Sun.Feb 27, 2022

SWISS equips entire Boeing 777-300ER fleet with AeroSHARK riblet films

Green Car Congress

SWISS will equip its entire Boeing long-haul fleet with fuel-saving AeroSHARK surface technology ( earlier post ). Starting in the middle of the year, a total of twelve Boeing 777-300ERs will gradually be fitted with the riblet films developed jointly by Lufthansa Technik and BASF.

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California hit a cumulative one million plug-in vehicles, as it aims for five million by 2030

Green Car Reports

California drivers have now bought a cumulative one million plug-in vehicles, according to data recently posted by the California Energy Commission.


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Toyota Motor Europe starts transporting vehicles by cross-channel rail freight to reduce emissions

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has started transporting new cars by cross-channel rail services between its Valenciennes Vehicle Logistics hub in France and Toton (UK).

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Rocket Lab to debut second New Zealand launch pad with first launch of 2022


Rocket Lab, a California-based aerospace company, recently announced the completion of a second launch pad at its primary New Zealand launch facilities.

OCSiAl receives approval for €300M Luxembourg graphene nanotube production plant and R&D center

Green Car Congress

OCSiAl , the world’s largest manufacturer of graphene nanotubes, has been granted approval by Luxembourg authorities for a production plant, together with an associated R&D center, in Differdange, Luxembourg. OCSiAl’s graphene nanotube synthesis facility, expected to be the largest of its kind, is scheduled to begin production in 2025.

Tesla Giga Berlin final approval expected by week’s end, opening ceremony set for March 22-23: report


A recent report from Germany suggests that Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s final approval is expected to be released at the end of this week. A grand opening event, complete with the first deliveries of the Made-in-Germany Model Y, is reportedly being prepared as well.

bp begins producing SAF by co-processing used cooking oil at Lingen refinery

Green Car Congress

bp has begun producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from used cooking oil in co-processing process with crude oil at its plant in Lingen, Germany. This is the first industrial production facility in Germany to use this process for SAF production based on biomass waste and residues. Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) co-processing is one of nine ASTM-approved conversion processes for SAF production.

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Transphorm to demonstrate 99% efficiency power switching with a 1200V GaN power transistor at ISPSD 2022

Green Car Congress

Transphorm—a pioneer in and global supplier of high-reliability, high-performance gallium nitride (GaN) power conversion products— will demonstrate leading-edge R&D results from its 1200-volt GaN device at the International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs ( ISPSD 2022), an IEEE conference in the power semiconductor industry in May. The 1200V GaN device delivers greater than 99%$ efficiency and performs well against a leading SiC MOSFET of similar on-resistance.

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A Stand for Solar: How a united movement helped pause CA’s solar tax proposal — at least for now


Earlier this month, a small miracle of sorts happened in California. The California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) proposed new net metering rules (NEM 3.0) hit an indefinite “Pause” button.

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JackRabbit is the hilarious yet surprisingly effective ‘micro electric bike’ that could revolutionize your commute


The first time I saw a JackRabbit, I couldn’t help but laugh. For someone that comes from the e-bike world, the proportions are just so funny looking. But the more I’ve thought about it, the more this funny little “micro e-bike” seems like it could solve a lot of problems for urban commuters. more….

Elon Musk’s sale of Gene Wilder’s Bel-Air home paints a remarkable story


In a world inundated by negativity, controversy, and now, war, tales of people and small acts of kindness matter.

NASA’s New Shortcut to Fusion Power

Cars That Think

Physicists first suspected more than a century ago that the fusing of hydrogen into helium powers the sun. It took researchers many years to unravel the secrets by which lighter elements are smashed together into heavier ones inside stars, releasing energy in the process.

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Personal: One in a Million

Clean Fleet Report

California’s the First State to Hit One Million EVs. And I’m one those million since they’re counting plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) as well as full battery electrics.

Why We Built a Neuromorphic Robot to Play Foosball

Cars That Think

For the past 25 years or so, those of us who seek to mimic the brain’s workings in silicon have held an annual workshop in the mountain town of Telluride, Colo. During those summer weeks, you can often find the participants unwinding at the bar of the New Sheridan Hotel on the town’s main street.

US: 2022 Volkswagen ID.4 EPA Range Increased By Up To 7-8%


We checked the numbers and it seems that the gains are higher in the rear-wheel-drive version

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There’s A New MG ZS EV Standard Range Model

Drive Electric

If you’re looking for one of the more affordable electric cars, then the MG ZS EV in new Standard Range guise might fit the bill. It also has a practical compact SUV body style.

Uber Taking Steps To Get Its Drivers Into Electric Cars


Uber has expanded its collaboration with EV charger manufacturer Wallbox to get drivers a special discount

Mercedes EQS: The New Bag — Quick Review of the Mercedes EQS 


Papa’s in the swing. He ain’t too hip now. But I can dig that new breed babe. He ain’t no drag. He’s got a brand new bag. Who knew that James Brown would perfectly summarize the essence of the new all-electric Mercedes EQS?

Porsche IPO In The Cards For Q4 2022


The famed German marque could go public towards the end of this year

Crypto Group Aiming To Cover Elon Musk’s Tax Bill Wants To Help Speed The Transition To Sustainability


There’s a crypto group supporting Elon Musk and the goals of speeding up the world’s transition to sustainability. I was able to have a quick email interview with Twitter user ElonsTax, which I thought was a parody account at first. It turns out that I was very wrong on that.

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Tesla Model Y $24,000 Repair: Here's Everything You Need To Know


This Model Y owner breaks down the cost, the time involved, and details about insurance, rental cars, and diminished value

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Mr. Musk, Please Use Twitter For Positive Change In Times Of Uncertainty


The Tesla CEO, who upended the auto industry, should grasp the rare opportunity to ignite optimism and fervor through social media for social good. Clean Power Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Elon Musk Tesla twitter

Tesla Model Y Wear & Tear After Two Years Of Ownership And 34,000 Miles


YouTuber Gjeebs lets us know how is Model Y is holding up after 34,000 miles and almost two years of ownership

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Mercedes-Benz EQB Shines In Bjørn's 1,000 Km Challenge


So far, it's the second-fastest 7-seater on long distances