BYD 61

Watch the Le Mans Virtual Series Qualifying and Cup race live


On 24th September, tune in for a single broadcast with two events on display. The Le Mans Virtual Series kicks off its 2021-22 season with qualifying for the first race of the season at Monza.

Parts 82

Bill Gates, Who Shorted Tesla Stock, Talks Musk, Bezos, & Space: “We have a lot to do here on Earth.”

EV Obssesion

Bill Gates had a lot to say about Elon Musk’s and Jeff Bezos’ goals of getting humanity to space. Bezos and Musk differ vastly on their goals. Elon Musk wants to preserve the light of consciousness while Bezos seems keen on just getting to space for the heck of it. That aside, Bill Gates doesn’t […]. The post Bill Gates, Who Shorted Tesla Stock, Talks Musk, Bezos, & Space: “We have a lot to do here on Earth.” ” appeared first on EV Obsession.

Light 43

Talking with Tess (My Tesla)


I learnt a new word today. I am sure it was an expletive. It is the sound my Tesla Model 3 makes when you are trying to merge lanes entering the freeway and the BMW next to you won’t let you in. Hard to describe – something like the sound that comes out of a […].

Tesla Rolls Out “FSD Beta Button” & “Safety Score” To Countless Tesla Owners


After a long — often impatient — wait, Tesla owners across the United States have nearly gotten access to the company’s “FSD Beta” driver-assist software for city streets. As one of those owners, I’m going to document below what exactly we got in the past 24 hours.

NIO’s Services & Community Benefits Could Conquer the World — Here’s Why


What does the average person from a western country really know about NIO? What does an American or European who holds NIO stock actually know about the company? That is what I have been asking myself ever since I tried the European version of the NIO ES8 and met the NIO Norway team.

Tesla Applies A Gamification Strategy To Safe Driving


Tesla has released its Safety Score Beta system, a system for assessing driving behavior and including a gamification element. Gamification usually refers to a marketing strategy — for example, getting points for shopping at your favorite stores or coffee places.

Mercedes & Volkswagen Ramp Up Battery Factory Plans


Mercedes and Volkswagen announce new EV battery factories.

The Bauer Et Al “Blue” Hydrogen LCA Paper Isn’t Useful In The Real World (Part 2 of 2)


As a contribution to the literature on what will happen in the real world, this is a fairly slight addition, one which is being promoted far beyond its actual merit by the usual suspects.

Calendar Aging Research Is Critical to Future of Silicon-Based Batteries


In the race against climate change, state-of-the-art energy storage solutions are paramount to leveraging power generation from clean energy sources, and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) researchers are exploring strategies to increase battery cell energy density while decreasing manufacturing costs.