Mon.Aug 19, 2019

Mercedes-Benz introducing A- and B-Class plug-in hybrid models

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Mercedes?Benz Benz Cars is introducing plug-in hybrids under the EQ Power label in the A- and B-Class. These new models, equipped with third-generation hybrid drive, include the A 250 e (combined fuel consumption 1.5-1.4 l/100 km (156.7-167.9

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For VW, focus groups highlight EV-adoption challenges beyond price

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Volkswagen has been targeting affordability all along with its upcoming electric cars and the modular MEB platform they’re built on. Leading up to the launch of the first models to arrive, starting with the ID 3 at the start of 2020 for Europe and a crossover for the U.S.

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Study suggests future climate changes to worsen air quality for >85% of China’s population; ~20k+ additional deaths each year

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A study by a team of researchers from China, the US and Germany suggests that future climate change may worsen air quality for more than 85% of China’s population, leading to an additional 20,000 deaths each year.

Rumor: Sixth production-bound VW ID electric car to be previewed with LA show concept

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The Volkswagen Group plans to build 27 different electric-vehicle models, across its brands, by 2022—on its way to building 10 million EVs on its upcoming MEB architecture by later in the decade.

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Microplastics in Arctic snow suggest widespread air pollution

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Wind plays a role in carrying microplastics (MPs, shreds of plastic less than five millimeters long) to both the snowy streets of European cities and remote areas of the Arctic Ocean. The high concentrations found in snow samples from disparate regions suggest microplastics—which may contain varnish, rubber, or chemicals used in synthetic fabrics—cause significant air pollution.

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Tesla offers new solar rental program

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Electric cars and solar panels are like chocolate and peanut butter: two great things that are even better together. On Monday, Tesla began offering a new solar rental program. Homeowners can choose among three system sizes, for small, medium, or large homes or corresponding electrical use.

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Tier IV raises $9M from Quanta Computer to develop reference model for ECUs for autonomous driving

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Tier IV , Inc. has raised about $9 million from Quanta Computer, Inc. in a Series A extension round following the previous $100+ million Series A funding. This latest funding engages Quanta Computer and Tier IV to develop a new reference model of electronic control units (ECUs) for autonomous driving. The current state of the art in autonomous driving requires low-power and high-performance ECUs with functional safety features.

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Tesla solar rentals, more VW ID concepts, Hyundai EV design: Today's Car News

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Hyundai plans a new design language to identify its EVs. Tesla plans to rent solar panels. Volkswagen is sizing up some EV-adoption barriers, and a new piece of the ID electric-car lineup is coming to this fall's Los Angeles Auto Show. All this and more on Green Car Reports. As its works to expand the solar business it bought with Solar City. Today in Car News

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