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AFRL APTO tests EPS Graflight V-8 diesel for unmanned aircraft; 40% less fuel than typical engine, less vibration

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Electric cars after 46 years: Chevy Bolt EV vs lunar rover

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President John F. Kennedy challenged the United States to put a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s, and the country's space agency met his challenge with five months to go. However, in 1971, NASA sent a remarkable piece of equipment into space with astronauts—the Lunar Rover—which was actually designed and built by General Motors. Fun Stuff plug-in cars NASA Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

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Michigan State team identifies new enzyme to boost seed oil production for biofuels

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Michigan State University researchers are experimenting with harvesting seed oil to make biofuels. In a recent study published in the journal The Plant Cell , the researchers show that the chloroplast, where plant photosynthesis occurs, also participates in new ways to provide seed oil precursors.

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Jabil and eyeSight Technologies partner to develop next-generation in-car sensing technology

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Jabil Inc. and eyeSight Technologies are partnering to develop next-generation in-car sensing technology that delivers the advanced levels of driver monitoring and gesture control. The partnership combines Jabil’s automotive-grade optics capabilities with eyeSight’s computer vision and deep learning software. Together, Jabil and eyeSight are developing a system that assesses the presence of an active and aware driver and improves human-machine interface (HMI).

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