Sun.Sep 13, 2020

Solar tonneau cover charges electric pickups, provides portable power

Green Car Reports

Tonneau covers are already a popular option for pickup owners—allowing more secure, weather-protected storage, and perhaps even improved aerodynamics and highway efficiency.

2020 108

Argonne-led study insights help to reduce degradation in fuel cells and extend lifetime

Green Car Congress

Vehicles powered by polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, but despite increasing public interest in PEMFC-powered transportation, current performance of materials that are used in fuel cells limits their widespread commercialization.

2020 93

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VWG Oldenburg acquires 15 MAN CNG hybrid buses; MAN Lion’s City 12 G with EfficientHybrid technology

Green Car Congress

Verkehr und Wasser GmbH (VWG) in Oldenburg, Germany has acquired 15 new MAN Lion’s City 12 G EfficientHybrid natural gas buses. The new buses have a crankshaft starter generator on board that converts braking recuperation energy into electrical energy.

2020 83

Roskill: Molybdenum demand to drop by more than 8% in 2020

Green Car Congress

Roskill expects demand for molybdenum to drop by more than 8% in 2020. The molybdenum market enjoyed three years of growing demand between 2016 and 2018, but macroeconomic concerns and a slower steel market resulted in a 2.3% decline in 2019. Mine supply continued to edge higher in 2019, albeit by a relatively slow 0.7%—an —an identical rate of growth as 2018. Most molybdenum is used to make alloys.

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