Fri.Jun 18, 2021

Imperium3 New York produces its first full-sized prismatic cells

Green Car Congress

Australia-based Magnis Energy Technologies Limited announced that Imperium3 New York (iM3NY) has produced its first full-sized prismatic cells ahead of schedule for limited testing and customer sampling in Q3 2021.

Report: Hyundai electric air taxis might arrive as soon as 2025

Green Car Reports

Hyundai believes its first electric air taxis could lift off by 2025—years earlier than expected—even as regulation for the completely new aviation format lags.

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BMW Group creates closed-loop material cycle for tungsten production tools

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group has created a closed-loop material cycle for tungsten used in drill and milling bits for industrial machinery used in producing cars; the company is collecting old drill and milling bits at its plants in Germany and Austria for recycling.

Elon Musk asks Tesla employees to go ‘all out’ for end-of-quarter delivery push in leaked email


Elon Musk is asking Tesla employees to go ‘all out’ for the end-of-quarter delivery and production push as the automaker is trying again to achieve record numbers.

VW ID.4 AWD Pro to reach dealers in Q4 with starting MSRP of $43,675

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen revealed the new ID.4 AWD electric SUV, bound for dealers in the US in the fourth quarter. With two electric motors, max 295 horsepower and an estimated 0-60 mph time of 5.7 seconds for the AWD Pro model, the ID.4

Tesla Model S Plaid receives 348-mile EPA rated range on 21-inch wheels


The new Tesla Model S Plaid has received its first official EPA rating with a range of 348 miles on a single charge, but that’s for the bigger and less efficient wheels. more… The post Tesla Model S Plaid receives 348-mile EPA rated range on 21-inch wheels appeared first on Electrek.

EPA 114

Bosch in long-term supply deal with cellcentric for electric air compressors for fuel cells

Green Car Congress

Bosch has signed a long-term agreement with cellcentric to supply electric air compressors with integrated power electronics. These compressors govern the fuel-cell system’s oxygen supply.

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GM and Liebherr to develop HYDROTEC fuel-cell-based electrical power generation system for aircraft

Green Car Congress

General Motors and Liebherr-Aerospace will join forces to develop a hydrogen fuel cell power generation demonstrator system for aircraft. The two companies will explore possiblities to develop an integrated system, customized to the performance and economic requirements of commercial aircraft.

GM 209

Tesla built its own Model 3-based police car to test the UK emergency vehicle market


Tesla has reportedly built its own police car based on the Model 3 electric sedan in the United Kingdom, and it plans to use it to test the UK emergency vehicle market.

Fisker and Magna sign long-term manufacturing agreement

Green Car Congress

Fisker Inc. signed a binding agreement supporting manufacturing with Magna International. Along with the previously signed agreements on electric vehicle (EV) platform sharing and ADAS package, this finalizes the framework established between the two companies beginning in October 2020.

Tesla’s 4680 cell production process outlined in Giga Berlin’s revised filings


Tesla’s revised documents for Gigafactory Berlin have been posted online, and they are a treasure trove of information.

Google 111

Audi funding expansion of renewable energy to increase the number of charging stations in Europe that use green power

Green Car Congress

Electric cars do not emit carbon on the road, but the generation of electricity also produces carbon emissions—far more when the power is generated from fossil fuels than from renewable energy sources. Audi is thus partnering with energy providers to support the expansion of renewable energy sources in Europe.

Power 170

The most affordable states to charge and drive your Tesla


As business and national attractions begin to finally open their doors to the public and even allow full capacity, the long-overdue list of activities to do this summer and beyond is miles long.

Mazda to introduce dedicated EV platform in 2025; 13 new electrified models by 2025

Green Car Congress

Mazda Motor Corporation announced its new technology and product development plans, which include the introduction of a dedicated EV platform—SKYACTIV EV Scalable Architecture—in 2025, which can be adapted for various vehicle sizes and body types.

Mazda 170

Mazda plans dedicated EV platform in 2025, other EVs and plug-in hybrids before then

Green Car Reports

In a major change of tack, Mazda on Thursday announced a large-scale electrification strategy, including plans for a dedicated EV platform by 2025, and other electrified models before then.

Mazda 109

Electrify America, Mercedes-Benz USA announce two years of complimentary nationwide fast charging for all-electric EQS

Green Car Congress

Electrify America announced an agreement with Mercedes-Benz USA to provide drivers of the all-electric EQS complimentary charging for two years at Electrify America EV charging stations. As the EQS luxury sedan hits showrooms this fall, its drivers will have access to ultra-fast charging at Electrify America’s more than 600 public stations across the country.

USA 170

Tesla owner claims $10k Full Self-Driving purchase was made by infant who had her phone


A Tesla owner is claiming that her 10-month-old infant purchased the company’s Full Self-Driving suite on accident, and she didn’t realize until she checked her monthly bank statement.

Covenant Energy chooses Haldor Topsoe’s HydroFlex and H2bridge for renewable diesel production

Green Car Congress

Canada-based Covenant Energy Ltd. has chosen Haldor Topsoe’s HydroFlex renewable fuel technology to produce renewable diesel from vegetable oil. The 6,500 barrels-per-day renewable diesel unit will be built in Saskatchewan, Canada, and is scheduled to go into operation early in 2024. Topsoe will also provide its H2bridge hydrogen technology based on the modular and highly efficient Haldor Topsoe Convection Reformer (HTCR) technology.

Diesel 170

VW launches ID.4 AWD Pro electric SUV in the US starting at just $36,175 with incentives


VW has now launched the ID.4 AWD Pro, the all-wheel-drive version of its new electric SUV, in the US, and it is starting at just $36,175 with incentives. It’s the least expensive all-wheel-drive electric car in the US. more… The post VW launches ID.4

SUV 107

Audi researching industrialization of chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste from manufacturing

Green Car Congress

As part of the THINKTANK Industrial Resource Strategies, researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have been working with Audi on the pilot project “Chemical Recycling of plastics from automotive manufacturing.” The results of the project indicated that the chemical recycling of mixed plastic waste is both technically feasible and environmentally and financially promising.

SpaceX Starship might skip early retirement for “hypersonic flight test”


In response to a Teslarati report on Starship SN16’s apparent transport to what amounts to a resting place for retired rockets, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says that the vehicle may still have a shot at flight.

MPH 104

ClearFlame Engine Technologies secures $2.5M to advance diesel-free truck demonstration; ethanol-fueled MCCI

Green Car Congress

ClearFlame Engine Technologies , a growing startup dedicated to the development of clean engine technology ( earlier post ), secured $2.5 million in additional financing from several investors, including the Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas and Illinois Corn Growers Associations. The new funding will help ClearFlame deploy pilot Class 8 trucks with its patented technology. The company plans to have demonstration trucks on the road by the end of 2021.

Engine 170

Ford F-150 Lightning details reveal surprising premium over Tesla Cybertruck


The Ford F1-150 Lightning is arguably one of the most impressive all-electric pickups on the market today. Starting at a very aggressive price and designed for the F-150’s classic buyers, the Lightning seemed like a great shoo-in as the electric truck market’s next best-seller.

F-150 92

Charging ecosystem for Mercedes EQS: Plug & Charge support, offsets for renewable energy

Green Car Reports

Mercedes-Benz on Thursday released more details on charging for its 2022 EQS flagship electric luxury sedan. The automaker hopes to build a brand-specific ecosystem of services that can later be used for other Mercedes EVs.

Tesla Model S Plaid gets its first fuel efficiency rating from the EPA


The brand new Tesla Model S Plaid has finally been listed on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website, sporting an impressive 101 eMPG rating with 348 miles of all-electric range.

MPH 92

Mazda EV plans, Canoo production, Mercedes EQS charging network, Hyundai air taxi: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Mercedes-Benz is focusing on renewable energy for its charging ecosystem. Mazda has a multi-tier strategy for electrifying its cars this decade, including a dedicated EV platform by 2025. The Hyundai air taxi could be testing with Uber in just a few years.

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Lordstown Deathwatch: Another Unflattering SEC Filing Emerges

The Truth About Cars

We’ve got more bad news about Lordstown Motors. Following several volleys of bad mojo ending with the departure of its upper management, the EV startup has informed the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Thursday that it doesn’t have any binding purchase orders or commitments.

Hyundai announces IONIQ 5 UK launch line-up

Drive Electric

Hyundai has announced that its forthcoming IONIQ 5 electric car will be available with a choice of three trim levels in the UK.

Ford F-150 Lightning Pricing Much Higher Than Tesla Cybertruck


The low price Ford advertised at the reveal is a 230-mile-range commercial work truck, but that's just the beginning

F-150 100

Ford survey hints at specifics in F-150 Lightning package pricing


We’ve not seen excitement over an EV quite like the furvor over the F-150 Lightning – and for good reason. The F-150 package combined with the ability to use the huge battery power to power a worksite or back up a home combined with the speed and power of EVs is a tantalizing cocktail.

F-150 65

MotorTrend Proves Tesla Can't Truly Do 0-60 In Under 2 Seconds


True 0-60 mph is 2.28 seconds. But the car accelerates faster than it brakes

MPH 99

Bookmycharge Offers EV Owners Free Rewilding Opportunity

EV Obssesion

Clean 62

MIC Tesla Model 3 SR+ Fast Charging Test Reveals Strong Results


The car equipped with CATL's LFP battery cells basically matches the one with Panasonic's NCA battery

Purrs Electric, Grrrs Attitude: ŠKODA Unveils New UK Advert of Highly-Anticipated first All-Electric SUV

EV Obssesion

ŠKODA unveils a new direction for the brand’s UK ‘Driven by Something Different’ campaign platform The ŠKODA Enyaq iV is the car manufacturer’s first all-electric SUV Milton Keynes, 18 June 2021: ŠKODA has launched a new UK TV ad for its highly-anticipated all-electric Enyaq iV SUV; a car that signifies a bold new era […].

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Volvo Invests $118 Million In South Carolina To Produce New EVs


The Polestar 3 will be produced alongside the next generation of electrified Volvo cars

All-Electric Renault Vans chosen by Kent County Council for ‘Try Before You Buy’ Electric van initiative

EV Obssesion

Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Hit Sixty In 1.98 Seconds


The sprint time was achieved while the Plaid was being tested by MotorTrend

Tesla 91